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Unknown or Missing P

A Parent's Lullaby

A Partridge Family Christmas Card

A Party With Charlie

A Perfect Day

A Place Called El Shaddai's

A Place To Land

A Playlist Without Borders

A Poet On The Loose

A Present Le Passe

P'o (Whilst Climbing Theives...) 12/22/98

P's & Q's

P-Funk All Stars (Hydraulic Funk) 04/25/00

P.A.W. National Mass Choir (Tribute To The Bishops) 09/24/96

P.D.Q. Bach (A Little Nightmare Music) 04/29/99

P.D.Q. Bach (An Hysteric Return) 04/29/99

P.D.Q. Bach (Black Forest Bl) 04/29/99

P.D.Q. Bach (Liebeslieder Polkas) 04/29/99

P.D.Q. Bach (Music For An Awful L)

P.D.Q. Bach (Music You Can't Get Out Of Your He) 04/29/99

P.D.Q. Bach (Oedipus Tex)

P.D.Q. Bach (On The Air) 04/29/99

P.D.Q. Bach (Portrait Of) 04/29/99

P.D.Q. Bach (Short-Tempered Clavier)

P.D.Q. Bach (The Dreaded P.D.Q.Bach Collection) 04/29/99

P.D.Q. Bach (The Intimate) 04/29/99

P.D.Q. Bach (The Stoned Guest) 04/29/99

P.D.Q. Bach (The Wurst Of P.D.Q.B.)

P.D.Q. Bach (Wtwp Classical Talki)

P.Funk All-Stars (Urban Dancefloor Guerillas)

P.I.L. (9) 10/18/96

P.I.L. (Flowers Of Romance)

P.I.L. (Second Edition)

P.I.L. (That What Is Not) 10/18/96

P.J. Perry Quintet

P.O.D. (Satellite) 09/11/01

P.O.D. (The Fundamental Elements Of S) 08/24/99

P.S. I Love Me

P.S.D. (Game Costs) 07/24/00

P.Y.T. (P.Y.T.(Down With Me)) 08/07/01

Pa Andra Sidan Drommarna

Pa La Calle

Pa Que Baile La Gente

Pa' Los Coyotes Los Perros

Pablo All-Stars Jam (Montreux '77)

Pablo Cruise (A Place In The Sun)

Pablo Cruise (Worlds Away)

Pac Man Fever


Pacewon (Won) 03/05/02

Pacha 2014

Pacha Global

Pachelbel (Canon (2cd)) 04/27/99

Pachelbel (Canon Baroque Fav./Bavarian)

Pachelbel (Canon Baroque Fav./Hogwood)

Pachelbel (Canon Baroque Favorites)

Pachelbel (Canon Gigue/Musica Anti)

Pachelbel (Canon In D) 05/08/01

Pachelbel (Canon With Ocean Sounds)

Pachelbel (Canon)

Pachelbel (Canon)

Pachelbel (Canon/Canadian Brass)

Pachelbel (Canon/Galway) 05/19/99

Pachelbel (Canon/Greatest Hits Of The Baroque) 02/21/97

Pachelbel (Canon/I Musici)

Pachelbel (Canon/Munchinger)

Pachelbel (Canon/Paillard)

Pachelbel (G.H's)

Pachelbel (Greatest Hits) 10/03/96

Pachelbel (Kanon Other Hits Of Baroque) 03/19/97

Pachelbel (Kanon)

Pachelbel Canon ( Other Baroque Favorites) 09/07/01

Pachelbel With Ocean Sounds

Pacho Alonso (Y Su Conjunto) 07/31/01

Pachy (Baile Prohibido)

Pacific Bridge

Pacific Gas Electric (Golden Classics Edition) 10/14/97

Pacific Ocean Blue

Pacific Overtures (Orig.Brdwy./Sondheim)

Packet Man [Single-Cd]

Paco Hechavarria

Pacto De Amor (Amaneces) 10/27/98

Pacto Entre Amigos


Paderewski (Orchestral Works/Bader) 03/13/00

Paderewski (Pno.Cto.In A Minor/Kupiec) 03/25/99

Paderewski,Ignace Jan (Performs Chopin,Beethove) 11/08/99

Padre Emilio (Con Mariachi) 06/27/00

Padrino Y El Ahijado (La Fuga De Chapo Guzman) 03/06/01

Padrinos Del Corrido

Paganini (24 Caprices/Markov)

Paganini (24 Caprices/Midori)

Paganini (6 Vio.Cto./Accardo)

Paganini (Caprices Op.1/Accard)

Paganini (Complete Recordings/Accardo (6cd)) 09/05/00

Paganini (Vio.Cto.)

Paganini (Vio.Cto.1 2/Ashkenaz)

Paganini (Vio.Cto.1/Mehta)

Paganini (Vio.Cto.1/Perlman)

Paganini (Vln.Cto.1) 05/08/01

Paganini Variations


Page,Patti (Greatest Hits,Finest Perf)

Page/Plant (Walking Into Clarksdale) 04/16/98

Pagemaster (Film Sndtrk)

Paging Mr Strike




Pahinui Bros. (The Pahinui Bros.)

