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A Milestone Jagjit Singh & Chitra Singh

A' Portrait Of Jan Jankeje

A's B's & Ep's

A's B's & Ep's

A-1 (Mash Confushion) 08/24/99

A-Ha (Hunting High And Low)

A-Ha (Stay On These Roads)

A-Nation '05 Best Hits Selection

A-Nation (Share My World) 04/10/01

A-One (Free Association) 09/14/99

A-Team Collector's Edition (A Nice Place To Visit And Diamonds And Dust)

A-Tisket a-Tasket

A.C. (Picnic Of Love) 07/27/98


A.D.O.R. (Animal 2000) 01/31/01

A.G. (The Dirty Version) 11/02/99

A.I. (Sndtrk/John Williams) 07/03/01

A.M. R Evolution Cd



A1 People (The Visit) 04/24/01

A3 (La Peste) 10/24/00


Aaja Nachle

Aaliyah (Age Ain't Nothing But A Number)

Aaliyah- Special Fan Box, 3 Cd's- I Care 4 U, One In A Million, Aaliyah

Aaly Trio (Hidden In The Stomach) 04/14/98

Aania Yossa

Aaron Shust Anything Worth Saying

Aaron's Party (Come Get It)

Aartu Negrii




Abandoned City

Abandoned City

Abandoned Pools (Humanistic) 09/25/01

Abandoned World

Abba (Mike Sceptre Singers/Songbook) 03/10/00

Abba (The Music Of) 10/26/01

Abba The Visitors

Abba X4

Abba-esque-The Remixes [Single-CD]


Abbey Is Blue/It's Magic

Abbittibbi Chaude Etait La Nuit

Abbott And Costello (6 Pack)

Abbott Costello Live Hilarious

Abc (How To Be A Zillionaire)

Abc (Lexicon Of Live) 06/27/00

Abc Music The Radio 1 Sessions

Abc-123 (Sing-Along) 11/10/00

Abcs (Abcs) 10/10/01

Abdelli (New Moon)


Abend in den Bergen


Abendroth,Hermann (Music By Wagner,Tchaikovsky,) 12/04/98

Abicu (Y Todavia Te Quiero)

Abida Parveen Dard-E-Dil Mp3(Indian/Hindi/Gazals/ Romantic/Sentimental/Abida Parween)

Abigail (Feel Good)

Abigail Washburn & The Sparrow Quartet

Abigor (In Memory) 11/14/00

Abigor (Satanized) 05/22/01

Abismo (Antologia Musical) 02/14/97


About Face

About Last Night

About Last Night (Sndtrk)

About My Father's Business

About Summer

About To Choke

Above Market Value

Above Shame

Above The Clouds

Above The Clouds (Above The Clouds) 07/23/99

Above The Law (Black Mafia Life)

Above The Law (Legends) 02/24/98

Above The Law (Livin' Like Hustlers)

Above The Law (Time Will Reveal) 10/22/96

Above The Storm

Abracadabra (12 Super Exitos) 02/09/00

Abracadabra/Galos (Solo Para Enamorados) 06/05/00

Abre Que Voy

Abreme Las Puertas

Abril 78 (Acurrucate)

Absence Of Sanity



Absolut Jazz in Carneige Hall

Absolute Classic Masterpieces Volume II

Absolute Dance (Now Then) 02/16/99

Absolute Ensemble (Absolution) 02/13/01

Absolute Fusioon

Absolute Greatest (1 Cd Version) (2009 Remasters)

Absolute Greatest (2 Cd Slipcase Version) (2009 Remasters)

Absolute Heaven (Essential Choral Masterpieces) 03/21/97

Absolute Hits Compilation

Absolute Polysics



Absolutely Best Of 1

Absolutely Best Of 2

Absolutely Free

Absolutely The Best

Absolutely The Best

Absolutely The Best

Absolutely The Best

Absolutely The Best

Absolutely The Best

Absolutely The Best Of Big Joe Williams

Absolutely The Best [Import]

Absolutely Wright!


Abstract Beatdown Ep

Abstract Funk Theory

Abstract Truth (Get Another Plan) 04/26/96

Absu (Tara) 04/02/02

Absynth (Heavyweight 7" Vinyl)

Abu-Ata Concert

Abuso Sonoro (Herencia) 03/16/01



Abyssinian Baptist Choir (Shakin' The Rafters)

Abyssinians (Arise) 04/24/97

Abyssinians (Declaration Of Dub) 01/07/98

Abyssinians (Satta Dub) 05/07/02

Abyssinians (Satta Massagana) 07/23/98


Ac/Dc ('74 Jailbreak)

Ac/Dc (Back In Black)

Ac/Dc (Ballbreaker) 09/26/95

Ac/Dc (Bonfire (5cd)) 11/18/97

Ac/Dc (Dirty Deeds Done Cheap)

Ac/Dc (Flick Of The Switch)

Ac/Dc (For Those About To Rock)

Ac/Dc (High Voltage)

Ac/Dc (Highway To Hell)

Ac/Dc (If You Want Blood)

Ac/Dc (Let There Be Rock)

Ac/Dc (Live)

Ac/Dc (Powerage)

