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Unknown or Missing M

A Mad And Faithful Telling

A Man And His Music

A Mandolin Album

A Matter Of Attitude

A Matter Of Passion

A Meditation For Healing

A Meeting By The River

A Merry Christmas

A Merry Christmas

A Merry Christmas With Engelbert Humperdinck

A Message From Nirvana

A Message From...

A Mi Me Gustan Las Pupusas

A Midnight At A Time

A Mission Of Mercy

A Musical Christmas Tree

A Musig Und A G'sang

An M' Agapas (2cd)


M (Pop Muzik) 01/20/98

M People (Elegant Slumming)

M People - How Can I Love You More - 12 Inch Vinyl


M Squad/Mickey Spillane's Mike Hammer (Sndtrk) 05/08/01

M'bilia Bel (Bameli Soy)

M'ena Gliko Anastena

M-Base Collective (Anatomy Of A Groove) 08/08/01

M-Boogie (2/Laid In Full) 02/06/01

M-Boogie (Laid In Full) 04/06/99

M-Child (Gon' Madd) 05/09/00

M-Plax (Future Trance) 03/13/00

M.A.K. (Make A Killin') 05/02/00

M.C.Breed Dfc (M.C.Breed Dfc) 01/15/02

M.E.S.T. (Matter,Energy,Space,Time) 09/12/95

M.G.D. (The Everlasting Yay) 10/19/00


M.O.D. (Bee-Troo) 03/26/01

M.O.D. (Gross Misconduct) 08/01/95

M.O.D. (Loved By Thousands...Hated By) 09/26/95

M.O.D. (Rhythm Of Fear) 08/01/95

M.O.D. (Surfin' Mod) 08/01/95

M.O.D. (Usa For Mod) 08/01/95

M.O.P. (To The Death) 04/13/99


M.O.T. (19.99) 10/27/98

M.S.G. (Essential M.S.G.) 10/18/96


M2m (Shades Of Purple) 03/07/00

M2m (The Big Room) 03/05/02

M6 Teen Hits 2014

Ma Derniere Seance

Ma Gonzesse [Vinyl]

Ma Guitare S'appelle Reviens

Maazel,Lorin (Works For Vln.,Cello Flute) 01/16/98

Mabarak (Sym.No.1/Lozano) 07/16/99

Mabern's Grooveyard

Maboroshi No Hawaiian

Mac (Shell Shocked) 07/21/98

Mac (World War Iii) 09/28/99

Mac Chubby (Live At Gilley's) 12/04/01

Mac Doc Del (Mac Doc Del) 10/20/98

Mac Dre (Mac Dre Is The Name) 07/17/01

Mac Dre (Rapper Gone Bad) 09/28/99

Mac Mall (Illegal Business 2000) 03/23/99

Mac Miller Presents Best Day Ever (Mixtape)

Mac-Talla (Mairidh Gaol Is Ceol)

Mac-V (Squash The Funk) 11/14/00

Macabre (Dahmer) 10/31/00

Macarena (Latin Summer Hits) 11/29/96

Macario Leiva

Macavity (Falling Hard In The Key Of E) 01/15/02




Macbeth (Complete Recording) 08/14/01

Macbeth Cd

Macdowell (Piano Concert0 No.2/Liszt) 08/24/98

Macdowell (Piano Cto.1-2/Poem Erotique) 03/19/97

Macdowell (The Symphonic Poems) 05/28/99

Mach A Go!Go!

Mach Kung-Fu (Teach A Chick To Dance) 03/19/01

Machaut (Dreams In The Pleasure Garden) 12/21/98

Machel Xtatik (Charge) 07/06/99

Machine Gun Etiquette

Machine Gun Etiquette

Machine Gun Etiquette

Machine Head

Machine Head (Burn My Eyes)

Machine Head (Supercharger) 10/02/01

Machine Head (The Burning Red) 08/10/99

Machine Head (The More Things Change...) 03/25/97

Machine Head (Year Of The Dragon) 11/13/00

Machine Says Yes

Machine Soul (An Odyssey In To Electronic (2cd)) 03/14/00

Machines Of Grace

Machito (Jammin' In The Bronx) 12/03/96

Machito (Live At North Sea '82) 02/14/00

Machito (Mucho Macho)

Machucambos (Juegos Prohibidos) 06/16/97

Machucambos (Soy De America Latina) 06/16/97

Mack 10 ( Bang Or Ball) 12/04/01

Mack 10 ( Based On A True Story) 09/30/97

Mack 10 ( Paper Route) 09/05/00

Mack 10 ( The Recipe) 10/06/98

Mack 10 (Bang Or Ball) 12/04/01

Mack 10 (Based On A True Story) 09/16/97

Mack 10 (Mack 10)

Mack 10 (Paper Route) 09/05/00

Mack 10 (The Recipe) 10/06/98

Mack Da Maniak (Loco Motive) 02/13/96

Mack The Jack'a (The True Story) 05/09/00

Macka-B (Buppie Culture) 03/04/98

Macka-B (Discrimination) 03/04/98

Macka-B (Here Comes Trouble) 03/04/98

Macka-B (Looks Are Deceiving) 03/04/98

Macka-B (Peace Cup) 03/04/98

Macka-B (Roots Culture) 03/27/02

Macka-B (Roots Raga) 03/04/98

Macka-B (Sign Of The Times) 03/04/98

Macka-B (Suspicious) 01/09/98

Macka-B (We've Had Enough) 03/04/98

Mad 6

Mad About (American Music)

Mad About (Angels)

Mad About (Bach)

Mad About (Baroque)

Mad About (Beethoven)

Mad About (Cartoons)

Mad About (Classics)

Mad About (Gershwin)

Mad About (Guitars)

Mad About (Italian Opera)

Mad About (Kids' Classics)

Mad About (Mad About)

Mad About (More Mozart)

Mad About (Movies)

Mad About (Mozart)

Mad About (Opera)

Mad About (Piano)

Mad About (Puccini)

Mad About (Romance)

Mad About (Romantic Piano)

Mad About (Sopranos)

Mad About (Tchaikovsky)

Mad About (Tenors)

Mad About (Violins)

Mad About (Vivaldi)

Mad About (Wagner)

Mad About (Waltz)

Mad About The Boy

Mad Cobra (Goldmine) 11/30/01

Mad Dog And Glory

Mad Drama Cd

Mad Lads (Best Of) 08/02/99

Mad Lads (Don't Have To Shop Around)

Mad Lads (In Action) 06/22/99

Mad Lads (Madder Than Ever)

