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Unknown or Missing H

A Hangover You Don't Deserve

A Hard Day's Night [Cd/T-Shirt]

A Hard Day's Night [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] (The U.S. Album)

A Harmonia Do Feng Shui

A Historical Debt

An Hour With

An Hour With



H & R Congress Cracked Ice.

H'art Song

H-Bomb (Narcissism) 10/13/98

H-Foundation (2/Nite Life) 12/06/00

H-Town (Beggin' After Dark) 03/02/00

H-Town (Fever For Da Flavor) 03/08/96

H-Town Underworld (Sndtrk) 06/25/02


H.A.A.R.P. Tour-Live From Wembley

H.A.W.K. ((Screwed)4/Under H.A.W.K.'S Wings) 12/25/02


H.D.Q. (You Suck ) 08/10/99

H.E.A.D. (97 98) 10/06/98

H.N.I.C. : Prodigy Of Mobb Deep [Audio Cd] Prodigy (Rap)


H.P. Zinker (Staying Loose-A Compilation) 06/13/97

H.P.Lovecraft (Live Fillmore '68) 04/29/97

H20 (You Can Run...) 06/29/99



H2o (F.T.T.W.) 05/18/99

H2o (Thicker Than Water) 10/07/97


Ha Ha Ha

Haas (Sarlatan/Yinon) 07/13/99



Habanero (Vol.3)


Habitame Siempre Edicion Especial Cd+

Hacienda (Video Jukebox) 05/04/99

Hackberry Ramblers (Deep Water) 08/20/01

Hackberry Ramblers (Jolie Blonde)

Haco (Haco) 04/16/98

Had Enough

Haden/Motian/Allen (Etudes) 02/07/97

Haden/Redman (Old And New Dreams) 02/04/97

Hadley Hampson (Operatic Duets/Rizzi)

Hae (Island) 09/12/00


Hag Leaps In

Hagerstown Md Hip-Hop 1

Hagfish (...Rocks Your Lame A ) 06/27/95

Haggard,Merle (Same Train, Different Tim) 07/02/98


Hail the Apocalyse

Hail To Thief


Hair (Deluxe Edition) (1968 Original Broadway Cast And 1967 Off-Broadway Cast)

Hair (Highlights) 10/11/00

Hair (Orig.Brdwy.) 04/28/98

Hairspray (Sndtrk) 10/15/01

Hairyapesbmx (Expatriape) 03/21/00

Hairyapesbmx (Out Demons) 01/23/01

Haissmavourk Choir (1/Music Of Armenia) 08/06/97

Hajimeno Ippo New Challenger Ost

Hakan (Music Of Kurdistan) 11/16/99

Hakan Tuna Karanlikta Gunes Music Compact Disc Cd

Hakuoki Reimeirokucharacter Cd Bakumatsu Akatsuki Sho Saito Hajime. Todo Heisuke

Hal Al Shedad

Halaczinsky (Six Small Pieces/Ketzer) 08/09/00

Halcon De La Sierra (La Chupa Rosa) 05/22/01

Halcon De La Sierra (Me Gusta Tener De A Dos) 09/12/00

Halcon De La Sierra (Tus Lindos Ojitos) 11/13/01

Halcon De La Sierra En Vivo

Halcones De China (Mi Vaquerita) 09/25/01

Halcones De China (Por Tratar Una Casada) 09/25/01

Halcones De China (Puros Corridos) 09/25/01

Halcones De Salitrillo (De Un Rancho A Otro) 10/09/01

Halcones De Salitrillo (Exitos) 11/30/00

Halcones De San Luis (Puro San Luis Potosi) 12/07/01

Halcones De San Luis (Rosa Maria Guadalupe) 08/02/01

Half A Klip

Half A Mill (Milion) 05/09/00

Half A Sixpence (Original Broadway Cast Recordi) 06/06/00

Half Cocked (Sell Out) 12/12/00

Half Film (The Road To The Crater) 03/01/00

Half Man Half Amazing

Half Pint (Classics In Dub)

Half Pint (Classics)

Half Pint (Closer To You) 11/15/00

Half Pint (Victory) 11/30/01


Half-Life Generation



Halfbreed (Kontamination) 12/05/00

Halffter (Complete Music For Piano Solo) 01/08/01


Halfway Around The World

Halfway House Orchestra (Recorded In New Orlean) 12/02/99

Halfway To Heaven

Halfway To Honkey Heaven

Halfway To Memphis

Halibuts (Chumming)

Hall Oates (Along The Red Ledge) 08/27/96

Hall Oates (Big Bam Boom) 08/27/96

Hall Oates (Ectasy On The Edge) 10/09/01

Hall Oates (Greatest Hits Live) 11/06/01

Hall Oates (Greatest Hits-Part 1)

Hall Oates (H2o)

Hall Oates (The Arista Heritage Series) 07/27/99

Hall Oates (The Atlantic Collection) 01/23/96

Hall Oates (The Ballads Collection) 08/07/01

Hall Oates (The Very Best Of) 01/23/01

Hall Oates (Voices)

Hall Of Fame

Hall Of Fame (Hall Of Fame) 12/12/00

Hall Of The Mountain King

Hall,Edmond (Ralph Sutton/At Club Hangover,1954) 06/23/98

Halleluja Der Berge


Hallo Hallo

Hallowed Moon

Halloween / Pumpkin Patch / Scream Hour! / Spooky Sounds

Halloween 5

Halloween Horrors ( Sound Effects )

Halloween Horrorscapes

Halloween Ii

Halloween Leaves

Halloween Party Music

Halloween Scary Sounds

Halloween Sound Effects

Halloween Story Of Horror Cd



Halo (Angelic Embrace) 08/17/99

Halo (Angelic Light Sampler) 02/16/99

Halo (Azonic) 10/25/01

Halo (Celestial Song) 08/17/99

Halo (Cherub Divine) 08/17/99

Halo (Heavenly Presence) 08/17/99

Halo (Spirit Of Light (W/Angel Pin)) 11/14/00

Halo (Spirit Of Light) 08/17/99

Halo (Vision Of Angels) 08/17/99

Halo Gen (Halo Gen) 04/18/00

Halos (Golden Classics)

Halou (Wiser) 10/23/01

Halt Dich Janz Fess [Single-Cd]

