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Durango (April 17-April 30)

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How Dark This Earth Will Shine

Louis (1934-1935) 06/23/99

Louis (Beepin' Boppin') 05/18/99

Louis (Capitol Collector's Series)

Louis (Cocktail Hour) 11/02/00

Louis (Keely Smith/Buona Sera) 09/14/99

Louis (Louis Prima And His New Orleans Ga) 03/12/01

Louis (Louis Prima His New Orleans Gang) 12/09/99

Louis (Louis Prima Orchestra)

Louis (Louis Prima With Keely Smith) 05/10/99

Louis (Plays Pretty For The People) 05/04/01

Louis (Swing N Jive) 03/30/99

Louis (The Artist Collection (2cd)) 06/08/99

Louis (Wonderland By Night) 10/11/01

Louis - Breaking It Up

Louis - Collector's Series

Louis - The Wildest

Louis Keely Smith (Breaking It Up ) 10/27/98

Native Sons (Expanded And Remastered)

The Best Of The Long Ryders

The Chris Hillman Tribute Concerts

The Gram Parsons Tribute Concert

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