Ac/Dc (Stiff Upper Lip) 02/29/00

Ac/Dc (Tribute/For Those About To Rot) 08/22/00

Ac/Dc Black Ice Deluxe Steel Box

Ac/Dc High Voltage (Australia) Cd

Acabar Com Voce

Academy (Academy) 08/07/00

Acantus (Acantus) 04/07/99

Acappella Classics 2

Acappella Platinum

Acapulco Tropical (10 Exitos) 04/11/00

Acapulco Tropical (Vol.2/10 Exitos) 04/11/00

Acapulco Tropical (Vol.3/10 Exitos) 04/11/00

Accelerator 2004

Accept (Compilation)

Accept (Eat The Heat)

Accept (Metal Heart)

Accept (No Substitutes) 07/17/97

Accept (Predator) 02/13/97

Accept (Quiet Riot/Take Two) 01/17/02

Accept (Restless Wild)

Accept (Russian Roulette)

Accept (Staying A Life)

Accept (The Final Chapter) 01/13/98

Acceso Total Tour Edition

Access Denied

Accident In Paradise

Accidental Meditation/A Daydream Performance

Accidentally Born In New Orleans

Accidentally On Purpose



Accordion (Dreams) 09/11/01


Accused (Martha Splatterhead')



Ace Deuce ( Raw Uncut)

Ace Deuce ((Screwed)Raw Uncut) 12/25/02

Ace Deuce (Raw Uncut) 10/30/01

Ace Deuce (Southern Gutta Butta) 06/27/00

Ace Doubt

Ace Of Base (Cruel Summer) 07/14/98

Ace Of Base (Greatest Hits) 04/18/00

Ace Of Base, Haddayway, Spin Doctors, Bee Gees, Depeche Mode, Sting, Slade..

Ace Of Base- The Bridge (1995)

Ace Quad (Ace Quad 14) 04/16/02

Acerina (15 Grandes De..) 05/22/01

Acerina (Danzones)

Acerina (Y Su Danzonera(30 Exitos)) 10/24/95

Aces Combo (Introducing)

Aces De Linares (Puros Corridos) 09/11/01

Acetone (Acetone) 10/07/97

Acetone (York Blvd.) 01/16/01

Aceyalone (Accepted Eclectic) 03/06/01

Aceyalone (Book Of Human Language) 04/13/98

Aceyalone (Haiku D'etat) 02/13/01

Achilles Tee Color: Wht Size: L

Achtung Baby


Acid Folk

Acid Mothers Temple (New Geographic World Of) 06/28/01

Acid Symphony (A Cid Symphony(2-Cd)) 08/13/99

Acid Visions (2/Complete Collection)

Acid Visions (3/Complete Collection)

Acido Argentino

Ackin A Azz

Acme Plus


Acordeon De (Paris/Vol.2)

Acordeones (4/De Oro) 05/15/01

Acosta (Nomadas) 11/28/00

Acoustic & Intimate

Acoustic Alchemy (Against The Grain)

Acoustic Alchemy (Arcanum) 06/18/96

Acoustic Alchemy (Back On The Case)

Acoustic Alchemy (Blue Chip) 01/23/96

Acoustic Alchemy (Early Alchemy)

Acoustic Alchemy (Natural Elements) 01/23/96

Acoustic Alchemy (Positive Thinking) 05/19/98

Acoustic Alchemy (Red Dust And Spanish Lace) 01/23/96

Acoustic Alchemy (Reference Point)

Acoustic Alchemy (The New Edge)

Acoustic Christmas

Acoustic Confusion

Acoustic Cuts

Acoustic Guitar Highlights 3

Acoustic Heart:Guitar Masters (Var:New Age) 03/18/97

Acoustic Kitty

Acoustic Lullabies To Soothe The Soul

Acoustic Mood

Acoustic Octfunk Live 1993

Acoustic Praise (Classical Guitar) 02/18/97

Acoustic Praise (String Quartet) 02/18/97

Acoustic Sessions Ep

Acoustic Storm

Acousticats (Down At Evangelina's) 06/06/97

Acousticthe Special Hits Selection

Acoustix (Stars Stripes) 06/26/00

Across A Crowded Room

Across The Universe

Across The Water

Act (Orig.Brdwy.Cast)

Act 1

Act 3

Act Of Faith

Act Of God

Act Of God

Act Of God

Act One

Act One

Acta Est Fabula

Action Figures (Big Wonderful) 02/07/00

Action Figures (Little Citizens) 02/07/00

Action Park - When Everyone Else Is.. - Cd

Actual Tigers (Gravelled Green) 07/17/01

Acuario De Mexico (A La Brava) 05/19/97

Acuario De Mexico (Ayer) 05/03/99

Acuario De Mexico (Hielera)

Acuario De Mexico (La Huella De Mis Besos)

Acuario De Mexico (Me Quebraron La Hielera)

Acuario De Mexico (Vol.2/15 Exitos) 12/20/96

Acumen Nation (Territory=universe) 05/05/98

Acumen Nation (Transmissions From Eville) 05/05/98

Ad Infinitum

Ad Libs (And Friends) 09/24/96

Adagio (Greatest Hits) 06/06/97

Adagio (The Adagio Box/Karajan) 10/03/97

Adagio D'albinoni

Adagios For After Hours (The Relaxing Way To En) 10/10/00

Adalberto (Esta Vez) 05/01/96

Adalberto Y Su Son (Yo Como Candela) 10/16/01

Adam Again (Worldwide Favorites) 03/09/99

Adam Ant (Antics In The Forbidden Zone)