Hamilton,Scott (Blues,Bop Ballads) 08/03/99

Hamlet (Film Sndtrk) 12/10/96

Hamlet (Music From The Miramax Motion Picture) 05/16/00


Hammer (Funky Headhunter)

Hammerlock (Barefoot Pregnant) 01/29/02

Hammertoes (I Too Have Sinned) 11/16/99


Hamster Theatre (Carnival Detournment) 01/16/01

Hamza El Din (Music Of Nubia)

Hanada Shonen-Shi

Hanayo (Gift) 03/20/01


Hand (Baroque On Street)

Hand In Hand

Hand In Hand (Songs Of Parenting) 05/23/95

Hand Me A Mic

Hand Me Down

Hand-Picked (25 Years Of Bluegrass) 07/23/98

Handel (1/Harpsichord Works/Yates) 09/29/99

Handel (2/Harpsichord Works/Yates) 08/16/01

Handel (25 Favorites) 09/06/01

Handel (3/Classical Masterpieces Of The Millenn) 09/13/99

Handel (7/Best Of Great Composers) 07/18/97

Handel (8 Harpischord Suites)

Handel (Academie Baroque De Montreal/Weimann) 04/30/02

Handel (Agrippina/Gardiner) 03/20/97

Handel (Agrippina/Gardiner) 06/11/98

Handel (Arias/Terfel) 09/10/97

Handel (Ariodante/Minkowski) 07/13/99

Handel (At The Opera/Standage) 03/13/00

Handel (Best Of/Marriner) 03/12/96

Handel (Cantata Da Camera/Jacobs) 07/17/97

Handel (Comp.Wind Sn./St.Martin C)

Handel (Complete Orch.Works/Leppard) 08/15/97

Handel (Complete Wind Sn/Bruggen) 01/02/98

Handel (Con.Grosso/Pommer)

Handel (Concerti Crossi) 07/10/96

Handel (Concerti Grossi Op.6) 03/19/97

Handel (Concerti Grossi/Amati Ensemble) 04/17/01

Handel (Concerti Grossi/Gardiner)

Handel (Concerti Grossi/Oboe Ctos.)

Handel (Concerto Grosso No.6/Standage) 05/12/98

Handel (Coronation Anthems) 07/11/97

Handel (Coronation Anthems/M)

Handel (Coronation Anthems/Pinnoc)

Handel (Cto.1,9,2,10/Stosak) 09/17/99

Handel (Cto.Grossi Op.3/Org.Cto.O)

Handel (Cto.Grossi Op.6 1-4/)

Handel (Cto.Grossi Op.6 5-8/)

Handel (Cto.Grossi Op.6 9-12)

Handel (Cto.Grossi(12))

Handel (Dixit Dominus/Gardiner)

Handel (Dixit Dominus/Gardiner) 11/13/01

Handel (Dixit Dominus/Minkowski) 12/09/99

Handel (Famous Choruses/Harnoncou)

Handel (Fireworks Water Musi)

Handel (George Frideric)

Handel (Grand Cto./Martin Pe)

Handel (Great Messiah Choruses)

Handel (Greatest Hits)

Handel (Hallelujah Choruses/Monterverdi Choir) 12/12/97

Handel (Hallelujah)

Handel (Handel And Babies) 09/13/99

Handel (Handel Festival) 06/26/00

Handel (Harpsichord Stes./Newman) 01/24/97

Handel (Harpsichord Works/Van Asp) 04/15/96

Handel (Hercules/Minkowski (3cd)) 04/02/02

Handel (Israel In Egypt/Bostridge (2cd)) 05/12/00

Handel (Israel In Egypt/Gardiner)

Handel (Israel In Egypt/S.Preston)

Handel (Isreal In Egypt)

Handel (Julius Caesar)

Handel (Julius Caeser/Mark) 09/08/98

Handel (La Resurrezion) 05/10/02

Handel (Lucrezia/Lesne)

Handel (Marian Cantatas Arias/O)

Handel (Messiah Arias And Choruses/Boult) 03/20/01

Handel (Messiah/Bernstein) 02/26/98

Handel (Messiah/Davis) 09/29/98

Handel (Messiah/Frideric (2cd)) 05/26/00

Handel (Messiah/Gale/Lipovsek)

Handel (Messiah/Minkowski (2cd)) 10/09/01

Handel (Messiah/Ohrwall (2cd)) 10/19/00

Handel (Messiah/Sargent) 01/28/97

Handel (Music For Organ/Innocenti) 11/05/99

Handel (Music For The Royal Fireworks/Munchinge) 05/08/01

Handel (Music For The Royal Fireworks/Tafelmusi) 12/16/97

Handel (Music For The Royal)

Handel (Orchestral Works/Pinnock (6cd)) 10/04/99

Handel (Organ Cto.,Op.7,No.2-5/Arp) 04/28/00

Handel (Resurrection/Koopman)

Handel (Riccardo Primo/Rousset) 12/17/96

Handel (Rinaldo/Bartoli) 10/10/00

Handel (Rinaldo/Fisher) 07/24/98

Handel (Rinaldo/J.Malgoire) 01/17/97

Handel (Royal Fireworks/Pinnock)

Handel (Royal Fireworks/Pinnock) 10/03/97

Handel (Samson/Baker/Watts/Tear)

Handel (Samson/Harnoncourt)

Handel (Semele/Burrowes/Kwella/Jones)

Handel (Semele/Nelson)

Handel (Sn. Cto./Rampal)

Handel (Solomon/Gardiner)

Handel (Solomon/Mccreesh) 06/10/99

Handel (Tamerlano/Malgoire) 01/17/97

Handel (The Best Of) 09/06/01

Handel (The Glories Of Handel Opera/Horn) 02/13/01

Handel (The Greatest Hits) 03/20/97

Handel (The Messiah Hlts./Philadelphia Orch.) 06/02/97

Handel (The Rutkowski/Wolfe) 09/08/98

Handel (Theodora/Harnoncourt)

Handel (Theodora/Mccreesh) 08/07/00

Handel (Tra Le Fiamme/The Purcell Quartet) 05/12/98

Handel (Water Music (Complete Ed.)/Gibson) 07/17/01

Handel (Water Music Ste./Boulez)

Handel (Water Music Ste./Pinnock)

Handel (Water Music Suites 1-3/Le)

Handel (Water Music)

Handel (Water Music)

Handel (Water Music)