Paides Entaxei

Pailhead (Trait)

Pain & Paper

Pain In My Heart [Vinyl]

Pain Is Her Game

Pain Teens (Pain Teens) 04/21/98


Painkiller (Execution Ground) 10/25/01


Paint The Town

Paint Your Wagon (Film Sndtrk)

Paint Your Wagon (Orig.Brdwy)

Painted Desert

Painted Faces (Anxious Color) 09/11/01

Painted Rock

Paintings In Yellow

Pair O'docs

Paisanos De Sinaloa (El Toro Palomo) 09/04/01

Pajama Game (Orig.Bdwy.Cast)

Pajareros (Canciones Nortenas Y De La Rev.) 04/19/00

Pajaritos De Guerrero (14 Exitos Destacados) 11/30/00

Pajaritos De Guerrero (Bonita La Noche) 11/30/00

Pajaritos De Guerrero (Chema Arroyo) 11/30/00

Pajaro Negro

Pak Small R 1/2 Inch

Pak's Groove


Pal Joey (Orig.Bdwy.Cast)

Pal Joey (Orig.Cast Recording) 10/17/95

Palabra De Hombre


Palabras Sobran

Palace Of The Wind (Cinematic Piano) 06/30/97



Paladins (Let's Buzz)

Paladins (Paladins)

Paladins (Re"jive"inated) 04/06/99

Paladins (Years Since Yesterday)

Palau (Palau/Music Of/Asensio) 11/11/99

Paldauer, Brunner & Brunner, Claudia Jung, Wind, Michelle..

Paldauer, Drafi Deutscher, Bernhard Brink, Christian Anders, Peggy March, Peter Kraus..

Pale Creation (Twilight Haunt) 08/10/99

Paleface (Get Off) 07/23/96

Palestrina (400 Collection/Tallis Scholars) 10/03/97

Palestrina (Missa Assumpta Est Maria) 09/09/96

Palestrina (Missa Benedicta Es) 09/09/96

Palestrina (Missa Brevis) 09/09/96

Palestrina (Missa Nigra Sum) 09/09/96

Palestrina (Missa Papae/Miserere)

Palestrina (Music For Maundy Thursday/Musica Co) 02/12/98

Palestrina (Prince Of Music) 05/19/99

Pali Ap'Tin Arhi

Pali Bros

Pali Edo

Palia Rebetika Kai Laika

Palindrome Hunches [


Palladium Series 2

Palm Court Theatre Orch. (Puttin' On The Ritz) 06/22/99

Palm Court Theatre Orchestra (The Picnic Party) 02/17/98

Palmer,Earl (The Worlds Greatest Drummer,Ever ) 04/07/99

Palmer/Abercrombie/Blythe/Lew (Ease On) 12/03/96

Palmetto Gospel (Working On The Building) 03/12/02

Palmieri,E./Ruiz,H. (Vol.1/Jazz Latino) 03/11/97

Palo Nuevo (La Merengue Energia) 02/24/98

Paloalto (Paloalto) 10/17/00

Paloma (Como La Vez) 03/06/01

Paloma (Enamorada) 09/15/98

Paloma (Te Regalo Yo Mis Ojos) 07/24/01

Palomares De Ojinaga (En Errores He Caido) 10/30/96

Palomino Duck (Flying High (First Light)) 07/24/00

Palomino Duck (Free Flight) 07/24/00

Palominos (Obsesion) 11/14/00

Palomo (No Estoy Dispuesto) 12/29/98


Pam Dodi Dont Have To Promotional Cd

Pamperos (Epoca De Oro)

Pan African Orchestra (Opus 1) 05/02/95

Pan Assembly (As The Sun Sets...)

Pan Assembly (Midnight)

Pan Assembly (We Kinda Music)

Pan Flute Christmas 4

Pan Pipes Favourites

Pan Pipes For Lovers

Pan Pipes Of The Andes (El Condor Pasa) 10/11/00

Pan Sonic (3/Motorlab) 12/11/01

Panacea (4/Brasilla Achitettura) 03/21/00

Panacea (Low Profile Darkness) 06/10/97

Panama (Amar Asi)

Panatone:Warm (Var:Nu Jazz) 10/23/01

Panchos (2/Las 100 Canciones De Amor..) 05/14/02

Panchos (20 Exitos/Epoca De O)

Panchos (Antologia) 11/13/01

Panchos (Asi Cante Con Los Pa)

Panchos (Asi Cante Con Los Panchos)

Panchos (Coleccion De Oro) 07/20/99

Panchos (Epoca De Oro)

Panchos (Exitos De La Epoca De Oro) 07/23/98

Panchos (Exitos De La Epoca) 05/02/96

Panchos (Exitos Inolvidables)

Panchos (Las 100 Canciones De Amor..) 05/14/02

Panchos (Mejores Trios Del Siglo) 05/23/00

Panchos (Multi Pistas) 12/07/98

Panchos (Vol.1/Boleros Exitos)

Panchos (Vol.2/20 Exitos De Oro)

Panchos (Vol.2/Boleros Exitos)

Panchos (Vol.2/Exitos Inolvidables)

Panchos (Vol.2/Y Sus Voces) 05/27/97

Panchos (Vol.3/Boleros Exitos)

Panchos (Vol.3/Exitos De Los)

Panchos (Vol.3/Y Sus Voces) 07/01/97

Panchos (Vol.4/Asi Cante Con Los Panchos)

Panchos (Vol.4/Boleros Exitos)

Panchos (Vol.4/Y Sus Voces) 10/21/97

Panchos (Vol.5/Asi Cante Con Los Panchos)

