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Black & White Night

Greatest Hits, Vol. 1

Roy (1 2/All-Time Greatest Hits)

Roy (1/The All-Time Greatest Hits Of) 04/05/00

Roy (16 Biggest Hits) 01/26/99

Roy (2/All-Time Greatest Hits)

Roy (20 Golden Hits) 09/13/00

Roy (All-Time Greatest Hits)

Roy (All-Time Greatest Hits) 10/07/97

Roy (Anthology (1956-1965))

Roy (Best Of The Best) 10/13/00

Roy (Best-Loved Standards)

Roy (Big Roy Orbison Songles Collection) 04/11/01

Roy (Classic 1965-1968)

Roy (Covers)

Roy (Gold) 04/24/01

Roy (Hits You Remember) 07/18/97

Roy (Hits You Remember) 10/07/97

Roy (I'm Still In Love With You) 02/19/02

Roy (Laminar Flow)

Roy (Mystery Girl)

Roy (Ooby Dooby-The Very Best) 01/26/99

Roy (Our Love Song)

Roy (Rare Orbison)

Roy (Roy Orbison Sings Lonely And Blue)

Roy (Shades Of Roy Orbison) 07/22/97

Roy (Shades Of) 04/16/02

Roy (Sonny James/Rca Sessions) 06/03/97

Roy (Sun Years)

Roy (Super Hits) 09/05/95

Roy (The Legendary)

Roy (The Legends Collection (2 Cd)) 08/14/01

Roy (Very Best Of) 03/11/97

Roy - 16 Biggest Hits

Roy - Hits You Remember

Roy - Laminar Flow

Roy - Super Hits


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