Handel (Water Music) 03/04/96

Handel (Water Music) 03/19/97

Handel (Water Music/Boulez) 07/31/97

Handel (Water Music/Gardiner) 07/10/01

Handel (Water Music/Hogwood) 09/10/97

Handel (Water Music/Mackerra)

Handel (Water Music/Marriner)

Handel (Water Music/Royal Fireworks/Orpheus)

Handel (Water Music/Tafelmusik/La)

Handel (Xerxes/Bolton (3cd)) 11/08/99

Handel (Xerxes/Malgoire) 01/17/97

Handel's Last Chance (Film Sndtrk) 11/26/96

Handel's Messiah (2 Cd Set) 10/11/96

Handel's Messiah A Soulful Celebration

Handel-Harty (Water Music Suite/Dorati) 04/09/98

Handel:Messiah Highlightsroyal Firewood (Var:Cl) 12/14/01

Handful Of Riffs

Handguns Make The Most Love

Handieman Maurice (Leaf To Enter) 07/20/99

Handing Out Beat Downs

Handle On It



Hands All Over

Hands All Over

Hands Of Time

Handshakes & Casualties

Handsome Boy Modeling School (So...How's Your G) 10/19/99

Handsome Death

Handsome Devil ( Love Kisses From The Undergr) 09/11/01

Handsome Devil (Love Kisses From The Undergro) 09/11/01

Handsome Family (Odessa) 04/24/97

Handsome Family (Through The Trees) 02/17/98

Handsome Family (Twilight) 09/25/01

Handy Little Rig

Hang Em High

Hang It Out To Dry

Hang On Little Tomato

Hang Time

Hang Time

Hang Time

Hang Ups (Second Story) 10/26/99

Hang Ups (So We Go) 04/29/97

Hangdogs (Beware Of Dog) 08/08/00

Hangdogs (East Of Yesterday) 05/18/99

Hangedup (Hangedup) 05/29/01

Hanging From Aldo

Hanging Gardens


Hangman's Hill

Hangmen (Metallic I.O.U.) 09/12/00

Hanna-Barbera (Cartoon Sound Fx)

Hanna-Barbera (Cartoon Sound Fx) 01/18/99

Hanna-Barbera Friends Sing-A-Long!

Hanne Haller, Bernhard Brink, Cindy Berger, Nicole, Ibo..

Hannibal (Sndtrk/Hans Zimmer) 02/06/01

Hanoi Rocks (Two Steps From The Move)

Hans Fagius J.S. Bach The Complete Organ Music Volume 7

Hansel (Ayer Y Hoy) 08/21/01

Hansel And Gretel

Hansel Raul (100 Cubano) 04/18/00

Hansel Raul (25 Years Of Hits) 07/31/01

Hanson (1/Rosenburger/Schwarz) 03/05/98

Hanson (2/Rosenberger/Schwarz) 08/13/98

Hanson (Sym.1 2/Hanson)

Hanson (Sym.2/Slatkin)

Hanson (Sym.3/Hanson)

Hanson Symphony No. 2 & Macdowell Concerto No 2

Hanson, Eternal, Cardigans, No Doubt, Sash!, U2, Blur, Orbital..

Hanuman Chalisa & Hanumad Stotras


Happening for Love


Happily Ever After



Happiness And All The Other Things [15th Anniversary Deluxe Limited Edition]

Happiness Is Toy Shaped



Happy Accidents (Original Motion Picture Sndtrk) 08/21/01

Happy Apple (Body Popping,Moonwalking,Top Rocki) 03/20/01

Happy China (Tibetan Trance) 10/06/98

Happy Christmas Vol 3

Happy Clucking Holidays

Happy Days

Happy Days(Cds)

Happy Family (Happy Family) 03/10/98

Happy Family (Toscco) 05/21/97

Happy Goodman Family (The Reunion)

Happy Hardcore

Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays 3 Dsk Set W/ Cozy Fireplace

Happy Hour

Happy Hour In Deadwood

Happy Louie/His Polka Band (Happy Polkas) 05/24/00

Happy Love Sick

Happy Meals (3/Songs To Run Away From) 03/12/02

Happy Mondays (Double Easy)

Happy Mondays (Live)

Happy Music For Happy..

Happy Nation (R.E.S.P.E.C.T.) 03/13/00

Happy Recordings (1/New York Columbia Recording) 06/15/00

Happy Sad Drunk

Happy The Man (3rd/Better Late) 03/10/98

Happy The Man (Beginnings) 03/10/98

Happy The Man (Crafty Hands) 02/07/00

Happy The Man (Death's Crown) 01/26/99

Happy The Man (Happy The Man) 02/07/00

Happy The Man (Holographic Tapestries) 09/12/00

Happy The Man (Labyrinth) 09/12/00

Happy The Man (Live) 06/06/97

Happy The Man (Sunstruck) 09/12/00

Happy Time (Cast Recording)

Happy Tongue

Happy Trails (Various)

Haragan (Para Mis Valedores) 04/18/00

Haragan (Rock Que Se Comparte) 10/03/00

Harajuku (Just One Look)

Haramata [Import]

Harawi (Songs Of Love Death/Constable) 12/04/98

Harbison (At First Light/Yoo) 10/13/98

Hard Attack/ Dust

Hard Beat 3th Compilation

Hard Candy

Hard Core Dance Remix Hindi Cd

Hard Dance Awards 2012

Hard Days Gone

Hard Heart Singin'

Hard House Grooves 7 Cd

Hard Life Hard Times

Hard Life Rockin Chair

Hard Night

Hard On The Grind

Hard Road

Hard Rock Cafe (Classic Rock) 08/19/97

Hard Rock Cafe (Great Balls Of Fire) 06/15/99

Hard Rock Cafe (Heavy Metal) 04/21/98

Hard Rock Cafe (Modern Blues) 10/27/98

Hard Rock Cafe (New Wave) 08/19/97

Hard Rock Cafe (Party Rock) 10/27/98

Hard Rock Cafe (Rockin' Down The Highway) 06/15/99

Hard Rock Cafe (Surf) 04/21/98

Hard Rubber Orchestra (Cruel Yet Fair) 06/10/98

Hard Stance (Hard Stance) 04/24/97

HARD STEP JUNGLE + bonus CD-Single

Hard Times And Nursery Rhymes

Hard Times In An Age Of Quarrel

Hard To Be A Rock'n Roller

Hard To Smile

Hard Wax (1/Progressive) 01/14/00

Hard Way

Hard-Bop Saxophone Quartet (Don't Step On Your) 11/18/99

Hard-Ons (Love Is A Battlefield) 04/16/97

Hardcastle 1


Hardcore Roots

Hardcore Top 100 2014

Harden/Flanagan/Coltrane (Mainstream 1958) 03/27/00


Hardhouse Bangers

Hardhouse Punch


Hardknox (Hardknox) 09/28/99


Hariharan (My Favorite Hits) 05/14/97

Hariprasad (Venu)

