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Unknown or Missing B

A Bailar La Cumbia (12 Exitos Bailables)

A Bailar Merengue (Vol.1) 02/11/00

A Ballads

A Ballads Singers Choice

A Band On The Rainbow Cd European Castle 1994

A Best

A Box Of Birds

A Broken Frame

A Broken Heart Can Mend

B Rich ( 80 Dimes) 06/25/02

B Rich (80 Dimes) 06/25/02

B Sharp Jazz Quartet (B Sharp Jazz Quartet)

B Sharp Jazz Quartet (Mirage)

B Sharp Jazz Quartet (Searching For The One) 09/15/98

B Sharp Jazz Quartet (Tha Go 'Round) 09/23/97

B Witched (Awake And Breathe) 10/26/99

B-52's (Bouncing Off The Satellites)

B-52's (Cosmic Thing)

B-52's (Good Stuff)

B-52's (Party Mix/Mesopotamia)

B-52's (Time Capsule) 05/26/98

B-52's (Whammy)

B-52's (Wild Planet)

B-Charme (This Is My World) 12/30/99

B-Def (Prince Of The City) 09/28/99

B-Legit (Hempin' Ain't Easy)

B-Legit (Hempin) 09/12/00

B-Legit (The Hemp Museum) 11/26/96

B-Legit (Tryin' To Get A Buck) 02/28/95

B-Movie Rats (I-94 Live) 01/16/01

B-Rock The Bizz (Mamanim) 05/21/02


B-Tribe (Sensual Sensual) 02/17/98

B-Tribe (Suave Suave) 08/15/95

B. B. King - The Magic Collection

B. B. S Boogie

B.A.C.Ballaz Association Clique (Millenium Ball) 09/26/00

B.B. King & Friends

B.B. King Tribute

B.Bumble /Stingers (Nut Rocker All The Class) 11/24/98

B.Bumble /Stings (Golden Classics) 03/22/96

B.C. M. Mass Choir (The Very Greatest Hits) 09/19/97

B.C.O. (From Git Paid For Life)

B.E.F. (Music For Listening) 09/09/97

B.G. ( Check Mate) 11/21/00

B.G. (Check Mate) 11/21/00

B.G. (It's All On U) 07/01/97

B.G. (True Stories) 12/04/97

B.G. In Hi Fi

B.G. The Prince Of Rap

B.J. Thomas Classics

B.O.B. (It's A Ska,Ska,Ska,Ska,World) 11/04/99

B.O.R.B. (In Orbit) 03/20/96

B.T. Express (Best Of) 05/06/97

B.T. Express (Golden Classics)

B.T. Express (Live) 04/14/98

B.T.O. (B.T.O. Ii)

B.T.O. (B.T.O.)

B.T.O. (Bachman Turner Overdrive) 03/05/96

B.T.O. (Four Wheel Drive)

B.T.O. (Not Fragile)

B12 (Electro Soma)

B12 (Time Tourists) 05/22/97

B3 Ep

Baader Meinhof (Baader Meinhof) 02/11/97

Baba Love

Baba Taher

Babalu Music (I Love Lucy's Greatest Hits)

Babar (The Elephant) 10/15/96

Babar (The Little Elephant) 09/07/01

Babble (Ether) 02/27/96





Babes In Arms (New York Cast Recording) 11/16/99

Babes In Arms (Studio Cast Recording) 02/29/00

Babes In Toyland (Fontanelle)

Babes In Toyland (Nemesisters) 05/09/95


Babies Go Depeche Mode

Babkas (Fratelli) 03/12/02

Baby & The Satellite

Baby Animals! (20 Children's Songs & 20 Coloring Pages With Puppies And Kitties!) Clifford The Big Red Dog Color & Sing With New 1st In Series Book (Cd And Book Combo)

Baby Baby Baby

Baby Bird (The Greatest Hits) 08/12/97

Baby Boy

Baby Boy ( Music From The Motion Picture) 06/19/01

Baby Boy (Music From The Motion Picture) 06/19/01

Baby Dc (School Dayz) 10/26/99

Baby Face Nelson (Player Ina Motivational Posit) 01/01/10

Baby Genius 'Favorite Children's Songs' 3 Cd Collection

Baby I'm Bored

Baby Its You Pt.1

Baby Its You Pt.2

Baby Luke ((Screwed)Ballers Don't Complain) 11/30/99

Baby Mama Music

Baby Namboos (Ancoats 2 Zambia) 01/07/00

Baby One More Time

Baby One More Time

Baby Party Album 2008

Baby Paw (Baby Paw) 02/29/00

Baby Sounds (To Delight Your Baby ) 08/04/98

Baby Talk

Baby Talk

Baby Talk (Dancing Baby) 05/26/98

Baby Time (Around The World Sing-A-Long) 10/09/00

Baby Time (Candy Classics Sing-A-Long) 10/09/00

Baby Time (Nursery Rhymes Sing-A-Long) 10/09/00

Baby Time (Party Sing-A-Long) 10/09/00

Baby Time (Play Time) 10/09/00

Baby Time (Quiet Time) 10/09/00

Baby Time (Sleep Time) 10/09/00

Baby Time (Songs Of Inspiration) 10/09/00

Baby Time (Story Classics Sing-A-Long) 10/09/00

Baby Washington (For Collectors Only) 11/21/95

Baby Wayne (Ram Dj)

Baby When The Light

Baby's (40 Anos De Grandes Exitos) 03/13/01

Baby's Back

Baby's Back In Town

Baby's First Beethoven

Baby's First Piano Music

Baby's First Sleepytime

Baby's First Spanish Songs

Baby's Got A Gun

Baby's Swing (Las Reinas De La Noche) 02/07/00


Babyface (A Closer Look)