Adam Ant (Friend Or Foe)

Adam Ant (Goody Two Shoes) 01/17/02

Adam Ant (Kings Of The Wild Frontier)

Adam Ant (Prince Charming)

Adam Ant (Strip)

Adam Ant (Super Hits) 01/27/98

Adam Brand (+10 Bonus Tracks)

Adam F (Colours) 03/10/98

Adam Lambert For Your Entertainment Compact Disc (Cd)

Adam X (2/Wax Trax Master Mix) 02/16/99

Adams,Bryan (You Want It,You Got It)


Adbusters Live Without Dead Time (Mixed By Dj Spooky) (Audio Cd)

Add Some More

Add Trio (Sic Bisquitus Disintegrat) 08/28/01

Adderley Brothers (The Summer Of 55 (2cd)) 11/09/99

Adderley,Cannonball (Work Song,1960-1969) 05/10/99

Adderley,Connonball (This Here,1955-1959) 05/10/99


Addicted To Bass

Addicted To Love (Film Sndtrk) 06/05/97

Addio (Opera's Greatest Farewells) 07/15/99

Addison Road I Have Always Loved You :: Ep

Addison Road Some Kind Of Spark

Addition 96-Page Activity Book & Music Cd

Address The Nation

Addressed To The Censors Of Love

Addrisi Brothers (We've Got To Get It On Again) 11/18/97

Adea (Day Night) 04/20/98

Adema ( Adema) 08/21/01

Adema (Adema) 08/21/01

Aden (Black Cow) 03/10/99

Aden (Topsiders) 04/29/02

Adeste Fiddles

Adeste Fideles


Adicts (Collection) 04/04/02

Adicts (Smart Alex) 05/02/02

Adicts (Sound Of Music) 05/02/02

Adiemus (Songs Of Sanctuary) 09/09/97

Adilia Alieva At The Piano

Adimi Kalbine Yaz

Adios Mis Chorreadas

Admiral Bailey (Undisputed Champion) 05/06/99

Admiral Twin (Mock Heroic) 06/20/00

Admit One

Adny (Selections) 04/11/00

Adolescent Sex

Adolescent's Orquesta (Ahora Mas Que Nunca) 03/26/02

Adolescents (Adolescents) 02/27/01

Adolescents (Balboa Funzone) 02/05/99

Adolescents (Brats In Battalion) 02/05/99

Adolescents (Live 1981 1986)

Adolescents (Return To The Black Hole) 04/02/98

Adoramus Te

Adorate Deum

Adoration/Which Way Do I Turn (Sndtrk) 08/26/97

Adore (2lp Reissue)



Adriana Celentano, Ricchi E Poveri, Beppe Di Francia, Enzo Melotti, Paolo Riviera..

Adriatic Sea On Cruise



Adult Themes

Adventura Majestica

Adventure In Country Swing

Adventure Of Racer X-Men

Adventure World(Ltd.Ed.)

Adventures In Freestyle

Adventures In Paradise

Adventures Of Elmo In Grouchland (Sndtrk) 05/28/99


Adverts (The Wonders Don't Care) 03/27/01

Ae Fond Kiss




Aeoliah (1/Angels Of Healing) 01/26/98

Aeoliah (2/Angels Of Healing) 01/31/00

Aeoliah (3/Angels Of Healing) 05/05/00

Aeoliah (Anchoring Your Light Body) 11/02/00

Aeoliah (Angel Love For Children) 07/27/00

Aeoliah (Angel Love) 01/26/98

Aeoliah (Angel's Touch) 01/04/00

Aeoliah (Echoes Of Tomorrow) 05/26/00

Aeoliah (Inner Sanctum) 09/12/00

Aeoliah (Light At Mt.Fuji) 05/26/00

Aeoliah (Love In The Wind) 09/12/00

Aeoliah (Majesty) 02/21/00

Aeoliah (The Journey Home) 07/27/00

Aeoliah (The Light Of Tao) 05/26/00

Aeoliah (The Other Side Of The Rainbow) 04/03/00

Aequalis (Works By Davidovsky) 03/01/00


Aerial Boundaries

Aeroplane Flies High (6cd+1 )



Aerosmith ( Nine Lives) 01/03/02

Aerosmith ((Sacd)Just Push Play) 02/13/01

Aerosmith (Classic 3-Pack) 06/25/98

Aerosmith (Just Push Play) 03/27/01

Aerosmith (Pandora's Box)

Aerosmith (Private Talks-Shaped Disc) 05/02/00

Aerosmith (Tribute To/Sweet Emotions) 06/19/01

Aerosmith (Tribute/Pickin' On) 07/11/00

Aerosmith Greatest Hits

Aetheric Dynamics

Aeturnus (Burning The Shroud) 02/20/01

Affairs Of The Heart



Afghan Whigs (Black Love) 03/12/96

Afghan Whigs (Congregation)

Afghan Whigs (Gentlemen)

Afghan Whigs (Up In It)

Afghan Whigs (Uptown Avondale) 03/09/99

Afghan Whigs (What Jail Is Like Ep)

Afinando & Afincando

Afinke Machine



Africa (Ancient Ceremonies)

Africa (Witchcraft Ritual Music)

Africa Chamber

Africa:Ba-Benzele Pygmies (Var:World/Africa) 02/10/98

Africa:The Dan (Var:World/Africa) 02/10/98

African American Dream

African Angels

African Brothers (Want Some Freedom) 09/18/01

African Connexion

African Eyes

African Rhythms Instruments (1/Various)

African Skin On Skin

African Tribal Music (Various)

African Tribal Rhythms


Africans In America (Sndtrk) 09/29/98

Africans In America (Sndtrk) 09/29/98

Afrika Bambaata (Zulu Groove) 06/13/01

Afrika Bambaataa ( Soul Sonic/Dont Stop...)

