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Unknown or Missing E

An Empty Glass (A Collection Of Drinkin' Songs) 05/15/01

An Evening On The Marsh (Swamp Sounds) 09/07/01

An Evening With Dorothy Fields

An Evening With Jose Carreras

An Eye For An Eye


E Dia De La Ira

E Ho'i Mai

E No Entanto Ela Move

E Pea

E Ridendo L'uccise

E Town Concrete (Time2shine) 04/13/99

E' Sensual

E-40 ( Loyalty And Betrayal) 10/10/00

E-40 ( Tha Hall Of Game) 01/13/97

E-40 ( The Element Of Surprise) 08/11/98

E-40 (Federal)

E-40 (In A Major Way) 03/14/95

E-40 (Loyalty And Betrayal) 10/10/00

E-40 (Tha Hall Of Game) 10/29/96

E-40 (The Element Of Surprise) 08/11/98

E-40 (The Mail Man)

E-Bay Queen Is Dead (Marianthi)

E-Dawg (How Long) 09/25/01

E-Dubb (Smili'n Faces) 04/18/00


E-Roc (Tha Return) 08/13/01

E-Side Ghetto (Ghetto Tales) 11/14/00

E-Types (Introducing The E-Types) 01/23/96

E.Cochran-R.Valens-Madness-Ini Kamoze-Littleeva

E.K.Squad (Th Ultimate) 05/16/00

E.L.O. (Afterglow)

E.L.O. (Balance Of Power)

E.L.O. (Face The Music/New World Record) 10/17/95

E.L.O. (Greatest Hits)

E.L.O. (Strange Magic)

E.L.O. Ii (One Night) 05/20/97

E.S.G. ((Screwed)Ocean Of Funk) 07/03/01

E.S.G. ((Screwed)Sailin' Da South) 06/26/01

E.S.G. (City Under Siege) 04/11/00

E.S.G. (Ocean Of Funk) 05/07/97

E.S.G. (Return Of The Living Dead) 03/30/98

E.S.G. (Sailin' Da South) 09/12/95

E.S.G. (Shinin' N' Grindin') 04/06/99

E.S.G. (Wreckchopped Screwed/City Under Siege) 07/18/00

E.Y 90's

E.Z. Does It

E2 E4

Eager (Eager) 08/26/97

Eagle Has Landed...Eh!

Eagles (Greatest Hits 1971-1975)

Eagles (Selected Works 1972-1999 (4cd)) 11/14/00

Eagles (Tribute To-Takin' It Easy) 06/19/01

Eagles (Tribute/Common Thread)

Eagles (Tribute/Pickin' On The Eagles) 04/20/99

Eagles (Very Best Of) 08/28/01

Eagles-Hotel California-Audio Cd

Ear Fun

Earfood (Tasty Treats) 04/20/99

Eargasms-Crucialpoetics Vol 01

Earl Hines Collection 1928-40

Earl Scheelar Funky New Orleans Jazz Band

Earl Wild Goes To The Movies

Earle,Steve (Townes Van Zandt,Guy Clark/Togethe) 10/09/01

Earlimart (Filthy Doorways) 02/29/00

Earls (Remember Then ) 10/06/99

Earls (Remember Then-The Best Of The Earls) 11/24/98

Early B

Early Cante (Flamenco-22 Hits )

Early Christian Classic Radio Hits

Early Collection

Early Days Of Seb-Euro Fantasy 2

Early Mandolin Music (1/Various)

Early Morning In The Rainforest

Early Morning Waiting

Early Seger Vol. 1

Early Victor Recordings 1

Early Works 1980-82

Early Years

Earshot (Letting Go) 05/07/02

Earth (Earth 2)

Earth (Extra-Capsular Extraction) 04/09/02

Earth Blood Sun (Ikiru) 03/05/99

Earth Chants (Choral Works By The Madigrals) 07/16/96

Earth Crisis (Breed The Killers) 09/08/98

Earth Crisis (Firestorm) 05/30/97

Earth Dogs And Eggshells

Earth Eighteen (Butterfly) 07/25/95

Earth People

Earth School

Earth Songs

Earth Sun & Moon

Earth Sun & Sky

Earth To Andy (Chronicle Kings) 09/14/99

Earth Tones

Earth's Answer (Various) 08/07/97

Earth,Wind Fire (Earth,Wind Fire) 03/11/97

Earth,Wind Fire (Naem Of Love,The) 07/29/97

EarthA?(Tm)S Jewels



Earthlan (The Beautiful Collision Of Nations) 10/21/97

Earthlings (Earthlings ) 04/11/00

Earthly Concerns

Earthly Paradise

Earthmen (Rise/Fall Of My Favorite 60's)

Earthquake Blues

Easier Said Than Dun

Easside Percussion (E.S.P.) 02/17/98

East & West

East Bounce (East Bounce) 07/24/00

East Broadway Run Down

East Coast Regional Mass Choir (Live In New Yor) 05/07/98

East Coasting Cd Charles Mingus Bethlehem Music Company

East Flatbush Project (Tried By) 12/01/98

East German Revolution: Bruckner: Symphony No. 8 In C Minor

East Mall Daze

East Side Story 10

East Side Story 4

East To East

East West (Original Motion Picture Sndtrk) 03/07/00

East West Connection (The Morre I Get...) 10/24/00



Easter Everywhere

Easter Parade (Sndtrk) 05/30/95

Eastern Eagle Singers (Maq-Attaq) 10/17/95

Eastern Europe Folk Music (Various)

