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55 (55-Chopped And Slowed Down) 08/07/01

55 (Electricity) 02/13/01

55 (Git' Ya Sum) 06/11/02

Big Boo (Shaking Them Po Po's) 02/13/01

Big Jutt (Screw'd Up Fo Life (Screwed Version)) 01/01/10

Big Jutt (Screw'd Up Fo Life) 01/01/10

Blessed Game (Blessed Game) 09/12/00

Botany Boyz ((Screwed)Forever Botany) 02/29/00

C-Note ( Third Coast Born 2000) 10/24/00

C-Note ((Screwed)Third Coast Born 2000) 07/03/01

C-Note (Third Coast Born 2000) 10/10/00

Dead Horse (Boil Ing ) 12/15/95

Drank Sippas (Let's Po A Fo) 10/24/00

Entre Mundos

First Love

Forever Botany

Forever Failure


Illegal Amigos (The Chronic Zone) 09/18/01


Innate Tru 2 Life Chronicles

Let's Po A Fo

Mexicans Bangin' Screw (2/Puff,Puff,Pass) 09/25/01

Mexicans Bangin' Screw (All Screwed Out) 10/24/00

Million Dolla Lick

Nino ((Screwed)Underground Freestyle) 12/25/02

Nino (1/Down South Playaz Click) 01/27/98

Nino (Underground Freestyle) 12/25/02

Nuwine (1998) 03/25/98

Nuwine (As Da World Turns) 05/20/97

O.G. Style

One Second

One Spirit On A Mission For God

P.K.O. ((Screwed)Ain't Went No Where)

P.K.O. (Ain't Went No Where) 05/15/01

P.K.O. (From Dirty To Clean) 02/15/00

Product Of Grace (The Message) 04/04/00

Senate (1/Flawless) 01/28/99

Skarnales (Vatos Rudos) 08/05/97

So Marvelous

Southern Backtones (Los Tormentos De Amor) 01/04/99

Strickly 4 God (Jesus Brought Me Out) 05/15/01

Third Coast Born

Thought Of Many Ways

Will-Lean ( The Chemist)

Will-Lean ((Screwed) The Chemist)

Will-Lean (The Chemist)

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