Babyface (Face 2 Face) 09/11/01

Babyface (Face Mtv Unplugged) 11/25/97

Babylon A.D. (American Blitzkreig) 07/04/00

Babylon By Bus

Babylon Pt.1 / Tell Me No More Lies / Over My Head

Babylonian Tiles (Teknicolour Aftermath) 07/10/01

Babys (Valentine Baby) 08/28/01


Bacalov (Misa Tango/Domingo) 10/16/00


Bach & The French Influence

Bach ((Sacd)2 3 Part Inventions/Gould) 08/09/99

Bach ((Sacd)Italian Cto.In F Major/Gould) 08/09/99

Bach (1-5/Masterpieces) 07/30/01

Bach (1/Best Of) 03/13/00

Bach (1/Brandenburg Cto./Bruggen) 07/23/99

Bach (1/Classical Masterpieces Of The Millenniu) 09/13/99

Bach (1/Lute Music/Eguez) 08/21/01

Bach (1/Suites For Cello/Bylsma) 07/23/99

Bach (1/The Bach Circle/Vogel) 08/15/01

Bach (2/Best Of) 03/13/00

Bach (2/Brandenburg Cto./Bruggen) 07/23/99

Bach (2/Cantatas/Smith (2cd)) 10/23/01

Bach (2/Suites For Cello/Bylsma) 07/23/99

Bach (25 Favorites) 09/06/01

Bach (3 Cantatas/Fischer-Dieskau) 10/03/97

Bach (Air On A G String/Carney) 10/21/99

Bach (An Evening With) 02/16/00

Bach (B Minor Mass/Robert Shaw Chorale (2cd)) 09/07/99

Bach (Baby Needs Bach) 09/13/99

Bach (Bach And Babies) 09/13/99

Bach (Bach And Bagels) 06/29/99

Bach (Bach And Brandy (2cd)) 04/11/00

Bach (Bach Encounters Buxtehude/Marshall) 04/03/02

Bach (Brandenburg Concertos/Munchner) 01/05/00

Bach (Brandenburg Cto.1,2,3,4/Warchal) 09/17/99

Bach (Brandenburg Cto.No.5 6/Grumiaux) 06/24/99

Bach (Concertos) 04/17/00

Bach (Ctos/Pinnock (5cd)) 03/13/01

Bach (Das Wohltemperierte Klavier) 04/17/00

Bach (Die Israeliten In Der Wuste) 05/08/02

Bach (Easter Oratorio/Bernstein) 02/09/98

Bach (Flute Concertos) 04/30/02

Bach (Flute Sonatas) 05/03/02

Bach (For Relaxation) 01/13/98

Bach (Godldberg Variations/Rodarmer) 12/16/97

Bach (Goldberg Variations/Vinikour (2cd)) 12/27/00

Bach (Great Organ Works) 01/05/00

Bach (Inspired Bach) 08/13/01

Bach (Inventions And Sinfonias/Leonhardt) 07/23/99

Bach (Lutheran Masses) 05/28/99

Bach (Magnificat) 03/26/02

Bach (Mass In B Minor/Pearlman) 02/22/00

Bach (Organ Works) 03/11/98

Bach (Osteroratorium) 04/24/00

Bach (Paul Galbraith/Six Sonatas Partitas) 07/28/98

Bach (Pno.Cto.#1/Bernstein) 02/26/98

Bach (Requiem After/Barlow) 04/30/02

Bach (Sacred Masterworks/Munchinger) 01/08/98

Bach (Six English Suites/Colin Tilney) 06/01/99

Bach (Six Trio Sn./Biggs) 02/09/98

Bach (Sonatas Partitas For Solo Violin (2cd)) 01/05/01

Bach (Sonatas Partitas/Milstein) 01/08/98

Bach (St. John Passion/Stimme) 02/09/98

Bach (St.John Passion/Smith (2cd)) 03/26/01

Bach (The Best Of) 09/05/01

Bach (Two Pianos Are Better Than One) 04/21/97

Bach (W/Paul Galbraith/Lute Suites) 02/15/00

Bach (With Ocean Sounds) 05/18/01

Bach / Handel / Telemann

Bach Family (Notebook) 03/19/97

Bach Famous Works

Bach For Babies (Fun Games For Building Brain) 03/05/99

Bach For Bachelor Pads (Music For Swinging Sing) 08/08/00

Bach For Bassoon

Bach For Brunch (Bach For Brunch) 10/06/99

Bach Requiem

Bach To Bach

Bach Variations

Bach's Fight For Freedom (Film Sndtrk)

Bach,J.C. (6 Sinfonias,Op.3/6 Pno.Cto. Op.13) 05/21/97

Bach,J.S. (Arias/Battle,Perlman)

Bach,J.S. (Brandenburg 1,2,4)

Bach,J.S. (Brandenburg 1,3,5)

Bach,J.S. (Brandenburg 3,5,6)

Bach,J.S. (Brandenburg Cto.1,2,6/Marriner)

Bach,J.S. (Brandenburg Cto.1,3,5)

Bach,J.S. (Brandenburg Cto.2,4,)

Bach,J.S. (Brandenburg Cto.3,4,5/Marriner)

Bach,J.S. (Brandenburg Ctos 1,2 3/I Musici) 04/10/01

Bach,J.S. (Brandenburg Ctos 4,5 6/I Musici) 04/10/01

Bach,J.S. (Bwv.67,108,127/Richter)

Bach,J.S. (Cantata 140,147/Gardiner)

Bach,J.S. (Cantatas #27,34,41/Leonha) 06/25/96

Bach,J.S. (Cantatas 106,118,198)

Bach,J.S. (Cantatas 35,56,82,158/Goerne) 03/03/00

Bach,J.S. (Cantatas 82,159,170/Marriner)

Bach,J.S. (Cantatas,Bwv.4,131/Gardiner)

Bach,J.S. (Con. 1,2,3,)

Bach,J.S. (Cto.For 1,2 3 Vln./Sand) 11/28/00

Bach,J.S. (Dble.Cto.1,2/Stern)

Bach,J.S. (Great Organ/Fox,Virgil)

Bach,J.S. (Jesu,Joy Of Man's Desiring/Gar)

Bach,J.S. (Magnificat,Cantata/G)

Bach,J.S. (Mass In B Minor,Bmv 232/Karajan (2cd) 02/03/00

Bach,J.S. (Mass In B,F/Jochum)

Bach,J.S. (Orch.Stes.1,2)

Bach,J.S. (Organ Works Bwv 542,552)

Bach,J.S. (Partitas,Preludes,Fu)

Bach,J.S. (Pno.Cto.1,4,5/Bernstein)

Bach,J.S. (Sinfonias Op.6,9,18/Zinma)

Bach,J.S. (Vio.Cto.1,2)

Bach,J.S. (Vio.Cto.1,2/Stern)

Bach,J.S. (Vln.Cto.In A,E,C,D/Philharmonia Virt) 10/31/00

Bach:Tocatta Fugue In D Minor (Var:Classical) 12/14/01

Bacharengue (12 Exitos Originales) 05/15/01

Bachata (Disco De Oro) 08/18/00

Bachata (Pura) 03/05/02

Bachata En Colores

Bachata Extraordinaria (Bachata Extraordinaria) 06/06/00

Bachata Millennium 2001

Bachata Zero (Bacharengue) 12/18/96

Bachata-Rengues 2


Bachatan (15 Hits De Bachatas) 03/03/00

Bachatan (Vol.2/16 Hits) 03/06/00

Bachatan (Vol.3/15 Hits De Bachata) 03/13/01

Bachatarengue (Mix) 04/10/01

Bachatarengues (Mix 3) 05/03/02

Bachatarengues (Mix) 06/09/97

Bachatas (Buenisimas) 10/31/00

Bachatas (Y Mas) 09/07/99

Bachatas De Oro (Multi Pistas) 10/23/01

Bachatazo (2/Del Recuerdo) 12/04/01

Bachatazo (Estrella 2002) 03/12/02

Bachatazo (Estrella) 02/24/00

Bachatazo Del Recuerdo

Bachatazo Mega (15 Exitos Originales) 12/17/96

Bachatazo Mega (Vol.2/ 98) 01/29/98

Bachatazos 2000 (Pero...Con Clase ) 04/17/00

Bachateame Mami (12 Super Exitos) 02/19/02

Bachateando (Vol.1) 09/29/98

Bachatisimo 2000

Bachelor (Sndtrk) 11/09/99

Bachelor Girl (Breaking Through From Down Under)


