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Anika (On Gardner Street) 05/09/00

Despite The Fire Fighters Efforts

Guerrilla Funk (The Single)

Jackie (Nobody Else But Me) 12/02/99

Jon (Rock The Universe) 10/18/99

Palais Des Congres

Sarina (Sarina Paris) 05/22/01

Sarina - Sarina Paris

Texas (Brazilliant) 10/17/00

Texas (Film Sndtrk/Ry Cooder)

Tito (Graca De Tchega) 08/18/98

Tito (Live In Lisbon At Club B.Leza) 11/09/99

Twila (Bedtime Prayers) 03/27/01

Twila (Greatest Hits) 09/11/01

Twila (Perennial) 03/24/98

Twila (True North) 09/21/99

Twila (Warrior Is A Child) 03/01/96

Twila (Where I Stand) 04/02/96

Vocals) 02/09/01

What Makes Blondes Cry

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