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A Life In Music

According To James Hall 3

All Time Gospel Classics 1

Allen & Allen

Allen Allen (A New Beginning) 04/07/98

Allen Allen (A-Blazing Grace) 01/17/95

Atlanta Rhythm Section (Partly Plugged) 11/04/97

Audio Cd


Band (The Jubilation) 09/15/98

Best Of La Mass Choir

Boogie 2000

Bronx Mass Choir (Heaven) 07/15/97

Canned Heat Blues Band

Celebration Choir (Why Not Pray) 03/31/98

Chicago Mass Choir (Best Of) 11/07/95

Chicago Mass Choir (Call Him Up) 11/16/99

Chicago Mass Choir (He That Believeth) 06/26/00

Chicago Mass Choir (I'm So Grateful) 08/23/99

Chicago Mass Choir (Keep Your Mind On Jesus) 05/05/98

Chicago Mass Choir (Please Don't Leave Me) 06/26/00

Chicago Mass Choir (You Love Me) 03/25/97

Chicago Sings... (Back To Church) 11/03/98

Christianaires (Saints Hold On) 02/25/97

Christianaires (The Vision Becomes Clearer) 06/26/00

Circle Of Dust (Disengage) 03/10/98

Classics 1

Come Sunday

Commissioned (A Collection) 06/26/00

Commissioned (Commissioned Complete) 06/26/00

Commissioned (Ordinary People Just Won't Do) 08/23/99

Commissioned (The Light Years) 10/03/95

Commissioned (Will You Be Ready) 06/26/00

Contemporary Man 3

Dallas/Ft.Worth Mass Choir (I'd Rather Have Jes) 03/24/98

Dealing With The Devil

Duraluxe (Rock Music With Singing) 03/26/97


Fit To Serve

Flying Tart Sampler (Starball Contribution) 02/18/97

Friend 'N Fellow (Purple Rose) 01/26/99

Glad The Acappella Project Iii

Gmwa Mass Choir (Live In Indianapolis) 06/26/00

Go Tell Somebody

God Is Able

Gospel Greatest Hits 2

Gospel's Greatest Hits

Heart Of A Love Song

Highway Qc's (I'm Still Here) 08/12/97

Hold Up The Light

House Of Praise

Huningtons (Fun Games) 05/20/97

I'm Your Child

Imani Project (A New Vision) 09/16/97

Institutional C.O.G.I.C. (After The Rapture) 06/09/98

Jim Croce Nashville Tribute

Joyful Noise

Kansas (Always Never The Same) 05/19/98

L.A. Mass Choir (Back To The Drawing Board) 02/10/98

L.A. Mass Choir (Can't Hold You Back) 08/23/99

L.A. Mass Choir (I Shall Not Be Defeated) 08/23/99

L.A. Mass Choir (Live Give Him Glory) 06/26/00

L.A. Mass Choir (Unconditional Love) 10/17/95

Light Years

Live Gospel Experience (1/Various) 03/19/96

Live Gospel Experience (1/Various) 07/29/97

Live Gospel Experience (2/Various) 07/29/97

Live Gospel Experience (3/Various) 08/12/97

Live Gospel Experience (4/Various) 08/12/97

Love Alive 3

Lsu (Dogfish Jones) 06/25/98

Matters Of The Heart

Men Of Promise (He Made Me Whole) 07/21/98

N.J. Mass Choir (Look Up And Live) 06/26/00

Nighthawks (Still Wild) 04/27/99

North Carolina Mass Choir (Let's Magnify The Lord) 06/26/00

North Carolina Mass Choir (Sing In The Spirit) 06/26/00

On Air

On The Winning Side

Paladins (Slippin' In) 07/13/99

Phantasmic (I Light Up Your Life) 05/07/98

Praise Ii Choir (Stop By Here) 02/24/98

Pride Kills

Psalms 23

Reaching Out

Salt Of The Earth (Happy Hour) 01/27/98

Serve Self

Silver Lining

Six Feet Deep (The Road Less Traveled) 02/25/97

Sixpence None The Richer (Collage...A Portrait) 04/26/99

Spooky Tooth (Cross Purpose) 02/23/99

Stavin' Chain (Stavin' Chain) 03/16/99

Tekneek (Point Of View) 11/03/98

The Best Of Andrae

The Girl Next Door

This Ain't No Tribute Blues Cube

This Is Another Day

Tyscot Live:'Round Midnight (Var:Gospel) 01/27/98

Voices Of Light (2/All Time Gospel Classics) 08/23/99

We Sing Praises

Whitecross (One More Encore) 03/10/98

Winans (Introducing The Winans) 06/26/00

Winans (Long Time Comin') 06/26/00

Winans (Tomorrow More) 08/23/99

Winans (Tomorrow) 08/23/99

Winans (Yesterday Today) 06/26/00

Witness (A Song In The Night) 04/16/96

Witness (Love Is An Action Word) 06/02/98

You Have My Heart

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