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Libel, Slander & Sedition

One of the more profound parts of any put-upon teenager’s life is the moment when he transitions into adulthood, looks around, and realizes that his parents weren’t jerks. When they yelled at you to stop trying to murder your brother, turn down your music, be surreptitious if you’re gonna smoke pot in their house, and get a diploma or maybe a back-up plan for your stand-up comedy dreams (at least one that doesn’t rely on maudlin poetry and/or an acoustic guitar), it turns out, they might have just been decent people. When Jamie Kilstein had that revelation, he’d already gone one step further than just accepting the humanity of his dad, he’d started to extend that open-mindedness to the rest of the world.

Starkly political, impassioned and engaged, and deeply, deeply funny, Jamie Kilstein is back for his third turn on Stand Up! Records, “Libel, Slander and Sedition.” Kilstein offers a few warnings (like maybe Drone strikes are a bad idea… I mean, we’ve all seen how that turns out in the sci-fi movies), some sound advice (if right-wingers are going to claim homosexuality is ruining straight marriage, well, gay fellas, it’s about time you start turning up for a steamy make-out session when they get to the “I Do’s” at your local straight hitchin’), some choice letters to his friends at the U.S. Army, and even an invitation to join his own new religion, The Church of the Smiling Vagina. And along the way, he asks his listeners to couple compulsion with compassion, question authority, and maybe, just maybe, steal from Wal-Mart.

Oh, and spoiler alert: The answer to “Why I Lit My Radio on Fire and Threw it Out the Window?” In a word: Nickelback.

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