Mad Lion (Real Ting) 04/17/98

Mad Love

Mad Love Compilation

Mad Mad World

Mad Max

Mad Men

Mad Men On The Rocks

Mad Moon Rising

Mad Not Mad

Mad Professor (3/Dub Me Crazy) 03/04/98

Mad Professor (Afrocentric Dub) 03/27/02

Mad Professor (Anti Racist Dub Broadcast) 03/04/98

Mad Professor (Beyond The Realms) 11/08/96

Mad Professor (Black Liberation Dub) 03/04/98

Mad Professor (Dub Maniacs On The Rampage) 03/04/98

Mad Professor (Dub Me Crazy) 03/04/98

Mad Professor (Dub Take The Voodoo Out Of Regga) 03/05/98

Mad Professor (Dub You Crazy With Love) 03/04/98

Mad Professor (Dubtronic) 03/28/00

Mad Professor (Escape The Asylum Of Dub) 03/04/98

Mad Professor (Evolution Of Dub) 06/04/96

Mad Professor (Hijacked To Jamaica) 03/04/98

Mad Professor (Jah Shaka/New Decade Of Dub) 03/04/98

Mad Professor (Lee Perry/Fire In Dub) 03/28/00

Mad Professor (Lost Scrolls Of Moses) 03/04/98

Mad Professor (Mad Professor) 12/09/97

Mad Professor (Mazaruni The Jungle Dub Experie) 03/04/98

Mad Professor (Psychedelic Dub) 03/04/98

Mad Professor (Science And The Witchdoctor) 03/04/98

Mad Professor (Trix In The Mix) 07/31/01

Mad Professor (Under The Spell Of Dub) 01/09/98

Mad Professor (Who Knows The Secret Of The Mast) 03/04/98

Mad Project (American Pie) 05/15/00

Mad Vma 2014 (Greek Music Video Music Awards)

Madagascar (Awakening The Spirits) 02/21/00


Madama Butterfly (Opera Highlights) 05/08/01

Madame Bovary

Madame Butterfly

Madame Butterfly (Hglts.-Film Sndtrk) 04/23/96

Madame Static


Madball (Demonstrating My Style) 06/18/96

Madball (Droppin' Many Suckers) 07/10/01

Madball (Hold It Down) 06/20/00

Madball (Look My Way) 06/09/98

Madball (Set It Off)

Madcap Laughs

Madd Joker (Death Inna De Arena) 06/16/00

Madd Myles (3/Defenders Of Vinyl) 10/03/00

Madd Nation (World Gone Madd) 05/21/02

Madd Rapper ( Tell'em Why U Madd) 02/15/00

Madder Rose (Bring It Down)

Madder Rose (Swim)

Maddox Brothers Rose (2/America Most Colorful) 05/21/97

Maddox Brothers Rose (America's Most Colorful)

Maddox Brothers Rose (Collection Of Standard Sacred) 06/12/97

Maddox Brothers Rose (Live-On The Radio) 08/18/98

Maddox Brothers Rose (Maddox Brothers Rose) 09/15/97

Made Behind The Bar

Made For Tv Movie (The Story Of My Heroics) 11/14/00

Made In (Dominicana) 03/06/96

Made In America (Essential Folk) 09/13/99

Made In America (Folk Favorites) 09/13/99

Made In America/Voice Of The Heart

Made In Cape Breton

Made In Germany

Made In Japan

Made In Japan

Made In The Dark Cd European Emi 2008

Made Men (Black Friday)

Made Men (Classic Limited Edition) 08/24/99

Made Of Love

Made Of Pain

Made Of Stone

Made To Last

Made To Love Magic


Madeline (Film Sndtrk) 07/07/98

Madeline (Sing-A-Long With Madeline) 06/25/02

Madelyn Loraine Cd

Madera (Burbujas De Amor)

Madera Fina (Donde Nadie Llego)

Madetoja (Comp.Sym./Sakari (2cd)) 07/31/00

Madetoja (Petri Sakari/The Complete Symphonies) 07/28/98


Madigan Again

Madism (The Mind Of Maddism)

Madison Drummers


Madogg (Beware Of Dog) 04/11/00

Madonna ( Erotica)

Madonna ( Re.M Like A Virgin) 05/22/01

Madonna ( Re.M Madonna) 05/22/01

Madonna ( Re.M True Blue) 05/22/01

Madonna (1/American Pie) 03/20/00

Madonna (2/American Pie) 03/20/00

Madonna (Bedtime Stories)

Madonna (Don't Tell Me) 01/22/01

Madonna (Don't Tell Me) 12/19/00

Madonna (Erotica) 10/14/98

Madonna (Getting Into The Grooves/Tribute To) 04/18/00

Madonna (Ghv2 (Greatest Hits)) 11/13/01

Madonna (Ghv2 (Ltd.Ed)) 12/11/01

Madonna (I'm Breathless)

Madonna (J/Deeper Deeper) 11/13/00

Madonna (J/Erotica) 11/13/00

Madonna (J/Remixed Prayers) 11/13/00

Madonna (Keep It Together) 12/30/99

Madonna (La Isla Bonita) 12/30/99

Madonna (Like A Prayer)

Madonna (Music (Ltd.)) 11/13/00

Madonna (Music) 09/19/00

Madonna (Private Talks-Shaped Disc) 05/02/00

Madonna (Rain) 03/03/00

Madonna (Ray Of Light) 03/03/98

Madonna (Something To Remember) 11/07/95

Madonna (The Early Years (2cd)) 01/22/02

Madonna (The Early Years-Give It To Me) 10/09/01

Madonna (The Starsound Orchestra Plays The Hits) 02/23/01

Madonna (True Blue) 03/03/00

Madonna (You Can Dance)


Madre (Querida)

Madre (Te Extranaremos) 06/09/98

Madre De Todas (Las Guerras) 07/31/01

Madredeus (Existir) 08/26/97

Madredeus (Os Dias Da Madredeus) 08/26/97

Madrid Pasodobles Ensemble (Music Of Spain) 06/26/00

Madrugadores (1933-1936) 01/25/00

Mae Mckenna

Maelo (Experiencia) 08/22/96

Maelo (Solo)

Maestro (The Movie) 12/11/01

Maestro Ladi (Y Su Musica)

Maestro Nobile Vol.

