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Ubiquity Recordings

Act 1

Agua De Cuba

As One (21st Century Soul) 11/06/01

At The Point 1

Audio Alchemy (Eperiments In Beat Reconstruction)

Better Daze (One Street Over) 05/21/96

Brooklyn Beats

Collected Works

Compressed Light

Cuban Roots (Cuban Roots Revisited) 06/22/99

Darkleaf (F The People) 03/19/02

Dog Leg Left

First Flight

Greyboy (Land Of The Lost) 02/05/96

Greyboy (Mastered The Art) 05/22/01

Jazz Dance Classics 1

Jazz Dance Classics 2

Jazz Dance Classics 3

Jazz On The Latin Side All-Stars (2/Jazz On Th) 01/16/01

Jazz Symphonics (The Beginning) 07/29/96

Kings Ballad

Life Mirrors

Life Mirrors [Vinyl]

Master Drummers 3

Mighty Ryeders (Help Us Spread The Message)

Molasses (Madness) 07/08/97

No Categories (5/Electronic Music For Electroni) 03/19/02

Nobody (Soulmates) 08/22/00

P'taah (Decompressed) 02/20/01

Pharoahs (Awakening) 07/16/96

Pharoahs (In The Basement) 07/30/97

Pucho And The Latin Soul Brothers (Caliente Con) 07/20/99

Shuckin & Jivin

Snowboy (Afro Cuban Jazz) 06/06/00

Snowboy (Mambo Rage) 10/20/98

Sons Daughters Of Lite (Let The Sun Shine In) 01/10/00

Spirit Level (Kindred Spirits) 11/05/99

T-Cisco (The Destructive Edit) 10/05/99

Take That Train

The Real Electrifying Eddie Harris

Things You Should Leave Alone

Viva Cubop (2/Dance The Afro-Cuban Way) 09/05/00

Viva Cubop (Jazz The Afro Cuban Way) 11/02/99

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