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2 En 1 Amor Amor- Esperame ( Dos Albumes Clasicos En Uno)

Bill (Quietly There)

Bill (Right Chemistry) 12/02/99

Carl (2/The Sun Years) 10/22/01

Carl (50th Anniversary Edition) 11/14/01

Carl (Be-Bop-A-Lula) 09/26/00

Carl (Best Of The Best) 09/13/00

Carl (Best Of) 03/09/01

Carl (Best Of) 10/26/01

Carl (Blast From The Past) 05/03/02

Carl (Blue Suede Shoes) 01/26/99

Carl (Blue Suede Shoes) 10/11/00

Carl (Blue Suede Shoes/Original Golden) 10/12/99

Carl (Country Boy's Dream-Dollie Mas) 06/03/97

Carl (Country Soul)

Carl (Forever Gold) 04/26/01

Carl (Gene Vincent/Roots Of Rock N Roll) 09/27/00

Carl (Guitar Legend) 09/28/00

Carl (Live ) 02/11/97

Carl (Live At Gilley's) 05/18/99

Carl (Nrbq/Boppin' The Blues) 01/17/02

Carl (Orig. Sun Greatest H)

Carl (Roots Of Rock N' Roll) 07/16/98

Carl (The Essential Sun Collection) 08/06/99

Carl (Up Through The Years 1954-57) 06/03/97

Larry (A Touch Of The Past) 11/30/01

Pinetop (1/Live At Antone's) 08/22/00

Pinetop (After Hours)

Pinetop (Back On Top) 05/23/00

Pinetop (Boogie Woogie King) 11/30/01

Pinetop (Born In The Delta) 05/23/97

Pinetop (Down In Mississippi) 01/13/98

Pinetop (Hubert Sumlin/Legends) 10/27/98

Pinetop (Live At 85) 11/02/99

Pinetop (Pinetop's Boogie Woogie) 02/11/97

Pinetop (Pinetop's Boogie Woogie) 04/19/01

Pinetop (Portrait Of A Delta Bluesman)

Pinetop (W/Blues Ice Band) 11/30/01


Roy (3/Ram Records) 04/25/96

Upp [Rare]

Walter (Mjt Iii) 11/28/00

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