Eastman Wind Ensemble (Live In Osaka)

Eastman Wind Ensemble (Quiet City /Marsalis)

Easton,Sheena (Madness,Money Music) 07/25/00

Eastside Chedda Boyz (Eastside Chedda Boyz) 04/16/02


Easy Action

Easy Country Guitars

Easy In The Apple

Easy Lady (My Body Dance) 01/07/00

Easy Living

Easy Pieces

Easy Project Ii [12 Inch Analog]

Easy Riders (Marianne/Wanderin' Folk) 03/16/99

Easy Riders Jazz Band (Then Now) 02/12/99

Easy Street

Easy Tempo V.5

Easy To Love

Eat Dog Eat

Eat It

Eat Or Die

Eat Phunk

Eat To The Beat

Eazy-E ( Eazy Duz It) 08/13/01

Eazy-E (Eazy Duz It)

Eazy-E (Eternal E)

Eb 84

Ebb & Flow

Eberl (Pno.Cto/Kemper) 03/22/01

Ebn E Sync (Ebn E Sync) 02/25/97

Ebonys (Golden Philly Classics) 01/24/96

Ec8or (The One Only High Low) 09/19/00

Echando Humo


Echo De Vienne

Echo Park [Lp Vinyl]

Echo The Bunnymen (Crystal Days (1979-99 (4cd) 07/17/01

Echo The Bunnymen (Echo The Bunnymen)

Echo The Bunnymen (Heaven Up Here)

Echo The Bunnymen (Ocean Rain)

Echo The Bunnymen (Songs To Learn Sing)


Echoes (When Guitars Ruled) 09/11/01

Echoes Of A Note (A Tribute To Louis "Pops" Armstrong)

Echoes Of Harlem Big Bands

Echoes Of Incas (Cordilleras) 06/20/97

Echoes Of Incas (Ventana Al Sol) 05/18/01

Echoes Of Indus

Echoes Of Nature (American Wild)

Echoes Of Nature (Bayou)

Echoes Of Nature (Beluga Whales) 12/30/96

Echoes Of Nature (Frog Chorus)

Echoes Of Nature (Humpback Whales) 12/30/96

Echoes Of Nature (Jungle Talk)

Echoes Of Nature (Killer Whales) 12/30/96

Echoes Of Nature (Morning Songbirds)

Echoes Of Nature (Nat.Sounds Of Wilderness(5 Cd))

Echoes Of Nature (Ocean Waves)

Echoes Of Nature (Rainforest)

Echoes Of Nature (Sampler)

Echoes Of Nature (The North Coast) 12/30/96

Echoes Of Nature (Thunderstorm) 09/03/99

Echoes Of Nature (Tropical Lagoon) 12/30/96

Echoes Of Nature (Wilderness River)

Echoes Of Sliabh Luachra

Eckstine,Billy (No Cover,No Minimum)


Eclectic Guitar





Eco-Challenge (Music From Discovery Channel) 05/25/99


Econoline Crush (Affliction) 03/28/96

Econoline Crush (The Devil You Know) 03/24/98

Ecos De (5/Los Andes) 04/27/99

Ecos De (Italia)

Ecos De (Italia/Vol.2)

Ecos De (Los Andes) 10/24/95

Ecos De (Mexico)

Ecos De (Mundo/Orq.Serenata Tropical)

Ecos De (Puerto Rico)

Ecos De (Vol.1/Mexico/Mariachi Toritos)

Ecos De (Vol.2/Italia)

Ecos De (Vol.2/Sudamerica)

Ecos De (Vol.3/Andes)

Ecstasy/Nothing Lasts Forever

Ecuador Al Mundial

Ecuador Colombia (Marimba Masters Sacred So) 02/21/00

Ecw:Extreme Music (Var:Hvy.Mtl) 10/27/98

Ed's Funky Diner

Ed's Redeeming Qualities (At The Fish Game Club) 10/01/96

Ed's Redeeming Qualities (Big Grapefruit Cleanu) 04/29/98

Ed's Redeeming Qualities (It's All Good News) 06/06/97

Ed's Redeeming Qualities (More Bad Times) 06/06/97

Edan (Primitive Plus) 03/22/02

Edder (Merengue Sin Fronteras) 07/24/97

Eddie Condon 1938-40

Eddie James Live From The Ramp

Eddy Mcdonald (Nelson Eddy Jeanette Mcdonal) 05/09/02

Eden Automatic (Glimmer) 05/09/00

Edens (Donde Quedo El Amor) 10/25/99

Edens Crush (Unauthorized Souvenir) 10/16/01

Edge (Film Score) 09/30/97

Edge Cd

Edge Of The Universe (Afterlife) 09/05/01

Edge Of The World


Edguy Cd Rocket Ride (Japan)

Edify (Edify) 01/15/02

Edison (Picture Postcard) 04/08/97

Edison Diamond Disc Fox Trots

Edison Laterals Ii

Edison Woods

Edison/Davis (Jawbreakers)

Edison/Davis (Simply Sweets)

Edith Marquez 40 Exitos Emi (2cds)

Edition (Trash Can City)

Edition 2

Edizione D'oro

Edl (Every Day Life) 05/22/01

Edl (Moment Of Clarity) 09/14/99

Edmonton Festival 76

Ednita... Apasionada Cd

Edo.G (The Truth Hurts) 04/17/01

Edr (Evolution Devolution Revolution) + Acoustic

Edsels (Rama Lama Ding Dong) 11/05/99

Edtv (Film Sndtrk) 03/16/99

Edu E Tom

Eduard Erdmann Iii (Vol. 3): Mozart: Sonata, Kv 533/494 / Schubert: Sonatas, D 959, 960 / Schumann: Impromptus On A Theme By Clara Wieck / Liszt: Mephisto Waltz / Beethoven: Piano Concerto No. 3 (Historic Recordings From 1948-1952)