Bachianas Brasileiras #2

Bachman Turner Overdrive (Bto's Greatest) 06/27/00

Bachue (A Certain Smile) 06/21/99

Back 2 Bass X ( Back 2 Bass X) 03/20/97

Back 2 Bass X (Back 2 Bass X) 06/26/00

Back Again

Back From Beyond

Back From Beyond

Back From The Asylum

Back Ii Back (Back Ii Back) 09/25/01

Back In '72

Back In Action

Back In Memphis (2-Disc Collector's Edition)

Back In My Life

Back In New Orleans

Back In Ten Minutes

Back In Tha Day Underground

Back Like Fire

Back On Earth

Back On Top

Back Porch Vipers Cd Light Up

Back To Back

Back To Back

Back To Back 4

Back To Back Again

Back To Back Hits

Back To Basics

Back To Bedlam

Back To Blues

Back To Budokan

Back To Clearlake Oaks

Back To Earth

Back To Earth//Rare Earth

Back To Even

Back To Me

Back To Miller Sound

Back To Mine

Back To School Ep Demo

Back To The 60's

Back To The Basement

Back To The Blue Ridge

Back To The Front

Back To The Future

Back To The Future (Film Sndtrk)

Back To The Innocence

Back To The Island (Reggae From Martha's Vineya) 05/08/01

Back To The Source

Back To The Streets-Celebrating The Music Of Don Covay

Back To Titanic (Film Sndtrk) 08/25/98

Back To Your Star

Backbone ( Concrete Law) 06/19/01

Backbone (Concrete Law) 06/19/01

Backbone Slip (Avenue Breakdown)

Backhaus,Wilhelm (Performs Mendelssohn,Brahms) 11/08/99


Backside (Ten Million Strong And Growing) 11/01/00



Backstreet (What We Like) 06/26/00

Backstreet Boys

Backstreet Boys ((Cd G)Millennium) 05/18/99

Backstreet Boys (Backstreet Boys) 08/12/97

Backstreet Boys (Black Blue) 11/21/00

Backstreet Boys (Greatest Hits Chapter One) 10/30/01

Backstreet Boys (Karaoke) 07/30/01

Backstreet S Back!

Backstreet's Back + 3

Backup 1987-2012 Il Best (4 Cd Deluxe Edition)

Backward Glance


Bacon Popper (Free) 06/29/01

Bacon Popper (Trip To India) 06/11/01


Bad @$$ Leroy Brown (Lyrical Miracle) 04/03/01

Bad Akktors

Bad And Blue

Bad As Me

Bad Azz

Bad Azz (Personal Business) 07/17/01

Bad Azz (Word On Tha Street) 09/29/98

Bad Blood

Bad Boy

Bad Boy

Bad Boy Orchestra (Bad Boy Orchestra) 01/14/00

Bad Brains (Black Dots) 10/01/96

Bad Brains (God Of Love) 05/09/95

Bad Brains (I Against I) 05/27/98

Bad Brains (Live) 11/30/01

Bad Brains (Quickness)

Bad Brains (Rise)

Bad Brains (Rock For Light)

Bad Brains (Spirit Electricity) 11/30/01

Bad Brains (Youth Are Getting Restless)

Bad Brains [Vinyl]

Bad Company (Bad Company)

Bad Company (Burnin' Sky)

Bad Company (Company Of Strangers) 06/06/95

Bad Company (Desolation Angels)

Bad Company (Rough Diamonds)

Bad Company (Run With The Pack)

Bad Company (Stories Told Untold) 10/15/96

Bad Company (Straight Shooter)

Bad Company (The Original Anthology) 03/23/99

Bad Dna

Bad English (Backlash)

Bad English (Backlash) 01/17/02

Bad English/Bascklash

Bad French

Bad Girl Pt.1

Bad Ju Ju

Bad Livers (Blood Mood) 02/22/00

Bad Livers (Hogs On The Highway) 02/18/97

Bad Livers (Industry Thrift) 09/15/98

Bad Luck 13 (All Else Failed/Live At The Dungeo) 03/05/02

Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza (We Kill Children) 08/15/00

Bad Luck 13 Riot Extravaganza (With Friends Lik) 03/19/02

Bad Luck Yesterday

Bad Machine

Bad Man

Bad Manners (Fat Sound)

Bad Manners (Return Of The Ugly) 02/05/99

Bad Operator

Bad Religion (Against The Grain)

Bad Religion (All Ages) 11/07/95

Bad Religion (Generator)

Bad Religion (How Could Hell Be Any Worse )

Bad Religion (No Control)

Bad Religion (No Substance) 05/05/98

Bad Religion (Suffer)

Bad Religion (The New America) 05/09/00

Bad Religion (The Process Of Belief) 01/22/02

Bad Ronald ( Bad Ronald) 09/11/01

Bad Ronald (Bad Ronald) 09/11/01

Bad Seeds (Thaks/Texas Battle Of The) 10/03/95

Bad Trip (Fear Loathing) 04/30/97

Bad Wizard (Free And Easy) 09/18/01

Badass Hits

Badfinger (Best Of...Vol.2)

Badfinger (Day After Day)

Badfinger (Joey Molland/Best Of) 09/28/00

Badfinger (Magic Christian Music) 10/16/96

Badfinger (No Dice) 03/18/97

Badfinger (No Dice) 10/16/96

Badfinger (Straight Up) 08/15/95

Badfinger (Straight Up) 10/16/96


Badmarsh Shri (Dancing Drums) 03/23/99

Badmarsh Shri (Signs) 07/10/01

Badwayz (I'm The Bad Guy) 07/22/99

Baermann (The School Of Romantic Clr.Playing) 08/29/00

Baez,Joan (Farewell,Angelina)

Baez,Joan (Farewell,Angelina) 07/09/02

Baez,Joan (Rare,Live Classic)

Bag Of Bones

Baganini (Vio.Cto./Markov)

Bagatelles For Trio. Jesse Stacken

Bagdad (Amor De Verano) 09/02/98

Bagdad (Nuestros Mejores Exitos) 06/22/99

Bagdad Cafe (Film Sndtrk) 11/21/97

Baggo's (Camino Sin Rumbo) 02/15/00

Baggo's (Se Tambalea) 10/10/00

Baghdad Blues

Baghdad Lounge (Songs For Zou Zou) 12/03/01

Bagpipes & Drums Of Scotland

Bagpipes ( Drums Of Scotland)