Afrika Bambaataa (12" Mixes-11 Trax)

Afrika Bambaataa (Pupunanny) 03/27/00

Afrika Underground


Afro Blue Band (Impressions)

Afro Brasil (Various)

Afro Celt Sound System (1/Sound Magic) 09/24/96

Afro Cuban Project (Descarga Uno) 09/28/99

Afro Cuban Roots (3/Cantos Y Toques De..) 04/16/02

Afro Latino

Afro Project Vol. 41

Afro Project Vol. 43

Afro Rican (Give It All You Got"95") 05/15/95

Afro Rican (Let's See What Happens)

Afro-American Folk Music (From Tate And Panola) 09/19/00

Afro-American Latin

Afrocuba (Jazz Moods) 01/27/98


Afroman ( The Good Times) 09/04/01

Afroman ((Cd G)The Good Times) 08/28/01

Afta Ine Ta Tragoudia Mou

Afta Pou Agapisa

After 7 (Takin' My Time) 06/08/98

After After Hours

After All (After All) 01/30/01

After Dark

After Dark

After Dinner Delights

After Everything Now This

After Five Jazz (Expressions)

After Hours

After Hours

After Hours

After Hours

After Hours (Midnight) 03/20/97

After Hours (One More Night) 02/20/97

After The Beat Generation

After The Fire (After The Fire) 06/19/01

After The Fire (Atf)

After The Morning

After the Snow [Vinyl]

After The Storm

After The Storm

After The Storm (Feat. Yasmin)

After The Unit

After Yesterday

After You've Gone

Afterburn (Wax Trax 94 Beyond)

Afterglow (Afterglow)

Afterglow [Audio Cd] Mclachlan, Sarah

Afternoon Tea

Afu-Ra ( Body Of The Life Force) 05/08/01

Afu-Ra (Body Of The Life Force) 10/10/00

Afu-Ra (Life Force Radio) 05/21/02

Agaetis Byrjun


Against All Odds

Against The Grain

Against The World

Agapi In'i Zoi

Agapi Mou Agenniti

Agatha Crawl (Insolence) 01/17/02

Agathae (Gregorian School Of Cremona/Fracassi) 11/05/99



Age Of Elegance

Age Of Gaura

Age Of Ruin (Autumn Lanterns) 11/15/01

Age Of Understatement

Age Of Understatement

Age To Age

Agelasti Politia Ke I Kallikantzaro

Agent 51 (Red Alert) 04/11/00

Agent Orange (Living In Darkness)

Agent Orange (Real Live Sound) 09/12/97

Aggravated Playas

Aggrovators (Instrumental Reggae) 07/01/97

Agios Fevrouarios

Agnes Browne (Original Motion Picture Sndtrk) 02/15/00

Agnes Gooch (Blind) 06/17/97

Agnostic Front (Cause For Alarm)

Agnostic Front (Dead Yuppies) 10/09/01

Agnostic Front (Liberty Justice For)

Agnostic Front (Live @ Cbgb's)

Agnostic Front (Something's Gotta Give) 07/14/98

Agrell (Flute Cto. In D Major/Manze) 03/31/00

Agression (Don't Be Mistaken) 02/07/97

Agricantus (Best Of Agricantus) 06/22/99

Agua Azul (Flor Del Rio) 06/21/00

Agua Azul (Las Isabeles) 09/28/00

Agua Buena (Un Nuevo Despertar) 10/25/99

Agua De Beber

Agua De Fruta

Agua Del Pozo

Agua Nueva

Agua Nueva Tropical (12 Exitos) 03/19/02

Agua Nueva Tropical (Mas Brillante Que Nunca) 11/14/01

Aguerridos (Regalo Norteno) 08/07/01

Agues (Buscando Tu Sombra)

Aguila (La Casa Redonda) 01/21/02

Aguila De La Sierra (Corridos Y Canciones) 10/06/99

Aguilar (A Ti Madrecita) 04/25/01

Aguilar De Michoacan (La Del Morral) 08/08/00

Aguilares (Anhelos) 06/27/01

Aguilas De Sinaloa (Audio Cd 1998)

Aguilas De Sinaloa (El Mano Negra) 02/22/00

Aguirre (Dias Del Arco Iris) 03/03/00

Aguirre (Tba) 03/26/02

Agujetas De Color De Rosa

Ah Long Time Mi Ah Dee Jay

Ah Um 50th Anniversary (Legacy Edition)

Ah W Noss



Ahi Quiero Crecer (That Is Where I Want To Grow)

Ahi Te Va

Ahijados (De Nuevo Al Son) 01/29/98

Ahijados (Sones Montunos/Cuco Martin V.)

