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(Who's Afraid Of?) The Art of Noise!


20th Century Masters

20th Century Masters 2

20th Century Masters 2

3 Doors Down (The Better Life) 02/08/00

30 Aniversario


808 88 98

808state (Gorgeous) 10/20/98

98 Degrees

98 Degrees ((Cd )Revelation) 09/26/00

98 Degrees (98 Degrees W/(Bonus Cd)) 02/01/00

A (Hempstead High) 03/23/99

A (The Latch-Key Child) 08/27/96

A Motown Christmas

A Teens (The Abba Generation) 05/16/00


Acrobat's Heart

Adamski (Adamski's Thing) 11/03/98

Amanda Miguel (Millennium 21) 09/14/99

American Pie (Music From The Motion Picture) 06/29/99

Annie Get Your Gun (Original Broadway Sndtrk) 07/25/00

Anuna (Anuna) 06/17/97

Anuna (Invocation) 07/15/97

Apocalyptsh*t Cd European Universal 1999

Apostle (Film Sndtrk) 02/10/98

Applause (A New Musical) 10/17/00


Art Of Noise (Daft) 10/20/98

Art Of Noise (The Seduction Of Claude Debussy) 06/29/99

Awake / Why / Timebomb

B.G. ( Chopper City In The Ghetto) 05/11/99

B.G. (Chopper City In The Ghetto) 04/20/99

B.G. (Chopper City) 09/07/99

Back At One

Bamboozled ( The Original Motion Picture Sndtrk) 09/26/00

Bamboozled (The Original Motion Picture Sndtrk) 09/26/00

Banda Espuela De Oro (A Manos Llenas) 04/18/00

Banda San Miguel (En Carne Viva) 06/27/00

Baron De Apodaca (Canciones De Pegue) 08/29/00

Baron De Apodaca (Millennium 21) 08/10/99

Beautiful World

Better Life

Between The Days

Big Big World

Big Bub (Timeless) 10/21/97

Big Pokey (Hardest Pit In The Litter) 10/08/99

Big Tymers ( I Got That Work) 05/16/00

Big Tymers (I Got That Work) 05/16/00

Billionaire (Ascension) 06/06/00

Blood Red Cherry

Blue & Sentimental (Jazz In Paris)

Blue Flannel (Xl) 09/22/98

Blue October (Consent To Treatment) 08/15/00

Blues Brothers 2000 (Film Sndtrk) 02/03/98

Body Bumpin' [Cd-Single]

