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Achilles Heel) 09/19/95

Advisory Committee

Age Of Backwards

All Girl Summer Fun Band (All Girl Summer Fun B) 03/27/02


Auspicious Winds

Backwash [Vinyl]

Beck (One Foot In The Grave) 11/16/01

Bet The Sky

Bet The Sky [Vinyl]

Black Anger (Maxed Out Singles) 06/10/97

Built To Spill (Normal Years) 04/23/96

Butterfly Kiss [Vinyl]

Cadallaca (Introducing...Cadallaca) 09/29/98

Cannanes (Tiny Frown Ep) 01/15/99

Cannanes Stewart (Communicating At An Unknown) 04/10/01

Crabs (Brainwashed) 08/29/96

Crabs (Sand Sea) 04/06/99

Crashing Through

Cul De Sac (Immortality Lessons) 05/07/02

D (D ) 08/22/97

D (Dandelion Seeds) 08/25/98

Decline & Fall Of Heavenly

Don't Tell Me Now

Dub Narcotic Sound System (Bone Dry) 04/25/97

Dub Narcotic Sound System (Boot Party) 06/11/96

Dub Narcotic Sound System (Industrial Breakdown) 02/11/98

Dub Narcotic Sound System (Out Of Your Mind) 08/11/98

Dub Narcotic Sound System (Ridin' Shotgun) 12/17/01

Dub Narcotic Sound System (Ship To Shore) 09/24/96

Dub Narcotic Sound System (Sideways Soul) 09/14/99

Enemy Mine (Enemy Mine Ep) 02/09/99

Fifth Column (36c) 11/16/01

Fitz Of Depression (Let's Give It A Twist) 11/16/01

Fitz Of Depression (Swing) 04/23/96

Gaze (Mitsumeru) 02/10/98

Gaze (Shake The Pounce) 01/26/99


Glo-Worm (Glimmer) 04/09/96

Halo Benders (God Don't Make No Junk) 11/16/01

Halo Benders (The Rebels Not In) 02/10/98

Heavenly (Heavenly Vs. Satan) 08/28/01

Heavenly (Le Jardin De Heavenly) 12/17/01

Heavenly (P.U.N.K. Girl) 02/11/98

I Scream

Icu (Chotto Matte A Moment) 10/09/98

Infinity Plus


Internal/External (Featuring...) 01/18/00

International Pop Convention (International Pop) 10/14/99

Iqu (Girls On Dates) 08/10/99

It's Love


Jeremy Jay Airwalker Cd/Ep K Records 2007

Karp (Mustaches Wild) 04/25/97

Karp (Self Titled Lp) 04/29/97

Karp (Suplex) 10/10/95

Kicking Giant (Alien I.D.) 11/16/01

Landing (Oceanless) 08/28/01

Little Red Car Wreck (Motor Like A Mother) 01/10/00

Little Wings (Wonderue) 04/02/02

Lois (Butterfly Kiss) 12/17/01

Lois (Shy Town) 11/16/01

Lois (Snapshot Radio) 08/06/96

Lois (Strumpet) 11/16/01

Love As Laughter (Greks Bring Gifts) 01/23/96

Lync (8/Remembering The Fireballs) 08/26/97

Make Up (I Want Some) 03/23/99

Make Up (Sound Verite) 03/04/97

Make-Up (Save Yourself) 10/26/99

Marine Research (Sounds From The Gulf Stream) 08/24/99

Mecca Normal (Dovetail) 12/17/01

Mecca Normal (Flood Plain) 03/06/98

Mecca Normal (Jarred Up) 02/11/98

Mecca Normal (Mecca Normal) 11/16/01

Microphones (2/The Glow) 09/25/01

Microphones (Don't Wake Me Up) 08/24/99

Microphones (Window) 01/10/00

Mirah (Storageland) 01/10/00

Mirah (You Think Its Like This But) 05/23/00

Mocket (Fanfare) 10/09/97

Modest Mouse (Fruit That Ate Itself) 04/25/97

Mount Eerie

My Religion Is Love

Operation Heavenly

Paper Television

Revolver 2

Rondelles (Shined Nickels And Loose Change) 04/03/01

Sad Sappy Sucker

Sandy Dirt (Sandy Dirt) 01/25/96


Shinin' (The Director's Cut) 12/17/01

Sirena De Pecera

Snuff (Reach) 12/17/01

Softies (Holiday In Rhode Island) 08/29/00

Softies (Winter Pageant) 01/21/97

Some Velvet Sidewalk (I Scream) 09/16/99

Some Velvet Sidewalk (Shipwreck) 01/17/95

Some Velvet Sidewalk (The Lowdown) 10/06/97

Some Velvet Sidewalk (Whirlpool) 11/16/01

Song Islands

Sour Grass


Surface Of Eceon (The King Beneath The Mountain) 11/13/01

Talulah Gosh (Backwash) 05/30/96

Teenage Dream

The Re-Releases Of The Un-Releases

These Are Not Fall Colors

Third Meeting At The Third Counter

Throw:The Yoyo Studio Comp (Var:Alt/Rock) 04/10/01

Tiger Trap

Traditional Psychedelic Electr Music

Transfused (Original Rock Opera Score) 08/17/00

Treepeople (Guilt Regret Embarrassment) 06/24/97

Ts02: Dennis Driscoll: Hello Dennis Driscoll Cd

Under The Wire

Uterus & Fire

Vikings Of Mint

Wandering Lucy (Leap Year) 08/06/96

What Were Once Flames Now Smoulder

Witchcraft Rebellion

Wolf Colonel (Castle) 08/29/00

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