Bagpipes ( Drums Of Scotland) 06/19/96

Bagpipes (Var:Marches:Music Of Scotland)

Bags Groove

Bags Groove


Baha Men (Junkanoo)

Baha Men (Kalik)

Bahamadia (Bb Queen) 07/25/00

Bahamas 1935 (Chanteys And Anthems From Andros) 03/09/99



Baila (Mi Cumbia) 03/14/00

Baila Baila

Baila Con Ritmo

Baila Mi Cumbia

Baila Mi Cumbia 3


Bailables (De Siempre) 10/20/98

Bailables De (Fin De Ano(Charanga)) 11/13/01

Bailables De (Fin De Ano) 10/20/99

Bailables De (Fin De Siglo) 02/07/00

Bailables De Una Epoca (En Vivo Desde La Haban) 08/07/01

Bailables Para El 2000


Bailamania (Vol.1) 08/11/98

Bailame (Vol.1) 02/25/97

Bailame (Vol.2) 02/29/00

Bailando Con

Bailando Con Los (Exitos 2000) 08/17/01

Bailando Con Los Exios 2001

Bailando Suavecito

Bailando Usa (Vol.2) 06/15/00

Bailando Usa 1

Bailar Con (La Banda) 05/08/01

Bailar Mambo

Baile Del Conejo

Bailemos (Al Estilo De Grandes Orquestas) 11/01/00


Bailes Regionales (1/Mejor Folklore De Mexico)

Bailes Regionales (15 Exitos) 08/17/01

Bailes Regionales (2/Mejor Folklore De Mexico)

Bailes Regionales (4/Mejor Folklore De Mexico) 09/16/98

Bailes Regionales (Vol.2/15 Exitos) 08/17/01

Bailexitos 3

Bailey's Nervous Kats (Get Nervous ) 05/16/00

Baille The Boys (Lovin' Every Minute) 09/24/96

Bailo Y Conspiro (Songo Sorongo) 07/22/96

Bailongo (De Verano) 08/17/01

Bailter Space (Capsul) 05/22/00

Bailter Space (Solar 3) 08/04/99

Baird (Psychodrama For Orchestra) 01/08/01

Bait (Original Motion Picture Sndtrk) 09/12/00

Bajour (Orig.Cast Recording)

Bajourou (Big String Theory) 04/10/02

Bake Sale

Baker Street

Baker,Chet (1,2/Last Great Concert)

Baker,Chet (Boston,1954) 12/09/99

Baker/Cheatham (Shorty Doc) 12/13/94

Baker/Pepper (The Route)

Bal Du Moulin Rouge

Balada Argentina (30 Exitos)

Baladas (3/Triunfadoras) 06/26/97

Baladas (A La Ranchera) 11/09/99

Baladas (Hacienda) 12/12/00

Baladas (Triunfadoras)

Baladas De Amor

Baladas De Amor (Multi Pistas) 10/23/01

Baladas De Coleccion (Multi Pistas) 05/14/02

Baladas Inolvidables (Multi Karaoke) 12/11/01

Baladas Inolvidables (Multi Pistas) 12/07/98

Baladas Que (2/Hicieron Epoca) 05/31/00

Baladas Que (Hicieron Epoca) 05/31/00

Baladas Romanticas Del Recuerd

Baladi Blues

Baladistas (Los Mejores) 05/02/96

Balakirev (Sym.No.2/Sinaisky) 04/13/99

Balance (In For The Count) 12/03/96

Balance (S.P.I.C.) 06/19/01

Balance Of Power [Expanded Edition]

Balance On Wires [Lp, De, Metronome 821 359-1]

Balboa Park

Baldies, Lustigen Lesachtaler, Rieserferner Buam, Orig. Kristall Quintett..

Baldwin Brothers (Cooking With Lasers) 04/09/02

Balfa Brothers (Jai Vu Le Loup)

Balfa Brothers (Traditional Cajun Music) 04/08/97

Balfa Toujours (Deux Voyages) 10/01/96

Balfa Toujours (La Pointe) 09/15/98

Balfa Toujours (Live At Whiskey River Landing) 08/15/00

Balfa Toujours (Pop Tu Me Parles Toujours) 04/08/97

Balfa/Savoy/Menard (Under A Green Oak Tree)

Bali Dua

Bali Girls (Bali Girls) 12/05/96

Balinese (Gamelan Gong)


Ball In The House (Ball In The House) 01/27/00

Ball Room


Ballad Beatles

Ballad Collection

Ballad Of A Peaceful Man

Ballad Of Cable Hogue


Ballades / Valses / Nocturne Op 9

Ballads & Songs Of The Appalachians

Ballads And Broadsides

Ballast Der Republik

Ballet Machine

Ballet Suites (Various)

Balligomingo (Beneath The Surface) 06/11/02







Ballo Highlights

Balls To The Wall

Baluchi Ensemble (Love Songs Trance Hymns) 12/02/98

Bam ((Screwed)2/A Rough Z'aggin Bible (Hell On) 11/07/00

Bam (2/A Rough Z'aggin Bible (Hell On Earth)) 10/31/00

Bam (A Rough Z'aggin Bible (Pray At Will)) 07/12/99

Bama Baby-University Of Alabama-Raising Tomorrows Bama Fan Today ( )

Bambini Di Praga


Bamboleo (No Que Bueno Esta ) 05/30/00

Bamboleo (Te Gusto O Te Caigo Bien) 03/17/98

Bamboleo (Yo No Me Parezco A Nadie) 03/17/98

Bamboo Magic

Bambu (Falso Amor) 01/11/00

Ban Fai

Banana Slug String Band (Goin' Wild ) 03/21/00

Bananarama (The Essentials) 06/18/02

Bananas At Large (2/Da Turdy Point Buck) 10/21/96

Bananas At Large (Da Turdy Point Buck)

Band (2/Best Of) 10/05/99

Band (High On The Hog) 02/27/96

Band (Jericho)

Band (The Last Waltz (4cd Box)) 04/23/02

Band (The Night They Drove...) 07/17/97

Band Of Brothers (Vinyl)

Band Of Gold (This Is Our Time) 01/31/97

Band Of Gypsys

Band Of Oz (Dancin' In The Streets) 02/02/99

Band Of Oz (Keep Keepin' It Up) 10/15/98

Band Of Oz (Over The Rainbow) 03/05/02

Band Of The Irish Guards (Marching With The Bea) 06/23/99

Band Of The Life Guards (Royal Salute)

