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A Better Version Of Me

Aloha (Great Communicators,The Interpreters,The) 09/17/99

Aloha (Sugar) 05/14/02

Aloha (That's Your Fire) 05/09/00

Am Fm (Mutilate Me) 01/19/01

Am/Fm (Getting Into Sinking) 08/27/01

American Football (American Football) 09/14/99

American Football (American Football) 10/02/98

Ativin (Pills Versus Plains) 09/02/97


Bent Leg Fatima (Fame.Lie.Talent) 11/07/01

Braid (1/Movie Music) 03/28/00

Braid (2/Movie Music) 03/28/00

Braid (Burning Airlines/Split) 11/08/01

Burning Bridges (Fall Of The Plasic) 11/07/01

Calvin Crime (3x3 For 3 1/2) 10/02/98

Discography 1991-1994

Franklin (Building And A And E) 11/07/01

Hey Mercedes (Hey Mercedes) 09/15/00

In Their Strange White Armor

Ivory Coast (Clouds) 08/24/01

Kerosene 454 (Race) 10/10/97

Lenola (Treat Me To Some Life) 11/07/01

Lilys (Selected) 11/07/01

Mates Of State (Our Constant Concern) 01/15/02

Matt Pond Pa (Meassure) 11/07/01

Matt Pond Pa (The Green Fury) 01/11/02

National Skyline (Exit Now) 12/05/00

National Skyline (This=everything) 11/07/01

Need New Body (Need New Body) 03/11/02


Paris Texas (Paris Texas) 01/05/99

Paris,Texas (So,You Think It's Hot In Here ) 10/19/99

Pele (Nudes) 09/15/00

Places Like This

Rainer Maria (Look Now Look Again) 04/13/99

Rainer Maria (Past Worn Searching) 11/08/01

Rainer Maria (Rainer Maria) 09/02/97

Reports (Reports) 12/22/98

Sean Na Na (And His Baby Blue) 12/22/98


Sunday's Best (Californian) 05/14/02

Sunday's Best (Poised To Break) 10/31/00

That Static

Thought You Were Sleeping

Three 4 Tens (Change Is On Its Way) 11/07/01

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