Maestros Del Rock (15 Exitos Inolvidables De..) 09/07/99

Mafia (Tejano Classics)

Mafia Del Norte (Narcocorridos De Poca Ma..) 10/10/00

Mafia Genie (Unholy Thug)

Mafia Genie (War Without Terms)

Maga 2

Magazine (Real Life)

Magazine (Scree (Rarities 78-8)

Magazine (Secondhand Daylight)

Magellan (Impending Ascension)

Magellan (Test Of Wills) 05/06/97

Maggot Brain

Magia (La Magia) 08/22/97

Magia Blanca (El Arroyo Traicionero)

Magia Verde (Andino Hits) 10/26/98

Magia Verde (Temas De Oro En Cumbia Andina) 09/07/99




Magic (Enclosed Plus 9) 09/28/98

Magic (Skys The Limit) 09/15/98

Magic (Thuggin') 08/31/99

Magic Box

Magic Carpet Ride '97 [Vinyl]

Magic City Dj's (2 Much Bass) 08/27/96

Magic Collection

Magic Cowboy Boots Ep

Magic Cropdusters (Goshen) 12/29/98

Magic Hour (Secession 96) 05/29/96

Magic Hour (Will They Turn You On Or Will)

Magic Lanterns (Shame Shame) 04/14/98

Magic Of Boney M

Magic Of Christmas

Magic Of Juju

Magic Of Love Info Set W/Prem & Box-Sm

Magic Of The Celtic Harp

Magic Of The Movies (Final Frontier) 06/26/00

Magic Of The Movies (Fine Romance) 11/14/95

Magic Of The Movies (Heartstrings) 11/14/95

Magic Of The Movies (Music For Murder) 06/26/00

Magic Of The Movies (Sex Seduction) 06/26/00

Magic Of The Movies (The Great Epics) 06/26/00

Magic Of The Movies (War Is Hell) 06/26/00

Magic Organ (22 All Time Organ Favorites) 04/30/99

Magic Organ (22 Great Organ Favorites)

Magic Organ (Happy Melodies) 02/19/97

Magic Organ (Plays Your Favorite Waltzes)

Magic Organ (Please Play A Polka)

Magic Slim (2/Let Me Love You) 09/16/97

Magic Slim (44 Blues) 02/15/00

Magic Slim (Black Tornado) 05/19/98

Magic Slim (Blues Of The Magic Man) 09/16/98

Magic Slim (Chicago Blues Sessions) 09/16/98

Magic Slim (Gravel Road)

Magic Slim (Icago Blues) 09/16/98

Magic Slim (Raw Magic)

Magic Slim (Scuffin') 10/15/96

Magic Slim (Snakebite) 03/21/00

Magic Slim (Teardrops/Highway Is My Home) 08/20/98

Magic Slim /Teardrops (1/Zoo Bar Collection) 01/14/99

Magic Slim /Teardrops (3/Chicago Blues Session) 09/16/98

Magic Slim /Teardrops (See What You're Doin' T) 01/16/98

Magic Slim The Teardrops (Grand Slam) 04/25/00

Magic Strings (20 Exitos)

Magic Strings (Bolero Golden Strings)

Magic Strings (Echoes From France)

Magic Strings (European Echoes)

Magic Strings (Movie Themes)

Magic Strings (Music From The World)

Magic Strings (U.S. Golden Hits)

Magic Symphony-Very Best Of

Magic That Is

Magic Touch Friends (Step Into My World) 02/24/98

Magic Two

Magica & Killing The Dragon

Magical Christmas

Magical Christmas

Magical Music/Little Mermaid 10/24/01

Magical Mystery Tour [Cd/T-Shirt]

Magical Strings (Above The Tower)

Magical Strings (Bell Off The Ledge)

Magical Strings (Crossing To Skellig) 06/06/97

Magical Strings (Good People All) 06/06/97

Magical Strings (Islands Calling) 07/30/96

Magical Strings (On The Burren) 06/06/97

Magical Strings (Spring Tide) 06/06/97

Magical Wurlitzer 1

Magician Among The Spirits And Some

Magico (12 Exitos De Pegue) 06/22/99

Magico (15 Exitos) 04/20/99

Magico (Buscando Un Amor) 09/20/96

Magnard (Quintet For Pno. Winds/Trio Ozi) 03/25/99

Magnetic Attraction Hypnotic Repulsion

Magnetic Fields/Les Chants Magnetiques (1981)

Magneto (Adios) 01/16/02

Magneto (Magneto) 09/25/01

Magnificent 7 (Film Sndtrk)

Magnificent 7th Brass Band (New Orleans Jazz Fu) 06/05/98

Magnificent Flagstad-Kirsten Flagstad Music Cd

Magnificent Men (Peace Of Mind)

Magnificent Moodies

Magnificent Seven

Magnificos De Colombia (Para Ti) 12/20/99


Magnified (Stand In Traffic) 04/11/00


Magnigicent Vii (Newport Beach Session) 05/19/98

Magnolia (Music From The Motion Picture) 12/07/99

Magnolia (Original Motion Picture Score) 03/14/00

Magnolia Electric Company Co. (Deluxe 2xcd Reissue)

Magnolia Shorty (Monkey On Tha D$ck) 12/30/96

Magnolia Sisters (Chers Amis) 03/07/00

Magnolia Sisters (Prends Courage) 05/21/97

Magnolias (Off The Hook)

Magnum P. I. Collector's Edition (Memories Are Forever)

Maguire Sings Berlioz

Mahabharata (Film Sndtrk)

Maharaja Night Vol.15 -Special Non-Stop Disco Mix



Mahavishnu Orchestra (Apocalypse) 03/06/97

Mahavishnu Orchestra (Between Nothingness)

Mahavishnu Orchestra (The Lost Trident Sessions) 09/21/99

Mahavishnu Orchestra (Visions Of/Emerald Beyond)

Mahk Jchi

Mahler ((Sacd)Sym.No.1/Ny Philharmonic) 08/09/99

Mahler (1/Various)

Mahler (2/Various)

Mahler (4 Songs From Ruckert-Lieder/Bernstein) 03/06/00

Mahler (Das Klagende Lied/M.T.Thomas) 03/19/97

Mahler (Das Lied Von Der Erd)

Mahler (Das Lied Von Der Erd)

Mahler (Das Lied Von Der Erd)

Mahler (Das Lied Von Der Erde/Bernstein)

Mahler (Das Lied Von Der Erde/Boulez) 03/13/01

Mahler (Das Lied Von Der Erde/Ferrier) 10/16/00

Mahler (Das Lied Von Der Erde/Levine) 06/11/98

Mahler (Das Lied Von Der Erde/Wal)

Mahler (Des Knaben Waunderhorn/Bernstein)

Mahler (Des Knaben Wunderhorn/Hampson)

Mahler (Funeral March/Urlicht) 05/18/98

Mahler (Kindertotenlieder/Flagstad) 02/12/02

Mahler (Leider/Verhaeghe/Etcheverry) 04/17/01

Mahler (Lieder Eines Fahrend)

Mahler (Orchestral Songs/Haitink) 03/12/96

Mahler (Panorama/Bernstein (2cd)) 01/23/01

Mahler (Resurrection Sym.No.2/Litton) 01/06/99

Mahler (Song Of The Earth/Davis)

Mahler (Songs Of A Wayfarer/Von Otter) 02/19/97

Mahler (Songs/Hampson)

Mahler (Sym 1) 08/16/99

Mahler (Sym 4/Walter)

Mahler (Sym#5/Maazel)