Ahmad (Ahmad)

Ahmad Jamal With The Assai Quartet

Ahn Trio (Villa-Lobos/Ravel)

Ahora Regreso

Ahora Vengo A Verte

Ahorita Es Cuando

Ahura (Fire Light) 08/25/00

Ai No Kakera





Aida (The Ultimate Aida Album) 02/08/00

Aika (Shadows Of Dreams) 02/11/02

Aim (Cold Water Music) 06/02/00

Aim (Hinterland) 02/26/02

Aim - Means Of Production - The Singles 1995 - 1998 (Gccd119)

Ain't I'm A Dog (25 More Rockabilly Rave-Ups) 08/08/00

Ain't Life Grand

Ain't Life Grand

Ain't Love A Good Thing

Ain't Misbehavin

Ain't Misbehavin' (Hglts.Cast Rec.Pointers) 01/16/96

Ain't No Funk (Like N.O. Funk) 08/11/98

Ain't No Other Man

Ain't No Saint

Ain't No Way Back

Ain't Nothin' New About The Blues

Ain't That Blues

Ain't That Lovin'

Ainda E So O Comeco

Aino Kisetsu(Cd+ Ltd.Ed.)

Aint It Funky Now



Air (Air Mail) 02/04/97

Air (Live Air) 02/04/97

Air (Moon Safari) 01/27/98

Air (Premiers Symptomes) 02/15/00

Air America (Film Sndtrk)

Air Conditioning

Air Cut

Air Mail Special

Air Supply (Book Of Love) 12/09/97

Air Supply (News From Nowhere) 04/11/95

Air Supply (The Definitive Collection) 08/24/99

Air Supply (The Earth Is...)

Air Supply (The Vanishing Race)

Air Supply (Yours Truly) 08/28/01



Aires Flamencos




Airport Love Songs


Airs With Lute Tablature

Aisubeki Miraie(Cd+2 )(Regular Ed.)

Ajedrez (Como Yo) 04/22/97

Ajedrez (En La Jugada) 04/20/99

Aka Project (Adventures Of Ff Man) 05/09/00

Akan Music From Ghana,W.A (Rhythms Of Life,Songs Of) 01/25/96

Akbar (Big Bang Boogie) 06/26/01


Akimbo (On Top) 05/02/00

Akinyele (The Black Benny Ill) 08/14/01

Ako Naman! (Filipino Pop Cd)


Akuario 2 (Baila) 11/15/01


Al Amanecer

Al And Zoot

Al B.Sure (In Effect Mode)

Al Boo Boo

Al Collinsworth

Al Dean Sings

Al Di La

Al Fin

Al Fin Te Encontre Edicion Especial

Al Haig Today

Al Martino

Al Martino 20 Golden Greats Cd

Al Mirar Tu Cara

Al Pacino Scarface Figure

Al Pie De Un Arbol

Al Qaeda Jada 2 (Full Metal Jacket)

Al Rojo Vivo

Al Son De La (Marimba)

Al Stewart Music Cd 24 Carrots

Al' Olympia

Al's Fast Freight (Between The Devil And The De) 05/04/00

Al-D (Home Of The Free) 11/11/11

Al-D (South Side G's)


Alabama (2/Greatest Hits)

Alabama (3/Greatest Hits)

Alabama (40 Hour Week)

Alabama (American Pride)

Alabama (And Other Stars) 12/11/98

Alabama (Cheap Seats)

Alabama (Gonna Have A Party...Live)

Alabama (Greatest Hits)

Alabama (In Pictures) 08/15/95

Alabama (Mountain Music)

Alabama (Roll On)

Alabama (Super Hits) 05/21/96

Alabama (When It All Goes South) 01/16/01

Alabama Sacred Harp (White Spirituals Sacr.) 03/01/00

Alabama State Mass Choir (Have Thine Own Way) 05/20/97

Alabama State Mass Choir (My Soul Got Another) 05/20/97

Alabama Wild Guitar Man

Alabanzas Al Espiritu 1

Alabanzas Al Espiritu 2

Alabanzas Del Pueblo 5

Alacranes De Durango (En Vivo En Piedras Negras) 10/23/01

Alacranes Musical (Puro Tamborazo Alacranero) 04/09/02

Aladdin (Orig.Cast Recording)

Aladdin Sane

Alain Clark

Alarm (Standards)

Alas (Absolute Purity) 06/19/01

Alas I Cannot Swim

Alaska Mass Choir (Right Now God) 12/18/01

Alazan (Con Ella) 07/06/99

Alazan (Falso Amor) 05/03/01

Alazan (La Razon De Tu Partida) 04/25/00

Alban Berg Quartett (8 Cd Box)

Albany Symphony Orchestra (Carpenter/Hadley/Mas) 03/01/00

Albeniz (Iberia) 01/28/98

Albeniz (Iberia/De Larrocha) 05/21/97

Albeniz (Iberia/Larrocha)

Albeniz (Iberia/Unwin) 09/29/00

Albeniz (Suite Espanola/New Philharmonia) 06/06/97

Albeniz (Works For Piano/Larrocha)

Albeniz (Works For Pno.Four-Hands/Zanetti) 09/08/00

Alberto Fortis

Alberto Salvador (La Voz Del Amor)

Albinoni ((6)Oboe Cto./Holliger)

Albinoni (Adagio Concerti/Holliger) 05/14/01

Albinoni (Adagio/Canon/Karajan)

Albinoni (Adagio/Kanon/Karajan)

Albinoni (Adagio/Orpheus)

Albinoni (Baroque In Italy)

