Her 1960s Solo Recordings

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Love, Priscilla: Her 1960s Solo Recordings


Two beautiful and fragile late 1960s solo albums by the lead voice of the Paris Sisters, reissued for the first time along with several recently discovered gems.

Priscilla Paris had one of the most distinctive sounds in 1960s pop. As the lead on the Paris Sisters' I Love How You Love Me, her voice is known the world over.

As the Paris Sisters' career wound down in the late 1960s, the fiercely independent Priscilla struck out to record her own material. The 1967 debut solo album Priscilla Sings Herself was the result - a classic girl group/soft pop item with an unusually fragile, doomed atmosphere.

Ace UK's Love, Priscilla is the album's first reissue, and the compilation adds the sequel, 1969's Priscilla Loves Billy, where the singer demonstrates her gift for jazz interpretation in an exquisitely arranged set of Billie Holiday covers.

The track listing is further boosted by non-LP material including four stunning, recently discovered tracks recorded at Gold Star in 1968. With an in-depth sleeve note, Love, Priscilla is a winner for girl group and loner folk-psych fans alike.

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