Harlem Gospel Singers (The Harlem Gospel Singer) 09/28/99

Harlem N.Y. (1/Ballad Era)

Harlem N.Y. (1/Doo-Wop Era)

Harlem N.Y. (2/Ballad Era)

Harlem N.Y. (2/Doo-Wop Era)

Harlem Yu Most Familiar(1cd+1vcd)

Harlem's Manhattan

Harley & Rose Cd

Harmenion Singers (Where Home Life Is) 07/21/97

Harmless (Protect Us From Evil) 04/25/97

Harmolodic Guitar With Strings

Harmonia 76 (Tracks Traces) 11/04/97

Harmonic Classics

Harmonica Fats (Bernie Pearl/I Had To Get Nasty) 12/02/99

Harmonica Fats (Bernie Pearl/Two Heads Are Bett) 12/02/99

Harmonica Shah (Motor City Mojo) 09/13/00

Harmonica Slim (Give Me My Shotgun) 09/23/97

Harmonicas Greats

Harmonies & Counterpoints Betw Germany & America

Harmonies PoAtiques Et Religieuses

Harmonizing Four (When Day Is Done) 02/24/98

Harmony Praise 2000 (Doing His Work Around The) 02/22/00

Harmony Riley (Time) 05/15/00

Harmony Rockets (I've Got A Golden Ticket) 10/09/97

Haro Emilio Estrambotico

Harp Legends 1

Harpers Bizarre (4/Harpers Bizarre) 10/16/01

Harpers Bizarre (Anything Goes) 10/16/01

Harpers Bizarre (Feelin Groovy) 10/16/01

Harpers Bizarre (Secret Life Of Harpers Bizarre) 10/16/01

Harpin On It

Harps Of Melody (Sing Make Melody Unto The Lo) 06/09/98

Harptones (Goldner Recordings)

Harptones (The Complete Recordings) 08/08/00

Harptones (The Legendary Group At Their Best) 01/16/01

Harptones (The Very Best Of) 01/25/00


Harris (Sym.3/Bernstein)

Harris (Sym.No.7/Keelan) 07/17/01

Harris (The Mushroom Hunter) 02/02/99

Harris,Wynonie (Women,Whiskey Fish Tails) 11/24/98

Harris/Benjamin/Jones (Preminado)

Harris/Brown (1/Battle Of The Blues) 06/12/97

Harris/Brown (2/Battle Of The Blues) 06/12/97

Harris/Parton/Ronstadt (Trio Ii) 02/09/99

Harrison (Double Concerto For Violin Cello) 01/09/01

Harry 'Sweets' Edison & Eddie 'Lockjaw' Davis

Harry P Y (Ride A Dove) 12/13/99

Harry P Y (What Was Music ) 12/13/99

Harry Potter And The Sorcerer's Stone (Sndtrk) 10/30/01

Hart's War (Original Motion Picture Sndtrk) 02/12/02

Hart,Mickey ( Gold Airto,Purim/Dafos)

Hart,Mickey (Airto,Purim/Dafos)

Hartmann (Sym.No.1 6/Botstein) 07/27/99



Harv (Must) 09/12/00


Harvest Moon (Harvest Moon) 07/17/00

Harvey Girls (Film Sndtrk) 02/27/96

Harvey/Wasinger (Track To Bumbliwa) 05/26/98

Harwell/Lane (Year Of The Tiger 68) 10/25/99

Hasaposervikoi Horoi


Hash Brown's Texas Blues Revue

Haskil (Haskil/Solo) 12/16/97

Hasse (Il Cantico De' Tre Fanciulli/Kraus (2cd)) 02/27/01

Hasse (Salve Regina/Goebel) 06/06/97

Hasta Mi Final

Hasta Que Lo Pierde


Hatchie Bottom Boys (The New Tennessee Waltz) 03/01/99

Hate Dept. (Technical Difficulties) 06/01/99

Hate Me

Hatebreed ( Perseverance) 03/26/02

Hatebreed (Perseverance) 03/26/02

Hater Hurter (Married 2 Da Game) 02/18/00


Hatfield The North (Hatfield The North)

Hatfield The North (The Rotters Club)

Hatful Of Hollow

Hatful Of Hollow

Hats Off To Buskers

Hats Off To The Cheats

Hatuey (El Baile De La Paz) 09/19/00

Haujobb (Homes Gardens) 04/28/97

Haunted (Haunted)

Haunted By Waters (Like The Dust) 05/23/97

Haunted Honeymoon [Soundtrack]

Haunted Melodies (The Songs Of Rahsaan Roland K) 12/03/99

Haunting Melodies

Havana Cuba Ca.1957 (Rhythms Songs For The Or) 09/25/01

Have A Holly Raleigh Christmas 3

Have A Little

Have A Nice Day

Have A Nice Day (1-4/Various)

Have A Nice Day (1/Various)

Have A Nice Day (3/Various)

Have A Nice Day (4/Various)

Have A Nice Day (5/Various)

Have A Nice Day (6/Various)

Have A Nice Day (7/Various)

Have A Nice Day (8/Various)

Have A Nice Day (9/Various)

Have A Nice Day (Rious)

Have A Nice Day (Rious)

Have A Nice Day (Rious)

Have A Nice Day (Rious)

Have A Nice Day (Rious)

Have A Nice Day (Rious)

Have A Nice Day (Rious)

Have A Nice Day (Rious)

Have A Nice Day (Rious)

Have A Nice Day (Rious)

Have A Nice Day (Rious)

Have A Nice Day (Rious)

Have A Nice Day (Rious)

