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American People (Because We Can) 05/29/01

Cadillac Voodoo Choir (Better Best) 05/15/01

Geek (Grade School Boner) 05/01/01

Geek (Smells Like Tuna) 09/12/00

Ice Cold July (Live Bootleg) 05/29/01

Ice Cold July (There Will Come A Day) 08/29/00

Japanic (Red Book) 03/08/00

Japanic (The Social Disease) 01/16/01

Jones (Argyle Ave.) 02/27/01

Lillian Axe (Live (2 Cd)) 08/20/02

Marzi (The Need) 01/30/01

Menmechanical (Modus Operandi) 06/12/01

Methadone Metronome (Methadone Metronome) 04/03/01

Middlefinger (3 Martini Lunch) 01/14/97

Middlefinger (Digitus Impudicus) 06/20/00

Middlefinger (Live...With Hormones) 01/16/01

Middlefinger (Quickie ) 02/13/01

Rugrash (Bumpkin) 11/14/00


South Of Town

Suspects (99 Paid) 11/13/01

Suspects (How I Learned To Stop Worrying) 03/04/97

Suspects (Lost Along The Way) 09/05/00

There Are No More American Heroes

Ugly Wanda (Send Me) 03/20/01

Wannabes (A Decade Of Moral Fumbles) 08/22/00

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