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Before The Commitments

Dan (1949 Country Blues)

Gloria Rv 588

Nlc - Carmina Burana

Nlc - Requiem

Philip (Masque Of Oberon) 06/06/97

Philip (Music From Shakespeare's Plays) 06/06/97

Philip (Shakespeare At Covent Garden) 07/13/99

Phillip (Nutmeg Ginger) 05/14/99

Wilson (A Man A Half(Best Of))

Wilson (Greatest Hits)

Wilson (I'm In Love) 12/05/95

Wilson (If You Need Me) 02/29/00

Wilson (It's Harder Now) 09/14/99

Wilson (Soul Of Wilson Pickett) 03/20/01

Wilson (The Best Of) 05/03/02

Wilson (The Magic Of) 11/28/00

Wilson (Very Best Of)

Wilson - Best Of Wilson Pickett

Wilson - Greatest Hits

Wilson - Hey Jude

Wilson - The Essentials

Wilson - Very Best Of ...

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