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Eddie (Carl Kress/Pioneers Of Jazz Guitar) 07/24/98

Eddie (Jazz Guitar Virtuoso)

Jeff (Cedar Grove) 09/15/99

Johnny - Smokin'

Jonny (J/New Album 1) 07/24/98

K.D. (A Truly Western Experience) 05/18/01

K.D. (Absolute Torch Twang)

K.D. (All You Can Eat) 10/10/95

K.D. (Angel With A Lariat)

K.D. (Drag) 06/10/97

K.D. (Ingenue)

K.D. (Invincible Summer) 06/20/00

K.D. (Just Keep Me Moving)

K.D. (Live By Request) 08/14/01

K.D. (Shadowland)

K.D. (Summer Fling) 09/06/00

K.D. - Angel With A Lariat

K.D. - Even Cowgirls Get The Blues

K.D. - Hymns Of The 49th Parallel

K.D. - Invincible Summer

K.D. - Lifted By Love

K.D. - Miss Chatelaine

K.D. - Shadowland

Lang, Sexuality (Maxi)

Little Match Girl Passion

Peter (Thing At The Nursery Room Window) 08/11/00

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