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20/20 (4 Day Tornado)

20/20 (Interstate) 08/25/98

20/20 (Lookout)

25 Demos


Abbey Load

Absolute O'brien

All You Need Is Blood

Barnes Barnes (Spazchow) 10/21/97

Barnes Barnes (Voobaha) 08/20/96

Best Of The Red Peters Comedy Music Hour Volume 1

Big Daddy (Best Of Big Daddy) 11/07/00

Bikini Wax

Bosco Fr (Paramour) 06/20/00

Burning Farm

Carribean Christmas

Catnip Dynamite

Curtis 95 (Grand Hotel) 06/20/00

Cyndi Lauper Shine 5track Single

Destination Space

Do You Like Waffles

Eager To Please

For Those About To Shop We Salute You

Freur (Doot Doot)

Happy Electropop Music Machine

Hot Dogs & Donuts

Images Of Heaven


Kingbees (The Kingbees) 07/21/98

Linus Of Hollywood (Let Yourself Be Happy) 03/20/01

Love Her Madly

Mark Brian (Little Drummer Boys) 11/07/00

Men Without Hats Collection

Motels (Anthologyland (2cd)) 02/06/01

Mr Methane.Com


No 2

One Night In America

Pretty Little Baka Guy

Psycho Sisters (Sndtrk) 07/21/98

Pull My Finger Jingle Smells Cd

Red Rockers (Good As Gold/Schizophrenia) 01/31/95

Rockin' For A Living


Sex-O-Rama (2/Sndtrk) 07/21/98

Sgt Hetfield's Motorbreath Pub Band


Sparks (12" Mixes) 08/24/99

Sparks (Angst In My Pants) 11/17/98

Sparks (Balls) 08/22/00

Sparks (In Outer Space) 11/17/98

Sparks (Plagiarism) 09/22/98

Sparks (Pulling Rabbits Out Of A Hat) 11/03/98

Sparks (Terminal Jive) 11/17/98

Sparks (Whomp That Sucker) 11/17/98

Star Wars Cantina Orch. (Cocktails In The Canti) 04/12/99

Steps In Time

Stranger Than Fiction

Sub Urban

Team Leader

Tokens (Intercourse) 02/20/01

Tokens (Oldies Are Now) 02/20/01

Tokens (Tonight The Lion Dances) 02/20/01

Tokens (Unscrewed) 02/20/01

Too Loose (Too Loose) 04/24/01

Tromeo Juliet (Film Sndtrk) 05/06/97

United We Stand (Songs For America) 01/18/02

Wire Train (In A Chamber/Between Two Words) 01/31/95

Yama No Attchan

You Had To Be There

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