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13 Ribs

Boom Hank (Nuisance) 07/24/00

Brain Pop

Cheer-Accident (Enduring The American Dream) 07/24/00

Cheer-Accident (Not A Food) 07/24/00

Civil Tones (Rotisserie Twist) 07/24/00

Civil Tones (Soul Bucket) 07/24/00

Farantic Flattops (Cheap Women,Cheap Booze,Chea) 07/24/00

Fundamentally Sound

Gotta Get Out


Gringo (Combine) 07/24/00

Gringo (Gringo) 07/24/00

Hasta Luego To Love

In The Bag

Javelin Boot (For Those About To Pop) 07/24/00

Javelin Boot (Life's Story) 07/24/00

Javelin Boot (The Schwa Sound) 07/24/00

Krinkles (Revenge Of...The Krinkles) 07/24/00

Krinkles (Three Ringos) 07/24/00

Legendary Stardust Cowboy (Live In Chicago) 07/24/00


New Duncan Imperials (Fried) 07/24/00

New Duncan Imperials (Greatest Bits) 07/24/00

New Duncan Imperials (Hankey Panky Parley Voo ) 07/24/00

New Duncan Imperials (Hymns Of Bucksnort) 07/24/00

New Duncan Imperials (In-A-Gadda-Da-Vegas) 07/24/00

New Duncan Imperials (Live) 07/24/00

New Duncan Imperials (We're In A Band) 07/24/00

Real Lulu (We Love Nick) 07/24/00

Rex Daisy (Guys And Dolls) 07/24/00

Service (This Was The Service) 07/24/00

Slugs (Fort Fun) 07/24/00

Small Time Heroes

The Echoing Sounds

Tiny Tim (New Duncan Imperials/Live In Chicago) 07/24/00

Wake Ooloo (Hear No Evil) 07/24/00

Wake Ooloo (Stop The Ride) 07/24/00

Wake Ooloo (What About It) 07/24/00

Wheels In Motion

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