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Aix Em Klemm

Amp (Astralmoonbeamprojections) 05/14/97

Amp (Stenorette) 11/16/98

Bowery Electric (Bowery Electric)

Dadamah (This Is Not A Dream) 04/25/97

Dissolve (That That Is...Is (Not)) 04/25/97

Dissolve (Third Album From The Sun) 09/02/97

Doldrums (Acupuncture) 11/25/97

Doldrums (Desk Trickery) 11/02/99

Flies Inside The Sun (An Audience Of Others)

Fontanelle (F) 05/08/01

Fontanelle (Fontanelle) 05/30/00

Godspeed You Black (Lift Your Skinny Fists Like) 10/31/00

Godspeed You Black Emperor (Slow Riot For New Z) 03/30/99

Ioscil (Triple Point) 10/08/01

Jessamine (Don't Stay Too Long) 08/17/98

Jessamine (Jessamine) 04/25/97

Labradford (A Stable Reference)

Labradford (E Luxo So) 05/20/99

Labradford (Labradford) 11/19/96

Labradford (Mi Media Naranja) 12/04/97

Labradford (Prazision Lp) 02/07/96

Long Arm Of Coincidence

Low (Secret Name) 03/30/99

Low (Songs For A Dead Pilot) 10/13/97

Low (Things We Lost In The Fire) 02/06/01

Magnog (Magnog) 04/16/96

Magnog (More Weather) 12/03/97

Pan American (360 Business-360 Bypass) 02/11/00

Pan American (Pan American) 03/27/98

Pan American (The River Made No Sound) 04/16/02

Philosopher's Stone (Apparatus) 10/05/99

Philosopher's Stone (Preparation) 09/02/97

Spiny Anteaters (All Is Well) 04/25/97

Spiny Anteaters (Current) 06/17/96

Spybey Plotkin (Peripheral Blur) 10/23/98

Stars Of The Lid (Gravitational Pull...) 11/03/97

Stars Of The Lid (Jon Mccafferty/Per Aspera Ad) 11/16/98

Stars Of The Lid (The Ballasted Orchestra) 03/26/97

Stars Of The Lid (Tired Sounds Of) 10/08/01

Tomorrowland (Sequence Of The Negative Space Ch) 09/28/98

Windy Carl (Consciousness) 03/20/01

Windy Carl (Depths) 04/13/98

You Are The One I Pick

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