Albinoni (Complete Cto./I Musici) 07/11/97

Albinoni (Cto./I Musici)

Albinoni (Double Oboe String/Robson) 10/16/97

Albita (Cantare/Exitos) 12/15/98

Albita (Si Se Da La Siembra) 03/30/99

Albita (Sones,Guajiras,Son Montuno) 04/28/98

Albita (Una Mujer Como Yo) 09/30/97

Albita/I.Kantor (Como Se Baila El Son) 06/16/98

Alborada Do Brasil

Album - Stacy Allyn Baker - Too Late For Love Songs

Album Collection

Album De Oro 20 Exitos

Album Hipnotic

Album Leaf (In An Off White Room) 12/12/00






Aldana (Anthology Of Mexican Pno.Music/Stankovi) 06/21/99

Aldeburgh Connection

Alden,Howard (Bruno,Vignola/Guitar Collective) 11/21/95

Aldo (Los Pasteles Verdes) 12/13/96

Aldoush (Rain Dust) 10/22/01

Aldoush (The Child Within) 12/09/99

Aldoush (This Life) 04/20/99

Aleatory Element

Alegres De La Sierra (12 Chacazos) 07/18/01

Alegres De La Sierra (Con Banda) 09/26/00

Alegres De La Sierra (Los Alegrisimos) 06/08/00

Alegres De La Sierra (Pase Y Pase) Icd-4006

Alegres De La Sierra (Suerte He Tenido) 01/30/01

Alegres De La Sierra (Tu Delirio) 06/08/00

Alegres De Teran (12 Exitos De La Leyenda) 08/29/00

Alegres De Teran (Al Pie De La Tumba) 09/11/01

Alegres De Teran (Corridos De Contrabando) 09/11/01

Alegres De Teran (Los Ojos De Pancha) 09/11/01

Alegres De Teran (Por Siempre) 03/20/01

Alegres De Teran (Rancheras Grandes) 05/17/01

Alegres De Teran (Senorita Cantinera) 09/11/01

Alegres De Teran (Vol.5) 09/11/01

Alegres Del Peru (Coleccion Virrey Andino) 12/26/00

Alegria (Llegaste Tu) 06/17/98

Alegria (Los Dos Jinetes)

Alegria (Seguire A Tu Lado) 10/11/96

Alejandra Guzman Cd+ 20 AAos C/ Moderatto

Alejandro (Flor De Las Flores) 09/26/00

Alejandro (Mi Accordeon Y Yo) 04/09/99

Alejandro (Nada Paso) 03/19/01

Alejandro (Tu Tranquila) 10/16/01

Alejandro (Vamos A Bailar) 04/09/02

Alejandro Mu Oz- El Arriero De La Sierra Cd

Alejandro [Single-Cd]

Alessander (Me Vas A Matar) 01/19/99


Alex O'rion / Da Fresh / Pete's New Friend / Spaghetti Groove

Alexander And The Terrible Horrible No Good Very Bad Day

Alexander The Great/Barabbas (Film Sndtrk) 10/15/96

Alexander/Brown/Ellis (Trio) 10/14/97

Alexander/Pedersen/Tate (Threesome) 02/07/97

Alexi (The Mystery) 01/04/99

Alexis Korner

Alfven (Midsummer's Vigil/Westerberg) 07/14/00

Algeria:Humorous Songwriters (Var:World) 02/18/99

Algieri (Greatest Hits From Aida) 02/21/97

Algo Diferente

Algo Mejor

Algo Nuevo

Algodon (16 Super Exitos) 09/28/98

Algodon (Diganle Que La Quiero) 09/28/98

Algodon (El Muneco) 04/27/01

Algodon (Majahual) 09/16/98

Alguero (Modern Pasodobles) 02/08/00

Ali ( Heavy Starch) 04/30/02

Ali (Heavy Starch) 04/30/02

Ali (Original Motion Picture Score/Gerrard/Bour) 02/12/02

Ali Woodson & Friends

Ali/Belogenis/Morris (Live At Tonic) 07/16/01

Alias Joshua Ashkraft


Alice Cooper / Star-Collection / Germany / Midi / 0 [Vinyl]

Alice Daily Wonderworld

Alice In Chains (Facelift)

Alice In Chains (Nothing Safe/Best Of The Box) 06/29/99

Alicia Keys Falling Mexican Promo Cd

Alien Ep's

Alien Nation, Cosmic Baby, Humate, Visions Of Shiva..

Alien Radio

Alien Radio Station (Bandwidth) 11/24/97

Alien Resurrection (Film Sndtrk) 11/11/97

Alien Sex Fiend (Inferno)

Alien Symphony

Alien Tech Crew (Hardhouse Arrival 2000) 02/29/00

Alien Youth

Aliens, Psychos And Wild Things, Vol. 2

Alight Of Night

Alii's (The Alii's) 04/14/98


Aline (Ya No Tengo Corazon) 06/26/01

Aliotta/Haynes/Jeremiah (Lake Shore Drive At 25) 07/01/97

Alisha (Alisha)



Alive & Well At Lake Taco

Alive (Always Alive 1976-1986) 05/18/01

Alive And Unplugged At The Ark

Alive In Europe 2009!

