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Barbara (Fiddle Fatale)

Barbara (Tonight I Feel Like Texas) 09/24/96

Chuck ( Theano/On A Road One Way) 02/28/02

Chuck (As Above So Below) 02/14/95

Chuck (The Gathering) 02/28/02

Dwight (Joseph Won A Coated Fiddle) 07/07/99

Fear Of Fours

Natalie (Blues Around The Clock) 11/20/98

Natalie (I'm A Woman) 12/08/99

Patrick (Sunshine Alley) 03/01/02

Paul (Blues Burglars/Whopin') 10/07/99

Paul (Fine Condition) 07/01/97

Paul (John Henry Jumps In) 04/21/98

Paul (She's A Killer) 09/17/96

Paul (Take Your Time Get It Right) 10/24/00

Sweet (Cdm)

What Sound

What Sound

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