Panchos (Vol.5/Boleros Exitos)

Panchos (Vol.5/Y Sus Voces) 01/20/98

Panchos (Vol.6/Asi Cante Con)

Panchos (Vol.6/Boleros Exitos)

Panchos (Vol.6/Y Sus Voces) 03/03/98

Panchos (Y Sus Voces) 04/29/97

Panchos..Hoy (15 Exitos) 04/17/01

Panchos..Hoy (Vol.2/15 Exitos) 04/17/01

Panchos/Tres Diamantes (12 Exitos De Oro) 04/29/97

Panchos/Tres Diamantes (Grandes Exitos) 01/15/02


Panda & Angel



Pandemonium Circus

Pandemonium Live

Pandera (Sun Splash) 06/12/01

Pandera Vs. Randy (The Freestyle Mega Mix) 01/24/00

Pandoras (It's About Time) 04/30/97

Panflute 1

Pangaea Ultima


Panic Of Looking

Paniots Nine

Panis Angelicus

Pankaj Udhas Endless Love Cd

Panoptica (Panoptica) 01/15/02

Panpipes At Christmas

Panta Rhei

Pantera ( Reinventing The Steel) 03/21/00

Pantera (Far Beyond Driven)

Pantera (Great Southern Trendkill) 05/07/96

Pantera (Official Live) 07/29/97

Pantera (Reinventing The Steel) 03/21/00

Pantera (Tribute/Southern Death) 03/07/00

Pantera Show (Los Lideres Del Corrido) 11/06/01


Paola/Mysticos (La Mujer De Antonio) 04/11/00

Papa (Missa Pastores Quidman Vi) 09/09/96

Papa Byrd (The Many Moods Of Papa Byrd) 04/09/02

Papa Doo Run Run (Calif. Project)

Papa En (Mexico)

Papa John (Earth Medicine) 10/06/00

Papa John Daniel (Inner Windows)

Papa Levante (Tomalacate) 03/05/02

Papa Levi (Back To Basics) 03/04/98

Papa Levi (Code Of Practice) 03/04/98

Papa Mali (Thunder Chicken) 01/28/00

Papa Molina (Merengues De Siempre)

Papa Reu ((Screwed)Xcuse Me ) 01/30/01

Papa Reu (X Cuse Me) 03/07/00

Papaito (Vol.1/Lo Mejor De..) 11/20/97


Paper Cage

Paper Chase

Paper Of Pins

Paper Route

Paper Tongues

Paper Tulips (Baker's Dozen) 04/25/97

Paper Tulips (Orbital) 04/25/97

Paper Work

Paperboy ( The Nine Yards) 09/19/97

Paperboy (The Nine Yards) 09/19/97

Paperhouse Original Sound Track Recording

Papi Mix (100 Cumbias Sonideras) 04/04/01

Papi Mix (100 Cumbias Sonideras) 09/25/01

Papi Papi

Papillion (Cajun Music For Kids) 04/07/98

Papines (Papines En Descarga) 04/17/01

Papis (Sonideros) 09/25/01

Papote & Fresh

Pappo's Blues (Vol.1) 02/08/00

Pappo's Blues (Vol.2) 03/14/00

Pappo's Blues (Vol.4) 12/11/01

Paquita La Del Barrio (Libro Abierto) 10/17/00

Paquita La Del Barrio (Libro Abierto) 11/14/01

Para (Enamorados) 02/01/00

Para Bailar (12 Hits) 11/20/97

Para Heridos (Del Corazon) 03/13/01

Para La Gente

Para Mis Amigas Roberto Bravo

Para Mis Hijos

Para Nuestra Gente

Para Que No (Me Olvides/21 Exitos) 12/08/98

Para SoAar

Para SoAar 2cds

Para Ti

Para Ti (Colombia) 04/28/98

Para Ti (Mamacita(Duetos)) 12/06/00

Para Ti Mi Amor (Coleccion Virrey Andino) 10/17/00

Para Todos (3/Los Gustos) 06/08/98

Para Todos (4/Los Gustos) 06/08/98

Para Todos (5/Los Gustos) 06/08/98

Para Todos (Los Gustos)



Parada Joven

Parada Joven

Parada Joven (Parate Pa' Que Goce) 02/09/99

Parade (Orig.Brdwy Cast) 04/27/99


Paradine Case (Film Sndtrk) 09/19/95



Paradise (Turn Your Love Around) 03/26/01

Paradise Discotheque

Paradise Honolulu

Paradise In Me

Paradise Lost

Paradise Lost (Draconian Times) 06/11/02

Paradise Lost (One Second) 08/26/97

Paradise Out Here

Paradise Razed

Paradise Road (Film Sndtrk) 04/08/97

Paradise [Vinyl]