Mahler (Sym. #6 In A Minor "Tragic"/Bernstein) 02/26/98

Mahler (Sym.#1 Songs Of Wayfarer/Kubelik) 04/10/97

Mahler (Sym.#1/Chailly) 03/20/97

Mahler (Sym.#2 4/Abbado) 08/15/97

Mahler (Sym.#2/Bernstein) 09/24/97

Mahler (Sym.#3/Salonen) 02/09/98

Mahler (Sym.#5/Bernstein) 09/24/97

Mahler (Sym.#5/Boulez) 01/22/97

Mahler (Sym.#5/Chailly) 01/08/98

Mahler (Sym.#5/Inbal) 08/16/99

Mahler (Sym.#5/Karajan) 07/10/96

Mahler (Sym.#5/Levi)

Mahler (Sym.#7/Boulez) 09/09/96

Mahler (Sym.#9/Karajan) 03/20/97

Mahler (Sym.1 10/Scherchen) 08/23/01

Mahler (Sym.1 3 In D/Leinsdorf (2cd)) 09/07/99

Mahler (Sym.1 In D Major/Levi) 06/27/00

Mahler (Sym.1-10/Kubelik)

Mahler (Sym.1-9/Solti)

Mahler (Sym.1/Abbado)

Mahler (Sym.1/Bernstein)

Mahler (Sym.1/Hagegard)

Mahler (Sym.1/Kletzki) 11/12/99

Mahler (Sym.1/Kubelik) 09/20/99

Mahler (Sym.1/Ozawa) 08/23/01

Mahler (Sym.1/Solti)

Mahler (Sym.1/Vienna Phil.)

Mahler (Sym.10/Chailly) 05/12/00

Mahler (Sym.10/Lopez-Cobos) 11/28/00

Mahler (Sym.10/Rattle)

Mahler (Sym.2 In C Minor/Mehta) 05/12/00

Mahler (Sym.2/Blomstedt)

Mahler (Sym.2/Hendricks)

Mahler (Sym.2/Klemperer) 05/01/01

Mahler (Sym.2/Rattle)

Mahler (Sym.2/Schmidt)

Mahler (Sym.2/Schwarzkopf)

Mahler (Sym.2/Solti)

Mahler (Sym.3/Abbado)

Mahler (Sym.3/Bernstein)

Mahler (Sym.3/London Sym.)

Mahler (Sym.4 G/Klemperer)

Mahler (Sym.4)

Mahler (Sym.4/Battle)

Mahler (Sym.4/Boulez) 02/03/00

Mahler (Sym.4/Chailly) 12/09/99

Mahler (Sym.4/Mcnair/Haitink)

Mahler (Sym.4/Reiner) 02/25/00

Mahler (Sym.4/Salonen)

Mahler (Sym.4/Wittek)

Mahler (Sym.5/Abbado)

Mahler (Sym.5/Bernstein)

Mahler (Sym.5/Mehta(Ny P.O.))

Mahler (Sym.5/Solti)

Mahler (Sym.5/Solti)

Mahler (Sym.5/Vienna Phil.)

Mahler (Sym.5/Walter)

Mahler (Sym.5/Walter)

Mahler (Sym.6 In A Minor/Sanderling (2cd)) 08/09/00

Mahler (Sym.6/Bernstein)

Mahler (Sym.6/Boulez)

Mahler (Sym.6/Norman)

Mahler (Sym.6/Segarstam (2cd)) 08/29/00

Mahler (Sym.6/Szell)

Mahler (Sym.7/Abbado)

Mahler (Sym.7/Bernstein)

Mahler (Sym.7/Chailly)

Mahler (Sym.7/Ozawa)

Mahler (Sym.7/Song Of The Night/Levi (2cd)) 10/26/99

Mahler (Sym.8/Gielen)

Mahler (Sym.8/Haitink)

Mahler (Sym.8/Shaw)

Mahler (Sym.8/Solti)

Mahler (Sym.9 D./Walter)

Mahler (Sym.9/Barbirolli)

Mahler (Sym.9/Bernstein)

Mahler (Sym.9/Bernstein)

Mahler (Sym.9/Boulez) 02/09/98

Mahler (Sym.9/Walter)

Mahler (Sym.No.1,3,5,6,8 9/Mitropoulos) 06/11/98

Mahler (Sym.No.1/Eschenbach) 05/12/98

Mahler (Sym.No.1/Royal Philharmonic) 03/04/99

Mahler (Sym.No.1/Waltero) 02/20/02

Mahler (Sym.No.2 'Totenfeier'/Chailly) 02/05/02

Mahler (Sym.No.3 In D Minor/Bernstein) 06/25/99

Mahler (Sym.No.4) 08/03/01

Mahler (Sym.No.5) 10/16/01

Mahler (Sym.No.5/Royal Philharmonic) 03/04/99

Mahler (Sym.No.5/Zander (2cd)) 03/26/01

Mahler (Sym.No.6 In A Minor/Levi) 04/21/97

Mahler (Sym.No.8 In E-Flat/Chailly) 03/13/01

Mahler (Sym.No.8/Bernstein) 08/09/99

Mahler (Sym.No.8/Solti) 07/13/99

Mahler (Sym.No.9/Haitink) 03/13/01

Mahler (Sym.No.9/Zander) 02/23/99

Mahler (Symp.#2)

Mahler (Symph. #1)

Mahler (Symphony No. 6) 04/09/98

Mahler (Symphony No. 9) 01/28/97

Mahler (Symphony No.1)

Mahler (Symphony No.3/Litton) 02/15/00

Mahler (Symphony No.4/Fritz Reiner) 04/09/02

Mahler (Symphony No.4/Levi) 06/22/99

Mahler (The Song Of The Earth/Bernstein) 08/06/99

Mahler (The Titan/Wagner) 01/05/00

Mahler (The Youth's Magic Horn/Abbado) 05/14/99

Mahler Chailly

Maho No Kotoba (Would You Marry Me?)