Alive N' Kickin' (Alive N' Kickin') 12/29/98


Alkaholiks (21 Over)

Alkaholiks (Coast Ii Coast) 02/28/95

Alkaline Trio (W/Hot Water Music/Split) 01/15/02

Alkan (Grande Sonate/Reach) 04/17/01

Alkan (Le Festin D'esope/Lewenthal) 09/16/99

All (Live Plus One) 08/21/01

All (Mass Nerder) 03/05/98

All (Problematic) 06/13/00

All 6's And 7's

All About Jazz

All About Me

All About Urbie Green His Quintet & Big Band

All About You

All American (Orig. Cast Recording)

All American Rock N Roll (2/The Fraternity Stor) 11/20/01

All Beauty Must Die

All Come Down

All Come Home

All Day And All Of The Night 7 Inch (7" Vinyl 45) Uk Epic 1987

All Day Sucker

All Done With Mirrors

All Dressed

All Else Failed (Archetype) 06/19/01

All Eyez On Me

All Eyez On Me

All For Love

All For Me

All For Show

All For You

All For You

All For You

All For You

All For You

All For You

All God's Children (All God's Children) 10/30/96

All Good Works

All Goodly Sports (Sirinu/Music Of Henry Viii) 08/11/98

All Hail Me (All Hail Me) 05/07/96

All Hail The Crown

All Hell

All I Am

All I Am Is You

All I Ever Wanted

All I Gotta Say From The Album Donna Jean & The Tricksters

All I Have Is A Moment

All I Have Is Love (A Tribute To Studio One) 03/27/01

All I Know

All I Want

All I Want For Christmas

All In

All In

All In

All In Good Time

All In My Head (Cd)

All In One

All In The Family Collector's Edition (Archie Vs. Mike)

All In The Game

All In The Game

All In Time

All Inputs

All Is One

All Iz Never Said

All Kooked Out!

All My Best

All My Best Friends Are Metalheads

All N All

All N'yo Face

All Natural

All Natural Lemon Lime Flavors (All Natural L) 02/06/01

All Natural Lemon Lime Flavors (Straight Blue) 06/20/00

All Night Long

All Night N Da' Lab (1/Slowed And Throwed) 09/25/01

All Night Rhythm And Rock [Audio Cd] Various

All Of It Was Mine

All Of Me

All Of Me

All Of Me

All Of Me

All Of Me

All Of Me

All Of Me

All Of The Above

All Of You

All Of You

All On Me (Produced By Illwill)

All On The First Day

All On The Horizon

All Or Nothing

All Out

All Over Me (Film Sndtrk) 04/29/97

All Request Live

All Seeing Lie

All Shook Up Elvis Presley

All Souls

All Star Bluegrass Celebration

All Star Percussion Ensemble

All Star United (All Star United) 04/15/97

All Stars 2001

All Stars Big Band (Latino Concert)

All Stars Vol 2

All That

All That Money Wants

All That Remains

All That's Real

All The Best

All The Best

All The Best

All The Cats Were Playin

All The Friends I Need

All The Good'uns

All The Roadrunning

All The Trimmings For Christmas

All The Way

All The Way

All The Way

All The Way Home

All The Worlds

All The Young Dudes

All Their Hits And More

All Their Recordings

All Things Must Pass [2 Cd]

All Time Greatest Comic Hits

All Together Seperate (All Together Seperate) 07/13/99

All We Own Is Broke

All Woman

All Woman Northern Drum

All Women Vol.2

All You Can Eat

All You Need Is Love

All Your Base Are Belong To Us

All's Well That Ends

All-4-One (On And On) 06/08/99

All-Night Cd For Adults

All-Star Tenors Salute/World (Carreras/Domingo/Pavarotti)

All-Stars At Bob Haggart's 80th Birthday Party

All-Time Classic Hits

All-Time Quarterback

Alla Pugacheva In Stockholm

Allamejaway/Means I Love You

Allan Omar Castro-Somewhere

Allaxane Ta Plana Mou

Alle 40 Goed

Alle 40 Goed

Alle 40 Goed

Alle 50 Fout


Allegiance To The End

Allegri (Miserere/Willcocks) 08/06/99

Allegri (The Best Of The Renaissance/The Tallis) 05/14/99

Allen,Henry (Live,1965) 06/23/99

Allenko Brotherhood Ensemble (Brotherwood) 03/12/02

Allerbeste Carnavalsklass

Allergic To Whores (Shadows In The Killingfield) 05/11/01

Alles Geht!

Alles Of Niets

Allgood (Ride The Bee)

Alliance Hall Dixieland Band (Ain't Misbehavin') 02/20/97

Alliance Hall Dixieland Band (New Orleans) 02/20/97

Allie Baba (3 Wishes) 11/13/01

Alligator Dave (809 Bullock Street) 02/22/01

Alligator Gun (Over And Out) 10/19/99

Alligator Tales

Allin,G.G. (Always Is,Was,And Always Will Be) 05/20/98

Allin,G.G. (Freaks,Faggots,Drunks, Junkies) 05/20/98

Allman Brothers (An Evening With The Allman)

Allman Brothers (Dreams)

Allman Brothers (Evening With 1 2/Seven Turns) 03/28/00

Allman Brothers (Live At Ludlow Garage-1970)

Allman Brothers (Seven Turns)

Allman Brothers (Where It All Begins)

Allroy Sez [Vinyl]

Ally Mcbeal (2/Music From/Vonda Shepard) 11/09/99

Alma (Alma) 05/15/01

Alma (Latin 'Til I Die)