Education Of Little Tree (Film Score) 01/13/98

Edwards,Don (My Hero,Gene Autry) 05/19/98

Edwards/Mcghee (Together Again )

Edwin Tobo Group (Live At Embarcadero Cove) 08/21/01

Eek-A-Mouse (Best Of)

Eek-A-Mouse (Eek-A-Nomics) 11/30/01

Eek-A-Mouse (Eeksperience) 08/14/01

Eek-A-Mouse (Michigan Smiley/Su)

Eek-A-Mouse (Mouse-A-Mania) 11/30/01

Eek-A-Mouse (Mouseketeer)

Eek-A-Mouse (Ras Portraits) 06/24/97

Eek-A-Mouse (Skidip )

Eek-A-Mouse (The Mouse The Man)

Eek-A-Mouse (U-Neek)

Eek-A-Mouse (Wa-Do-Dem)

Een Nieuw Begin

Ef You En Kay E

Efectivos Del Norte (La Usurpadora) 10/13/99


Efren David (Corazon Destrozado) 03/28/00

Egerland Brass Orchestra (German Golden Melodie) 01/02/02

Eggs (How Do You Like Your Lobster)

Ego Esena Agapo/I Megales


Egschiglen (Zazal) 04/01/02


Ehrlich's Travelers Tales (Malinke's Dance) 05/11/00

Eidolon (Eidolon) 02/27/02

Eidolon (Sanctuary) 04/25/97

Eidolon (Simpler Time) 02/27/02

Eiffel Tower (Eiffel Tower) 03/28/02


Eight Days Of Chanukah

Eight Lamas From Drepung (Tibetan Sacred Temple) 10/18/99

Eightball ( Almost Famous) 11/20/01

Eightball (Almost Famous) 11/20/01

Eightball (Presents The Slab) 04/24/01

Eightball Mjg ( Space Age 4 Eva) 11/21/00

Eightball Mjg ((Screwed) Space Age 4 Eva) 09/11/01

Eightball Mjg (Comin' Out Hard) 10/14/97

Eightball Mjg (Lyrics Of A Pimp) 12/02/97

Eightball Mjg (Memphis Under World) 02/22/00

Eightball Mjg (On The Outside Looking In) 10/14/97

Eightball Mjg (Space Age 4 Eva) 11/21/00

Eighteen Bullets

Eighteen Inches Of Rain

Eighteen Stories Down

Eine Handvoll Zaertlichke

Eine Kleine Rockmusik

Eine Weihnachtsmusik

Einhorn (Voices Of Light)

Einstein's Brain

Einsturzende Neubauten (2/Strategies Against Architect)

Einzelkaempfer (Lone Warrior)

Eisbrecher (1986) [Vinyl Lp] [Vinyl] Nena

Eisheilig (Eisheilig) 07/31/01

Eiskalte Liebe

Eisler (Deutsche Sinfonie/Zagrose)

Eisler (Die Mutter/Fasolis) 06/02/00

Ek Trip 2

Ekstreme (Internal Vs. Eksternal) 11/13/01

El 7 Niteclub

El Amor Supremo

El Avram Group (Israeli Popular Hits) 02/14/96

El Bad (Bad Motherf Cker) 06/17/96

El Bad (Trick Or Treat) 08/19/97

El Baile Del Esqueleto

El Binomio De Oro De America"dificil De Igualar"

El Borrego Cacheton

El Caballero Del Vallenato

El Camino

El Cejas (Guerrerense Hasta El Tope) Ar-146

El Cejas (Tu Lo Quisiste) Ar-148

El Cejas Y Su Banda Fuego (Carino Nuevo) 110

El Cheque Gonzales Y Sus Invit

El Cid

El Cid

El Cid

El Cid (Film Sndtrk) 02/12/96

El Concierto Cd +

El Condor Pasa (Spirit Of The Incas) 05/15/00

El Consentido De Sinaloa (El Enfermo) 12/07/00

El Corazon Decide

El Corrido De La Muerta

El Cuarteto De La Ochava (Tangos De La Guardia) 06/19/00

El Cuco En Vivo

El Disco De Oro

El Disco De Oro De

El Dog Hoggs (Thankin' Mo) 12/25/01

El Dolor Del Pueblo

El Dorados (At My Front Door...) 10/17/00

El El Baile

El Embajador De La Cumbia

El Evangelio Segun Sanjuan (Con Fondo Musical D) 01/26/98

El Fonografo Vol. 1

El Fudge (Chronic Irresponsibility) 11/13/01

El Fuego De La Noche

El Gallo De Sinaloa

El Gant ( It's Over) 09/18/01

El Gant (It's Over) 09/18/01

El Gato's Rhythm Orch. (Cha Cha)

El Gaucho Martin Fierro

El Gooool

El Grupo Libra (Brindemos Juntos)

El Halcon De La Sierra Corrido Del 8

El Legado De Judas

El Lilady [Audio Cd] Amr Diab

El Lobo (Y Sus Corridos Pesados) 12/07/00

El Loco

El Maestro

El Maestro

El Mambo De Lima

El Mundo

El Narquillo "Homenaje A Saul Viera"