Have A Nice Day (Rious) 03/26/96

Have A Nice Day (Rious) 03/26/96

Have A Nice Day (Rious) 03/26/96

Have A Rocking Chrismas

Have Blues Will Travel

Have Gun Will Travel Collector's Edition (24 Hours, Debutante, Unforgiving, Black Bull)

Have Gun Will Travel Collector's Edition (Never Help The Devil, Fandango, Long Weekends, Sarah)

Have Love Will Travel

Have Mercy (Rockin' Harmonica Blues) 12/06/99

Have To Survive

Have We Told You All We'd Thought To Know (Var) 01/16/01

Have You Ever Really Loved A Woman? [Single-Cd]

Have You Got A Song Like That

Have You Heard (Fall 08)

Have You Heard The Story Of Jesus

Have You Never Been Mellow

Have Yourself A Meaty Little Christmas



Having Fun All Wrong

Havoc Prodeje (Kickin' Game)

Havoc Prodeje (Livin' In A Crime Wave)


Hawaiian Legends Series Vol. 2

Hawaiian Luau Party

Hawaiian Magic

Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar (1/Masters Collection) 05/23/95

Hawaiian Slack Key Guitar (2/Masters Collection) 07/27/99

Hawaiian Soul

Hawaiian Time (Mahalo E Papa) 09/26/97

Hawaiians Unlimited (For The First Time) 04/14/98

Hawes,Hampton (All Night Session,Vo)

Hawes,Hampton (All Night Session,Vo)

Hawes,Hampton (All Night Session,Vo)

Hawes/Kesselk/Mitchell/Manne (Four )

Hawk Garcia (Hawk Garcia) 07/17/01

Hawk Relaxes

Hawk-Richard Jazz Orchestra (Hawk's Out) 11/18/99

Hawke (Namaquadisco) 02/10/98

Hawkins,Coleman (Davis,Tate,Cobb/Very Saxy)

Hawkins,Coleman (Jamestown,N.Y.1958) 08/11/98

Hawkins,Coleman (Picasso,1929-1949) 10/27/98

Hawkins,Edwin (Oh, Happy Day ) 02/18/97

Hawks Groove

Hawks Soundtrack Barry Gibb

Hawkwind (Anthology 1967-1982 (2cd)) 10/09/01

Hay Amores... Y Amores

Haydn (1/Complete Pno. Cto./Freeman) 09/19/01

Haydn (1/London Sym./Bernstein)

Haydn (1/London Sym./Davis)

Haydn (1/Notturni/Huss) 03/22/01

Haydn (12 London Symphonies/Jochum)

Haydn (2/Barytone Octets/Huss) 04/28/00

Haydn (2/Complete Pno.Cto./Han) 09/19/01

Haydn (2/London Sym./Davis)

Haydn (2/London Sym./Hickox) 11/28/00

Haydn (29 Name Sym./Marriner) 08/15/97

Haydn (4/Classical Masterpieces Of The Millenni) 09/13/99

Haydn (4/Divertimenti/Huss) 10/21/99

Haydn (43 Pno.Trios)

Haydn (5/Divertimenti/Haas) 07/17/01

Haydn (6 "London" Syms/Davis) 10/09/01

Haydn (6 Paris Sym./Von Karajan)

Haydn (7 Last Words Christ/Juilliard)

Haydn (7 Last Words Of Christ/Harnoncourt)

Haydn (8 Nocturnes/Hacker) 06/11/98

Haydn (8 Notturni For/King Of Naples/Mozzafiato) 08/26/97

Haydn (Cantatas Canzonettas)

Haydn (Cello Concertos) 08/24/99

Haydn (Cello Cto. In C/Rostropovich) 07/06/00

Haydn (Cello Cto./Ma)

Haydn (Choral Works)

Haydn (Comp.Harpsichord Cto./Koo)

Haydn (Complete Pno.Trios/Beaux Arts Trios) 08/15/97

Haydn (Creation)

Haydn (Creation/Bernstein)

Haydn (Creation/Gardiner) 01/22/97

Haydn (Creation/Harnoncourt)

Haydn (Creation/Jochum)

Haydn (Creation/Markevitch)

Haydn (Cto. Divertimentos/Eduard Melkus Ensembl) 11/05/99

Haydn (Cto.Flute Oboe)

Haydn (Cto.Rostropovich/Tuc)

Haydn (Die Schopfung/Solti)

Haydn (Emperor/Royal Philharmonic) 03/04/99

Haydn (Fav.Cto.(3)/Ma)

Haydn (Four Masses/Preston) 09/10/97

Haydn (Harmoniemesse/Hickox) 10/16/97

Haydn (Heiligmesse/Hickox) 10/21/99

Haydn (Konzert No.1/Ludwigsburger Festspiele) 09/08/98

Haydn (La Passione/Farewell)

Haydn (Last 6 Sn./Gould)

Haydn (Last Four Piano Trios/Bylsma) 01/02/02

Haydn (Lieder/Holzmair) 03/31/00

Haydn (Lord Nelson Mass) 03/20/97

Haydn (Lord Nelson Mass/American Bach Soloists) 05/27/97

Haydn (Masses/Kings Choir) 07/11/97

Haydn (Missa Cellensis/Hickox) 05/01/01

Haydn (Missa In Tempore Belli/Hickox) 12/04/98

Haydn (Mphonies/Aam (3cd)) 07/10/00

Haydn (Nelson Mass)

Haydn (Nelson Mass) 05/28/99

Haydn (Nelson Mass/Willcocks) 02/03/00

Haydn (Nocturnes) 05/08/02

Haydn (Orfeo Ed Eurydice/Bartoli) 01/22/97

Haydn (Panorama/Von Karajan (2cd)) 01/23/01

Haydn (Paris Sym.#82-87/Dorati) 03/12/96

Haydn (Paris Sym.82-7/Bernstein)

Haydn (Paris Sym.82-7/Mariner)

Haydn (Piano Concertos) 07/10/00

Haydn (Piano Sn./Mccabe) 05/21/97

Haydn (Pno.Cto.F,G,D/Ax)

Haydn (Pno.Sn/Kissin) 01/02/02

Haydn (Seasons/Mariner)

Haydn (Sn.33,38,58,60/Ax)

Haydn (Sonata For Piano/Galbraith) 04/06/99

Haydn (Str.Qrts./L'archibudelli)

Haydn (Str.Qrts./Tokyo Str.Qrt.)

