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Adams County Banjo

All Wound Up! A Family Music Party

Blazers (Puro Blazers) 06/20/00

Bluegrass Spirit

Charivari (I Want To Dance With You) 07/11/00

Deep River Of Song: South Carolina: Got The Keys To The Kingdom

Dry Branch Fire Squad (Hand Hewn) 04/10/01

It's Hard To Tell The Singer From The Song

Joe Louis:An American Hero (Var:Jazz/Blues) 01/15/01

Leroi Brothers (Kings Of The Catnap) 08/28/00

Letters From My Father

Master Fiddlers Of Dagbon (Master Fiddlers Of D) 06/28/01

Monroe Brothers (2/Just A Song Of Old Kentucky) 06/07/01

New Lost City Ramblers (40years Of Concert Perf) 06/07/01


Sacred Music Of Moroccan Jews

Songs From Aberdeenshire

Take Me Back To Happy Valley

Tarbox Ramblers (Tarbox Ramblers) 03/10/00

The Wind That Shakes The Barley

Traditional Fiddle Music (2/On The Springfield) 09/19/00

Traditional Fiddle Music (3/Down In The Border) 09/19/00

Traditional Fiddle Music Of Cape Breton V1



What Would You Give In Exchange For Your Soul

World Library:India (Var:World Music) 01/21/02

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