Paradize Plus 10

Paradoxx (New Devotion) 02/29/00




Paraiso Tropical (15 Exitos(Corridos Populares)) 11/26/01

Paraiso Tropical (2/Corridos Populares De Mex..) 06/21/99

Paraiso Tropical (3/Corridos Populares De Mex..) 08/02/00

Paraiso Tropical (7/Mas Exitos) 03/01/99

Paraiso Tropical (Cancion A Mi Padre) 07/06/00

Paraiso Tropical (La Muchacha Pachan) 12/07/00

Paraiso Tropical (Las Ferias De Durango) 03/01/99

Parakeet Album (Songs Of Jimmy Buffett) 11/20/97

Paralelo Norte (Mi Idolo) 04/30/02

Parallel Dreams

Parallel Dreams (1989) By Loreena Mckennitt

Parallel Horizontal

Parallel Lines

Parallel Lines



Paralysed Age (Empire Of The Vampire) 11/24/99


Parasites & Kings

Parasites Poptarts

Paraxeno Fos

Parcel O'rogues (Parcel O'rogues) 03/01/99

Parched With Thirst Am I And Dying

Pardon Me

Pardonne Moi Si Je Taime

Pardy Tyme

Parent Trap Original Sound Track

Parents Are One

Pares De Cumbiar

Parfum Du Hasard

Parigi O Cara (Carpi) [Import] [Audio Cd] Original Soundtrack

Paris (2/Bombs From Da Bay) 09/15/98

Paris (Devil Made Me Do It)

Paris (Unleashed) 02/24/98

Paris 1969 (Cd/ )

Paris Buenos Aires

Paris Encounter

Paris Mediterranee

Paris Musette (3/Vent D'automne) 02/12/98

Paris Texas

Parisa (Tale Of Love) 07/13/99

Parisian Ballets

Parisian Thoroughfare

Park That Azz Re-Release

Parker,Charlie (Boston,1952) 12/09/99

Parker,Charlie (Jazz At The Philharmonic,1946) 10/27/98

Parker,Charlie (Montreal,1953) 12/09/99

Parking Lot Pimpin

Parks Wilson (Painting On Silence (2cd)) 10/16/01

Parkway (Glad You Made It)

Parlami D'amore

Parliament (Chocolate City)

Parliament (Clones Of Dr.Funkenstein)

Parliament (Funkentelechy Vs. Placebo Syn.)

Parliament (Gloryhallastoopid)

Parliament (Mothership Connection)

Parliament (Motor Booty Affair)

Parliament (P-Funk Earth Tour)

Parliament (Up For The Down Stroke)

Parody Album

Parranda (Con La Banda) 12/13/96

Parranderos (Corridos Verdaderos) 05/08/01

Parranderos (Union Bendita) 05/08/01

Parranderos Del Sur (Parranderos Del Sur) 11/30/00


Parry (Sym.Variations/Bamert) 07/31/00

Parry/Elgar/Williams (My Spirit Sang All Day)






Part Of Growing Up

Part of Me

Part One Of A Trilogy

Part Uno

Partch (Dance Of The Seven Veils/Newband) 03/31/00


Parton,Dolly (Harris,Ronstadt/Trio)

Partridge Family (Definitive Collection) 01/11/00

Party Album

Party Box

Party Capitol

Party Club Mix

Party Favorites

Party Hits Cd

Party Mix

Party Mix Dance Club

Party Mix Vol.4

Party Of Five:Music From (Var:Pop/Rock) 11/12/96

Party Of Helicopters (Mt.Forever) 09/29/00

Party Of Helicopters (Space And How Sweet It Wa) 02/25/02

Party Radio Euro- House -Latin-Dance Various Artists

Party Request Series (9/Sports Novelty Themes) 06/08/99

Party Request Series (Nner Music) 06/08/99

Party Request Series 1

Party Time 1

Party Time Megamix (Limited Edition Cd)

Party Time Volume -3-

Pas De Tot

Pasajeros Del Naranjito (Curva Del Coyonqui) 06/17/98

Pascal Mister Day (High Flying) 11/08/00

Pascal Mister Day (The Lure Of Melody) 08/07/01


Pasion (Mexicana) 02/06/01

Pasion De Mujer

Pasion De Tango (Classic Tango) 05/29/01

Paso A Paso

Pasodobles (Pasodobles)

Pasodobles Taurinos (Asensio) 10/19/00

Pass The Flask

Pass The Flask

Pass The Poison


Passage To Freedom


Passe Partout (Cajun Heartland) 04/08/97


Passenger 57 (Film Sndtrk)

Passing On The Tradition

Passing Through




Passion & Purpose

Passion (Que Dolor) 12/17/96

Passion (Si Me Faltas Tu) 09/25/01

Passion Dance

Passion Fish (Film Sndtrk)

Passion For Piano (Panorama (2cd)) 01/23/01

Passion In The Desert (Original Score) 02/12/99

Passion Macaque

Passion Of Mysteries (Procession Music Of South) 05/29/01

Passion Of Reason

Passion Over Politics

Passion Spirit

Passion Zouk 2011

Passion:Music Of Love (Var:Romantic) 06/26/00

Passionate Bride


Passione Di Napoli (Dmitri Hvorostovsky) 10/16/01

Passive Me Aggressive You


Passport Music ~ Tropical Jazz

Past Memories Wease Byrge And Eagle Mountain Band

Pastel Six (Cinnamon Cinder) 06/09/98

Pasteles Verdes (12 Exitos De Los Originales..) 09/28/99

Pasteles Verdes (14 Exitos Originales)

Pasteles Verdes (15 Exitos De)

Pasteles Verdes (15 Nuevos Exitos)

Pasteles Verdes (20 Anos De Exitos) 05/14/02

Pasteles Verdes (20 Grandes Exitos) 10/25/00

Pasteles Verdes (Antologia) 10/16/01

Pasteles Verdes (El Gran Disco De Oro) 06/15/98

Pasteles Verdes (Grandes Grupos) 10/26/99

Pasteles Verdes (Tesoros De La Musica)

