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Ackercocke (The Goat Of Mendes) 09/11/01

Anathema (2/Resonance) 04/30/02

Anathema (Alternative 4) 04/24/01

Anathema (Resonance) 10/09/01

At The Gates (Suicidal Final Art) 06/26/01

At The Gates (Terminal Spirit Disease) 08/14/01

At The Gates (With Fear I Kiss The Burning Dark) 04/24/01

Chapter Vi

Darkthrone (A Blaze In The Northern Sky) 04/24/01

Darkthrone (Preparing For War) 02/13/01

Ggfh (1/The Very Best Of) 10/23/01

Gothic (W/ ) (Spec)

Great Deceiver (A Venom Wall Design) 06/11/02

Katatonia (Tonight's Decision) 02/27/01

Kong (Best Of (88-95)) 08/14/01

Last Fair Deal Gone Down

Line Of Deathless Kings

My Dying Bride (As The Flower Withers) 08/14/01

My Dying Bride (Meisterwerk I) 05/08/01

My Dying Bride (Meisterwerk) 02/13/01

My Dying Bride (The Dreadful Hour) 11/13/01

My Dying Bride (The Light At The End Of The Wor) 03/27/01

My Dying Bride (Turn Loose The Swans) 06/26/01

Night Is The New Day

Opeth (Still Life) 02/27/01

Paradise Lost (Gothic) 02/27/01

Paradise Lost (Lost Paradise) 03/27/01

Pitchshifter (Industrial) 08/28/01

Soulside Journey

Still Life

Strange Old Brew

The Great Cold Distance

Torn From The Grave

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