Mahogany (Cherish The Day) 11/06/97

Mahogany (For Your Love) 11/06/97

Mahogany Rush 4

Mahotella Queens (Women Of The World)

Maiden Japan

Maiden Voyage

Maiden Voyage

Maiden Voyage

Maighread (Dhomhnaill/Idir An Da Sholas) 11/07/00

Mail Call

Maim That Tune

Main (Hydra-Calm) 06/27/95

Main (Motion Pool) 06/23/97

Main Ingredient (A Quiet Storm) 04/30/96

Main Ingredient (Afrodisiac) 03/17/98

Main Ingredient (Golden Classics)

Mainly Morton



Majenta Jets (Majenta Jets) 01/05/01

Majic Ship (The Complete Authorized Recordings) 08/13/99

Major Figgas (Figgas 4 Life) 08/22/00

Major Lance (The Very Best Of) 09/05/00

Major Matt Mason Usa's (Me Me Me) 10/19/99

Major Moves (Chopped & Screwed)

Major Pain (In The Eye Of The Hurricane) 11/21/00

Major Statement Man

Major Takeover

Majors (Wonderful Dream)

Makana (Makana) 02/20/01

Makapuu Sand Band (Makapuu Sand Band) 04/14/98

Makarenko (Classical Balalaiko/Perchat) 04/17/01

Make 'Em Suffer

Make A Difference

Make A Joyful Noise Christmas Favorites Audio Cassette

Make A Wish

Make Amends

Make It Big

Make It Good + Bonus

Make It Sweet

Make Mistakes

Make Or Break Me

Make Sure They See My Face

Make The Beat Go Black

Make Up To Break Up

Make Way For The Cross Audio Cassette

Make You Love Me

Make Your Car Look Extremely Pretty [Vinyl]

Make Your Way Home

Make Yourself (RSD 2LP 180 Gram)

Makers (Rock Star God) 04/18/00

Makers (Strangest Parade) 05/07/02

Makes A Friend

Makin A Connection

Makin' Hay

Makin' Whoopee

Making A Good Thing Better

Maktub (Subtle Ways) 07/07/99

Mal 1

Mal 2

Mal 3

Mal 4

Mal 4


Malae Artes

Malaguena (Spanish Guitar Music) 03/20/01

Malanga (Ta' Trancao) 02/27/01

Malasquez Martin (The Ancient Future) 08/25/00

Malaysia (Dream Songs Healing Sounds)

Malaysian Pale (Natures Fantasies) 08/08/97

Malcolm X (Film Sndtrk)

Maldita Vecindad (El Circo)

Male (Spittin' Seedz Makin' Platinum Babiez) 10/16/01

Male Stripper [Single-Cd]

Malediction Au Chateau

Malefaction (Crush The Dream) 07/17/01


Malhame Scapular Sterling Silver Medal * Sacrament Catholic

Malhavoc (The Release)

Mali Melo

Malice 'n Wonderland

Malice N Wonderland


Malik Dillinger & Da Main Event

Malkuri (Traditional Music Of The Andes) 07/03/96

Mallku De Los Andes (Condor De Los Andes) 06/19/00

Mallorcams (Voulez Vous) 06/23/00

Malo (Malo) 05/09/95

Malon Kati Xero

Malouma (Desert Of Eden) 02/17/98


Malt Shop Favorites Collector's Edition

Mama There Go Dat Man

Mama Vaca (Hombre Verde) 01/31/96

Mama's Prayers

Mamas Papas (California Dreaming) 10/26/01

Mamas Papas (People Like Us) 10/15/01

Mamas Papas (The Papas The Mamas)


Mambo All Stars (1 2/Living La Vida Mambo) 09/28/00

Mambo All Stars (1/Living La Vida Mambo) 09/28/00

Mambo All Stars (2/Living La Vida Mambo) 09/28/00

Mambo And More

Mambo Christmas

Mambo Jazz:Sound Of Cuba (Var:Latin/Jazz) 08/02/99

Mambo Kings (Film Sndtrk) 02/01/00

Mambo Mania

Mambo Mania (Kings Queens Of Mambo) 04/25/95

Mambo Mania (The Kings Queens Of Mambo) 05/23/00

Mambo Mongo

Mambologia Pa Gozar Vol.2

Mambologia Pa Gozar Vol.3




Mamma Mia! Special Edition

Mamma Mia!-The Movie Soundtrack Deluxe Edition(Cd+ )



Mamou (Ugly Day) 07/23/98

Mamou Prairie Cajun Band (Catch My Hat) 04/08/97

Man Behind Bars

Man In Black

Man In Black 1954-58

Man Is The Bastard (Neanderthal/Man Is The Bast) 12/30/99

Man Is The Bastard (Sum Of The Men) 11/12/01

Man Left In Space

Man Made

Man Of Constant Sorrow

Man Of Music

Man Of Steel

Man Of The Century (Music From The Motion Pictu) 11/09/99

Man On The Moon (Music From The Motion Picture) 11/23/99

Man On The Rocks

Man That I've Been

Man Up

Man Up

Man Vs Machine

Man Vs.Humanity (In The Line Of Fire) 03/20/01

Man Who

Man Who Cried (Original Motion Picture Sndtrk) 05/22/01

Man Who Wasn't There (Sndtrk) 10/30/01

Man Who Would Not Die

Man Will Surrender (Man Will Surrender) 09/23/97

Man With The Golden Gun (Film Sndtrk) 10/18/96

Man with the Gun [Vinyl]

Man With The Mission Live 1988-1989

Man-Tecka (Music For The Mind) 07/29/98

Mana (Falta Amor)

Mananitas (15 Exitos) 08/17/01

Mananitas (A La Virgen(Duetos)) 12/06/00

Mananitas En Tu Dia

Mancha (Puerto Escondido) 11/30/00

Manche MAdchen Machen MAde MAnner Munter [Single-Cd]

Mancini,Henry (Mr.Lucky Other Tv,Film Themes)

Mancow (White Cotton Panties) 05/15/00


Mandators (Power Of The People)

Mandele Gas

Mandingo "Bailalo"

Mandingo (2/En Vivo) 11/27/01

Mandingo (En Vivo) 07/03/01

Mandingo (Luz Y Sombra) 02/26/02

Mandingo Griot Society (Mandingo Griot Socie)

Mando /Chili Peppers (On The Road With Rock ') 11/24/98

Mandolin (Para Mi Gente) 03/17/98

Mandolin Concertos

Mandolin Mountain

Mandolins Of Italy (Angelo Petisi/I Mandolini D) 01/17/02

Mandrake Memorial (Mandrake Memorial) 10/15/96

Mandrake Memorial (Medium) 10/15/96

Mandrake Memorial (Puzzle) 10/15/96

Mandrill (Best Of Mandrill)

Mandrill (Composite Truth) 12/15/98

Mandrill (Just Outside Of Town) 12/15/98

Mandrill (Mandrill Is) 12/15/98

Mandrill (Mandrill) 12/15/98

Mandrill (Ultimate Collection) 11/08/00

Mandy & Die Bambis, Paldauer, Trio Melody, Roland B., Chris Wolff..

