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Barbara (The Many Grooves Of)

Best Of)

Bobby (Flugel Gourmet) 03/30/01

Bobby (Here I Go Again) 03/30/01

Bobby (In The Forefront) 03/30/01

Bobby (Just Havin' Some Fun) 07/16/99

Bobby (The Complete Recordings) 08/08/00

Crystal (Beauty For Ashes) 04/01/97

Crystal (Fearless) 05/16/00

Crystal (Gold) 12/01/98

Crystal (Greatest Hits) 04/25/97

Crystal (Hymns My Life) 04/25/97

Crystal (Live At The Woodlands) 04/19/00

Crystal (More Live) 04/30/02

Crystal (More) 10/02/01


Donna (Now In A Minute) 05/07/96

Eco - Hippolyte Et Aricie

Ephraim (Skin)

Famous Manchest) 12/01/99

Famous Manchester Free Tra) 12/01/99

Father Al (Father Al Lewis W/Lars Edegran) 08/19/99

Furry (1927-29) 05/21/97

Furry (On The Road Again) 08/03/99

Furry (Shake 'Em On Down) 12/12/01

Gary (Best Of) 09/27/00

Gary (Everybody Loves A Clown) 10/13/98

Gary /Playboys (Legendary Masters Series) 10/17/96

Gary /Playboys (The Original Gary Lewis) 07/16/98

Gary The Playboys (Favorites) 09/06/01

George ( His Ragtime Jazz Band Of New Or) 12/01/99

George (1/And His New Orleans Stompers) 12/01/99

George (1/Classic N.O. Jazz) 06/03/97

George (1/In Japan) 12/08/99

George (1/Ragtime Jazz Band Of New Orlean) 12/01/99

George (1956) 12/09/99

George (2/And His New Orleans Stompers) 09/13/96

George (4/Ragtime Jazz Band Of New Orlean) 12/01/99

George (7/Oxford Series) 12/01/99

George (8/The Oxford Series) 12/01/99

George (At Beverly Caverns Session)

George (At Herbert Otto's Party 1949) 12/01/99

George (At Manny's Tavern 1949) 12/01/99

George (Barry Martyn/For Dancers Only) 12/08/99

George (Changing With The Times) 02/29/00

George (Complete Holy Trinity Church Conc) 08/24/98

George (Doctor Jazz) 07/20/99

George (E Oxford Series) 12/01/99

George (E Oxford Series) 12/01/99

George (E Oxford Series) 12/01/99

George (E Oxford Series) 12/01/99

George (E Oxford Series) 12/01/99

George (Endless Shout) 01/25/00

George (George Lewis At Congo Square) 01/20/99

George (George Lewis The Easy Riders Ja) 11/20/01

George (George Lewis With Ken Colyer's Ja) 10/29/98

George (Homage To Charles Parker) 02/04/97

George (In Concert 1959) 04/07/99

George (In Concert 1959) 12/01/99

George (Jazz At Vespers)

George (Jazz In/Classic New)

George (Jimmy Yancey/Jazz At Preservation) 06/08/99

George (Monads) 02/04/97

George (Of New Orleans)

George (Plays Hymns) 12/03/99

George (Red Allen/The Circle Recordings) 12/01/99

George (Solo Trombone Record) 09/07/01

George (The Beverly Caverns Sessions) 12/12/01

George (The Fabulous George Lewis Band) 01/23/02

George (Voyager) 08/19/97

George (W/George Guesnon's New Orleans Ba) 12/01/99

George (With Barry Martyn's Band 1966) 12/18/00

Glenn (World Outside My Window) 03/19/02

Glenn - One More Day

Glenn - World Outside My Window

Herschell Gordon (Eye Popping Sounds) 01/14/02

Hopeton (Take It Easy) 03/24/99

Huey /News (Fore) 10/17/96

Huey /News (Hard At Play) 10/17/96

Huey /News (Original Gold (2cd)) 01/25/00

Huey /News (Picture This) 10/17/96

Huey /News (Plan B) 07/24/01

Huey /News (Sports) 06/29/99

Huey /News (The Best) 10/29/96

Huey /News (The Collection) 04/13/01

Huey /News (The Collection) 04/24/01

Huey The News - Four Chords Several ...

Huey The News - The Best

Jeffery (Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insa) 04/30/02

Jerry (Jerry Lewis On Comedy) 08/08/01

Jerry Lee (1 2/Original Golden Hits) 10/12/99

Jerry Lee (1/The Sun Years) 06/20/00

Jerry Lee (2/The Sun Years) 06/20/00

Jerry Lee (3/The Sun Years) 10/22/01

Jerry Lee (A Taste Of Country/Ole Tyme Co) 10/12/99

Jerry Lee (Best Of The Best) 01/25/99

Jerry Lee (Best Of The Best) 06/27/00

Jerry Lee (Complete Palomino Cl)

Jerry Lee (Duets) 03/05/96

Jerry Lee (Golden Rock Hits Of)

Jerry Lee (Great Balls Of Fire) 01/16/02

Jerry Lee (Great Balls Of Fire) 03/03/98

Jerry Lee (Great Balls Of Fire) 03/18/97

Jerry Lee (Greatest Hits)

Jerry Lee (Greatest Hits)

