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Barrington (20 Vintage Hits) 05/24/99

Barrington (Barrington Levy) 12/09/97

Barrington (Divine) 11/30/01

Barrington (Duets) 08/15/95

Barrington (Englishman/Robin Hood) 04/14/97

Barrington (Frankie Paul/Back To Back) 12/21/01

Barrington (Here I Come) 03/27/02

Barrington (Living Dangerously) 10/06/98

Barrington (Prison Oval Rock) 11/30/01

Barrington (Teach Me Culture) 11/30/01

Barrington (The Barrington Levy Collection) 10/05/98

Barrington (Time Capsule) 04/11/96

Barrington - The Best Of

Grover (Wrestling Angels) 04/25/97

Grover - Wrestling Angels

Louis (Music From The Movies) 11/05/99

Melton (Melton Levy The Dey Brothers) 04/30/02

Ron (Wild Kingdom)

Ron (Zim Zam Zoom) 03/14/96

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