El Nino

El Nino (El Nino) 01/23/97

El Ochito

El Parrandero Del Valle

El Principe Del Timbal

El Puma De Sinaloa (Audio Cd)

El Puma De Sinaloa (Entre Pase Y Pase) Con Banda

El Puma De Sinaloa (Pobrecita De Mi Madre)

El Quinteto Buenos Aires (Symphonic Tango)

El Recado

El Regreso Del Sobreviviente

El Rey

El Rey

El Rey

El Rey

El Rey De Country

El Rey Del Compas

El Rey Del Universo

El Rey Y La Reina De La Salsa

El Ritmo Latino 2

El Rojo

El Sabor

El Sacrificio

El Salon Mexico / Dances / Rodeo Movements

El Salvador Musica Y Ritmos

El Secreto Callado

El Son Es Cuba (World Musis Cuba)

El Son No Ha Muerto (The Best Of Cuban Son) 03/06/01

El Telecable

El Ten Eleven

El Tucansillo "La Troka Guinda"

El Viejo Joven

El Zorzal

Elaine Lucia Sings Jazz And Other Things Raw Records Port Townsend Washington

Elaine Paige And Friends

Elastica (The Menace) 08/22/00


Elderberry Jak (Long Overdue) 09/07/01

Eldridge,Roy (Gillespie,Terry/Montreaux)


Electra Rising


Electrasy (In Here We Fall) 09/26/00

Electric Ascension

Electric Ave

Electric Body Music - Another World - Part 3

Electric Brass

Electric Cafe

Electric Flag (Long Time Comin')

Electric Food + Flash (Two On One)

Electric Forest

Electric Frankenstein (Conquers The World) 03/25/96

Electric Frankenstein (Sick Songs) 06/03/97

Electric Frankenstein (The Dawn Of Electric Fra) 08/01/00

Electric Frankenstein (Time Is Now) 04/17/00

Electric Fuzz (Rock N Roll From Hot Fudge) 07/23/96

Electric Jewels

Electric Love

Electric Love Hogs

Electric Manor:A Sunburn Comp. (Var:Alternative) 04/28/98

Electric Music For The Mind And Body

Electric Playground

Electric Poems

Electric Prunes (Lost Dreams) 02/13/01

Electric Punishment

Electric Sandwich

Electric Sandwich

Electric Summer (Love Me Destroyer) 11/14/00

Electric Summer (Shock) 11/14/00

Electric Wonderland


Electrique Plummagram

Electro-Fiction (Les Belles Promesses Alectroniques)

Electro-Organic 1


Electromagnets (Electromagnets) 08/18/98

Electronfarm Records Cd A Heartbeat Away

Electronic (Electronic)

Electronic (Raise The Pressure) 07/09/96

Electronic (Twisted Tenderness) 09/12/00

Electronic (Twisted Tenderness-Deluxe) 10/09/01

Electronic Atmospheres

Electronic Chillage (Global Trance Excursions) 07/03/01

Electronic Earth

Electronic Journey

Electronic Music Center (1961-1973) 03/01/00

Electronic Pop Music Created By Dumdumboys

Electronic Stimulus

Electronica (Rave 2001) 08/05/97

Electronics Collectible Acceptable

Elefant Dosmiluna


Elegance Of Hammered Dulcimer

Elegantly Wasted

Elegants (Best Of)


Elegy (Forbidden Fruit) 10/31/00

Elegy (Manifestation Of Fear) 10/20/98


Element (Underestimated) 03/19/02



Elemental 1 & 2

Elementary Doc Watson


Elemphonic Feel

Elephant Stone


Elevation Theory

Elevator Music 1

Elevator Through (Vague Premonition) 04/20/99

Elevator To Hell (Eerieconsiliation) 09/09/97

Elevator To Hell (Parts 1-3) 08/06/96

Eleven 25 (She Said) 07/05/01

Eleven Hundred Springs (No Stranger To The Blue) 05/09/00

Eleven Hundred Springs (Welcome To...) 05/04/99

Eleven Songs

Eleventh Hour

Eleventh House (W/Larry Coryell)

Eleventh Story

Elf (Elf)


Elgar (2/Rediscovered Works For Violin) 05/02/02

Elgar (Britten/Serenades For St) 11/05/01

Elgar (Caractacus/Severn Ste./Hickox) 02/12/96

Elgar (Cello Cto.)

Elgar (Cello Cto./Royal Philharmonic) 03/04/99

Elgar (Complete Symphonies/Previ) 09/09/96

Elgar (Delius/Violin Concerto) 01/03/01

Elgar (English String Music/Wordsworth) 10/21/99

Elgar (Enigma Var/Barenboim)

Elgar (Enigma Variations)

Elgar (Enigma Variations) 01/03/01

Elgar (Enigma Variations/Davis)

Elgar (Enigma Variations/Solti) 09/10/97

Elgar (Pomp And Circumstance/Royal Philharmonic) 03/04/99

Elgar (Rediscovered Works For Violin) 04/30/02

Elgar (Sospiri-Music For Vln. Pno./Mordkovitc) 04/09/98

Elgar (Str.4tet/Brown) 02/27/01

Elgar (Sym.1/Barenboim)

Elgar (Sym.1/Davis)

Elgar (Sym.1/Zinman)

Elgar (Sym.No.2/Boult) 06/05/01

Elgar (The Light Of Life/Groves) 03/20/01

Elgar (Vln.Cto./Kennedy/Hadley)

