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4 Seasons

After Awhile

Archangelsky (All-Night Vigil/Arshavskaya) 07/24/98


Beethoven (Sym.10/Morris) 03/21/01

Beethoven (Syms.Nos.7 8/Morris) 06/06/01

Blues In The Evening

Brahms (Sym.1/Skrowaczewski) 02/23/01

Bruch (Mendelssohn/Vln.Ctos/Laredo) 03/21/01

Candomble (Afro-Brazilian Ritual) 06/24/97

Carnaval Aux Antilles (Various) 05/14/97

Crank (Torture King) 07/05/96

Createur Du Tango Argentin

Cui (Music For Vln. Pno./Sheppard) 07/24/98

Dukas (La Peri/Benzi) 11/25/96

Duo Guitar Recital

Ella Fitzgerald 1941 1944

Falla (El Amor Brujo/Batiz) 08/16/01

Flying Pickets (Blue Money) 01/15/96

Gangster Is Back

Golden Years 1

Golden Years 2

Golden Years 4

Hits Of The Sixties Cd (2 Pack)

In The Beginning

Journey To (Louisiana/Various) 03/04/96

Journey To (Morocco/Various) 08/26/97

Journey To (Scotland/Various)


Les Tambours De Brazza (Congo Drums) 07/10/96

Little Walter (Quarter To Twelve)

Live At Q4

Los Incas (Alegria) 06/04/96

Lugano 1963

Mcps Cd Greatest Hits Of The Classics Vol One

Mendelssohn (Italian Sym/Maag) 03/21/01

Mozart (Bassoon Cto/Aadland) 02/23/01

Mozart (Clarinet Cto/Hickox) 08/16/01

Music From South America

National Dance Company Of Guinea (Silo) 09/02/97

New York Hardbop Quartet (Clincher)

No Friend Around

Organ Symphony

Papapetropoulos/Gabou (Sound Of/South/Greece)

Popular Yiddish Songs

Praetorius (Dances From Terpsichore/Mendoze) 06/06/01

Rubenstein Fireworks (From 1928 To 1937 Original Recordings)

Scarlatti (Harpsichord Sonatas) 06/25/98

Serenades 1 & 2

Shostakovich (Sym.5) 02/23/01

Sviridov (Choral Music) 07/24/98

Tchaikovsky (Pno.Cto.1/De La Fuente) 02/23/01

The London Starlight Orchestra Plays Famous Film Themes

Tsiamoulis (The Love Castle) 04/11/00

Violin Concerto

Your Baby's Musical Favor (1/Music To Dream By) 07/11/96

Zamfir (Midsummer Night Dreams) 01/15/96

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