Jerry Lee (Greatest Hits) 01/25/99

Jerry Lee (Greatest Live Show On Ear) 02/19/97

Jerry Lee (Honky Tonk Rock N Roll Piano) 11/24/98

Jerry Lee (In Private (2cd)) 06/06/00

Jerry Lee (Invitation To Your Party) 01/26/99

Jerry Lee (Jerry Lee Lewis) 02/29/00

Jerry Lee (Killer Country) 02/28/95

Jerry Lee (Kings Of Rock Roll) 11/06/01

Jerry Lee (Little Richard/Back To Back) 10/10/00

Jerry Lee (Live ) 02/11/97

Jerry Lee (Live At Gilleys) 08/03/99

Jerry Lee (Live In Italy) 11/22/99

Jerry Lee (Live) 01/18/00

Jerry Lee (Live/Hamburg 64)

Jerry Lee (Monsters/Roots) 10/12/99

Jerry Lee (Oldies But Goodies)

Jerry Lee (Orig.Sun Greatest Hits)

Jerry Lee (Pretty Much Country) 11/24/98

Jerry Lee (Rocket 88)

Jerry Lee (Rockin' Rhythm And Blues/The G) 10/12/99

Jerry Lee (The Essential Sun Collection) 05/11/99

Jerry Lee (The Legends Collection (2cd)) 02/06/01

Jerry Lee (The Masters) 03/09/01

Jerry Lee (Up Through The Years 1956-63) 06/03/97

Jerry Lee (Whole Lotta Shakin') 01/26/99

Jimmy (Communication) 04/09/02

Jimmy (Give The Poor Man A Break) 03/26/02

Jimmy (Golden Classics)

Jimmy (Gossip From The Beauty Shop) 08/18/98

Jimmy (It's Getting Harder) 10/03/95

Jimmy (Never Met A Woman I Didn't Like) 10/27/99

Jimmy (Soulgasm) 07/08/97

Jimmy (Still Wanna Be Black) 12/23/98

Jimmy (That Baby Ain't Black Enough) 03/27/01

John (2/Evolution) 01/16/01

John (A Milanese Story/Animal) 04/20/99

John (Evolution) 09/14/99

John (Golden Striker/Jazz Abstractions) 06/22/99

John (Kaz/Improvised Meditations Excurs) 09/12/00

John (Original Sin/Essence) 09/12/00

John (Sacha Distel/Afternoon In Paris) 09/21/99

John (The John Lewis Piano/Jazz Piano Int) 11/09/99

John (Wonderful World Of Jazz)

John - Evolution

John - Evolution Ii

John - Wonderful World Of Jazz

Johnie (Alabama Slide Guitar) 01/20/98

Laurie ( Her Bluegrass Pals) 05/04/99

Laurie (Earth Sky) 07/08/97

Laurie (Kallick/Together)

Laurie (Love Chooses You) 06/06/97

Laurie (Restless Rambling Heart) 06/06/97

Laurie (Seeing Things) 05/05/98

Laurie (The Oak And The Laurel) 06/09/95

Laurie (True Stories) 07/23/98

Linda Gail (Live Makes The Difference)

Margaret (Lonesome Bluebird) 02/08/96

Mark (4/West Coast Vibe) 05/25/99

Meade Lux (1927-1939) 01/07/98

Meade Lux (1941-1944) 06/23/98

Meade Lux (Blues Piano Artistry)

Meade Lux (Tidal Boogie) 08/13/96

Michael (Dig For The Light) 05/11/99

Michelle (Little Leviathan) 08/11/98

Michelle - Little Leviathan

Neil (2/Magnitude-Late Night) 04/13/01

Patti (A Vocal Tribute To Celine Dion) 07/05/00

Phil (Access Denied) 10/31/00

Phil (More Purple Than Black) 03/16/99

Ramsey (Appassionata) 09/21/99

Ramsey (Between The Keys) 05/21/96

Ramsey (Classic Encounter)

Ramsey (Dance Of The Soul) 05/19/98

Ramsey (Finest Hour) 09/12/00

Ramsey (Funky Serenity) 07/10/01

Ramsey (Greatest Hits)

Ramsey (Hang On Sloopy) 06/02/98

Ramsey (Is Is Jazz) 05/06/97

Ramsey (Ivory Pyramid)

Ramsey (Maiden Voyage (And More))

Ramsey (Priceless Jazz) 02/10/98

Ramsey (Sky Islands)

Ramsey (Sun Goddess)

Ramsey (Tequila Mockingbird)

Ramsey (Upendo Ni Pamona) 07/10/01

Ramsey (We Meet Again)

Ramsey - Sun Goddess

Ramsey Trio (Consider The Source) 01/16/96

Ramsey Trio (The In Crowd)

Rare Tracks)

Robert Hall (Robert Hall Lewis) 03/01/00

Shari (Hi Kids ) 02/02/99

Shola (I Dont Understand)

Smiley (I Hear You Knockin') 09/26/95

Ted (A Million Memories) 02/16/00

Ted (Is Everybody Happy) 09/21/99

Ted (Me And My Shadow) 09/13/00

Ted (The Pied Piper Of Happiness) 01/04/99

The Heart Of Rock Roll - The Best Of

Tokyo) 04/24/01

Vic (With Love To Gerry) 07/17/01

Victor (Family Portrait) 12/03/96

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