Elgar Symphony No. 3 Audio Cd

Elida Y Avante (Atrevete) 03/02/01

Eligh (As They Pass) 08/16/00

Elis & Tom

Elisir D'amore

Elixir (Hegalien Zone) 10/09/00

Eliza (That's What She Said) 08/03/99

Elk City (Hold Tight The Ropes) 05/07/02

Elk City (The Sea Is Fierce) 10/23/01

Elktro Uk

Ella & Louis [Blu-Ray Audio]

Ella Fitzgerald Sings The Jerome Kern Songbook

Ella Fitzgerald's Christmas

Ella Sings And Chick Swings

Elle Vol.1

Ellingotn,Duke (Black,Brown Beige) 04/27/99

Ellington '87

Ellington (Suite From The River'/Jarvi) 03/22/01

Ellington,Duke (Live In Hamilton,Ontario Canada) 07/20/99

Ellington,Duke (Pass,Brown,Bellson/Big Four)

Ellington,Duke (Roach,Mingus/Money J)

Ellington,Duke (The Blue Note,New York City) 06/27/95


Ellinika Emvatiria & Ethnikos Ymno

Elliot (U.S.Songs) 07/14/98

Elliot Luv Blaque

Elliott (False Cathedrals) 08/22/00

Elliott Ness (Yellow Tape Syndrome) 12/25/02

Ellipse (2 Disc Immi's Favourite Edition)

Ellis,Herb (Pass/Seven,Come Elev) 10/14/97

Ellison (Ellison) 02/29/00

Ellos Son Salsa


Elmer Friends (The Adventures Of Elmer Frie) 11/09/98

Elmer Iseler Singers Cbc Vancouver Orchestra (Choral Works)

Elmo's Favorite Sing-Alongs

Elo 2


Elsa Mira (Elsa Mira) 01/22/02

Elton John

Elton John & Billy Piano Tributes By Avalon Artists

Elton John I Want Love Mexican Limited Edition Special Cd

Elton John/Captain Fantastic And The Brown Dirt Cowboy

Elvira Presents (Haunted Hits)

Elvira Presents (Monster Hits)

Elvira Presents (Revenge Of The Monster Hits) 08/29/95



Elvis Is Back In Memphis

Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley - The First Recordings - Audio Cd

Elvis Presley AUTUMN GOLD 2-CD 1974 44 Tracks Audionics Soundboard!

Elvis Presley Backstage With Elvis Cd Import

Elvis Presley FILL ME WITH LOVE Import CD in Round Tin Can

Elvis Presley Good Times Never Seemed So Good Cd Captain Marvel Jr.

Elvis Presley Grandes Exitos Vol. 2 Rock And Roll Cd Venezuela Import

Elvis Presley Las Vegas Hilton Hotel 8/19/1974 Cd Snowball Import

Elvis Presleys First Session

Elvis THE KING HOLDS COURT 3-CD Digipak Las Vegas 8/28-8/29/1973 Straight Arrow

Elvis- Nbc Tv Comeback Special (180 Gram Audiophlile Vinyl/Limited Anniversary Edition/Gatefold Cover)

Elysian Field (Elysian Field) 02/15/00

Elysian Vibes 2

Elysian Vibes 4

Elyssia Marie (Ha Nacido Un Angel) 11/13/97

Em Sinfonia (In Mourning's Symphony) 05/16/00

Emanon (Anon On) 05/14/02

Emarcy Master Takes


Embers (Let's Have A Party) 05/13/96

Embrace Rapture in Digust

Embrace Yourself

Embracing The Light

Embrooks (Our New Day) 06/06/00


Emeralds (Polka's Greatest Hits) 03/28/95

Emergency Broadcast Network (Telecomunication Breakdown) 08/08/95

Emergency Love

Emergency On Planet Earth

Emergency Response

Emerson Drive Countrified Cd

Emerson Lake & Palmer

Emerson String Quartet (The Haydn Project) 08/23/01

Emerson String Quartet David Shifrin (Mozart) 04/07/99

Emerson Taylor (Appaloosa) 03/13/98

Emerson,Lake Palmer (Emerson,Lake Palmer) 05/21/96

Emerson,Lake Palmer (Works,Live) 05/21/96

Emerson,Lake Palmer (Works,Vol. 01) 05/21/96

Emerson,Lake Palmer (Works,Vol. 2) 05/21/96

Emerson,Lake Powell (Emerson,Lake Powell)

Emerson/Goble (Webco Classic Series) 06/30/97

Emf (Schubert Dip) 10/17/96

Emigrantes De La Cumbia (Grandes Cumbias Sonide) 11/29/00

Emigrantes Del Norte (No Me Vuelvo A Enamorar) 08/21/01

Emiliano Y Liborio

Emilie Jolie

Emisarios Del Norte (Vida Mia) 07/22/97

Emmanuel (Edicion Limitada) 04/16/02

Emmanuel (En La Intimidad) 09/19/00

Emmanuel (Intimamente)

Emmanuel (Sacred Place) 12/09/98

Emmanuel/Soraya (Perfiles) 09/11/01

Emmerich Kalman: Die Csardasfurstin (The Gypsy Princess): (Anneliese Rothenberger, Nicolai Gedda, Ol

Emmet Otter's Jug-Band Christmas

Emmet Swimming (Big Night Without You) 06/16/98

Emmones Idees

Emo Diaries (4/An Ocean Of Doubt) 10/26/99

Emo Diaries (6/The Silence In My Heart) 07/24/01

Emo Diaries (7/Me Against The World) 03/01/02

Emo Diaries:Moment Of Truth (Var:Alt/Rock) 02/23/99


Emociones Vallenatas (Vol.3)


