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Baden (Frankfurt Opera Concert 75)

Baden (Serenta Brasileria)

Baden (The Guitar Artistry Of Baden) 08/18/98

Bobby (Especially For You) 03/10/98

Bud (1/The Amazing Bud Powell) 07/03/01

Bud (1945-1947) 09/17/98

Bud (2/Amazing Bud Powel)

Bud (2/Jazz At Massey)

Bud (2/The Amazing Bud Powell) 07/03/01

Bud (3/The Amazing Bud Powell-Bud ) 01/29/02

Bud (A Portrait Of Thelonious) 08/26/97

Bud (Best Of Bud Powell)

Bud (Best Of On Verve)

Bud (Bud Plays Bird) 04/02/96

Bud (Bud's Bubble 1944/1947) 07/27/00

Bud (Complete On Verve)

Bud (In Paris) 04/25/95

Bud (Jazz Giant)

Bud (Jazz Giant) 02/06/01

Bud (Live In Lausanne 1962) 05/07/02

Bud (Round About Midnight)

Bud (Scene Changes)

Bud (Strictly Powell) 07/18/95

Bud (The Complete 1946-1949 Roost Swin) 07/14/00

Bud (The Genius Of Bud Powell)

Bud (Time Waits) 09/14/99

Bud (Tribute To Cannonball) 08/26/97

Bud (Young Bud) 07/16/99

Bud - A Portrait Of Thelonious

Bud - A Tribute To Cannonball

Bud - Bud Powell In Paris

Bud - Strictly Powell

Bud - The Best Of

Cozy (Best Of) 07/15/97

Dick (Blue Plate Special) 08/20/01

Dick (Lullaby Of Broadway) 02/22/00

Dick (Man From 42nd Street) 04/23/96

Dirk (Hand Me Down) 08/09/99

Dirk (If I Go Ten Thousand Miles) 04/11/96

Doc (Inner City Blues) 07/30/96

Doc (Laid Back) 04/16/96

Doc (Life Changes) 04/10/01

Doug (Curiouser) 08/20/01

Doug (More) 08/20/01

Elena (Fractal Hoedown) 08/20/01

Elena (Left Of The Moon) 08/20/01

Emmit (Live In San Francisco) 02/29/00

Emmit (Taking Gospel Music Higher)

Hubert (Keep Pressin' On) 07/18/95

Matt (Dragonfly) 01/22/02

Matt (Ten Gallon Heart) 03/19/02

Mel (It's Been Too Long) 06/22/99

Mel (Joe Sullivan/Two Cats A Mouse) 06/15/00

Mel (The Best Things In Life) 05/25/99

Morgan (Red White Black Blues) 03/01/00

Morgan (The Morgan Powell Jazz Album) 05/04/99

Teddy (Medleys For Touch Dancing) 08/19/99

The Complete Recordings, 1904-1917, Vol. 4

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