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Age Of The Sun

Arling Cameron (All In) 02/08/99

Arling Cameron (Music For Imaginary Films) 01/11/00

Arling Cameron (We Are A C) 08/07/01

Buffalo Daughter (I) 03/05/02

Call Response (Call Response) 10/02/01

Cloudy Cloud Calculator


Dj Me Dj You (Rainbows Robots) 01/25/00

El Baile Aleman

Fantastic Plastic Machine

Fantastic Plastic Machine (Beautiful) 05/15/01

Fantastic Plastic Machine (Luxury) 04/27/99

Fun 9

Golden Boy (Miss Kitten/Or) 02/19/02

Haack,Bruce (Listen,Compute,Rock Home) 10/26/99

Kittenz & Thee Glitz

Logan's Sanctuary (Original Motion Picutre Sndt) 06/13/00

Maxi On

Maxwell Implosion (Small Circle Of Friends) 03/19/02

Miss Kitten /Hacker (First Album) 03/19/02

Money Mark (Change Is Coming) 09/18/01

Pepe Deluxe (Super Sound) 10/31/00

Radio Caroline 1

Schroeder's Cat (Schroeder's Cat) 06/25/98

Senor Coconut (Gran Baile) 12/27/00

Singles & Beyond

Soul Ecstasy (Sndtrk) 07/27/99

The Virgin Suicides (1999 Film)

Ugly Duckling (Journey To Anywhere) 05/28/02

Upper Crust (Decline Fall Of The Upper Crust) 11/21/97

Velma (Cyclique) 11/16/99

Virgin-Whore Complex (Succumb) 05/26/98

Welcome Back Zoobombs


Zoobombs (Let It Bomb) 11/16/99

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