Mandy Moore Cd

Manfred Mann (Best Of)

Manfred Mann (Manfred Mann's Earth Band Live ) 06/12/01

Manfred Mann (Somewhere In Afrika) 03/18/97

Manfredo Fest (Fascinating Rhythm) 06/06/96

Mangione Brothers (The Jazz Brothers) 10/20/98

Mangled (Most Painful Ways) 04/17/01


Mango Jam (Preserves) 04/21/98

Manhattan (Sndtrk)

Manhattan At Midnight And More

Manhattan Jazz Orchestra (Bach 2000) 04/23/01

Manhattan Rhythm Kings (Hooray For Spinach) 09/28/98

Manhattan School Of Music (Live At Montreux 97) 11/18/99

Manhattan Transfer (Man-Tora Live In Tokyo) 04/09/96

Manhattan Transfer (Pastiche)

Manhattan Transfer (Spirit Of St.Louis) 10/10/00

Manhattan Transfer (Swing) 06/24/97

Manhattan Transfer (Very Best Of)

Manhattan Trinity (Make Me A Memory) 04/18/00

Manhattans (1/Golden Classics)

Manhattans (2/Golden Classics)

Manhattans (Dedicated To You/For You Yours) 12/22/98

Manhattans (Greatest Hits)

Manhattans (Sweet Talk) 10/25/96

Mania Vol. 2


Manic Hispanic (Recline Of Mexican Civilization) 07/10/01

Manic Nirvana

Maniel (Son Raices Y Razones) 12/18/96

Manifesting Void



Manitas De Plata (Flaming Flamenco) 12/04/97

Manitas De Plata (Ole ) 11/07/96

Manjar De Los Dioses (Arcangeles Y Divas) 10/19/99

Mankillers (Coming To Getcha ) 05/30/01

Manne,Shelly (At The Black Hawk,Vo)

Manne,Shelly (At The Black Hawk,Vo)

Manne,Shelly (At The Black Hawk,Vo)

Manne,Shelly (At The Black Hawk,Vo)

Manne,Shelly (At The Black Hawk,Vo)

Manne,Shelly (Vol. 2,3)

Mannheim Steamroller (1/Fresh Aire I) 08/22/00

Mannheim Steamroller (2/Fresh Aire Ii) 08/22/00

Mannheim Steamroller (25 Year Celebration Of Ma) 08/24/99

Mannheim Steamroller (3/Fresh Aire Iii) 08/22/00

Mannheim Steamroller (4/Fresh Aire Iv) 08/22/00

Mannheim Steamroller (5/Fresh Aire V) 08/22/00

Mannheim Steamroller (6/Fresh Aire Vi) 08/22/00

Mannheim Steamroller (7/Fresh Aire Vii) 08/22/00

Mannheim Steamroller (8/Fresh Aire Viii) 08/22/00

Mannheim Steamroller (A Mannheim Massage) 09/26/97

Mannheim Steamroller (Classical Gas)

Mannheim Steamroller (Fresh Aire Coll.Box (8cd)) 10/24/00

Mannheim Steamroller (Fresh Aire Seasons 4cd) 09/26/97

Mannheim Steamroller (Huskers Musik) 11/27/96

Mannheim Steamroller (Saving The Wildlife)

Mannheim Steamroller (To Russia W/Love)

Mannheim Steamroller (Yellowstone)

Manny Manuel (El Rey De Corazones) 04/11/96

Manny Manuel (En Vivo ) 08/01/00

Manny Manuel (Es Mi Tiempo) 04/28/98

Manny Manuel (The Best..) 03/12/02


Mano A Mano

Mano Begra (In The Hell Of Patchinko "Live") 08/18/98

Mano Negra (King Of Bongo) 08/18/98

Mano Negra (Patchanka) 08/18/98

Mano Negra (Puta's Fever) 10/18/96

Manon Lescaut (New York Met 1956)

Manon Of The Spring (Sndtrk) 05/22/97

Manosos Mano A Mano

Manowar (Fighting The World)

Mansfield Park (Original Motion Picture Sndtrk) 11/23/99

Mantovani (1/Around) 10/26/01

Mantovani (2/Latino)

Mantovani (Around (2cd)) 10/26/01

Mantovani (Golden Hits)

Mantovani (Golden Hits) 09/06/01

Mantovani (Incomparable)

Mantovani (Latino)

Mantovani (More Golden Hits)

Mantovani (Orchester)

Mantovani (Romantic Sounds Of)

Mantovani (World Hits)

Mantovani Orchestra (Forever Gold) 01/14/00

Mantovani Orchestra (Golden Hits) 09/28/00

Mantovani Orchestra (Greatest Love Songs) 10/11/00

Mantovani Orchestra (International Favorites) 09/28/00

Mantovani Orchestra (Latin Favorites) 09/28/00

Mantovani Orchestra (Love Songs) 09/28/00

Mantovani Orchestra (Magic Of) 09/28/00

Mantovani Orchestra (Mantovani Collection) 02/29/00

Mantovani Orchestra (Music From The Movies) 09/28/00

Mantovani Orchestra (Nobody Does It Better) 10/11/00

Mantovani Orchestra (On Broadway) 09/28/00

Mantovani Orchestra (Vienna Nights) 09/28/00


Mantras 2

Mantronix (Mantronix-The Album) 05/04/99

Manual For Successful Rioting

Manuel (Especialmente Para Ti)

Manuel (Solo Exitos) 06/14/96

Manuel Angel (Americano) 04/17/01

Manuel Angel (Arpa Maravillosa) 04/17/01

Manuel Family Band

Manuel Family Cajun Band (Laissez Les Bons Temp) 12/02/98

Manuel Rodrigo "Yaqui" (Pueblos De Sonora) 09/18/01

Manufacture (Terrorvision) 03/27/96

Many Faces of Emerson Lake & P

Many Miles Of Blues

Many Moods

Many Places

Many Sides Of

Manzanero,Armando (Su Voz,Piano,Y Interpretes) 07/25/95

Manzanero,Armando (Vol.2/Su Voz,Su Piano Y ..) 11/25/97

Manzanero/Libertad (Armando La Libertad) 07/12/00

Maow (Unforgiving Founds Of) 06/26/96

Map Of The World

Maps Without Edges

Maquina (Los Mejores 15 Exitos) 04/02/02

Maquina De Hacer Pajaros (Peliculas) 02/23/99

Mar Azul (20 Super Exitos) 01/15/02

Mar Azul (Desde Guerrero) 03/05/02

Mar Azul (Desde La Costa Grande) 01/15/02

Mar Azul (Mas Exitos Con..) 05/07/02

Mar Azul (Rosa Roja) 11/03/98

Mar De Suenos

Mar-Keys (Mg's/Back To Back)

Maraca (Sonando) 03/17/98

Maraqueros (Que No Muera El Son) 07/01/96

Maraya (Counterculture) 09/17/97


Marbles Made Like Lemonade

Marc Anthony 12 Exitos

Marc Anthony/India (2/Frente A Frente) 08/29/01

Marc Mommaas Global Motion

Marce Et Tumpak (Zouk Chouv') 05/20/97

Marcel Marceau Speaks

Marcel: Uptown : 2025 A.D.