Alma Angelina (No Me Presiones Mama)

Alma Caribe

Alma De Espana (30 Exitos) 01/25/96

Alma Del Barrio (Jairo Varela Presents Alma Del) 02/23/99

Alma Gitana

Alma Italiana Alma Latina

Alma Latina

Alma Tuneca (Bailando Todo El Siglo) 06/05/00

Almalafa (Psicodelic Ska) 11/16/01

Almanac (Broadway Sndtrk) 12/02/98

Almeida (Duets W/Spanish Guitar)

Almeida,Laurindo (Brazilliance,Vol.1)

Almeida,Laurindo (Brazilliance,Vol.2)

Almeida/Barbosa/Byrd (Brazilian Masters) 10/14/97

Almighty (God Willing) 05/25/99

Almita/Cienfuegos (La Sabrosura De Celia) 03/13/01

Almost Alone

Almost Blue



Aloha From Hawaii Via Satellite

Aloha Kaimu







Alone & Unplugged

Alone Again Or

Alone Alone

Alone Together

Alone With Everybody

Alone-Works By Adams/Fitkin/Part

Along The Coyote Highway

Along The Red Ledge (Original Recording Remastered)


Alpentrio Tirol, Amigos, Florian Fesl, Judith & Mel..

Alpha & Omega

Alpha & Oranges

Alpha (Come From Heaven) 09/30/97

Alpha (Pepper) 08/25/98

Alpha Blondy (Apartheid Is Nazism)

Alpha Blondy (Best Of)

Alpha Blondy (Cocody Rock)

Alpha Blondy (Jerusalem)

Alpha Blondy (Live Au Zenith(Paris))

Alpha Blondy (Masada)

Alpha Blondy (Merci) 06/25/02

Alpha Blondy (Revolution)

Alpha Blondy (Yitzhak Rabin) 08/18/98

Alpha Stone (Soul Weed) 04/15/97

Alpha Stone (Stereophonic Pop Art Music) 05/07/96

Alpha The Sky Is Mine Cd

Alpha Yaya Diallo (The Message) 02/09/99


Alphabet 1968

Alphaville, Flash & The Pan, O.K., Fgth, Kano, Camouflage, Nena..

Alpheus (Quality Time) 10/12/99

Alphorn Favorites (Various) 08/20/97

Alpine Spirit

Alpine Symphony

Alpine Yodelling (Various) 08/20/97



Alpocalypse (Deluxe Version)

Alquimia (Fiebre Santanera) 10/24/00

Alquimia (Leyenda Ii) 04/28/98

Alquimia (Leyenda) 04/28/98

Alquimia (Magia Tropical) 04/02/02

Alquimia (Pa' La Paloma) 08/17/01

Alquimia (Tras La Huella) 11/17/98


Alright, Okay, You Win

Alsu. Samoe Glavnoe

Alta Mira

Alta Tension (High Voltage) 10/25/99

Altan (Harvest Storm) 07/13/01

Altan (Horse With A Heart) 07/13/01

Altan (Island Angel)

Altan (The Best Of Altan) 01/21/97

Altan (The Red Crow) 07/13/01

Altars Of Madness

Alte Und Neue Harmonika Stuckl

Alter Ego

Altered Beast By Matthew Sweet Cd

Altered States (Film Sndtrk/Corigliano)

Alternative Meditations

Alternative Wes Montgomery




Aluminum Sea

Aluminum Tunes

Alva (Fairhaired Guilletine) 04/14/97

Alvarez Guedes (29) 12/01/98

Alvarez Guedes (30) 03/14/00




Always (Film Sndtrk)

Always Be My Baby Cd Uk Issue Pressed In Austria Columbia 1996

Always Coca Cola Pt.1

Always Complaining

Always Leave The Ground

Always On My Mind

Alwyn (2/The Film Music Of/Gamba) 12/06/01

Alwyn (Pno.Works/Milford) 06/02/00

Am Brennersee

Am Seidenen Faden-Unter Die Haut Versi

Amabile Piano Quartet (Chamber Music For Piano) 06/05/01

Amables Del Norte (Los Jefes Del Corrido) 05/15/01

Amadeus (Broadway Sndtrk) 01/11/00

Amadeus (More...Sndtrk)

Amadeus (Sndtrk(Box)Marriner)

Amadeus (Sndtrk) 02/05/02

Amadeus (Soundtrack)

Amadou And Mariam (Tje Ni Mousso) 09/13/00

Amaduduzo (Siyabamukela)

Amaenaideyo Happy Christmas


Amalia Hoje

Amalia Hoje

Amancay (Folklore Latinoamericano Peru) 04/19/00

Amanda ((Cd G)Everybody Doesn't) 06/12/01

Amanda Bentley

Amanda Jones (The First Time) 07/15/96

Amanda Miguel (5 Dias) 07/13/99

Amanda Miguel (Amame Una Vez Mas) 05/17/99

Amanda Miguel (Rompecorazones) 07/27/99

Amanecer (Abrazame Muy Fuerte) 03/27/01

Amanecer (Arriba Chihuahua) 05/20/97

Amanecer (La Chifladita) 03/21/02

Amanecer (Me Dijo Adios) 07/11/00

Amanecer (Ni Por Error) 03/05/02

Amanecer (No Te Puedo Olvidar) 03/10/98

Amanecer (Si Tu Eres Para Mi) 05/25/99