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Caroline (From Stage To Screen) 03/13/01

Caroline (What I Did For Love) 09/17/98

Estamos Pariendo

Gerry (Myriad) 05/18/99

Hazel (L.A. Confidential) 06/14/01

John (My Ireland) 02/22/00

John (Unravelin') 06/06/97

Mark ((Cd )Liberty) 10/28/97

Mark ((Sacd)The American Seasons) 08/23/01

Mark (Championship Years)

Mark (Elysian Forest)

Mark (Fanfare For The Volunteer-Three) 10/19/99

Mark (Heroes)

Mark (Hot Swing) 06/26/01

Mark (Markology) 07/23/98

Mark (Midnight On The Water) 04/28/98

Mark (New Nashville Cats)

Mark (Retrospective) 07/23/98

Mark (Soppin' The Gravy) 07/23/98

Mark (The Fiddle Concerto) 03/28/95

Mark - Heroes

Mark - The Fiddle Concerto

Naturaleza Muerta

Sinead (Am I Not Your Girl)

Sinead (Faith And Courage) 06/13/00

Sinead (I Do Not Want What I Haven't)

Sinead (Lion The Cobra)

Sinead (No Man's Woman) 07/05/00

Sinead (Sinead O'connor) 04/24/01

Sinead (Universal Mother)

Sinead - Am I Not Your Girl

Sinead - Faith And Courage

Sinead - Gospel Oak Ep

Sinead - I Do Not Want...

Sinead - Lion And The Cobra

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