Emotional Drift

Emotional Hooligan

Emotional Kids Play Alone



Emotions (Chronicle) 12/14/01

Emotions (Love Songs) 04/06/99

Emotions (Rejoice)

Emotions (So I Can Love You/Untouched) 02/27/96

Emotions (Sunshine) 12/13/94

Emotions (The Emotions) 01/17/02


Emperor Penguin (Extreme Gaming)

Emperors Of Swing (Cuddle Up With Jazz) 06/05/01

Emphasizing Function Over Design


Empire Brass (Bach Festival)

Empire Brass (Braggin' In Brass)

Empire Brass (King's Court Celtic Fai) 03/29/96

Empire Brass (On Broadway)

Empire Brass (On The Edge)

Empire Brass (Passage)

Empire Brass (Royal Brass)

Empire Brass (West Side Story)

Empire Of The Senseless

Empire Of The Sun (Film Sndtrk)

Empire Of The Undead

Empire State (Empire State) 01/02/01

Empire Strikes Back (Film Sndtrk) 01/28/97

Empire Strikes Back (Film Sndtrk) 07/23/97

Empire Town



Emprendiendo El Vuelo

Empresarios (Dos Caras) 08/03/99

Empresarios (Un Tonto Mas) 06/17/98

Empty Nights

Empty Room

Empyre & Fall

En Buena Compania

En Concert

En Concierto

En Concierto

En Concierto 1

En Concierto 2

En El 78

En El 79

En El Camino

En Esch (Cheeesy)

En Extasis

En Grande

En Mode Dance Floor

En Public

En Que Mi Pueblo Atesora

En Ruta Al ...2000

En Su Epoca Dorada

En Todos Los Sentidos

En Tus Manos

En Un Salon De La Habana (Habaneras Y Contradan) 10/20/00

En Vino

En Vivo

En Vivo

En Vivo

En Vivo

En Vivo

En Vivo

En Vivo Con La Plebada (Cd/ )

En Vivo Desde El Auditorio Nacional

En Vivo Desde La Habana

En Vivo Desde La Habana

En Vivo Radio Progreso 1955

En Vivo Y Algo Mas

En Vogue (Ev3) 06/17/97

En Vogue (Funky Divas)

En Vogue (Masterpiece Theatre) 05/23/00

En Vogue (Riddle) 07/25/00

En Vogue (Runaway Love)

En Vogue (The Best Of) 06/01/99

En Vogue (The Very Best Of) 08/21/01

En Yay Sah

Ena Psema Gia To Telos



Enamorado (Ay Mi Corazon) 09/19/00

Enamorate (2/De Mi) 01/15/02

Enamorate (De Mi) 01/15/02

Enanitos Verdes (Edicion Limitada) 04/16/02

Enanitos Verdes (Solo Para Fanaticos) 05/01/01

Encadenado (Aceleras Mi Corazon) 01/26/99

Encantamento (Brazilian Guitar Quartet) 11/09/01

Enchanette (Can You Feel Me ) 05/30/00

Enchant (Blueprint Of The World)

Enchant (Wounded) 05/20/97


Enchanted Way

Enchanting Christmas

Enchantment (Golden Classics)


Encontro De Solistas



Encore (A Perfect Blend) 05/22/01

Encore (Art Of Vivaldi)

Encore An Hour With Cantilena Audio Cd


Encores Buddy Clark

Encores:Best Of/Pops (Var:Symph.Orch.) 06/26/00


Encounters (Ambassadors Of Acappella) 05/08/01

Encounters Erotica

Encounters With The Fourth World

Encuentros Musicales Del 2000

Encuentros Musicales Del 2000


End (Prepare) 10/23/01

End Of All You Know

End Of Amnesia

End Of An Era

End Of Bliss

End Of History

End Of Silence

End Of The Age

End Time Gospel*vol. 2

Endanger (Motion) 08/01/00

Endangered Music Project (Music For The Gods)


Endiaferome Gia Sena

Ending The Beginning

Endless Beginnings

Endless Falls

Endless Love (Film Sndtrk) 06/23/98

Endless Seasons

Endless Sky

Endless Sorrow

Endless Summer (2/Sndtrk)



Endurance (Film Sndtrk) 04/13/99

Enduring Pride

Enemies & Allies

Enemy Hogs

Energetic Disassembly

Energia Nortena (Antes De Que Te Vayas) 05/04/01

Energia Nortena (Recordando A Jose Alfredo) 05/07/01


Energy Club Classics (Various) 09/24/96

Energy Radio Broadcast

Energy Rush 2

Enesco (Roumanian Rhapsody)

Enesco (Works For Cello And Orch.) 04/17/01

Enescu (Sym.#2,Op.17/Romanian Rhapsody #2,Op.11) 05/27/97

Enescu (Sym.No.3/Rozhdestvensky) 06/11/98

Enfermo De Amor

Enfurecido (Pegado) 05/08/01



Engine Kid (Angel Wings)

Engine Of A Million Plots

England Dan John Ford Coley (The Very Best Of) 11/19/96

England's Greatest Hits (Various) 02/21/97

English Channel

English Lute Songs And Six In Nomines

English Rebel Songs 1381-1914

English Rose

English Settlement

English Violin Sonatas

Englishmen (Summer Is Here)


Enigma (Mcmxc A.D.)

