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Andrew (Carried Away) 03/21/00

Anthony Michael (The Book Of Days)

Beginnings - (1945-1949)

Bobby (Irresistible You) 10/08/96

Carl (Scotland The Brave) 04/17/00

Colleen - Beginning To Feel Like Home

Colleen - What Goes Around Comes Around

Davi (After Image)

Gilles (Incredible Sound Of) 08/15/00

Live At The Town Hall) 03/24/97

Lucky (Beyond Cool)

Lucky (Lifetime) 03/05/96

Lucky (Lucky Peterson) 10/05/99

Lucky (Lucky Strikes)

Lucky (Triple Play)

Michael (Being Human) 08/24/99

Michael (Michael Peterson) 07/15/97

Michael (Super Hits) 05/16/00

Michael - Somethin' 'Bout A Sunday

Michael - Sure Feels Real Good

Oscar ( Clark Terry)

Oscar ( Harry Edison)

Oscar ( Jon Faddis) 04/25/00

Oscar ( Roy Elridge)

Oscar ((Sacd)Live At The Blue Note) 12/28/99

Oscar (1/Stephane Grappelli Quartet) 04/10/01

Oscar (1945-1947) 01/04/00

Oscar (1951) 11/30/01

Oscar (A Royal Wedding Suite) 03/23/98

Oscar (A Summer Night In Munich) 02/23/99

Oscar (A Tribute To My Friends) 10/08/96

Oscar (At Zard's) 12/13/94

Oscar (Bassists/Montreux '77)

Oscar (Benny Green/Oscar And Benny) 04/14/98

Oscar (Blues Etude)

Oscar (Cole Porter Songbook)

Oscar (Compact Jazz)

Oscar (Composer) 04/23/01

Oscar (Digital At Montreux)

Oscar (Encore @ The Blue Note)

Oscar (Essential/The Swinger)

Oscar (Exclusively For My Friends) 09/24/96

Oscar (Finest Hour) 06/13/00

Oscar (Freedom Songbook) 08/23/01

Oscar (Gershwin Songbook) 02/27/96

Oscar (History Of An Artist)

Oscar (I Got Rhythm) 07/07/99

Oscar (If You Could See Me Now)

Oscar (In Russia) 07/16/96

Oscar (Jackson/Two Of The F)

Oscar (Jam/Montreux '77)

Oscar (Jazz Round Midnight)

Oscar (Jazz Soul Of Oscar/Affinity) 09/24/96

Oscar (Joe Pass/The Trio) 11/30/98

Oscar (Joust) 03/28/95

Oscar (Last Call)

Oscar (Live )

Oscar (Live At Northsea Festival 1980) 01/29/99

Oscar (Live At The Blue Not)

Oscar (Milt Jackson/Very Tall) 11/09/99

Oscar (Montreux Jazz Festival 1975) 05/20/97

Oscar (My Favorite Instrume)

Oscar (Nigerian Marketplace)

Oscar (Night Child) 11/16/99

Oscar (Night Train) 05/20/97

Oscar (Oscar Dizzy)

Oscar (Oscar Peterson/Harry Edison/Ed) 12/13/01

Oscar (Oscar's Ballads) 03/26/01

Oscar (Paris Jazz Concert 1958) 05/18/99

Oscar (Pass/A La Salle Pleyel) 02/04/97

Oscar (Pass/Porgy Bess)

Oscar (Plays Duke Ellington) 01/07/00

Oscar (Plays Porgy Bess)

Oscar (Plays The D.Ellington Songbook) 03/23/99

Oscar (Plays The Harold Arlen Song Boo) 10/09/01

Oscar (Portrait Of Sinatra)

Oscar (Satch And Josh...Again) 12/13/01

Oscar (Saturday Night At Th)

Oscar (Soul Espanol) 04/09/02

Oscar (The Complete Young (1945-1949)) 04/25/95

Oscar (The Good Life)

Oscar (The London Concert) 12/13/01

Oscar (The More I See You)

Oscar (The Paris Concert) 06/25/98

Oscar (The Personal Touch)

Oscar (The Sound Of The Trio) 02/29/00

Oscar (The Trio) 12/13/01

Oscar (The Will To Swing)

Oscar (Time After Time)

Oscar (Tracks) 06/20/95

Oscar (Triple Play) 06/23/98

Oscar (We Get Requests) 07/29/97

Oscar (West Side Story)

Oscar (West Side Story) 03/24/98

Oscar (With Respect To Nat) 07/21/98

Oscar - Planet Jazz

Oscar Meets Hargrove

Paul (My Dad/Lollipops Roses) 06/08/99

Pete (Jazz Journey) 06/04/01

Pete (Night Day) 04/04/96

Ralph (The Fo'tet Plays Monk) 02/25/97

Ralph Jr. (Back To Stay) 12/09/99

Ray (Tell Laura I Love Her) 01/13/98

Ricky (A Tear Can Tell) 08/07/01

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