Marcellino (Stafani/Evening To Remember) 07/17/00

Marcello (Arianna/Bressan (3cd)) 06/02/00

Marcello (Complete Sns For Harpsichord/Loreggia) 05/01/01

Marcello (Requiem/Bressan) 03/01/99

Marcelo Radulovich

Marcelo Y Aurelia (Mas Y Mas Exitos) 09/11/01

Marcelo/Bachata Mix (A Cuerdazos Limpio) 05/29/98

Marcelo/Bachata Mix (Echandole Maiz) 09/26/97

Marcels (Best Of Marcels)

Marcely "Y Los Andy's"


March 16-20 1992

March For Glory & Revenge

March Gladness

March Of The Great Falsetto (Orig.Cast)

Marche Slav And Other Russian Favorites

Marches (Boston Pops Orchestra) 11/30/99

Marches Overtures A La Francaise (Various)

Marching On To Victory

Marcie Blane Together With Tracey Dey

Marco Polo

Marcovicci,Andrea (Here,There Everywhere) 10/27/00

Marcovicci,Andrea (Live,Always Living Berlin) 02/07/95

Marcus(Rusty Evans) (Marcus(Rusty Evans))

Mardi Gras Indians (Super Sunday Showdown)

Mardi Gras Party (3 Pac) 01/19/99

Mardi Gras Party (New Orleans 2nd Line)

Mare Mosso

Marek (7) 06/02/00

Marek (8/Chamber Music/Girod) 07/31/00

Marenzio (Madrigals For 5 Voices) 05/08/02

Margaret Rizza Awakening In Love Music For Contemplative Worship

Margaritas & Moonshine


Marginal's Favorite "Non Hits" Part Two "Female Vocalists Of The 60's

Margison Sings Verdi


Maria McKee - Breathe - Geffen Records - GFST 1

Maria Stuarda Regina Di Scozia

Maria Victoria (Coleccion Bolero) 05/15/01

Maria Victoria (Exitos)

Maria Victoria (Voz Con Sentimiento) 07/25/95

Maria Yudina / Beethoven Sonate NA 16 & 32, Mozart Concerto NA 23 // Vladimir Sofronitzki / Schubert Lieder, Scriabine Sonates..

Mariachi (1/Multi Pistas) 12/07/98

Mariachi (2/Multi Pistas) 12/07/98

Mariachi (20 Exitos)

Mariachi (3/Multi Pistas) 12/07/98

Mariachi (4/Multi Pistas) 08/10/99

Mariachi (5/Multi Pistas) 05/14/02

Mariachi (Ases De La Cancion Mexicana) 01/23/96

Mariachi (Bailador) 01/13/98

Mariachi (Las Inmortales De) 12/10/96

Mariachi (Vol.4 100 Anos De Mariachi) 07/01/97

Mariachi 2000 (Exitos Al Estilo Mariachi) 09/07/99

Mariachi Aguila Real (Sones Jalisciences)

Mariachi Arriba Jalisco (Mariachi Loco 2) 09/09/98

Mariachi Arriba Juarez (2/Bailazo) 04/19/00

Mariachi Arriba Juarez (2/Gracias Juan Gabriel) 04/19/00

Mariachi Arriba Juarez (Ayy,Ayy,Ay,Ay) 04/19/00

Mariachi Arriba Juarez (Bailazo) 04/19/00

Mariachi Arriba Juarez (Danzas Y Bailes De Mexi) 04/19/00

Mariachi Arriba Juarez (Danzones Con Mariachi) 02/25/00

Mariachi Arriba Juarez (Gracias Juan Gabriel) 04/19/00

Mariachi Arriba Juarez (Homenaje A Juan Gabriel) 11/10/97

Mariachi Arriba Juarez (Mariachi De Mexico) 07/23/98

Mariachi Arriba Juarez (Multi Pistas) 03/27/01

Mariachi Arriba Juarez (Navidad Magica) 11/01/00

Mariachi Bailador (16 Exitos Con..) 08/17/01

Mariachi Blanco Y Negro (Cumbias Solo Cumbias) 02/27/01

Mariachi Cobre (Esta Es Mi Mariachi) 08/11/97

Mariachi Cobre (Mariachi Cobre) 08/11/97

Mariachi De Mi Tierra (La Negra) 09/09/98

Mariachi Fiesta (Sing-Along) 11/10/00

Mariachi Fiesta Mexicana (2/Rock'andoleando) 10/24/00

Mariachi Fiesta Mexicana (A Ritmo De Cumbia) 03/27/01

Mariachi Fiesta Mexicana (Mejor Mariachi Para..) 06/27/00

Mariachi Fiesta Mexicana (Rock'andoleando) 04/04/00

Mariachi From Mexico (Various)

Mariachi Juchipila Cumbias Con Mariachi

Mariachi Latinoamericano

Mariachi Loco (El Reventon Del) 01/17/95

Mariachi Loco (Polkeando)

Mariachi Mexicanisimo (A Media Noche Con Mariac) 11/16/99

Mariachi Mexicanisimo (Instrumental) 11/16/99

Mariachi Mexicanisimo (Pistas Musicales) 11/16/99

Mariachi Mexico (Instrumental) 10/23/00

Mariachi Mexico (Polkas) 11/30/00

Mariachi Mexico (Son Jalisciense)

Mariachi Mexico (Y Su Folklore)

Mariachi Monumental (Homenaje A Jorge Negrete) 12/08/98

Mariachi Navideno

Mariachi Nuevo De Tecalitlan (Cinco De Mayo) 04/17/01

Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlan (20 Exitos) 09/10/99

Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlan (En Concierto) 03/06/00

Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlan (Goza Las Cumbias Con) 08/01/00

Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlan (Jalisco Le Canta Al) 09/16/98

Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlan (Mariachi En El Cine) 04/27/99

Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlan (Mexico Y Su Mariachi) 05/13/98

Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlan (Que Viva Jalisco ) 07/03/98

Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlan (Tesoros De La Musica)

Mariachi Nuevo Tecalitlan (Valses Mexicanos) 05/03/99

Mariachi Oro Juvenil (Pasodobles En Jalisco) 04/19/00

Mariachi Pepe Villa Mariachi Nuevo De (Mexico) 04/17/01

Mariachi Silvestre Vargas (Coleccion De Oro) 03/14/00

Mariachi Sinfonico (Grandes Valses Con..) 06/10/99

Mariachi Sol De America (Puro Mariachi) 07/18/00

Mariachi Sol De Mexico (Tequila Con Limon Con..) 10/17/00

Mariachi Tapatio De Jose Marmo (2/El Autentico) 05/21/97

Mariachi Tecolotes (Que Viva El Mariachi..) 11/20/97

Mariachi Tolteca (Classic Mariachi)