Enigma (Original Motion Picture Sndtrk/Barry) 04/16/02

Enigma Variations

Enigma Variations Introduction & Allegro

Enjoy Yourself

Enkindel (Buzzclip) 06/30/98

Enkindel (Some Assembly Required) 05/13/96

Enkindel (Who Here Wants To Fight) 01/13/98

Enkindels (Can't Stop The Enkindels) 06/08/00

Ennio Morricone Deluxe

Enoch Project

Enon (Believo ) 03/14/00


Enough Is Enough

Enredado En Tu Piel

Enrico Pieranunzi Plays Domenico Scarlatti

Enrique Guzman "Lo Esencial 3 Cd's + "


Ensemble Abstract (Stendhal's Syndrome) 11/06/01

Ensemble For Early Music (Mass For The Millenni) 09/21/00

Ensemble Mystical

Ensemble P.A.N. (Angeli) 05/23/96

Ensemble P.A.N. (Remede De Fortune) 03/02/98

Ensemble Wien (2/The Waltz Kings) 06/27/00

Ensueno Tropical (Haberte Conocido) 09/25/01

Entalma Syllipseos

Enter Into Lifes New World

Enter The Hot Dream

Enter The Now

Enter The Scorpion

Enter the We Tang

Entering The Woods Of Enchantment


Entertainer (Music Of S.Joplin/Va)



Enthiran The Robot

Enthorne, Darkness, Triumphant +Bonus

Entire Works For Organ

Entombed (Morning Star) 01/22/02

Entombed (Same Difference) 09/07/99

Entrance/Edgar Winter's White Trash

Entre Deux Mondes

Entre Quebradita (Y Taconazo)

Entre Sombras

Entre Sombras Y Risas

Entremont (Fantasia's Greatest Hits) 02/21/97

Entren Los Que Quieran



Enya (A Day Without Rain) 11/21/00

Enya (A Tribute To) 10/26/01

Enya (Paint The Sky With Stars) 11/11/97

Enya (Shepherd Moons)

Enya (The Celts) 03/14/95

Enya (The Memory Of Trees) 12/05/95

Enya (Watermark)

Enzo (Enzo) 09/18/01









Ep + 6

Ep 2

Ep From The Underclass

Ep-Lp [Vinyl]




Epicycle (Orange) 04/09/98

Epidemic (Epidemic) 06/25/02

Epikindina Pechnidia

Epikindyna Pechnidia


Epiphany [Deluxe Edition][Cd/ ]

Epitaph (Epitaph) 11/14/95


Epmd (Strictly Business)

Epmd (Unfinished Business)


Epoca Azul (25 Mejores Artistas)

Epoca Azul (Vol.2/20 Exitos)

Epoca Azul (Vol.3/20 Exitos)

Epoca D'oro (Cha-Cha-Cha)

Epoca D'oro De (Los Trios Vol.1)

Epoca D'oro De (Los Trios Vol.2)

Epoca D'oro De (Los Trios Vol.4)

Epoca D'oro De (Los Trios Vol.5)

Epoca D'oro De (Los Trios Vol.6)

Epoca D'oro De (Los Trios Vol.8)

Epoca D'oro De (Los Trios Vol.9)

Epoca De Oro (De La Musica Cubana)

Epoca De Oro (Del Cha Cha Cha) 09/18/01

Epoca De Oro (Del Cha Cha Cha) 10/24/95

Epoca De Oro De Mexico

Epoxies (Epoxies) 03/11/02

Epperley (Epperley) 02/13/96

Epperley (Sophomore Slump) 02/16/99

Epstein's Mother (Subtle) 12/01/00



Equal Interest (Equal Interest) 12/08/99

Equation Of Love

Equations Of Eternity (2/Veve) 08/25/98



Equinox Lp



Era Extrana

Era Extrana


Erase Errata (Other Animals) 10/02/01

Erasure (Abba-Esque (Ep))

Erasure (Chorus)

Erasure (Circus)

Erasure (Cowboy) 07/25/97

Erasure (Crackers International)

Erasure (Erasure) 10/24/95

Erasure (I Say I Say I Say)

Erasure (Pop The First 20 Hits)

Erasure (The Innocents)

Erasure (Two Ring Circus)

Erasure (Wild )

Erasure (Wonderland)

Erector Set


Erevan/Arenian Music Ensemble (My Heart For You) 07/16/01

Eric B Rakim (Let The Rhythm Hit Em)

Eric Clapton & Friends

Eric Milano

Eric's Trip (Forever Again)

Eric's Trip (Love Tara)

Eric's Trip (Purple Blue) 01/16/96

Erick (Exitos De..) 09/29/98

Erick Santana

Erik Antonio

Erimi Poli

Erin The Beast Player 2


Erlkonig (Art Of The Lied/Norman) 07/10/00


Ernies (Meson Ray) 04/20/99

Ero Kawa Trance

Erobique (Discodebut) 07/31/01

Erotas [Boxed-Set 8cd + Book]


Erroll Garner - Afternoon Of An Elf - Complete Recordings (+Solitaire & Errol)

Errortype (2/Amplified To Rock) 02/01/00

Errortype:11 (Errortype:11) 06/02/98

Erskine,Peter (Alan Pasqua,Dave Carpenter/Live) 06/15/00



Eruption (2/Van Halen Dance Medley) 08/08/00

Es Amor

Es Gibt Ein Zweites Leben [Single-Cd]

