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Celebrated Songs / Concerted Pieces For Strings And Harpsichord

Complete Chamber Music

Dido And Aeneas

Dido And Aeneas

Dido And Aeneas; Music For "The Gordian Knot Unty'd"

Dioclesian (Complete); Timon Of Athens /Pierand * Bowman * Ainsley * George * Collegium Mus

Evening Prayer - Anthems & Sacred Songs


Full Anthems & Organ Music

Handel: Suite: Concerto

Henry (Dido And Aeneas/Jones) 05/08/01

Henry (Music For A While/Chance) 12/26/01

Henry (Odes For Queen Mary) 03/20/01

Henry - Harpsichord Suites

Henry - King Arthur

Henry - King Arthur (Christie)

King Arthur / Pinnock

Music Celebration

Music For Queen Mary

Ode On St. Cecilia's Day 1692 (Hail! Bright Cecilia)

Suites And Transcriptions For Harpsichord

The Fairy Queen

The Fairy Queen (Complete)

The Indian Queen

The Tempest Or The Enchanted Island

Theatre Music

Theatre Music / Hogwood

Trumpet Voluntary

Twelve Sonatas In Three Parts

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