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A Choice Collection


Cello Suites

Chopin Piano Sonatas

Divertimento K334 & Oboe Quartet K370

Fernando Sor Early Works

Held By The Ears

J.S. Bach Mass In B Minor

James Macmillan Tenebrae

John Passion

La Guitarra Espanola

La Guitarre Royalle

Linn Super Audio Collection 6

Lucrezia Vizzana Componimenti Musicali (1623)

Mozart Serenades

Mozart Symphonies 29, 31 (Paris), 32, 35 (Haffner) & 36 (Linz)

Mozart Symphonies 38 Through 41

Mozart Wind Concertos

Music From The Missae Sex

Super Audio Collection 5

Symphonie Fantastique

Teri Ann (Teri) 05/11/98

The Super Audio Surround Collection Volume 2

The Super Audio Surround Collection Volume 3

Too Much In Love To Care

Trios For 4

Two's Company

Where Late The Sweet Birds Sang

Who Are These Angels

Zelenka Sonatas

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