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American Steel (Jagged Thoughts) 06/19/01

Ann Beretta (New Union Old Glory) 04/10/01

Ann Beretta (To All Our Fallen Heroes) 10/19/99

Avail (4 Am Friday) 05/14/96

Avail (Dixie) 03/06/02

Avail (Live In San Francisco) 01/27/98

Avail (Over The James) 04/08/98

Avail (Satiate) 03/06/02

Avengers (Died For Your Sins) 02/23/99

Black Cat Music (Hands In The Estuary...) 08/21/01

Black Fork (Rock For Loot) 06/24/97

Bomb Bassets (Dress Rehearsal)

Bomb Bassets (Take A Trip With The...) 07/29/97

Boogada Boogada Boogada

Box Of Hair

Bratmobile (Girls Get Busy) 05/07/02

Can Of Pork

Carry The Banner

Citizen Fish (Millennia Madness) 03/06/02

Cleveland Bound Death Sentence (Cleveland Bound) 06/08/99

Compact Disc/Pansy Division Absurd Pop Song Romance

Crimpshrine (Duct Tape Soup) 02/10/98

Day Late & Dollar Short

Don't Back Down

Don't Back Down [Vinyl]

Donnas (American Teenage Rock Roll Machine) 01/27/98

Donnas (Donnas) 07/28/98

Donnas (Get Skintight) 06/08/99

Donnas (The Donnas Turn 21) 01/23/01


Enemies (Pitch Black) 05/22/01

Enemy You (Where No One Knows My Name) 11/16/99

Eyeliners (Sealed With A Kiss) 09/25/01

Fall Of The Plastic Empire [Vinyl]

Fifteen (There's No Place Like Home) 11/12/96

Four On The Floor [Vinyl]

Furious George (Goes Ape ) 09/10/96

Gaza Strippers (1000 Watt Confessions) 10/10/00

Go Sailor

Go-Nuts (Dunk And Cover ) 08/22/00

Green Day (Kerplunk) 03/06/02

Green Day (Oothed Out) 03/05/02

Groovie Ghoulies (Fun In The Dark) 03/23/99

Groovie Ghoulies (Travels With My Amp) 04/18/00

Groovie Ghoulies (World Contact Day) 06/10/96

Grow Up [Vinyl]

Here Comes Trouble

Jackie Papers (I'm In Love) 07/27/99

Jimmies (Let The Fat Man Plunder) 06/19/00

Later Days & Better Lays

Lillingtons (Death By Television) 03/16/99

Lillingtons (The Backchannel Broadcast) 02/20/01

Love Is Dead

Love Songs For The Retarded [Vinyl]

Mopes (Accident Waiting To Happen) 08/24/99

Mopes (Low Down,Two Bit,Sidewinder ) 08/25/98

Move Back Home

Mr.T Experience (Alcatraz) 09/14/99

Mr.T Experience (And The Women Who Love Them) 01/15/02

Mr.T Experience (Big Black Bugs Bleed Blue Blood) 04/25/97

Mr.T Experience (Everybody's Entitled To Their) 01/14/97

Mr.T Experience (Our Bodies Our Selves) 03/06/02

Mr.T Experience (Revenge Is Sweet So Are You) 08/26/97

Mr.T Experience (The Miracle Of Shame) 09/12/00

Music For A Stranger World

Night Shift At The Thrill Factory [Vinyl]

One Time Angels (Tricks And Dreams) 11/06/01

Ooze [Vinyl]

Operation Ivy (Energy) 03/06/02

Pansy Division (Pile Up) 02/10/95

Pattern (Immediately) 09/25/01

Phantom Surfers (Xxx Party) 03/14/00

Pinhead Gunpowder (Goodbye Ellston Ave.) 02/25/97

Pinhead Gunpowder (Jump Salty) 03/06/02

Pretty Girls Make Graves (Is It Broken Doctor) 04/09/02

Queers (Don't Back Down) 08/27/96

Queers (Love Songs For The Retarded) 03/06/02

Queers (Pleasant Screams) 04/09/02

Queers (Today) 02/20/01

Rogue's March

Screeching Weasel (Anthem For A New Tomorrow) 03/06/02

Screeching Weasel (How To Make Enemies Irrita) 03/06/02

Screeching Weasel (Kill The Musicians) 03/06/02

Screeching Weasel (Major Label Debut) 01/27/98

Screeching Weasel (My Brain Hurts) 03/06/02

Screeching Weasel (Teen Punks In Heat) 09/12/00

Screeching Weasel (Wiggle) 03/06/02

Side Effect Of Thinking

Sludgeworth (Sludgeworth) 04/23/97

Smugglers (Rosie) 01/28/00

Something More Dangerous

Surf Goddess

Sweet Baby (It's A Girl) 10/08/96


Wanna Bes (The Wanna Bes) 05/22/01

Wild Seven

Wynona Riders (Artificial Intelligence) 04/14/97

Yesterday Rules

Yesterday's Kids (Everything Used To Be Better) 05/22/01

Zero Boys (Vicious Circle) 10/10/00

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