Band Of The Royal Regiment Of Canada (O Canada) 05/08/98

Band Of The Royal Regiment Of Canada (Ode To Jo) 05/08/98

Band Wagon (Film Sndtrk) 07/16/96


Banda (2/Multi Pistas) 05/14/02

Banda (Corrido) 06/19/01

Banda (Multi Pistas) 08/10/99

Banda 400 Ls (La Silverado Blanca) 06/05/97

Banda Aires De Sinaloa (Recuerdos De Secundaria) 06/17/98

Banda Arcangel (Mas Suave Que Nunca) 04/20/99

Banda Aviacion Espanola (La Corrida) 11/03/98

Banda Aviacion Espanola (Musica De Espana) 02/08/00

Banda Blanca (17 Exitos) 06/15/98

Banda Blanca (20 Grandes Exitos) 01/21/02

Banda Blanca (3/Fiesta Inolvidable) 03/05/02

Banda Blanca (Lo Mas Caliente De)

Banda Blanca (Muevete) 11/20/01

Banda Blanca (Saben Quien Llego ) 09/04/01

Banda Blanca (Siempre Fiesta) 12/07/99

Banda Blanca (Sopita De Pescado)

Banda Blanca/Mission Col. (Ven A Bailar) 01/22/02

Banda Brava

Banda Brava (Asi Te Amare) 01/15/99

Banda Brava (Bonita Nina)

Banda Brava (Corridos) 01/10/01

Banda Brava (Nuestra Cancion) 05/20/97

Banda Brisas De Zirahuen (Nuestro Pecado) 04/22/97

Banda Calentana (El Panuelo) 04/12/99

Banda Camino (16 Exitos De Banda) 09/04/01

Banda Camino (Cuando El Amor Se Acaba) 03/30/99

Banda Cana Verde (Solo Esta Vez) 06/17/98

Banda Cana Verde (Ya No Tengo Corazon) 06/17/98

Banda Caporal (Solamente Una Vez)

Banda Caporales (Banda Caporales) 05/07/97

Banda Capos (El Perron Del Cristal) 01/15/02

Banda Celestial (Te Pido La Paz) 01/15/02

Banda Chilapena (El Corrido Del Cora) 06/17/98

Banda Chula (Sobrao De Mambo) 04/08/97

Banda Citlali (Del Sur Para El Mundo) 12/28/99

Banda Clave Acapulco (20 Mujeres De Negro) 09/25/01

Banda Costena (15 Exitos Originales) 04/03/01

Banda Costena (15 Exitos) 07/03/01

Banda Costena (A Puro Bandazo) 03/05/02

Banda Costena (Antologia) 10/16/01

Banda Costena (Corridos(15 Exitos)) 07/03/01

Banda Costena (Tesoros De La Musica)

Banda Cuisillos (10 Exitos) 11/06/01

Banda Cuisillos (15 Buenas) 01/25/00

Banda Cuisillos (Vol.2/15 Buenas) 01/25/00

Banda De Aviacion Espanola (Himnos Nacionales) 04/28/98

Banda Degollado (Esa Mujer) 08/21/01

Banda Del Chile Frito (Mula Bronca) 11/22/00

Banda Del Recuerdo (Banda Que Mas Manda)

Banda El Cerrito (Con El Alma Ranchera) 06/19/01

Banda El Cerrito (Con Una Cancion) 06/19/97

Banda El Cerrito (Echame A Mi La Culpa) 09/18/96

Banda El Cerrito (Sin Barreras) 05/23/00

Banda El Chante (Banda El Chante) 01/30/96

Banda El Chante (Un Amor Como El Mio)

Banda El Limon (15 Exitos)

Banda El Limon (2/Corridos Arrolladores) 07/20/99

Banda El Limon (Antes De Partir) 06/24/98

Banda El Limon (El Corrido Del Chero)

Banda El Limon (Era Cab..N El Viejo) 06/13/00

Banda El Limon (Eternamente Original) 06/26/01

Banda El Limon (Se Me Canso El Corazon) 06/17/98

Banda El Limon (Secretos De Mi Memoria) 08/31/99

Banda El Limon (Ya Pa' Que) 09/18/01

Banda El Pueblito (El Sinaloense) 12/08/98

Banda El Recodo " Las Preferidas De Don Cruz "

Banda El Salitre (Arriba Sinaloa) 11/13/96

Banda El Valle "Esta Si Es Banda Con Un Millon De Amigos" 100 Anos De Musica

Banda El Valle (2/Pura Banda Tocada Compa') 04/03/00

Banda El Valle (Pura Banda Tocada Compa') 04/03/00

Banda Espuela De Oro

Banda Flor De Cana (Solo Mentiras) 06/10/99

Banda Fuego (Cargalo Todo A Mi Cuenta) 12/15/97

Banda Fuego (Consejos De Una Madre) 12/15/97

Banda Fuego (El Importante) 08/03/01

Banda Gallito (La Fiesta De Mi Pueblo) 11/24/00

Banda Gallito/Enanitos Toreros (Tba) 11/24/00

Banda Gorda (Calienta Esto) 10/23/98

Banda Gorda (Candela Pura)

Banda Gorda (Evolucion) 09/28/99

Banda Gorda (Libre Al Fin)

Banda Gorda (Por El Mismo Camino..) 06/23/99

Banda Gorda (Tu Muere Aqui) 10/28/96

Banda Hermanos Perez (En Esta Prision Del Norte)

Banda Hermanos Perez (La Clasica Verde)

Banda Ilusion Tropical (Corridos Y Algo Mas) 05/09/01

Banda Joya (Exitos De Grandes Bandas) 03/14/00

Banda Joya (Valses Para 15 Anos) 03/14/00

Banda Junir's (Serie 2 En 1) 07/17/01

Banda La Canera (Corridos De Grueso Calibre) 04/28/00

Banda La Canera (Puras Buenas Con..) 04/28/00

Banda La Consentida (El Mejor De Mis Recuerdos) 06/08/00

Banda La Costena + Sus Mejores Boces

Banda La Mentira (Amor Guerrero) 08/28/01

Banda La Mentira (Rancherotas De Corazon) 04/10/01

Banda La Piminera "Cruel Engano"

Banda La Robleda (15 Rancheras De Impacto) 07/11/00

Banda La Tropa Chicana (Donde Caigo)

Banda Limonense (Por Una Mujer Bonita) 08/15/00

Banda Lizarraga (Quien Sera) 06/17/98

Banda Lizarraga (Sueno De Amor) 06/29/99

Banda Loca (Mujer Del Milenio)

Banda Machos (Multi Pistas) 03/27/01

Banda Maguey (Mix) 04/23/99

Banda Maguey (Nuestras Primeras Grabaciones) 12/26/97

Banda Maguey (Puros Exitos) 07/16/96

Banda Maguey (Y Siguen Los Exitos) 10/04/96

Banda Mantiqueira (Aldeia) 03/18/97

Banda Mausser (A Ritmo De Bam Bam)

Banda Mausser (A Ritmo De Bam Bam) 04/20/99

Banda Mausser (Me Haces Tanta Falta) 07/05/00

Banda Mausser (Surtido Rico) 03/13/98

Banda Mera Mera (Como Olvidarte) 05/16/00

Banda Mochicahui (Ranchera) 11/24/00

Banda Mocorito (Te Reto A Que Me Olvides) 04/24/01

Banda Pajaritos (14 Super Corridos) 04/18/97

Banda Pajaritos (Amigo Mesero) 11/23/98

Banda Pajaritos (Como Duele Ser Pobre)