Mariachi Tolteca (Vol.2/Classic Mariachi) 10/04/96

Mariachi Tricolor (Puras Cumbias) 12/11/01

Mariachi Tricolor (Rancheras Bien Rancheras) 04/23/02

Mariachi Vargas (10 Danzones)

Mariachi Vargas (100 Anos Del Mariachi Vargas) 02/03/98

Mariachi Vargas (20 Exitos) 07/20/99

Mariachi Vargas (De Tecalitlan)

Mariachi Vargas (La Gran Fiesta Mexicana) 02/09/00

Mariachi Vargas (Their First Recordings 1937-47) 06/05/97

Mariachi Vargas (Todo Exitos) 04/16/02

Mariachi Vargas (Tradicionales De Mexico..) 10/02/01

Mariachi Vargas (Vol.2)

Mariachi Vargas Jr./Mexico (40 Exitazos) 08/17/01

Mariachis Con Banda (Rhythms Of The World Colle) 06/19/00

Mariah Carey-Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel Cd

Mariam (Nights Of Passage)

Mariana G (Te Extrano) 02/26/02

Marie Christine (Original Broadway Cast Recordi) 04/18/00

Marie Notre Mere

Marie Osmond's Magic Christmas

Marie-Lynn Hammond/Vignettes

Mariel (Fragments Of A Dream) 10/31/01

Marillion ( Re.M Afraid Of Sunlight (2cd)) 02/19/02

Marillion ( Re.M Best Of Both Worlds (2cd)) 02/19/02

Marillion ( Re.M Brave (2cd)) 02/05/02

Marillion ( Re.M Clutching At Straws (2cd)) 01/22/02

Marillion ( Re.M Fugazi (2cd)) 10/23/01

Marillion ( Re.M Holidays In Eden (2cd)) 02/05/02

Marillion ( Re.M Marillion.Com) 03/05/02

Marillion ( Re.M Misplaced Childhood (2cd)) 10/23/01

Marillion ( Re.M Reel To Real/Brief Encounter) 03/05/02

Marillion ( Re.M Script For A Jester's Tear (2) 10/23/01

Marillion ( Re.M Seasons End (2cd)) 01/22/02

Marillion (6 Of 1/2 Dozen Of The...) 05/22/96

Marillion (Anoraknophobia) 05/15/01

Marillion (Made Again (2cd)) 09/11/01

Marilyn Manson (Tribute To/Anthems Of Rust And) 05/30/00

Marimac Anthology:Deep In Old (Var:Old Time String Band) 06/06/97

Marimba (Pa' Bailar) 06/08/98

Marimba Ava Murewa (In These Times) 12/09/99

Marimba Chapinlandia (Un Vals Para Mi Madre) 04/13/00

Marimba Hnos. Paniagua (Dios Nunca Muere) 02/27/01

Marimba Maderas Chapinas (Vol.21/Arrullo Musica) 01/06/97

Marimba Maderas Chapinas (Vol.25) 04/11/00

Marimba Orq. Alma Tuneca (Tunecazos) 05/07/02

Marimba Orq. Gallito (Cumbias) 02/09/00

Marimba Orq. Gallito (La Mas Gallo De Las..) 03/06/00

Marimba Orq. Gallito (Los Discos De Oro) 03/06/00

Marimba Orq. Reyna F. (Bailables Chiapanecos) 08/03/01

Marimba Orq. Tepito (Boogie Woogie) 02/27/01

Marimbas De Guatemala (Vol.1/15 Exitos) 05/28/96

Marimbas De Guatemala (Vol.2/15 Exitos Marimba Pura) 05/28/96

Marimbas De Guatemala (Vol.3/15 Exitos) 06/15/98

Marimbas De Guatemala (Vol.4/15 Exitos) 06/15/98

Marin County Line

Marina (Zarzuela Espanola) 07/23/98


Mariner (Amphibian) 04/28/98

Marineras Nortenas (Coleccion Virrey Andino) 09/26/00

Marineros Del Norte (Arriba Y Adelante) 07/03/00

Marineros Del Norte (No Te Convensas) 11/19/96

Marineros Del Norte (Polvo Cortado)

Marineros Del Norte (Se Parece Tanto A Ti) 07/03/00

Marini (Affetti Musicale/Il Viaggio Musicale) 08/29/00

Mario & Luigi Rpg Original Soundtrack

Mario Sessions

Marisela/Rocio/Yuri (Multi Pistas) 10/23/01

Maritime Jazz Orch. (Now Now Again) 04/23/02

Mark Denaro

Mark Gardner Rex Rideout: Frontier Favorites: Old-Time Music Of The Wild West

Mark Iv (Best Of)

Mark Kramer Kind Of Trio Cd

Mark Of The Beat

Mark The Resistance

Mark Trail Music #22

Mark-Almond (Best Of) 06/11/98

Markamaru (Raices Incas) 06/19/00

Marketts (Out Of Limits) 03/12/96

Marlboro Music Festival (50th Anniversary Album) 05/01/01

Marlboros Jokers Six (Real Live Girl)

Marley Marl (Marley Marl's House Of Hits) 10/15/99


Marmalade (The Very Best Of) 05/07/02

Marmarosa,Dodo (Pittsburgh,1958) 12/09/99

Maroon 5 Hands All Over (Deluxe 5 Bonus Tr) (F)

Maroon Land (2001)

Marquez De Sinaloa (El Cochi Guero) 07/10/00

Marquez De Sinaloa (Homenaje A Chalino Sanchez) 07/10/00

Marquez De Sinaloa (La Fuga Del Moreno) 07/10/00

Marquez De Sinaloa (Senor De Los Cielos) 07/10/00

Marrakesch [Single-CD]

Marrs,Denison (Holding Hands @ 35,000 Ft.) 07/13/99

Marry Me A Little (Orig.Cast/Sondheim)

Mars Electric (Beautiful Something) 03/14/00

Mars Need Woman (Sparking Ray Gun) 02/07/00

Mars Pennsylvania

Marsalis,Wynton (In This House,On This...)

Marsalis.Wynton (At The Octoroon Balls No.1) 06/15/99

Marschner (Love Songs Ballads/Kimbrough) 07/31/00

Marshall Tully

Marshmallow Coast (Marshmallow Coasting) 12/18/01

Marshmallow Coast (Seniors Juniors) 12/18/01

Marshmallow Overcoat (All You Need Is Fuzz)



Martha Isabel (Canto Nuevo)

Martha Isabel (Travesia)

Martijn Schok Boogie And Blues Band Let The Four Winds Blow

Martijn Schok Solo Boogie Woogie And Blues Piano

Martijn Schok Trainride

Martika (Martika)

Martin (Cto.For Wind Instr./Ansermet) 09/10/97

Martin (One Shade Of Love) 08/10/99

Martin (Original Motion Picture Sndtrk/Rubinste) 12/12/00

Martin (Polyptique/Stadlmair) 03/31/00