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A Piano Collection Of Popular Love Songs

American Psychedelic Music

And A Million Other Things

Asian Psychedelic Music

B.J. (Shower U With Love) 12/13/94

British Psychedelic Music

Charles (W/George Lewis Louis Nelson) 12/01/99


Clayton (Blues Come Home) 10/03/95

Courtney (In Conversation) 02/08/00

Da Capo

Da Capo (8122 73604-2)

Darlene (Best Of)

Darlene (Unconditional Love) 10/20/98

Don't Let Me Go [Single-Cd]

Elvis (K2 Hd Master)

Forever Changes

Forever Changes (Expanded)

Hard N Horny


Hate & Dignity

Helen (3/Radio Hits) 04/09/02

Hell Or Right

Her 1960s Solo Recordings


Japanese Psychedelic Music

Laura (Fourteen Days) 06/27/00

Laura (Helvetica Bold) 05/29/01

Laura (Laura Love Collection)

Laura (Pangaea) 05/29/01

Laura (Shum Ticky) 09/29/98

Limited Edition Love Songs Collection

Love (180 Gram Vinyl)

Love Story (1966-1972)

Marriage And Children

Mary (Then Now) 12/22/98

Peace And Soul

Sex And The Zodiac

The Best Of Love

The Deluxe Edition

The Life Of Mrs. Cole Porter (Original Cast Album)

Walt Baby (Gospel Tracks) 03/26/02

Willie (Greenville Smokin') 03/28/00

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