Banda Pajaritos (El Cielo Lloro Conmigo) 04/18/97

Banda Pajaritos (Vol.2/16 Exitos) 04/18/97

Banda Pajaritos (Vs. Banda Fuego) 11/08/00

Banda Pajaritos/Player's (Mano A Mano En...) 05/04/00

Banda Pelillos (12 Exitos)

Banda Pelillos (12 Grandes Exitos Al Estilo..) 01/23/01

Banda Pelillos (Como No Pensar En Ti) 10/30/96

Banda Pelillos (La Negrita)

Banda Pelillos (Que Bonita Te Ves)

Banda Pelillos (Rompiendo Corazones) 07/11/00

Banda Pelillos (Ya Llegamos)

Banda Pelillos/Zorro (Frente A Frente) 11/13/01

Banda Pinera (Cumbias Con Sabor A Banda) 05/28/96

Banda Pinera (Para Siempre) 05/15/01

Banda Pirinola (Asi De Loco) 01/16/02

Banda Pirinola (Ay Morena ) 11/18/99

Banda Pirinola (Dame Amor) 10/20/00

Banda Pirinola (Para Ti) 03/30/99

Banda Purhepecha Gen (Encounter W/The Pur) 07/23/98

Banda Rayo (Corridos Verdaderos) 04/14/00

Banda Real (Si Supieras) 10/11/01

Banda Rebeldia (Corazon De Hiel) 12/21/00

Banda Rebeldia (Frente A Una Botella) 2065

Banda Recodo (13 Rancheras Y Cumbias)

Banda Recodo (15 Exitos)

Banda Recodo (A Puro Bandazo) 03/05/02

Banda Recodo (Antologia De J.Gabriel) 06/04/98

Banda Recodo (C/Juan Zaizar) 10/23/01

Banda Recodo (Con Puras Rancheras) 06/17/98

Banda Recodo (Desde El Cielo..Y Para..) 06/17/98

Banda Recodo (El Conquistador) 06/17/98

Banda Recodo (Exitos De Juan Gabriel) 06/17/98

Banda Recodo (Gira Europa 95) 06/17/98

Banda Recodo (Mis Inicios Con..) 06/17/98

Banda Recodo (Pa' Puros Compas) 11/17/97

Banda Recodo (Pegando Con Tubo)

Banda Recodo (Tesoros De La Musica)

Banda Recodo (Tributo A Juan Gabriel) 06/04/98

Banda Recodo (Vs. Banda El Limon) 07/20/99

Banda Recodo/Costena (Reto De Bandas) 02/26/02

Banda Recodo/Exterminador (Duelo De Corridos) 12/12/00

Banda Recodo/Limon (Dos Grandes De Sinaloa) 06/13/00

Banda Revelacion (Tu Y Las Nubes) 09/25/01

Banda Rio Verde (No Hay Novedad) 09/05/00

Banda Ritmo Rojo (Con Sabor A Banda)

Banda Ritmo Rojo (Mi Corazon Lloro)

Banda Ritmo Rojo (Popeye)

Banda Rodeo (El Gordito Quebrador) 09/01/98

Banda Rodeo (El Llanero Solitario) 09/29/98

Banda Rodeo (Lo Mejor De..18 Exitos) 12/11/00

Banda Rodeo (Maldito Vicio) 07/17/01

Banda Rodeo (Me Acorde De Ti) 04/20/99

Banda Rodeo (Puras Llegadoras) 12/21/00

Banda Rodeo (Tierra Mala) 07/11/00

Banda Roja (16 Exitos) 01/13/98

Banda Roja (El Cartel De La Calle) 12/15/97

Banda Roja (Lo Mejor De..) 05/31/00

Banda Roja (Los Mejores Corridos Con..) 05/31/00

Banda Roja (Me Caiste Del Cielo) 12/15/97

Banda Roja (Vol.2) 10/31/00

Banda Roja (Vol.3) 10/31/00

Banda Salvatierra (Esta Noche Tu Vendras) 02/06/02

Banda San Miguel (De Colores Y Sabores) 03/09/99

Banda San Miguel (Por Eso Vuelvo Otra Vez) 12/04/01

Banda Santa Fe (La Musica De Nuestra Gente) 01/30/01

Banda Santa Rosalia (Es La Mujer) 11/18/98

Banda Sinaloense (15 Grandes Exitos) 07/03/01

Banda Soberbia (Por Que Eres Asi ) 01/07/99

Banda Super Egipcio (12 Super Exitos De Banda) 09/05/01

Banda Taurina (#2 Musica En Los Tor)

Banda Ternura (Amor En Banda) 02/08/00

Banda Tierra Blanca (Cosas De La Vida) 02/26/02

Banda Tierra Caliente (Afirmandose La)

Banda Tierra Caliente (Consejos De Un Viejo)

Banda Tierra Caliente (Corrido Del Chapo Guzman)

Banda Tierra Caliente (Exitos) 11/24/00

Banda Tierra Caliente (La Inigualable)

Banda Tierra Caliente (La Inigualable)

Banda Tierra Caliente (Quisiera Amarte Menos)

Banda Tiro (Fronteras) 06/17/98

Banda Torera (Africanos Al Ataque) 06/25/99

Banda Torera (No Hay Marcha Atras) 06/05/00

Banda Torera (Nos Pertenecemos) 06/15/98

Banda Torera (Un Corazon No Espera) 03/22/01

Banda Torera/Pirinola (Frente A Frente) 07/24/01

Banda Tormenta (Exitos Solo Exitos) 07/06/99

Banda Valle (3/Pura Banda Tocada Compa) 02/09/01

Banda Valle (4/Pura Banda Tocada Compa) 12/11/01

Banda Valle (De Parranda Con..) 12/11/01

Banda Villaunion (Con La Misma Tijera) 02/08/00

Banda X (5th Element) 10/24/00

Banda X (Asi Es Que Lo Quiero) 12/29/97

Banda X (La Banda Del Mambo) 10/07/97

Banda Y Quebraditas (Tesoros De La Musica)

Banda Yurirense (Amor Ciego) 11/03/98

Banda Yurirense (Pa' Mi Gente) 11/09/99

Banda Zorro (De Cantina En Cantina) 06/26/01

Banda Zorro (De Parranda Con..) 08/15/00

Banda Zorro (Es La Diferencia) 01/23/01


Bandas (De Acapulco) 12/06/00

Bandas (Vol.2/20 Exitos) 12/15/97

Bandas De (Coleccion) 06/27/00

Bandera (Without You) 02/09/00

Bandidos De Amor


Bandolero (Manos De Piedra) 11/12/01

Bands Of The Salvation Army (Joy Of The Sabbath) 02/07/01


Bandy,Moe (Live In Branson,Mo.Usa)