Es Is Wie's Is


Escandalo (Me Haces Falta Corazon) 10/16/00

Escape Into The Sun

Escape To Venice


Esco Di Rado E Parlo Ancora Meno

Escola Do Samba (Batucada Brasileira) 06/19/00

Escolas De Samba (Mardi Gras In New Orleans) 05/15/00

Escorpion (Arrasando) 10/16/01

Escorpiones De Santiago Iii (El Cubano) 06/03/97

Escorts (3 Down 4 To Go)

Escorts (All We Need Is Another)

Esculator Music

Ese Lil' (Joker) 12/19/00

Ese Rich-Roc (The F.L.Y.) 10/14/97

Ese's Screwed Up

Esena agapisa

Esham (1/Bootleg (From The Lost Vault)) 03/28/00

Esham (1/Judgement Day) 12/15/98

Esham (2/Judgement Day) 12/15/98

Esham (Boomin Words From Hell) 12/15/98

Esham (Bruce Wayne-Gotham City 1987) 12/15/98

Esham (Closed Casket)

Esham (Dead Flowerz) 12/15/98

Esham (Detroit Dogsh T) 12/15/98

Esham (Homey Don't Play ) 12/15/98

Esham (Kkkill The Fetus) 12/15/98

Esham (Maggot Brain Theory) 12/15/98

Esham (Mail Dominance) 03/09/99

Esham (Tongues) 06/19/01

Esis I Apexo

Esos Ojos


Espana (Chabrier/Argenta) 08/06/99

Espana (Grandes Exitos) 05/14/99

Espana (Spain/20 Exitos)

Espana En Una Guitarra (30 Exitos) 08/22/00

Espanolisimos (Mi Madre Me Las Canto) 07/31/01

Espanto (One Of Many Cowboys) 02/13/01


Esperados De La Sierra (2/Corridos Cabrones) 02/13/01

Esperados De La Sierra (Corridos Cabrones) 07/12/00

Esperanza (X4)


Espiritu Libre (12 Exitos Romanticos Con..) 09/28/98

Espiritu Libre (16 Exitos Bailables) 09/28/98

Espiritu Libre (Generacion Xx) 08/14/98

Espuela Dorada (Su Alteza) 12/29/98

Espuma (Planet X) 02/07/00

Esquerita (Beleive Me When I Say/Rock Roll Is H) 03/24/98


Esquire Jazz Concert, Metropolitan Opera House, 1944

Esquires (Get On Up)

Esquizitos (Los Esquizitos) 08/02/00

Essentail Selection Presents The Clubber's Bible Winter 2003








Essential (Tin Box)

Essential 3.0

Essential 80's (1980-84) 02/24/98

Essential 80's (1985-89) 02/24/98

Essential Best

Essential Best Ogawa Tomoko

Essential Chick Bullock 1932-1941

Essential Collection

Essential Collection

Essential Collection (Double)

Essential Dr Hook & The Medicine Show

Essential Dylan

Essential Jazz Festival Concert

Essential Mozart

Essential Satchmo

Essential Selection Presents The Clubber's Bible Ii The Second Coming

Essential Tracks

Essential Ufo


Essex Green (Everything Is Green) 12/18/01

Esta Con

Esta Es Mi Vida Sesiones

Esta Es Sonia

Esta Noche (Cumbia) 07/24/01

Esta Salsa Si Que Esta Buena

Esta Si Es Banda

Estallido Norteno (Al Natural) 03/09/99

Estallido Norteno (Mas Fuerte Que El Amor) 09/11/00

Estamos Unidos Latinos

Estampas (Cubanas) 06/26/01

Estas AquA

Este Fue Mi Adios

Este Mundo

Esteban (Pasion) 02/27/98

Estefan (Full Force) 08/08/96

Estelares De La Salsa 2

Esthero (Breath From Another) 04/28/98

Estilo (La Formula) 03/18/02

Estivaliz (Como Yo Te Amo) 03/06/00

Estivaliz (Querida Socia) 09/28/99

Esto Es + Vida (Cd/ Special Edition)

Esto Si Es (2/Para Bailar Mix) 11/16/99

Esto Si Es (Para Bailar Mix) 11/11/99

Estonian Funk

Estoy Aqui

Estrada Brothers (Get Out Of My Way) 10/11/96

Estrella (Too Hot To Handle)

Estrella Colombiana (El Vuelo De La Estrella) 08/04/00

Estrella Colombiana (La Motoneta) 02/02/01

Estrella Colombiana (Muevelo) 01/04/00

Estrella D'cuba

Estrellas (De Espana) 04/16/02

Estrellas (Del Norte) 09/01/98

Estrellas Colombianas (De Colombia Para Mexico) 09/09/98

Estrellas De La (3/Sonora Matancera) 05/12/98

Estrellas De Piedras Negras (El Vals De Las Mariposas) 04/29/96

Estrellas Vallenatas (Duenos De La Noche) 06/25/99

Estruendo (Tba) 08/15/00

Estudio Directo

Et La Plus Belle Histoire Du Monde

Eternal (We Gotta Ball) 02/13/01

Eternal Affairs

Eternal Combustion

Eternal Dance

Eternal Death

Eternal Defiance

Eternal Elysium (Share) 02/25/02

Eternal Elysium (Spiritualized D) 04/18/00

Eternal Idol

Eternal Journey (Music From Tibet (2cd)) 07/11/00

Eternal Nightcap [Vinyl]

Eternal Surf

Eternal White

Eternal Wind (Wasalu)

Eternal Youth

Eternamente (Romanticas)

Eternamente Bella