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Absinthe Blind (The Everyday Seperation) 06/19/01

Acid House Kings (Mondays Are Like Tuesdays) 04/23/02

Another Lover

Apple Album

Beauty Shop (Yr Money Or Yr Life) 11/21/00

Beezus (Lives Of The Saints) 02/06/02

Belva Plane (Another One I'm Not On Or Under) 02/06/02

Bettie Serveert (Private Suit) 10/27/00

Big Bright Lights (Take Manhattan) 05/22/01

Bikeride (Summer Winners Summer Losers) 12/05/00


Camden (Reel Time Canvas) 10/23/00


Cover The Earth Compilation

Cowboy And Spingirl (Ear Candy) 04/28/97

Death Of The Italian Film Star


Doleful Lions (Motel Swim) 02/06/02

Doleful Lions (The Rats Are Coming...The Werew) 02/06/02

Elk City (Status) 10/30/00

Emotional Rec Club

Floor Model

Flower Power

Glass Intact

Great Crusades (The First Spilled Drink Of...) 02/06/02

Green Pajamas (In A Glass Darkly) 08/14/01

Green Pajamas (The Carolers Song) 11/05/01

Instant Action

It's Good To Be Alive

June The Exit Wounds (A Little More Haven Ham) 02/06/02

Jupiter Sun (Atmosphere) 02/06/02

Life On Mars (Life On Mars) 02/06/02

Little Private Angel

Lonely Trailer

Lonely Trailer (Multimeteor) 02/06/02

Lull Account (0001) 10/23/00

Mezzanines (Mezzanines) 02/06/02

Mezzanines (Underground Aces) 03/21/01

Morning Wood

Mother (Gold Record) 02/06/02

National Skyline (National Skyline) 05/03/00

Odds & Bobs

Outnumbered (Surveying The Damage) 02/06/02

Piloted By Ghosts

Punch & Beauty

Put Danger Back In Your Life

Rock Concert

Rock Ola

Secret Square (Secret Square) 10/23/00

Shalini (We Want Jelly Donuts) 11/06/00

Signalmen (Falsetto Teeth) 06/19/01

Signalmen (The Signalmen) 02/06/02

Smiles Everyone (Smiles Everyone) 02/06/02

Snailhouse (Fine) 10/23/00

Song Cyclops 1

Soundtrack Of Our Lives (Extended Revelation) 10/23/01

Soundtrack Of Our Lives (Welcome To The Infant) 10/23/01

Starlet (From The One You Left Behind) 08/13/97

Starlet (Stay On My Side) 02/06/02

Starlet (When Sun Falls On My Feet) 04/23/02


Suede Chain (Ripplemark) 02/06/02

Sugarbuzz (Three Mil Thick) 02/06/02

Sukilove (Talking In The Dark) 03/26/02

Toothpaste 2000 (Bachelorette) 02/06/02

Toothpaste 2000 (Fine,Cool,With Love) 03/13/98

Toothpaste 2000 (Va Va Voom) 03/21/01

Tracking Sounds Alone

Tractor Kings (Sunday Night) 05/22/01

Twin Princess (The Complete Recordings) 04/10/01

Very Secretary (Best Possible Souvenir) 02/06/02

Very Secretary (Standing In The Shade) 02/06/02

Viewfinder (Star On Ice) 02/06/02

Vitesse (Chelsea 27099) 10/30/00

Waltz For Debbie (Gone Out) 06/19/01

When You Work I Sleep

Where's Wolfie

White Town (Peek Poke) 02/06/02

Why Men Fail

Wolfie (Awful Mess Mystery) 02/06/02

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