Bottlefly (Bottlefly) 07/18/00

Buffalo Nickel (Long Play) 06/27/00

Caleb (Fear Of Success) 02/06/01

Canibus ( Can-I-Bus) 01/26/99

Canibus (2000 B.C.) 07/18/00

Canibus (Can-I-Bus) 09/08/98

Cap.One (Through The Eyes Of A Don) 06/27/00

Carousel (Original Broadway Cast Album) 05/16/00

Cash Money ( Baller Blockin) 09/12/00

Cash Money (Baller Blockin) 09/12/00

Cash Money Millionaires Presents Platinum Instrumentals

Cd Merengue Proyecto Uno 4

Cercle Rouge

Chumbawamba (Tubthumper) 09/23/97

Chumbawamba (What You See Is What You Get) 04/04/00

Churchills (You Are Here) 08/29/00

Cinematic Superthug

Clay Pigeons (Film Sndtrk) 09/22/98

Close Enough For Love

Come Clean

Cooley High

Country Grammar

Cristian (Millennium 21) 08/10/99

Cristian (Serie Sensacional) 11/14/00

Crucial Conflict (The Final Tic) 07/02/96

Curve (Chinese Burn (Ep)) 11/18/97

Dance The Devil

Dancing Queen

Del Garrote (La Cumbia Del Garrote) 11/16/99

Destined To Be

Dig (Life Like) 01/12/99

Dirty Wake

Dj Culture

Dracma (Dracma) 07/25/00

Dyango (Millennium 21) 09/14/99

Dynamite Hack ( Superfast) 05/23/00

E-Motion (Flashdance 2001) 04/20/01

Eiffel 65 (Europop) 12/14/99

Eightball (Lost) 05/19/98

Eightball Mjg (1/In Our Lifetime) 05/18/99

Eightball Mjg (Our Lifetime) 05/18/99

Enanitos Verdes (Serie Sensacional) 10/17/00

Es De Verdad

Exitos 1

Exitos 1

Exitos 2

Eyes Never Lie

Falcons (Mas Alla Del Amor) 05/18/01

Firewater (The Ponzi Scheme) 09/22/98

Flans (Millennium 21) 09/14/99

Fleming John (Delusions Of Grandeur) 03/26/96



Four Tops (Breaking Through) 09/28/99

Frankenstein (Rob Zombie Presents Sndtrk) 10/12/99

Frankie Goes To Hollywood (Bang ) 10/20/98

Frankie Goes To Hollywood (Liverpool) 10/20/98

Frankie Goes To Hollywood (Reload) 10/20/98

Fugitivos (Millennium 21) 08/10/99

Fugitivos (Serie 32) 12/12/00

Fugitivos (Serie Sensacional) 10/17/00

Garibaldi (Millennium 21) 09/14/99



Godsmack ( Awake) 10/31/00

Godsmack ( Godsmack) 05/18/00

Godsmack (Awake) 10/31/00

Godsmack (Godsmack) 08/25/98

Good Side Bad Side

Grenique (Black Butterfly) 06/22/99


Guerrilla Warfare

Guide To Better Living

Guys Dolls (Original Cast Recording) 06/27/00

Hall Of Fame-Live At The Royal Albert Hall London

Halloween (Spooky Sounds) 10/15/01

Heavy D (Heavy) 06/15/99

Heavy D (Waterbed Hev) 04/22/97

Hitsville U.S.A. (2/The Motown Singles Collecio) 06/27/00


Honky Tonk Sonatas

Hot Boys ( Guerrilla Warfare) 01/04/02

Hot Boys (Get It How U Live) 06/29/99

Hunger (Devil Thumbs A Ride) 04/09/96

I Don't Believe You (Single) By Joee (Universal Music)

I Found Love

Inner Circle (Speak My Language) 07/28/98


Instrumentally Yours (Classic Love Songs) 06/15/99

Isle Of Q

It's A Good Life

Jack Ingram Livin' Or Dyin' Cd

Jackson 5 (Anthology (2cd)) 10/24/00

James Brown's Funky People (Part 3)

Jay Lozada

Jaze (Jaze) 10/05/99


Juanes (Fijate Bien) 10/17/00

Juvenile (Soulja Rags) 06/29/99

Kabah (Millennium 21) 01/25/00

Kabah (Serie Sensacional) 10/17/00

King And I (Original Broadway Cast Album) 05/16/00

L'affrontement Des Pretendants

La Sensacion De Jose Feliciano

Le Cinema D'antoine Duhamel 1

Legal Drug Money

Let The Sunshine In/Cream Of

Lil' Troy ( Sittin' Fat Down South) 01/03/02

Lil' Troy (Sittin' Fat Down South) 05/13/99

Lil' Wayne (Tha Block Is Hot) 11/02/99

Liliana (A Otro Nivel) 06/29/99

Limite (En Concierto) 09/28/99

Limite (Serie Sensacional) 10/17/00

Live Stuff

Long Time No See

Lost & Found:The Temptations: You've Got To Earn It (1962-1968)

Lost Boyz ( Lb Iv Life) 11/04/99

Lost Boyz (Lb Iv Live) 09/28/99

Love Peace & Nappiness

Lucero (Millennium 21) 08/10/99

Lucero (Serie Sensacional) 11/14/00

M.J.G. (No More Glory) 11/18/97

Mahogany (Original Motion Picture Sndtrk) 06/13/00

Man Of La Mancha (Original Cast) 03/06/01

Maria Alejandra

Mcgruff (Destined To Be) 06/16/98


Men Of Honor (Original Motion Picture Score) 10/24/00

Merry Christmas

Michael Ball Christmas

Midwest Swing [Vinyl]

