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Billy (Let 'Em In) 07/15/98

Billy (Let Em In/Only The Strong Survive) 01/13/99

Billy (Super Hits) 05/07/02

Billy - 360 Degrees Of Billy Paul

Billy - Me And Mrs. Jones (The Best Of Billy Paul)

Ellis (A Carnival Of Voices) 07/16/96

Ellis (Live (2cd)) 03/14/00

Ellis (Stories) 07/23/98

Ellis (Translucent Soul) 09/15/98

Emanuel (1/International Jazz Band) 12/08/99

Emanuel (2/International Jazz Band) 12/08/99

Frankie (20 Massive Hits) 05/24/99

Frankie (4/Legends Of Reggae) 11/14/00

Frankie (Best Of Reggae Live) 03/20/01

Frankie (Casanova) 05/06/99

Frankie (Don Man)

Frankie (Frankie Paul At His Best) 09/12/00

Frankie (Frankie Paul) 06/12/97

Frankie (Freedom) 02/19/96

Frankie (Hard Work) 03/27/02

Frankie (If You Want Me Girl)

Frankie (Pass The Tu-Sheng-Peng/Tidal Wave) 03/31/97

Frankie (Should I)

Frankie (We Rule) 04/22/97

J. (Zydeco Newbreeds/Taking Over) 09/16/97

J.Jr. (Phenomenon) 05/23/00

Les (Best Of Les Paul) 10/18/96

Les (Fabulous Les Paul Mary Ford)

Les (Ford/16 Most Requested Songs) 08/20/96

Les (Ford/Love Songs) 01/28/97

Les (Jazz Collector Editions)

Les (Mary Ford/A Class Act) 01/15/02

Les (Mary Ford/Columbia Single Collection) 08/28/01

Les (Mary Ford/Lover's Luau) 07/22/97

Les (V-Disc Recordings) 06/22/99

Les (W/Mary Ford/Lover's Luau/Bouquet Of R) 07/10/01

Les (W/Mary Ford/The Legendary Duo At Thei) 02/13/01

Les (W/Mary Ford/Warm Wonderful/Swingin') 07/10/01

Les Mary Ford (A Touch Of Class) 12/11/98

Les Mary Ford - 16 Most Requested Songs

Les Mary Ford - The Fabulous Les Paul Mary Ford

Parker (Lemon-Lime Room) 02/08/00

Parker (Wingfoot) 10/17/01

Sean - Dutty Rock

Sean - Stage One

The Best Of) 04/06/99

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