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All Lit Up

Anniversary Of A Jazz Legend

Big Black Cadillac


Bluerunners (Le Grand Bleu) 04/10/01

Blues:Language Of New Orleans (3/Var:Blues) 05/26/98

Buck Shot (The Brainstormers/Full Throttle) 06/20/00

Cane Sugar

Coolbone Swing Troupe (Bone Swing) 01/25/00

Dirty Word

Feufollet (Belle Louisiane) 05/07/02

Forever Fabulous Chickenhawks (Live From The Gy) 05/21/02

Hello Sunshine

Idletime (Time Stops) 11/07/00

Jazz:Language Of New Orleans (2/Var:Jazz) 01/07/98

Lil' Malcolm /House Rockers (Zydeco Three Way) 09/28/99

Louis Love Songs

Mamou (Mamou Comes To Town) 08/24/99

Missing You

Modern Jazz:The Beginnings (Var:Jazz) 02/09/99

Music:Language Of New Orleans (1/Var:Jazz/Cajun) 12/09/97

New Orleans Juice (Fortified) 06/06/00

News About The Blues

Original Dixieland Jazz Band (80 Years Of Jazz) 10/09/98

Rag Pickers (From Far East To Down South With L) 05/20/99

Rhudabega (Rhudabega) 03/07/00

Through My Eyes

Torch Songs

Traditional Jazz (4/Language Of New Orleans) 05/11/99

Trombone Shorty's Swingin Gate

Wardell His Slammin' Big Band (Maestropiece) 05/03/00

Who Do You Love

Zydeco Boneshakers (Boneshakin' Zydeco) 03/23/99

Zydeco Boneshakers (Show You How To Zydeco) 08/29/00

Zydeco Warriors (Party Time) 08/24/99

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