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Bill (Fire It Up) 05/22/01

Bill - Crazy Kind Of Life

Brendan (Eye Of The Hunter) 10/05/99

Frank (Deep Peace/New Atlantis) 08/07/97

Frank (Zodiac) 08/07/97

Joe (Best Of The Joe Perry Project) 09/14/99

Joe (I've Got The Rock'n'rolls Again) 01/03/02

Joe (Let The Music Do The)

Joe (Project) - I've Got The Rock N'rolls Again

Keith (Keith Perry) 08/24/99

Lee (2/The Upsetter Shop) 05/04/99

Lee (3/Live As One) 11/20/00

Lee (Africa's Blood) 07/03/96

Lee (Africa's Blood) 09/11/01

Lee (And Friends/The Singles Anth.(2cd)) 03/19/02

Lee (Archive) 05/05/98

Lee (Arkology (3cd's)) 07/15/97

Lee (Bashment) 06/13/01

Lee (Battle Of Armagideon) 10/09/01

Lee (Black Ark) 04/13/99

Lee (Black Art In Dub) 01/31/00

Lee (Chicken Scratch) 07/23/98

Lee (Divine Madness...Definitely) 05/15/01

Lee (Dub Fire) 11/10/98

Lee (Ethiopia) 04/27/99

Lee (Experryments At The Grass Roots Of D) 03/04/98

Lee (Give Me Power) 10/09/01

Lee (Jamaican E.T.) 02/05/02

Lee (Lord God Muzick)

Lee (Lost Treasures Of The Ark (2cd)) 02/01/00

Lee (Mad Professor/Black Ark Experryments) 03/04/98

Lee (Mad Professor/Super Ape Inna Jungle) 03/04/98

Lee (Meets The Mad Professor(2-Cd)) 04/25/00

Lee (Mystic Miracle Star)

Lee (Mystic Warrior) 03/04/98

Lee (Niney/Station Report Underground) 04/09/02

Lee (On The Wire) 09/11/01

Lee (Reggae Greats) 11/21/97

Lee (Revolution Dub) 02/23/99

Lee (Scratch Attack) 03/04/98

Lee (Scratch The Upsetter Again) 09/11/01

Lee (Some Of The Best) 07/23/98

Lee (Son Thunder (2cd)) 05/02/00

Lee (Soundz From The Hot Line) 07/23/98

Lee (Station Underground Report) 03/20/01

Lee (The Upsetter Shop) 05/06/97

Lee (The Upsetter) 05/12/00

Lee (The Upsetters/Lick Shot) 02/23/99

Lee (Truth Wizdom 1971-1975) 10/06/99

Lee (Voodooism) 07/24/00

Lee (W/Mad Professor/Lee Perry Meets Mad) 11/02/00

Lee (Who Put The Voodoo Pon Reggae ) 03/04/98

Lee (Words Of My Mouth) 10/09/01

Lee - Anthology 1968-78

One Heart, One Love

P.J. (With The Edmonton Symphony Orchestr) 05/03/00

P.J. - My Ideal

Phil (Magic) 09/11/01

Phil (My Book Of Love) 03/07/00

Phil (One Heart One Love) 02/10/98

Phil (Pure Pleasure) 05/08/00

Phil (The Heart Of The Man) 10/18/96

Phil - My Book Of Love

Roxy (Hi Heel Blues) 04/17/96

Silent Film Sc) 09/24/98

Steve (For The Love Of Strange)

Steve (Greatest Hits Five Unreleased) 12/15/98

Steve (She Caught Me) 01/22/02

Steve (Street Talk) 10/15/96

Steve (Who's Been Stealin' My Love) 02/22/01

Steve - Greatest Hits Five Unreleased

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