Haydn (String Quartets/Aeolian Quartet) 10/03/97

Haydn (Sunt Bona Mixta Malis/Weil)

Haydn (Sym. Surprise/Drum Roll)

Haydn (Sym.#100 104/Bruggen) 12/09/97

Haydn (Sym.#88,100,102/Walter) 05/06/96

Haydn (Sym.#94 101/Monteux) 10/03/97

Haydn (Sym.#94) 03/19/97

Haydn (Sym.101 102/Harnoncourt)

Haydn (Sym.103 104/Harnoncourt)

Haydn (Sym.41-3/Tafelmusik)

Haydn (Sym.43-45/Gibson) 01/13/00

Haydn (Sym.44,51,52/Tafelmusik)

Haydn (Sym.45-7/Weil)

Haydn (Sym.50,64,65/Weil)

Haydn (Sym.68,93,100/Harnoncourt)

Haydn (Sym.93-98/Beecham)

Haydn (Sym.95,103,104/Hickox) 06/02/00

Haydn (Sym.No.101 103) 03/04/99

Haydn (Sym.No.102 104/Royal Philharmonic) 03/04/99

Haydn (Sym.No.94,104,Overture) 07/10/00

Haydn (Sym.Nos.1-12/Shepherd (3cd)) 07/31/00

Haydn (Symphony No.43,44,45/Sanderling) 12/06/99

Haydn (Symphony No.50 87)

Haydn (The Complete Str.4tets/Lenski (21cd)) 05/15/01

Haydn (The Creation/Dorati)

Haydn (The Creation/Karajan) 12/12/97

Haydn (The Last Str.4tets/L'archibudelli) 04/18/97

Haydn (The Masses/Preston/Guest) 04/10/97

Haydn (The Natural Horn/Koster) 11/14/96

Haydn (The Paris Syphonies/Bruggen) 12/09/99

Haydn (The Seasons/Bohm) 02/09/98

Haydn (The Seasons/Davis) 12/09/99

Haydn (The Seasons/Karajan (2cd)) 05/07/01

Haydn (The Seven Words/Rosamunde Quartet) 05/14/01

Haydn (The String Quintets/Angerer (2cd)) 02/27/01

Haydn (Theresienmesse/Tafelmusik) 06/02/97

Haydn (Trumpet Cto./Rampal) 08/05/96

Haydn (Trumpet Cto./Sternberg) 10/11/99

Haydn (Vln.Cello Ctos./Accardo)

Haydn Collection

Haydn: Sym Nos 92 / 94 / 104 & 99 / Schubert: Sym6

Haymarket Square (Magic Lantern) 08/20/01

Haynes,Roy (Newborn,Chambers/We)

Haystak ( Car Fulla White Boys) 08/24/00

Haystak (Car Fulla White Boys) 07/25/00

Haystak (Car Fulla White Boys) 08/24/00

Haystak (Mak Million) 09/15/98

Hazel (Are You Going To Eat That)

Hazel (Toreador Of Love (Re-Issue))


He Ain't Heavy He's My Brother

He And She

He Danced His

He Didn't Dance

He Got Game (Film Sndtrk) 04/21/98

He Included Me (Newest Release)

He Pepo (Bachatas Con Filo) 06/26/97

He Pepo (El Temible De Las Bachatas) 12/30/96

He Pepo (Habla Con Ella) 04/21/98

He Pepo (Loco Perdido) 06/05/01

He Pepo (Por La Maceta) 06/29/99

He Rescued Me [Accompaniment/Performance Track]

He Sings The Blues

He Thinks He's Ray Stevens

He Thinks He's Ray Stevens

He Touched Me

He Was King

He'll Fix It

He's Able

He's Alive Forever

He's Back [The Man Behind The Mask]

He's On The Phone

Hea Hoa

Head Drama:Da Concoction (1/Var:Rap) 04/20/00

Head Games

Head In

Head Music

Head Of Steam

Head On

Head Over Heels

Head Up High

Headache (Limited)

Headache Rhetoric

Headbanging The Piano

Headcoats (The Knights Of The Baskerville) 09/24/96

Headed For The Promised Land


Heading For Tomorrow

Heading West


Heads High Cd Uk Greensleeves 1999

Heads I Win Tales You Lose

Headspace & Timing

Headstones (24 Hours (Everyday)) 11/18/97

Headstrong (Headstrong) 02/19/02

Headswim (Despite Yourself) 09/02/97

Headz (Night Skool) 03/20/00

Heal The Pain

Healing Hands

Healing Light Daily Yoga Practice 2 Cd Set

Healing Moon

Healing Time

Health Hazard (Suffer/Discography 1993-96) 03/24/99

Hear It First.Com New Music Sampler

Hear It Now (The Sound Of The Sixties) 02/23/99

Hear Music Volume 7 Waking

Hear The Words


Hearing Voices (Hearing Voices) 06/04/01


Heart & Soul

Heart & Soul 97

Heart & Symphony(Cd+ Ltd.Ed.)

Heart (Bad Animals) 10/17/96

Heart (Bebe Le Strange)

Heart (Brigade)

Heart (Dreamboat Annie)

Heart (Greatest Hits/Live)

Heart (Heart)

Heart (Little Queen)

Heart (Little Queen/Dog Butterfly/Bebe Le Str) 08/12/97

Heart (Passionworks)

Heart (Private Audition)

Heart In Winter (Sndtrk/Ravel)

Heart Of Bluegrass:30 Instrumentals (Var:Bluegr) 06/16/98

Heart Of Cape Breton (Fiddle Music Recorded Liv) 01/14/02

Heart Of Cd German Wea 1989

Heart Of Country

Heart Of Steel

Heart Of Steel

Heart Of Stone

Heart Of The Mountain

Heart Of The Tribe

Heart On

Heart Shaped World

Heart Soul (Gospel Workout) 07/27/99

Heart Soul (The Freestyle Collection) 07/07/97

Heartbreak Hill

Heartbreak Hotel


Heartbreakers (Music From The Motion Picture) 03/20/01

Heartbreakers (What Goes Around) 04/24/97

Heartful Sounds The Japanese Musical Instrument


Heartland '95

Heartland 10/24/01

Hearts And Flowers

Hearts Devotion Series (Building Faith) 02/17/99

Hearts Devotion Series (Dealing With Loss) 02/17/99

Hearts Devotion Series (Evening) 02/17/99

Hearts Devotion Series (Forgiveness) 02/17/99

Hearts Devotion Series (Just For Men) 02/17/99

Hearts Devotion Series (Morning) 02/17/99

Hearts Devotion Series (On The Job) 02/17/99

Hearts Devotion Series (Overcoming Lifes Challe) 02/17/99

Hearts Devotion Series (Parenting) 02/17/99

Hearts Devotion Series (Strengthening Relations) 02/17/99

Hearts In Atlantis (Music From The Motion Pictu) 09/25/01

Hearts In Motion [Cassette]

