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1st Entry) 11/06/01

1st Entry) 11/06/01


Augustus (Blowing With The Wind)

Augustus (Classic Rockers) 11/21/97

Augustus (Earth's Rightful Ruler)

Augustus (East Of The River Nile) 06/11/02

Augustus (Eastman Dub) 11/30/01

Augustus (El Rocker's) 06/20/00

Augustus (Gold) 03/26/02

Augustus (Ital Dub) 07/28/00

Augustus (Jah Inspiration) 10/09/01

Augustus (King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown)

Augustus (Original Rockers)

Augustus (Pablo Friends) 11/30/01

Augustus (Pablo Meets Mr. Bass)

Augustus (Rebel Rock Reggae)

Augustus (This Is) 07/10/01

Basie Jam

Basie Swings Standards

Best Of

Best Of The Pablo Group Masterpieces

Best Of The Pablo Solo Masterpieces

Blues For Fred

Diary Of A Sinner - 1st Entry

For Lady Day

Group Masterpieces 2

Group Masterpieces 3

Group Masterpieces 5

Group Masterpieces 6

Group Masterpieces 7

Live At Yoshi's

London 1969

Mostly Blues & Some Others

My Mama Pinned A Rose On Me

Nigerian Marketplace

Oscar Peterson & Dizzy Gillespie

Portraits Of Duke Ellington

Speak Love

Still Writing In My Diary - 2nd Entry

Virtuoso In New York

Virtuoso Live

Warm Breeze

Warm Tenor

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