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4 Elements

Across 110th Street

Anthrax (Sound Of White Noise) 08/21/01

Better Than Ezra ((Cd G)Closer) 08/07/01

Blondie (Live) 11/23/99

Blue Plate Special (A Night Out With) 10/27/98

Carved In Stone

Chronic Future (Chronic Future) 08/12/97

Coolio's Crowbar Records Presents (A Compilatio) 06/15/99

Cotton Comes To Harlem

Dark Project (Involution) 11/23/99


Diet For A New America

Dr Feelgood


Face To Face (Ignorance Is Bliss) 07/27/99

First Big Picnic

Fishbelly Black (Crusader) 02/26/02

Five On The Black Hand Side

Fixx (Berlin/Motels/Greatest Hits Live) 02/26/02

Fixx (Calm Animals) 11/20/01

Fixx (Happy Landings Lost Tracks) 12/11/01

Fixx (Shuttered Room) 11/20/01

Flash Bastard (Flash Bastard)

Freak Magnet

Friday Foster

Generation Swine

Generiks (Revenge Of The Dung Beetle) 04/20/99

Girls Girls Girls

God Bless The Go-Go's

Greetings From South Carolina

Hal Lovejoy Circus (American Made) 07/13/99

Heart Presents A Lovemongers' Christmas

In Flight

In Heat Of Night & They Call Mr Tibbs


Just Us

Lucy Pearl (Live)

Lucy Pearl (Lucy Pearl) 05/23/00


Marshall Tucker Band (Face Down In The Blues) 11/13/01

Marshall Tucker Band (Gospel) 11/13/01

Marshall Tucker Band (Still Smokin') 11/13/01

Meatloaf (Vh-1 Storytellers) 09/14/99

Motley Crue (Motley Crue) 06/29/99

Motley Crue (Supersonic Relics) 06/29/99

Motley Crue (Too Fast For Love) 06/01/99

My Hotel Year (The Composition Of Ending And Ph) 07/24/01

New Tattoo

No Exit

Original Motion Picture Score

Rat Race

Rat Race (Original Motion Picture Score) 09/18/01

Real Time Stood Still

Royal Impression

Running Like The Wind


Senior Year (Music From The Pbs Documentary) 01/29/02

Sexy Beast

Shout At The Devil

Somethin' In The Air

Soul Survivors (Original Motion Picture Score) 10/02/01

Southern Spirit

Sponge (New Pop Sunday) 04/13/99

Stomp 442

Supersonic & Demonic Relics

Swing This Baby Iii

Ten 13


Theatre Of Pain


Veruca Salt ( Resolver) 05/16/00

Viva Wisconsin

Walk Outside The Lines

What Dreams May Come (1999 Film)

Who I Wanted To Be

Wishmaster 2

Yes (Open Your Eyes) 05/05/98

Yes (Open Your Eyes) 11/21/97

Yes (The Ladder) 09/28/99

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