Pasteles Verdes (Un Minuto De Amor) 04/11/00

Pasteles Verdes (Vol. 2)

Pasteles Verdes (Vol.2/20 Grandes Exitos)

Pasteles Verdes/Muecas (2/Grandes Exitos) 04/28/00

Pasteles Verdes/Terricolas (Serie Doble) 06/20/00

Pastor Troy ( Face Off) 05/22/01

Pastor Troy (Face Off) 05/22/01

Pastoral (De Michele Erausquin) 03/14/00

Pat Benatar - Greatest Hits - Cd - Polytel 1994

Pat Parelli's Natural Trailer Loading

Pat The Bunny Sing With Me 11/13/00

Pata Negra (Best Of Pata Negra) 06/16/98

Patato Y Totico (Nuestro Barrio) 09/10/99

Patch Adams (1998 Film)

Patchouly & Velvet

Path Of Thorns

Path To The Heartland

Patra (Queen Of The Pack)

Patrick Street (Live From Patrick Street) 02/23/99

Patrick Street (Made In Cork) 11/04/97

Patrick Stump 'Soul Punk' Cd


Patriot Games (Film Sndtrk)


Patron De Sinaloa (Vengo A Ver Unos Ojos) 03/20/01

Patrulla 81 (Por Una Mujer Bonita) 05/02/02


Patsy Cline

Patsy Cline Superstar

Patsy Gallant /Besoin D'amour

Patsy Gallant /Will You Give Me Your Love

Patsy Gallant Et Star


Patterns In Jazz

Patterson,Don (Booker Ervin,Houston Person) 11/29/99

Patterson,Frank (God Bless America,An Irish Sal) 02/08/00

Pattersonaires (Book Of The Seven Seals) 02/15/00

Pattersonaires (Why Not Try My God) 08/12/97

Patty Man (Trap Affiliated) 07/25/00

Pau Hana Party

Paul Brodie The Golden Age Of The Saxophone (Cbc)

Paul Colman

Paul Colman Trio Live

Paul Desmond Quartet With Jim Hall

Paul Evenden: Farewell: A Collection Of Celtic Waltzes And Slow Airs

Paul Filek Music Cd

Paul Leoni, Electric Wind Orch., Electric Wind Ensemble, David Roach, Paul Keogh..

Paul Simon [Import]

Paul Togawa Quartet Featuring Gabe Baltazar

Paul,Les (1 2/Ford,Mary/The New Sound) 10/03/00

Paul,Les (Ford,Mary/Bye Bye Blues/Les And Mary) 10/03/00

Paul,Les (Ford,Mary/The Hit Makers) 10/03/00

Paula Deen Collection Slow Berry Cobbler

Paulito/Opus 13 (Dance Romance) 02/24/98

Paulus Op 36

Pavarotti's Opera Made Easy-My Favourite Opera For Children

Pavarotti,Luciano (Pavarotti Friends,For Camb) 09/12/00

Pave The Rocket (Taken In) 01/27/98

Pavers (Local 1500) 05/23/00

Paw (Home Is A Strange Place) 08/22/00

Pay Back

Pay Like You Wigh

Paycheck,Johnny (Live In Branson,Mo.Usa)

Payo (Algo Prohibido) 05/14/02

Paypa Chasin (Paypa Chasin' N Da Bubble) 08/01/00

Payro/Smog Tropical (Vol.1) 11/30/00

Payton/Soloff/Harrell/Henderson (Trumpet Legacy) 11/10/98


Pc-Cd Rom - Perfect Pool 3d - [Cd]

Pcu (Film Sndtrk)

Pd3 With Dick Pearce Live. Audio Cd




Peace & Love

Peace & Love

Peace (The Risen Son) 03/01/96

Peace And Love

Peace And Love

Peace Bomb

Peace In The Valley

Peace In The Valley [Accompaniment/Performance Track]

Peace Machine

Peace Train (Making Tracks)

Peaceful Alternatives (Peaceful Alternatives)

Peaceful Alternatives (Time For Love Making)

Peaceful Alternatives (Time For Romance)

Peaceful Classics

Peaceful Riot

Peaceful Side

Peacepipe (Peacepipe) 04/08/02


Peaches Herb (Sweethearts Of Soul)

Peaches Herb (Two Of A Kind) 01/17/02

Peanut Butter Conspiacy (Is Spreading/The Great) 02/08/00

Peanut Butter Conspiracy (For Children Of All Ages) 10/15/96

Peanut Butter Wolf (The Best Of) 02/12/02

Peanut Vendor Cd


Pearl (Love Trip) 10/23/01

Pearl Django (Mystery Pacific) 10/07/99

Pearl Harbor (Music From The Motion Picture) 05/22/01

Pearl Jam (Binaural) 05/16/00

Pearl Jam (Ten)

Pearl Jam (Yield) 02/03/98

Pearl Jam Bootleg Cd

Pearl Jam Daughter 1993 Australian Cd Single 660020-2

Pearl Jam Down Under

Pearl Jam Evolution 85 93

Pearl Jam Live At Soldier Field

Pearl Jam Twenty (Vinyl)

