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Art (For Art's Sake) 03/24/98

Art (Lay Your Hands On Me) 08/20/96

Art (Undercover)

Bishop Henry (Keep Making Tracks) 01/25/00

Cole (1/30's-How's Your Romance)

Cole (1/Songbook-Night Day)

Cole (1/The Ultimate Cole Porter) 03/12/01

Cole (2/30's-Easy To Love)

Cole (2/The Ultimate) 10/05/01

Cole (3/30's Ridin' High)

Cole (3/Songbook-Anything Goes)

Cole (30's/Box Set)

Cole (A Centennial Celebration)

Cole (American Songwriting Masters) 07/05/00

Cole (Centennial 1991)

Cole (Classis Movie Broadway Show) 06/03/97

Cole (Cole Sings Cole)

Cole (Irving Berlin/Songbook (2cd)) 09/27/00

Cole (Irving Joseph Orchestra/Cole Porte) 09/16/97

Cole (Night And Day) 09/08/00

Cole (Songbook) 01/15/02

Cole (Songs-The 1953 Walden Sessions) 05/07/01

Cole (The Gold Collection) 05/15/00

Cole (Tribute/Anything Goes) 11/28/00

Cole (Tribute/Songbook) 10/11/00

Cole (Tribute/The Music Of) 07/25/00

Cole (World's Greatest Jazz Band) 11/20/98

Cole Porter - A Centennial Celebration

David (Victim Of The Joke An Opera) 12/13/94

George Jr. (Runnin' Partner)

Kiss Me Kate

L.J. (Blue) 09/11/01

Music Box Nutcracker Suite And More Christmas Favorites

Music Box Past And Present

Patrick (Reverb Saved My Life) 05/06/02

Porter Music Box Waltzes And Popular Tunes Cd

Quincy (Unpublished Manuscripts For Viol) 07/28/98

Randy (Eight Little Feet) 01/19/01

Randy (Modern Reflections) 01/19/01

Sounds Of Liberation

Tribute/Stars Sing Cole Porter) 09/16/99

Tribute/You're The Tops) 04/10/97

Willy (Dog Eared Dream) 08/15/95

Willy (Falling Forward) 08/24/99

Willy - Dog Eared Dream

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