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Quick Money

Adams Attic

After The Storm

American Troubadour

Atmospheres For Lovers And Sleepers

Audio Cd - Live In Dallas - Kim Clement

Azure (Lather Rinse Repeat) 09/04/01

Beautiful But Why

Beyond The Ha Ha

Big Mistake Factory Ep

Blind Luck (Before They Were Rock Stars) 10/17/00

Blue Score

Bombs Over Bristol

Brotha Dez Through Tha Fire

Buck Jones (Shimmer) 08/15/97

Bullet Ant (Bullet Ant) 08/14/01

Burns,Brian (Highways,Heartaches Honky-Tonks) 11/11/97

Canvas (Invocation) 09/18/01

Chamber 36 (Chamber 36) 05/29/01

Charismatics (The Charismatics) 09/04/01

Christmas Music Cd: Silent Night: A Christmas Collection

Clermont St.

Come On

Come On Feel The Metal

Crash Vinyl (High-Five Your Sex Drive) 10/17/00

Cravings Lust & Chaos

Cuatro Canciones

Cush (The Cush) 08/14/01

Dah-Veed (Blind Hips In Motion)

Dawn Of A New Day

Dead Industry (Taking The Fall) 12/12/00

Deadman (Paramour) 11/06/01

Domestic Science Club (Three Women) 04/17/96

Drowning Pool (Drowning Pool) 10/19/99

Drowning Pool (Pieces Of Nothing) 02/22/01

Edgewater (Edgewater) 10/19/99

Edgewater (Lifter) 11/06/01

Eleven Hundred Springs (A Straighter Line) 09/04/01

Faith On The Line

Falling Rhinos


Flickerstick (Welcoming Home The Astronauts) 08/01/00

Frill (Second Hand Experience) 10/16/01

Fulani Journey

Funland Band (Funland) 11/14/95

Garden Of Forgotten Ideals

Ghoultown (Boots Of Hell) 09/18/01

Give It Up

God Sent Me An Angel

Grand (Grand) 07/17/01

Grand Street Cryers (Steady On The Shaky) 01/29/97

Gropius (Indelicate) 04/18/00

Happiest Of Hours



Heart Soar

Help Me Lord

Here Comes The Trick

Here To Jackson

High & Dry


Honeybrowne (Finding Shade) 09/11/01

Honky Mofo

Hope Is A Word

Hundred Inevitables (Studder) 05/09/00

I Like The Wayorder Digital Only

In This Old House



Jackopierce (Decade 1988-1998) 10/28/97

Jackopierce (Jackopierce)

Jackopierce (Woman As Salvation)


Jamal (Beledi) 05/09/00

John Evans Band Out Of Control Cd

Killbilly (Foggy Mountain Anarchy)

Kissinger (Charm) 12/12/00


Legendary Crystal Chandelier (Love Or The Decim) 08/12/98


Like A Gato

Little Jack Melody (Noise And Smoke) 10/19/99

Little Ole Cow Girl, Dixie Chicks, 1992 Crystal Clear Sound, Dallas Tx

Live From The Americas

Live From The Drylongso Coffee House


Looking Back

Lost Wolf (Lost Wolf) 07/24/01

Low Gear (Siktunes) 08/14/01

Lyndale The Literary Lion

Mag Seven (Eight Round Knockout) 02/15/00

Mash Down Babylon


Michael Roe

Miles From Here


Music Cd - Imagine - Luke Hendrickson

My Temptation

Nameless Faith

New Life For The Missile

No Excuses

Now Its Real

O/G Trendsetter

Out A Room Through The Window

Panhandle Sunset

Panic Choir (Modified Additive) 06/12/01

Pearl Snaps

Pennywhistle Park (The Build Up For The Big Let) 10/05/01

Perks Of Being A Famous Junkie

Phonograph Cd By Phonograph

Pictures On The Wall

Please Don't Let Forever End


Polyphonic Spree (Beginning Stages) 04/17/01

Pretty Good Year

Raised By Wolves

Redshift Productions: Galileo: The Emotional Life Of A Spacecraft

Reflections Of Romance Volume I, Norma Valles, 2004 Itron Productions

Rivers (New Meaning To Lonesome) 03/05/02

Rocket Surgery

Rootless Seed

Rumors Of My Death


Satisfy Me

Schatzi (Death Of The Alphabet Ep) 02/12/01




Serious About You

Shabazz 3 (Late Nite With) 05/09/00

Shams Soomar: Messages: Notes From The Soul


Shelundia (I Love Me) 11/06/01

Shreveports Throwdests

Sifting The Ashes

Sing Me A Cowboy Song

Sinis (Electromagnetized) 09/26/00

Sittin On A Million

Sixty Six (Sixty Six) 11/10/97

Slow Roosevelt (Weightless) 11/06/01

Small Business

Small Town Things

Son Of A Common Man

Songs For Heavy Traffic

Songs Of A Texas Cowboy Cd

Soulhat (Soulhat) 03/16/99


Southern Distortion Revival


Starving Artists Of The Year

Steep Canyon Rangers (Old Dreams New Dreams) 07/19/01


Still Riding High Cd

Streets Of Fall River

Summer Days

Sureburn (Sureburn) 10/17/00

Tales From The Dead West

This Town

To Here From There

Tony's Angels

Tuning Forked Tongue


Under Skin


Visions Of Pain


We're Birds

Where To Begin

Wicked Liz And The Bellyswirls

Wild Seeds (I'm Sorry I Can't Rock You All Nigh) 10/02/01

Wilt (The Herman Fibbs) 11/06/01

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