Pearl Jam Two Track Demos

Pearls (Velours/The Complete Recordings) 10/03/00

Pearls Before Swine (Constructive Melancholy) 08/10/99

Pebbles (E World) 08/27/99

Pecker (Film Sndtrk) 09/29/98

Peculiar Life

Pedernales (Tus Recuerdos)

Pederson/Mikkelborg/Knudson (Imagine) 09/12/00

Pedika Tragoudia N.1

Pedro Benno (Speechless) 05/17/00

Pedro Conga Lopez

Pedro Eustache

Pedro Jesus (Amar Es Algo Mas) 04/18/00

Pedro The Lion (Control) 04/16/02

Pedro The Lion (Only Reason I Feel Secure) 10/16/01

Pedro The Lion (Whole(Ep)) 04/08/97

Pedro Y Pablo (En Vivo) 06/15/00

Pedro Yerena & Juan Montoya

Pedro Yerena Y Gorriones De Topo Chico

Peel Sessions

Peel Sessions

Peepshows (Mondo Deluxe) 08/08/00

Peer Guint Suit 1 Op 46

Peg Leg Howell & Eddie 2

Pegame Tu Vicio

Pegasso (La Leyenda Del Amor) 07/02/97

Pegasso (Mi Angel) 11/22/00

Pegasso (Pegamix 2001) 02/20/01

Pegasso Del Pollo (14 Exitos) 05/28/96

Pegate A Melao

Peggo Paul (Patchwork Quilt) 02/22/01

Peggo Paul (Summer Nights) 01/25/02

Peglegasus (Tired Of Adventures) 01/13/00


Pekadorez (No Tiene Caso) 02/14/96

Pekadorez (Recuerdos De Ti) 11/07/00


Pelea Del Siglo

Pelham Sessions Ep

Peligro Edicion Especial Cd+

Penalty Crusade

Penance (Alpha Omega) 11/06/01

Penas De Amor


Penella (El Gato Montes/Pons/Roa)

Penguin Cafe Orch. (Broadcasting From Home)

Penguin Cafe Orch. (Music From)

Penguin Cafe Orch. (Penguin Cafe Orch.)

Penguin Cafe Orch. (Signs Of Life)

Penguin Cafe Orch. (When In Rome...)

Penguins (Earth Angel) 11/24/98


Penitentiary Blues

Penny Arcade

Penny Dreadfuls (Penny Dreadfuls) 08/20/96

Pennywise (About Time)

Pennywise (Full Circle) 04/22/97

Pennywise (Land Of The Free) 06/19/01

Pennywise (Live @ The Key Club) 10/24/00

Pennywise (Pennywise)

Pennywise (Straight Ahead) 06/08/99

Pennywise (Unknown Road)

Pensando En Ti

Pensando En Ti

Pentagons (Golden Classics)

Pentangle ( Re.M Basket Of Light) 10/23/01

Pentangle ( Re.M Cruel Sister) 10/23/01

Pentangle ( Re.M Sweet Child (2cd)) 09/25/01

Pentangle ( Re.M The Pentangle) 09/25/01

Pentangle (Early Classics)

Pentangle (In The Round)

Pentangle (Passe Avant) 04/07/99

Penthouse 5 (The Word Is Love) 09/02/97

People (Film Sndtrk) 09/19/95

People Are Moving

People Like Us (No...Really ) 04/22/97

People Living

People Move On Cd Austrian Creation 1998

People Moving

People Person

People's Instinctive Travels And The Pat


Peoples Choice (I Likes To Do It) 09/01/00

Pepa Mcoy (Amarcord) 06/30/98


Pepgirlz (Down N' Dirty) 01/14/97

Pepper,Art (In Copenhagen,1981) 12/11/01

Pepper/Morgan/Evans (Bird Lives )

Peppermint Harris (Texas On My Mind) 05/20/99

Peppermint Pig

Pepping (St.Matthew Passion/Parkman) 03/31/00

Pepsi Chart Hits V.2

Pequena Compania (Boleros 2/Cha-Cha-Ch)

Pequena Compania (Boleros)

Pequena Compania (De Nuevo)

Pequena Compania (Nuestras Memorias)

Pequena Compania (Tangos A Media Luz)

Pequena Compania (Tequila Y Ron)

Pequena Compania (Tributo A Mis Amigos)



Perceptions Of Pacha Mixed By Gold Fish

Percussion Avalanche

Percussion Orientale & Percussion Parisienne

Percussion Pulse (Works By Cage/Cowell/Foss) 02/29/00

Perdido Fui



Peret Y Sus Gitanos (Lamento Gitano) 02/08/00

Perfect Blues Collection

Perfect Day

Perfect Evolution

Perfect Love

Perfect Picture Of Wisdom And Boldness

Perfect Stranger (Absolute Crazy)

Perfect Symmetry

Perfect Timing

Perfect Vocal Marriage

Perfecting Loneliness [Vinyl]

Perfection:Perfecto Compilation (Var:Dance) 09/24/96

Perfectly Clear

Perfectly Human

Performance (Soundtrack)

Performance 1932-1949

Perfume De Violetas (Soundtrack) 11/16/01

Perfume-Complete Best

Pergolesi (Sabat Mater/Callegari) 09/17/99

Pergolesi (Sabat Mater/Harnoncourt)

Pergolesi (Sabat Mater/Rousset) 08/06/99

Pergolesi (Stabat Mater) 07/11/97

Pergolesi (Stabat Mater/Scarlatti)

Pergolesi (The Death Of Saint Giuseppe/Panni 2c) 01/13/00



Perierges Meres

Period Of Transition


Peripheral Vision


Perkins,Sam (Greatest Hits,Finest Perf.)

