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Olde West


Action Palace

Agricantus (Hale-Bopp Souvenir) 06/18/01

All In A Mouses Night

Atomic Cocktail (Atomic Cocktail) 11/16/99

Backdoor Preacher Man

Blue Room Boys (Driving You Crazy) 05/16/00

Brass Monkey (Live In Time Space) 03/12/01

Bulldozers & Bugs

Cameltoe Music Cd

Con Los Compas Se Goza Mas

Condo,Ray (Ricochets/Swing,Brother,Swing ) 02/12/99

Cookin' With Kurt (Cookin' With Kurt) 05/30/00

Crazy Man Crazy

Damo Suzuki's Network (Seattle) 02/29/00

Destroyo (The Power Of Mind) 01/23/02

Dipstick (Don't Rewind) 01/22/02

Dipstick (Transistor Rodeo) 08/14/00

Donner Party (The Complete Recordings 1987-89) 04/13/00

Door To Door Maniac

Dr.Loco's Rockin' Jalapeno Band (Barrio,Ritmos,) 10/09/98


Early Years

En-Trance Recycled Re-Inventions For The Resurgenc

Everybody's Talkin' 'Bout Miss Thing

Fainting Room

Feels Like A Falling Dream

Headin Down To Henry's

Headlights & Other Constellations

High Crimes & Misdemeanors


Hunter,Sonya (Finders,Keepers) 10/30/98

In Xinjiang Time

Inside Out-Ima Sessions

Judea Eden

King Of The Drama Queens

Kinsey Sicks (Boyz 2 Girlz) 05/30/01

Kinsey Sicks (Dragapella ) 05/30/01

Latest Drag

Let Jah Rise

Levine,Mark (Hey,It's Me) 09/12/00


Live For Life

Los Otros (Radio Chon) 08/24/99

Madre Rumba Padre Son

Man From Monterey

Map Of Wyoming (Round Trip) 10/12/99

Map Of Wyoming (Trouble Is) 10/24/00


Moss Brothers (Electricitation) 10/30/01

Motet (Play) 04/19/01

Mover (The Only One) 01/04/99

Mr Jive's Pleasure Platter

Mushroom (Compared To What) 01/30/01

Narrow Streets

New Morty Show (Straight Ahead) 04/06/00

Not Afraid

Not Colored Too Perfect

Okra All Stars (Okra All Stars) 11/23/98

Om Attack (Heavy Rescue) 01/15/01

Orgone Therapy

Pale Shade Of Blue


Playing Favorites

Puente A La Mar

Red Meat (Alameda County Line) 01/17/01

Red Meat (Meet Red Meat) 12/07/99

Rene At 15

Return To Brigadoon

Rilke String Quartet (Rilke String Quartet) 12/07/99

Rockin' Teenage Combo (6/4 Getaway) 02/15/00

S.F. Bay

San Francisco Song Cycle 1

Savage Resurrection (Savage Resurrection) 01/12/99

Schramms (100 Questions) 09/26/00


Sister Double Happiness (A Stone's Throw From L) 10/12/99


Snares Kites (Tricks Of Trapping) 01/21/99



Still Smiling

Sunkist (Sunkist) 12/03/99

Swing Session (Whispering Grass) 03/14/02

Swing Sessions (The Swing Sessions) 11/10/99

The Blue Planet

The Truth And Other Oddities

Through My Window

Time Forgets

Venusians (Hot Planet) 09/26/00

Walkabouts (Ended Up A Stranger) 04/23/02


What You Could Have Had

When Music Calls

Woodie (Yoc Influenced) 08/19/99

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