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20 Massive Hits

Acid Jazz Years

Angelis (Voices Of Angels) 11/28/00


Arabia:The Women's Voice (Var:World) 02/21/02


Best Of Acid Jazz

Best Of Jona Lewie

Best Of Tracey Ullman

Bossa Nova Nights

Brazil:The Essential Album (Var:Latin/Dance) 06/06/01

Buddhist Chants (Music For Contemplation Refl) 12/12/00

Cafe Cubana

Cafe Do Brasil (A Pure Blend Of Cool Brazilian) 06/27/00

Cafe Parisien: Chansons, Accordions, Croissants: 25 Original French Accordion Songs


Chas Dave (Rock N Roll Party) 07/17/01

Christmas Carols


Disco Party Classics

Discoteca:Firin' Latino House (Var:Latin/Dance) 02/20/01

Dr.John (Funky New Orleans) 05/12/00

Dub Reggae & Roots Form The Melodica King

Dub:More Bass Culture (Var:Reggae) 05/14/02

Essential Collection

Essential Louis

Franco (The Very Best Of The Rumba Giant Of Zai) 11/28/00

Funk Sessions

Funk Soul Sisters

Further Adventures Of Funk Soul Brothers

Future World Funk 2

Greatest Ever 60s

Greatest Ever Party Album

Greatest Ever Rock


Jive Bunny (Hits Of The Year) 11/28/00

Jive Bunny (School Disco) 05/14/02

Jive Bunny /Mastermixers (Non-Stop Abba) 09/12/00

King Tubby (Essential Dub) 06/27/00

Latin Hot (Hot Latin Jazz From The Big Apple) 06/13/00

Latin:The Essential Album (Var:Latin/Dance) 07/03/01

Love Songs Of Andrew Lloyd Webber

Lucky Dube (Africa's Reggae King) 07/17/01



New Songs From The Soul Of Ireland

New Years Eve Party!

Original Cosmic Funk Crew

Pirates (Very Best Of Rock's Orig.Hellraisers) 11/07/00

Play The Music Of The Beatles

Plays It Cool

Procol Harum (Classic Tracks Rarities-An Anth) 03/26/02

Procol Harum (Greatest Hits) 12/12/00

Rai:Best Of Orig.N.African Grooves (Var:World) 10/24/00


Really Heavy Soul (Dirty Guitar Driven Fat-A E) 11/28/00

Reggae Chartbusters

Reggae Chartbusters 2


Rocksteady Soul:Original Cool (Var:R B/Soul) 08/28/01

Santana (Latin Fire) 10/01/01

Shine On Brightly

Simply The Songs Of Andrew Lloyd Webber


Smooth Jazz For Seductive Nights

Stiff Stiffer Stiffest

Sunday Morning

Tango Passion

The New Rocky Horror Show [Soundtrack]

Their Greatest Hits

Troubadours:Essential Album (Var:Pop/Rock) 04/30/02

Ultimate 80's Party

Ultimate Collection 70's 100 Hits

Ultimate Collection Rock 100 Hits

Very Best Of The Move

Voodoo Soul:Deep Dirty (Var:R B/Soul) 08/28/01

World Chill:Laid Back Grooves (2/Var:World Musi) 09/04/01

World Music (The #1 Tracks From The #1) 11/28/00

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