Perlman/Peterson (Side By Side)

Perlman/Williams (Cinema Serenade) 07/29/97

Perlman/Williams (Duos Vio. Gtr.)


Permanent Marker

Permit Me Voyage

Pernice Brothers (Overcome By Happiness) 05/19/98

Perpetrators (Porno Rock) 05/06/97

Perpetual Flame

Perpetual Horseshoe

Perrey Kingsley (The Essential) 04/28/99

Perrey Kingsley (The In Sound From Way Out) 07/20/95

Perrey Kingsley (The Out Sound From Way In(3c) 01/23/01

Perro Negro

Perrones De (La Cumbia Sonidera) 12/06/00

Perry,Lee (History,Mystery Prophecy) 11/21/97




Persian Nights (Trad.Folk From Iran) 05/20/98



Personal Jesus

Personal Jesus

Personal Jesus 2011

Personal Tone

Personally There




Persuaders (Thin Line Between Love Hate)

Persuasions (Chirpin')

Persuasions (Comin' At Ya) 06/06/97

Persuasions (Frankly A Cappella) 04/04/00

Persuasions (Good News)

Persuasions (Good Ship Lollipop) 05/18/99

Persuasions (Might As Well..Sing Grateful Dead) 10/10/00

Persuasions (No Frills)

Persuasions (Sincerely) 07/16/96

Persuasions (Spread The Word)

Persuasions (Sunday Morning Soul) 03/07/00

Persuasions (We Come To Play)

Perusio (Virelais/Huelgas Ensemble) 01/02/98

Pervis (Neck Or Nothing) 11/10/97

Pescadores Del Rio Balsas (Chuy Jimenez) 11/30/00

Pescadores Del Rio Concho (12 Ansuelazos Norte) 03/25/97

Pescadores Del Rio Concho (Corridos) 09/11/01

Pescadores Del Rio Concho (Mis Penas) 02/21/02

Pescadores Del Rio Concho (Rumbo Al Sur) 05/13/99

Pescadores Del Rio Concho (Un Mundo De Ilucione) 12/07/99

Pet Sematary

Pet Shop Boys ((Ltd.Ed) Release) 04/23/02

Pet Shop Boys (Actually)

Pet Shop Boys (Behavior)

Pet Shop Boys (Discography-Singles Collection)

Pet Shop Boys (Introspective)

Pet Shop Boys (Please)

Pet Shop Boys (Release) 04/23/02

Pet Shop Boys (West End Girls (3 Mxs))

Pete Rock C.L.Smooth (All Souled Out)

Pete Rock C.L.Smooth (Main Ingredient)

Pete. (Pete.) 07/31/01

Peter And The Wolf (Children's) 09/07/01

Peter Bellamy Fair Annie 2 Cd Set Import

Peter Corp Dyrendal Version 4.0 Cd

Peter Gordon (Greatest Hits) 07/22/97

Peter Gordon (I Go To Pieces/True Love Ways) 03/24/98

Peter Gordon (Woman/Lady Godiva) 03/24/98

Peter Ilych Tchaikovsky: "Eugene Onegin" And "Pique Dame" (Highlights / Excerpts / Scenes): Melitta

Peter Pan (An Awfully Big Adventure) 12/10/96

Peter Pan (Orig.Brdwy.Cast)

Peter Pan (The Story Of Peter Pan) 08/08/97

Peter Ustinov Reads The Orchestra

Peter's Rock Mass Choir (A Message From The Rock)

Peter,Paul Mary (Peter,Paul Mary Album)

Peter,Paul Mary (Peter,Paul Mommy,T)

Peters And Lee

Peters,Red (I Laughed,I Cried,I Fudged)

Peterson (Vicissitudes/New York New Music Ensem) 03/31/00

Peterson, Carl/Murray, Bobby -Irish Pub Favorites

Peterson,Oscar (Live At Cbc Studios,1960) 11/04/97

Peterson-Beger (Frosoblomster/Rybrant) 10/19/00

Peterson-Berger (Frosoblomster Booki-Iii/Hojer) 09/08/00

Peterson/Bellson/Heard (London Concert)

Peterson/Cannon/Kikoski (2/Triangular) 10/10/00

Peterson/Grappelli/Pass (Skol)

Peterson/Pass/Brown (Giants) 03/28/95

Peterson/Pass/Pederson (Paris Concert)

Petiche (Flor De La Candela)

Petite Blonde

Petra (Petra Praise...The Rock)

Petra (Petra)

Petra (Unseen Power)

Petrushka (Rite Of Spring)

Petticoat Junction (Lonely Old Depot) 02/13/02

Petty,Dini (The Queen,The Bear The Bumblebee) 03/06/01

Peyote Brothers

Pezz (One Last Look) 10/06/97

Pezz (Warmth And Sincerity) 05/11/99

Pfanni Gnocchi

Pfister Sisters (New Orleans)

Pfitzner (Palestrina/Thielemann) 04/10/97

Pfs (279) 03/10/98

Pg Project

Phajja (Meeting In The Ladies Room) 04/07/00

Phalanx (Original Phalanx) 03/28/00





Phantom (Highlights) 10/11/00

Phantom (Orig.Cast Recording)