Bang Bang

Bang It

Bang The Love Drum

Bang'n On Wax (Best Of The Crips (2cd)) 09/26/00


Bangles ((Sacd)Greatest Hits) 08/18/00

Bangles (All Over The Place)

Bangles (All Over The Place/Different Light) 08/12/97

Bangles (Different Light)

Bangles (Everything)

Bangles (Greatest Hits)

Bangles (September Gurls) 07/21/97

Bangles (Super Hits) 07/14/98

Banjer On My Knee

Banjo Kings (1/The Banjo Kings) 07/20/99

Banjo Kings (Dick Roberts/Favorites) 12/11/01

Banjomania (Dueling Banjomania) 11/04/97

Banjomania (Pick Yourself Up) 03/21/97


Bankhead Boyz (The Bankhead Boyz) 07/24/01

Banks Street

Banned From Nashville

Banouy -E Taraneh (The Lady Of Music)


Bao 3

Bar Jazz Connection


Bar-Kays (Best Of The Bar-Kays)

Bar-Kays (Do You See What I See) 02/27/96

Bar-Kays (Gotta Groove/Black Rock)

Bar-Kays (Money Talks)

Bar-Kays (Soul Finger)

Bar-Kays (Too Hot To Stop) 09/05/01

Baraka Orchestra (Five Worlds) 08/21/01

Barbara Streisand Just For The Record Book And Cassettes


Barbarians (Are You A Boy Or Are You A Girl ) 03/14/00

Barbarians Move In

Barbarism Begins At Home

Barbecue Bob & Charlry Lincoln

Barbecue Bob (Chocolate To The Bone)

Barber (Adagio For Strings/Bernstein) 09/24/97

Barber (Adagio) 04/07/97

Barber (Adagio/Marriner)

Barber (Cello Cto.)

Barber (Cello Works/Saraste) 03/21/01

Barber (Cto.For Vln. Cello/Slatki) 02/07/96

Barber (Cto.Vio. Orch.Op.14) 09/26/96

Barber (Everything But The Hermit.../Kellock/Bj) 08/16/01

Barber (Excerpts From Vanessa'/Jarvi) 03/22/01

Barber (Knoxville/Mcnair)

Barber (Lovers/Schenck)

Barber (Prayers Of Kierkegaard/Shaw) 03/04/98

Barber (School For Scandal/3)

Barber (Secrets Of The Old/Studer)

Barber (Summer Music/Marlboro)

Barber (Sym.2/Adagio For Str./Jarvi)

Barber (Sym.No.1/Jarvi) 09/08/98

Barber (Vanessa)

Barber (Vln. Pno.Ctos./Mcduffie/Parker) 01/24/97

Barber (Vln.Cto./Shaham/Previn)

Barber (Vocal Works)

Barbershop Harmony Time

Barbie (Beyond Pink) 10/06/98

Barbie Gift Box. 13.5x9.12x 4"


Barbieri (Homenaje/Asensio) 10/21/99

Barbieri,Gato (Ruby,Ruby)

Barclay James Harvest - Berlin - A Concert For The

Bardo Norteno (Tiburon Mix) 09/25/01

Bardo Pond (Bufo Alvarius) 04/24/97


Bards (Moses Lake) 03/26/02

Bare Minimum (Bare Minimum) 01/16/96

Bare Minimum (Night We Streak) 08/20/96

Bare Necessities (English Country Dances) 06/06/97

Bare Necessities (Take A Dance) 06/06/97


Barefoot Blue Jean Night

Barefoot Hockey Goalie (Fediks Butcher Shop) 09/22/97

Barenaked For The Holidays

Barenaked Ladies ((Cd )Born On A Pirate Ship) 03/19/96

Barenaked Ladies ((Cd )Rock Spectacle) 11/12/96

Barenaked Ladies ((Cd )The Shoe Box (Ep)) 02/06/96

Barenaked Ladies ((Cd G)Maroon) 09/12/00

Barenaked Ladies (Gordon)

Barenaked Ladies (Maybe You Should Drive)

Barenaked Ladies (Stunt) 07/07/98

Barenaked Ladies - Disc One - All Their Gratest Hits

Barenaked Ladies Are Men

Bargiel (Vln.Sonata In F Minor/Kagan) 12/23/99

Baritone Sax Master

Bark At The Moon (Blue Logo)

Bark Psychosis (Hex)

Barley Bree (Best Of Barley Bree)

Barnbrack (Irish Sing-Along) 02/01/00


Barnes Family (A Live Reunion) 02/23/99

Barnes,J.J. (Mancha,Banks/Sound Of Detroit)

Barnet,Charlie (Cherokee,1939-1940) 10/27/98

Barney ((Blister)A Great Day For Learning) 06/11/99

Barney (I Love To Sing With Barney (Blister)) 12/02/98

Barney (I Love To Sing With Barney) 01/12/99

Barney (Love Lullabies) 03/10/00

Barney (Love Lullabies) 03/10/00

Barney (Run,Jump,Skip Sing) 03/28/97

Barney's Great Adventure (Film Sndtrk) 03/31/98

Barney's Great Adventure (Sndtrk (Blister Pack)) 01/22/98

Baron (The Very Best Of Baron) 08/16/00

Baron De Apodaca (Serie Sensacional) 11/14/00

Baron Samedi

Barone,Mike (Live At Donte's,1968) 09/25/98

Baronez De Nuevo Leon (Te Adoro Con Locura) 08/17/01

Baroque (At Bathtime)

Baroque (Best Of Baroque) 02/07/97

Baroque (Best Of) 03/05/96

Baroque (Best Of:Var:Classical) 02/19/97

Baroque (For Beauty Sleep) 10/20/98

Baroque (For Brides-To-Be) 03/17/97

Baroque (Greatest Hits)

Baroque (The Greatest Hits) 03/20/97

Baroque Adagios

Baroque Brass Festival (Various) 03/19/97

Baroque Classics

Baroque Collection (Various)

Baroque Festival (Various)

Baroque Masterpieces

Baroque Music For Organ

Baroque Treasuries (1-10/Various)

Baroque Treasuries (1-5/Various)

Baroque Treasuries (6-10/Various)

Baroque Trumpet (Various Trumpet Cto.) 03/19/97

Baroque Trumpet (Various) 03/19/97

Barracudas (Drop Out With...) 04/30/97

Barracudas (Plane View Of The)

Barracudas (Through The Mysts Of Time) 09/13/99

Barranco (Corralera/Escalona) 03/20/00

Barrelhouse (1/Blues Boogie Woogie) 08/20/98

Barrelhouse Chuck 25 Years Of Chicago Blues Piano Vol. 4


Barrett Singers (The Best Of) 06/18/96

Barrett Sisters (What Shall I Render (Unto God)) 01/16/02

Barri (Lovelight Shining) 10/18/99

Barrio Bravo (Tepito Distrito Federal) 05/14/02

Barron,Kenny (Holland,Humair/Scrat)

Barry (Things That Gain) 04/30/02

Barry Adamson Stranger On The Sofa Cd Album 2006 (Central Control International) Digipack

Barry Sisters (Greatest Yiddish Hits) 12/04/97

Barry The Remains (The Remains)


Bartok (6 String Qrts./Novak)

Bartok (6 String Quartets/Takacs Quartet) 12/12/97

Bartok (Bluebeard's Castle/Boulez) 06/11/98

Bartok (Bluebeard's Castle/Fricsay) 02/13/01

Bartok (Bluebeard's Castle/London Sym./Kertesz) 06/06/97

Bartok (Bluebeards Castle/Dorati)

Bartok (Bluebeards Castle/Ma)

Bartok (Complete Qrt.)