Hearts On Fire

Heartscarved (And Tomorrow We Escape) 08/23/01

Heartsfield (Foolish Pleasures) 08/08/00

Heartsfield (Live In 75) 08/08/00

Heartsfield (Rescue The Dog) 04/24/01

Heartsfield (The Wonder Of It All) 08/08/00


Heartwash Hotel


Heartworm (Bleeding In Circles) 12/11/01





Heat (Film Sndtrk) 12/19/95

Heat 2:Ghetto Sessions (2/Var:Rap) 04/16/02

Heat Continues Compilation (Various Rap) 05/22/01

Heat Of The Sun

Heat Slick Records Compilation

Heater - ...Pivot...Suckerpunch...Son Los Mismos - Cd


Heath (African Sunrise) 05/02/02

Heath Brothers (As We Were Saying...) 08/19/97

Heath Brothers (Expression Of Life/In Motion) 09/11/01

Heath Brothers (Jazz Family) 09/29/98


Heather Nova Spirit In You Ep Cd

Heather Porcaro & The Heartstring Symphony

Heathrow Ep

Heatmiser (Cop And Speeder)

Heatmiser (Dead Air)

Heatmiser (Mic City Sons) 10/29/96

Heatmiser (Yellow No.5)

Heatwave (Always Forever) 07/22/97

Heatwave (Always Forever-Best Of) 05/28/96

Heatwave (Greatest Hits)

Heatwave (Too Hot To Handle)

Heaven & Earth

Heaven & Earth

Heaven 17 (Luxury Gap) 05/06/97

Heaven 17 (Penthouse Pavement) 05/06/97

Heaven Bound (Draw Me Nearer)

Heaven Is Too Far

Heaven Is Where I Want To Be

Heaven Knows I'm Miserable Now

Heaven Music

Heaven Or Las Vegas [Australian Import]

Heaven Sent (Closest Friends) 02/13/97

Heaven's Touch

Heavenly (Coming From The Sky) 07/25/00

Heavenly (Sign Of The Winner) 11/13/01

Heavenly Christmas

Heavenly Creatures

Heavenly Light

Heavenly Lullabies

Heavenly Spheres (L'harmonie Des Spheres)

Heavenly Voices 1

Heavenly Voices Part 1

Heavy (Film Sndtrk.) 07/12/96

Heavy Cross

Heavy D & The Boyz, Crystal Waters, Blackstreet, Shanice, Pebbles, Shai..

Heavy D (Big Tyme)

Heavy Duty Salsa

Heavy Hittaz ((Skrewed)What's Da Dam Deal )

Heavy Hittaz (What's Da Dam Deal ) 08/14/01

Heavy Metal Thunder (3 Pac) 01/19/99

Heavy Petting Zoo

Heavy Psych

Heavy Sonic Mothers (Heavy Sonic Mothers) 06/13/96

Heavy Water Music

Hebrews Gospel Singers (Call Your Name) 06/06/00

Hechiceros Del Ritmo (Charangas) 04/11/00

Hechizo (Sin Limites) 03/08/99

Hecho En Cuba

Hector "El Pelavacas" (13 Corridazos Y Cancione) 08/03/01

Hector Berlioz: "Symphonie Fantastique," "Lelio," "Mort De Cleopatre," "Les Nuits D'ete," "Les Troyens: Royal Hunt And Storm," Overtures: "Benvenuto Cellini," "Le Carnival Romain" (Roman Carnival), "Beatrice Et Benedict" [Pierre Boulez, Jean-Louis Ba

Hed Pe ((Hed)Pe) 08/26/97

Hed Pe (Broke) 08/22/00

Hed Planet Earth ( Broke) 08/22/00

Hedningarna (Hedningarna) 05/08/01

Hedningarna (Hippjokk) 05/20/97

Hedningarna (Kaksi) 03/17/98

Hedningarna (Karelia Visa) 02/23/99

Hedningarna (Tra) 03/17/98

Hednoize (Searching For The End) 02/15/00

Hedwig And The Angry Inch (Orig.Cast Recording) 02/09/99

Hee Haw Gospel Quartet (Best Of)

Hee Haw Gospel Quartet (Best Of) 04/26/96


Hefner (Breaking God's Heart) 11/03/98

Hefner (Dead Media) 01/17/02

Hefner (The Fidelity Wars) 09/21/99

Heifetz Encores(B-Cd)(Ltd.)

Heifetz,Jascha (Bruch,Vieutemps)

Heigh Ho Banjo (Bluegrass Salutes Fav. Disney) 03/24/98


Heinichen (Concerti Per L'orch.Di Dr)

Heinichen (Dresden Concerti/Goebel)


Heirs & Graces

Heirs Of Harmony (Instrument Of Praise)

Heirs Of Harmony (Instruments Of Praise) 03/26/02

Heisser Als Fieber

Helder Der Nacht (2/The Best Sounds Of Your Fav) 03/13/02

Helga Leon

Helios Ensemble (A Kind Of Sorcery) 07/23/98

Hell Billys

Hell Destroyer

Hell Or High Water

Hell Up In Harlem (Original Sndtrk/Edwin Starr) 03/27/01


Hellacopters (Grande Rock) 06/08/99

Hellacopters (High Visibility) 04/02/02

Hellacopters (Payin' The Dues) 10/19/99


Hellbillys (1/Blood Trilogy) 01/02/01

Hellborg/Lane (Personae) 02/26/02

Heller,Skip (Couch,Los Angeles) 02/03/99


Hellhammer (Apocalyptic Raids) 03/30/99

Hellions (Fish Vegetables) 02/13/01

Hellions (Hellions) 04/09/01

Hellnation (Cheerleaders For Imperialism) 07/17/00

Hellnation (F Ked Up Mess) 07/13/99

Hellnation (Thrash Wave) 05/06/02

Hello Again (Cast Recording)

Hello Bastards

Hello Bastards [Vinyl]

Hello Betty

Hello Blackbird

Hello Dave (16 Tons) 02/23/99

Hello Dolly

Hello Dolly (Film Sndtrk.)