Mijares (Historias De Un Amor) 09/19/00

Miracle ( Miracle) 05/09/00

Miracle (Miracle) 05/09/00


Modern Jazz Au Club Saint Germain

Modern Jazz Group

Mollys Yes (Wonderworld) 10/19/99

Monifah (Mo'hogany) 08/25/98

Moods Moments

Moody Blues (Strange Times) 08/17/99

Mr.C The Slide Man (Cha-Cha Slide) 09/19/00

Music @ Work

Music Makes Me High Cd-Single By The Lost Boyz

Myers,Billie (Growing, Pains) 11/18/97

Mytown (Mytown) 05/23/00

Nathan Michael Shawn Wanya

Nelly ( Country Grammar) 06/27/00

Nelly (Country Grammar) 06/27/00

New Edition (All The Number Ones) 05/09/00

Nothin But Drama

Nothing Good About Goodbye

Oklahoma (Original Broadway Cast Recording) 05/16/00

Ol' Skool (Ol' Skool) 02/24/98

Oleander (February Son) 02/23/99

Oleander (Why I'm Here) 09/03/99

Original Kings Of Comedy (Original Sndtrk) 08/22/00

Orishas (A Lo Cubano) 10/03/00

Peace & Love

Pimpinela (Corazon Gitano) 10/26/99

Pimpinela (Millennium 21) 08/10/99

Pippin (Original Cast Recording) 09/26/00

Plasma (Do You Believe) 01/22/01

Play Bach 2

Play Bach N 4

Por Encima De Todo

Profyle ( Nothin' But Drama) 10/17/00

Profyle (Whispers In The Dark) 06/29/99

Propaganda (Secret Wish) 10/20/98

Purity Album

Rachid (Prototype) 06/16/98

Rakim (The 18th Letter) 11/04/97

Rakim (The 18th Letter/The Book Of Life) 11/04/97

Rare Earth (The Millennium Collection-Best Of) 02/06/01

Rasheeda ( Dirty South) 06/05/01

Rasheeda (Dirty South) 03/27/01

Real Cuba


Regreso Del Garrote


Ricky Jones

Ritmo En Tres Colores

Riverdance Cassette

Riverdance On Broadway

Road Apples

Rodriguez,L./Rosario,W. (Millennium 21) 08/10/99

Roots Of Riverdance

Samantha Cole

Sankt Gerold

Second Round K.O.

Serie Millennium 21

Serie Millennium 21

Serie Millennium 21

Serie Millennium 21

Serie Millennium 21

Serie Sensacional

Serie Sensacional

Serie Sensacional

Serie Sensacional

Seussical The Musical

Shades Apart (Eyewitness) 04/20/99

Sindicato Argentino (Un Paso A La Eternidad) 02/05/02

Sinfonias Para Adolescentes

Sister Hazel (Sister Hazel) 11/18/97

Sister Hazel (Somewhere More Familiar) 02/25/97

Sister Soleil (Soularium) 07/14/98

Sky Road

Smokey River Boys (Dueling Banjos) 10/09/01

So In Love With You

Sonique (Hear My Cry) 02/15/00

Sonique (Sky) 01/22/01

Sonora Santanera (Interpreta A Un Gran..) 03/07/00

Soul Decision (Ooh It's Kinda Crazy) 04/20/01


South Park Mexican ( The Purity Album) 08/15/00

Speak No Evil

Spin Doctors (Here Comes The Bride) 06/01/99

Spirit Of Eden (The Sun And The Moon) 02/24/98

Stand By Me

Strange Times

Stroke 9 (Nasty Little Thoughts) 09/07/99

Sueno Contigo

Sunday Morning To Saturday Night

Sunk 500

Super Transatlantic (Shuttlecock) 04/25/00


Supremes ((Ltd)The Supremes (4cd)) 08/29/00

Supremes (The Supremes (4cd)) 08/29/00

Take A Bite Outta Rhyme

Take This Party Higher

Tarkan (Tarkan) 05/16/00

Tatiana (Millennium 21) 09/14/99

Telenovela (Millennium 21) 08/10/99

Texas (The Hush) 05/18/99

Thalia (Millennium 21) 08/10/99

Thalia (Serie Sensacional) 11/14/00

The Way We Are

Therapy - Suicide Pact - You First

Third Album//Maybe Tomorrow

Threepenny Opera (Original Cast Recording) 08/29/00

Thug Walkin

Tierra Fertil

Timbiriche (Millennium 21) 09/14/99

Told You So

Tony Toliver Half Saint Half Sinner Cd

Top Of The World (Ole, Ole, Ole)

Toros Band (Millennium 21) 08/10/99

Toros Band (Toromania) 05/16/00

Towards The Wind

Tragically Hip The - Day For Night - Enhanced

Tragically Hip The - Fully Completely - Enhance

Tropicool (Vol.1) 11/16/99

Tucanes De Tijuana (Me Gusta Vivir De Noche) 11/14/00

Turn The Radio Off

Ultimate Collection

Un Nuevo Despertar

Unamerican (Unamerican) 04/11/00

Uni Vs All

Unified Theory (Unified Theory) 08/15/00

Universal Masters Collection

Universal Masters Collection

Up To Here

Us & Us Only


Vallenatos De La Cumbia (Sin Mirar Al Pasado) 06/05/01

Vela Puerca (Alta Magia) 04/04/00

Viva Cuba


Watcha (Tour) 09/19/00

Welcome To The Pleasuredome

Welcome To Woop Woop (1997 Film)

What A Woman Knows

Who Needs Guitars Anyway

Wild Party (Original Broadway Cast Recording) 05/23/00

Wishful Thinking


Xuxa (El Mundo Es De Los Dos) 06/22/99

Yndio (Serie 32) 11/13/01

Yndio (Serie Sensacional) 10/17/00

You're A Good Man Charlie Brown (Broadway Cast) 10/31/00

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