Bartok (Complete String Quartets/Juilliard Stri) 10/20/97

Bartok (Concerto For Orchestra) 06/28/01

Bartok (Cto For Orch.) 03/19/97

Bartok (Cto For Orch./Boulez)

Bartok (Cto.For Orch./Fricsay) 12/17/96

Bartok (Cto.For Orch/Ormandy)

Bartok (Cto.For Orch/Reiner)

Bartok (Cto.For Orch/Salonen) 10/15/96

Bartok (Cto.For Viola Orchestra/Kashkashian) 05/12/00

Bartok (Divertimento/Boulez)

Bartok (Divertimento/Brown) 03/13/00

Bartok (Dohnanyi/Folk Dances-St) 11/05/01

Bartok (Duke Bluebeard's Castle/Kertesz) 08/06/99

Bartok (Hungarian Pictures) 07/28/98

Bartok (Hungarian Pictures/Jarvi) 07/31/00

Bartok (Microcosmos) 05/10/02

Bartok (Mikrokosmos For Children/Ranki)

Bartok (Miraculous Mandarin/Boule) 03/12/96

Bartok (Miraculous Mandarin/Dorat)

Bartok (Miraculous Mandarin/Jarvi) 08/29/00

Bartok (Music For Strings/Marriner) 06/06/97

Bartok (Orch.Cto./Dorati)

Bartok (Piano Works) 05/08/02

Bartok (Pno.Cto.#1-3/Anda)

Bartok (Pno.Ctos./Haitink)

Bartok (Pno.Music/Tozer) 10/21/99

Bartok (Sn.2 Pno. Perc.)

Bartok (Sn.For Pno.Solo/Andersen) 04/17/01

Bartok (String Quartets 1 2/Chilingirian Quarte) 03/31/00

Bartok (The Miraculous Mandarin/Chailly) 01/15/02

Bartok (The Miraculous Mandarin/Dorati) 09/10/97

Bartok (Vio.Cto.2/Mutter)

Bartok (Vln.Cto./Mullova) 02/03/00

Bartok (Wooden Prince/Boulez)

Bartok/Scriabin (Boulez)

Bartok/Szigeti (Live Recital) 08/12/97

Bartoli/Bocelli/Chung (A Hymn For The World) 10/03/97

Bartoli/Terfel (Duets) 03/03/99

Bartoli/Terfel/Chung (In Paradisium) 05/11/99

Barzon (El Cazador De Soplon)

Barzon (El Cazador De Soplones) 07/16/97

Barzon (La Cerca)

Barzon (La Cerca) 12/20/96

Barzon (La Eche En Un Carrito) 08/07/00

Barzon (La Puntada) 04/20/99

Barzon (Mejor Que Nunca) 06/12/01

Barzon (Se Cebo El Reventon) 07/20/98

Basals (Kingpin) 10/09/01

Bascom Mcghee

Baseboard Heaters (Seeing Red) 08/17/01

Based On A True Story

Based On A True Story

Basement Jaxx (Remedy) 08/03/99

Basement Sessions

Basement To Sweatbox

Basement Wall (New Breed/2 In 1)

Bashful Brother Oswald (Don't Say Aloha) 10/06/98

Basia (Brave New Hope E.P.)

Basia (Classic 3-Pack) 06/25/98

Basia (Sweetest Illusion)

Basia (Time Tide)

Basic 100 (Chmaninoff)

Basic 100 (Drigo/Villa-Lobos)

Basic 100 (Egorian Chants)

Basic 100 (Okofiev)

Basic 100 (Roque Brass)

Basie Bunch (Cool Too) 06/22/99

Basie Days

Basie In Europe

Basie Land

Basie's Bag (Various) 04/21/97

Basie,Count (August 5,1958) 06/27/95

Basie,Count (Bellson,Brown/Second Time)

Basie,Count (Kansas City Septem,Mostly Blue)

Basie,Count (Live In Japan,'B) 12/11/01

Basie,Count (Turner,Vinson/K.C. Shout)

Basin Brothers (Let's Get Cajun) 06/06/97

Basin Brothers (Stayin' Cajun) 06/06/97

Basin Street

Bask (Bask) 08/24/99

Basque (Basque) 02/28/02

Basque (Falling Forward) 02/28/02

Basque (Radiate) 02/28/02

Basquez (Firepower) 09/27/01

Bass 4 Bassheadz (Various) 07/23/96

Bass Alert ((Cd ) Bass Alert) 03/20/97

Bass Alert ((Cd )Bass Alert) 11/14/95

Bass Brothers (Best Of The Original Bass Brothe) 02/23/99

Bass Bumpers (Best Of)

Bass Bumpers (Keep On Pushing)

Bass Bumpin

Bass Computer

Bass Connection (Drivin Bass) 11/26/96

Bass Connection (Hi-Voltage Bass) 07/23/96

Bass Creations (Best Of Bass Creations) 06/26/00

Bass Crimes (Drop-Top Dj's) 07/25/96

Bass Cult (The Dark Side) 11/26/96

Bass Dates ( Bass Dates) 03/20/97

Bass Dates (Bass Dates) 06/26/00

Bass Drum Bone (Wooferlo) 02/07/97

Bass Erotica (2/Sexual Bass) 08/17/99

Bass Erotica (Bass Ecstacy) 11/26/96

Bass Extremes (Just Add Water) 10/23/01

Bass Flava (Con Artist Comp.Amp.1) 05/02/95

Bass For Bassheadz (1/100 Bass Satisfacti) 11/26/96

Bass Foundation (Straight Outta Bass Town)

Bass Freaks ( Bass Freaks) 03/20/97

Bass Freaks (Bass Freaks) 06/26/00

Bass From Da Bottom (2/Divas-Seductive Bass) 08/20/96

Bass From Da Bottom (Divas Of Bass) 01/23/96

Bass From Da Bottom (Shake-A-Booty Bass)

Bass Hit (Bass Is Loaded) 07/23/96

Bass Hit (Generation Bass) 07/31/01

Bass Hit (Sub Shaker) 08/27/98

Bass In Tha Jungle