Hello Dolly (Orig.Cast)

Hello Master

Hello Mister Whiskers

Hello Seahorse

Hello Young Lovers


Helloween ( Re.M Better Than Raw) 10/09/01

Helloween ( Re.M Chameleon) 10/23/01

Helloween ( Re.M High Live (2cd)) 09/25/01

Helloween ( Re.M Master Of The Rings) 09/25/01

Helloween ( Re.M Metal Jukebox) 10/23/01

Helloween ( Re.M Pink Bubbles Go Ape) 10/23/01

Helloween ( Re.M The Time Of The Oath) 10/09/01

Helloween (1/Keeper Of The 7 Keys)

Helloween (The Best-The Rest-The Rare) 08/04/98

Helloween (Treasure Chest (2cd)) 04/09/02

Hellstomper (Haulin' Ass) 01/29/02

Helmut Fritz - Ciara Feat. Justin Timberlake - Britney Spears ...

Helmuth Rilling The Essential Collection

Help Of The Lord

Help Save Youth Of America

Help! [Cd/T-Shirt]

Help! [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] (The U.S. Album)

Help/Second Coming

Helping Haiti Everybody Hurts

Heltah Skeltah

Heltah Skeltah (Magnum Force) 10/13/98

Heltah Skeltah (Nocturnal) 06/18/96

Helter Skelter


Hemphills (20 Favorites)

Hempin' Ain't Easy

Henderson,Fletcher (Live At The Grand Terrace,C) 05/05/00

Henderson,Horace (At The Trianon,1954) 12/14/00

Hendricks,Bobby (Itchy,Twitchy Feeling) 09/24/96

Henri 4

Henry Cow (Concerts (2cd)) 09/19/95

Henry Cow (In Praise Of Learning)

Henry Cow (In Praise Of Learning) 06/06/00

Henry Cow (Leg End (Original Mix)) 01/12/99

Henry Cow (Legend)

Henry Cow (Unrest (Remastered)) 06/22/99

Henry Cow (Western Culture)

Henry Cow (Western Culture) 03/12/02

Henry Elvis (Inteligencia Artificial)

Henry Fool (Sndtrk) 06/23/98

Henry Rollins Spoken Word Guy

Henry V (Sndtrk)

Hensel-Mendelssohn (The Year (Piano Cycle)/Urba) 04/13/99

Henson,Conant,Deborah (Just For You) 02/28/00

Henze (Symphony No.7) 01/05/01

Henze (Undine) 07/08/98

Hepcat (Push N Shove) 07/25/00

Hepcat (Right On Time) 04/08/98

Hepcat (Scientific) 04/30/96

Heptones (Night Food) 11/21/97

Heptones (On The Road Again) 10/15/99

Heptones (Pressure) 11/30/01

Heptones (Sea Of Love) 03/11/97

Her First Roman (Orig.Cast Recording) 05/11/99

Her Greatest Hits + Bonus Trac

Her Sanity (Xclusive) 06/25/02

Her Song:Exotic Voices Of Women (Var:World Music) 11/19/96

Herbal Enchantment

Herbaliser (Blow Your Headphones) 04/03/97

Herbaliser (Flawed Hip Hop) 08/18/97

Herbaliser (New Improved/Theme From Control) 03/04/97

Herbaliser (Remedies) 04/25/97

Herbaliser (Something Wicked This Way Comes) 03/19/02

Herbaliser (Very Mercenary) 04/27/99

Herbert Howells Organ Music

Herbie Mann Plays

Herd (I Can Fly...The Very Best Of) 04/14/98

Herdman/Hills/Mangsen (Voices) 06/06/97

Herdsmen (Play Paris) 01/11/01



Here & Now

Here Alone

Here And Now

Here Come The Irish (Various) 10/14/97

Here Come's The Night

Here Comes Lucky

Here Comes The Whisteleman

Here For The Party

Here He Comes

Here I Am

Here I Am

Here I Am Lp

Here I Am-The Early Years

Here I Come

Here I Go -Ep

Here On Earth (Music From The Motion Picture) 03/14/00

Here On Out

Here They Are Live At Crocodile Shop

Here To Stay

Here We Are

Here We Are Nowhere

Here We Go

Here We Go Down the Black Hole

Here's A Piece Of Ivan's Head

Here's Love (Orig.Cast Recording)

Here's My Story

Here's To Another Year

Here's To Future Days

Herederos Del Norte (100 Cabron) 07/14/00

Herederos Del Norte (Aunque Mal Paguen Ellas) 08/24/01

Herein Wild

Herencia Mexicana (Mexicano De Corazon) 01/16/01





Heritage And Passion

Heritage Choir Orchestra (American Pride) 07/05/00

Heritage Of The Andes Sound Track Music Instrumental Volume 4

Heritage Way

Heritage-Colossus Story

Herm (Still Trying To Survive In The)

Herm (Trying To Survive In The Ghetto 2000) 10/20/99

Herman's Hermits (Their Greatest Hits)

Hermanas Aguila (Coleccion Bolero) 05/15/01

Hermanas Aguila (Las Incomparables) 04/19/01

Hermanas Aguila (Las Voces De Siempre) 11/20/97

Hermanas Padilla (C/Mariachi Vargas(15 Exitos)) 07/03/01

Hermanitas Nunez (Exitos De Oro) 12/07/99

Hermanos Banda (12 Exitos) 09/16/99

Hermanos Banda (14 Corridos Furiosos) 03/18/99

Hermanos Banda (15 Corridos De Exito) 07/27/98

Hermanos Banda (15 Exitos Nortenos Con..) 07/27/98

Hermanos Banda (16 Exitos De Coleccion) 11/13/98

Hermanos Banda (Bailando..Puras Polkas) 01/20/99

Hermanos Banda (El Desterrado) 08/04/99

Hermanos Banda (Tradicion Nortena) 03/18/99

Hermanos Banda (Tristes Recuerdos) 09/22/97

Hermanos Banda (Vol.2/15 Exitos Nortenos) 07/27/98

Hermanos Banda De Salamanca 12 Exitazos