Phantom Blues

Phantom Of The Opera (Hglts-Orig.London Cast)

Phantom Of The Opera (Highlights From) 09/06/01

Phantom Of The Opera (Sndtrk) 09/21/99

Phantom Planet (The Guest) 02/26/02

Phantom Raiders (New Sound '67)

Phantom Rockers (P.S.M.) 02/13/01

Phantom Train

Pharaoh (The Sound Of Mystery (2cd)) 04/28/99

Pharcyde (Bizarre Ride Ii The Pharcyde) 03/20/01

Pharcyde (Bizarre Ride Ii The Pharcyde) 04/07/98

Pharcyde (Labcabincalifornia) 03/20/01

Phari Mamo


Pharoah Of Street Military ((Screwed)/6 Foot Gi) 04/10/01

Pharoah Of Street Military (6 Foot Giant) 12/01/97

Pharoahe Monch ( Internal Affairs) 10/19/99

Pharoahs (Pharoahs) 04/30/98


Phases Of Moon (Various)

Phat Beach (Film Sndtrk) 07/30/96

Phat Trax (1/Best Of Old School R B) 06/24/97

Phat Trax (2/Best Of Old School R B) 06/24/97

Phat Trax (3/Best Of Old School R B) 06/24/97

Phat Trax (4/Best Of Old School R B) 06/24/97

Phat Trax (5/Best Of Old School R B) 06/24/97

Phat Trax (6/Best Of Old School R B) 03/18/97

Phat Trax (7/Best Of Old School R B) 03/18/97

Phatt Pussycat (Phatt Life) 02/27/01

Phazed & Confused

Phenom (It Finally Happened) 01/25/00

Phenomenon (Film Sndtrk) 07/02/96

Phenomenon (Tha Rodeo) 01/30/01

Phil Woods Trio (Just Friends) 08/17/99

Philadelphia Experiment (The Philadelphia Exper) 06/12/01

Philadelphia Mass Choir (For The Good Of Them) 10/03/95

Philharmonia Virtuosi (2/Musical Evenings With) 10/31/00

Philharmonia Virtuosi (Baroque Trumpetissimo ) 10/31/00

Philharmonia Virtuosi (Greatest Hits For String) 10/31/00

Philharmonia Virtuosi (Musical Evenings With Th) 10/31/00


Philharmonie (Les Elephants Carillonneurs) 03/10/98

Philharmonie (North) 03/10/98

Philharmonie (Rage) 03/10/98

Philharmonie (The Last Word) 05/18/99

Philippe Leduc-The Wings Of Fire


Phillips,Brewer (Harvey,Ted/Good House-Rockin') 09/16/98

Philly's Most Wanted ( Get Down Or Lay Down) 08/07/01

Philly's Most Wanted (Get Down Or Lay Down) 08/07/01

Philosopher's Stone Ep

Phip City

Phish (1/Live Phish (2cd)) 09/18/01

Phish (2/Live Phish (3cd)) 09/18/01

Phish (3/Live Phish (3cd)) 09/18/01

Phish (4/Live Phish (3cd)) 09/18/01

Phish (5/Live Phish (3cd)) 09/18/01

Phish (6/(Showcase)Live Phish (3cd)) 10/30/01

Phish (6/Live Phish (3cd)) 10/30/01

Phish (7/Live Phish (3cd)) 04/16/02

Phish (8/Live Phish (2cd)) 04/16/02

Phish (9/Live Phish (3cd)) 04/16/02

Phish (A Picture Of Nectar)

Phish (Billy Breathes) 10/15/96

Phish (Farmhouse) 05/16/00

Phish (Hampton Comes Alive (6cd)) 11/23/99

Phish (Hoist)

Phish (Junta)

Phish (Lawn Boy)

Phish (Live)

Phish (Rift)

Phish (The Siket Disc) 11/07/00

Phish (The Story Of The Ghost) 10/27/98

Phish (Ve Phish (3cd)) 04/16/02

Phish (Ve Phish (3cd)) 04/16/02

Phish (Ve Phish) 04/16/02


Phoaming Edison (Happy Nap Casino) 08/10/00

Phobia (Means Of Existence) 07/21/98

Phobos (Phobos) 04/27/99

Phoebe In Wonderland

Phoebe Quest (Windward Sound) 10/10/01

Phoenecia (Odd Job Discrimination) 11/26/01




Phoenix Mass Choir (Higher) 02/19/97

Phoenix Metabolism

Phoenix Rising

Phone Calling

Phone Pranks 6

Phone Pranks 7

Phonovisions Symphonic Orchestra


Phosgene Nightmare

Photek (Form Function) 09/15/98

Photek (Modus Operandi) 09/09/97

Photek (Risk Vs. Reward) 08/22/97

Photographs To Nowhere

Phunk Core

Phunk Junkeez (Phunk Junkeez) 03/12/02

Phunk Junkeez (Phunk Junkeez) 06/26/00

Phuture Sole


Phuzz (American Pop) 10/24/00

Phyneas Gauge (I'm Ok...You're On Fire) 01/13/99


Physical World


Physics (Physics) 04/08/98

Physiological Quieting Cd





Piano & Chamber Music 8

Piano (20 Exitos)

Piano (Bar/20 Pianistas)

Piano (Barroco Vol.2/Movie Theme)

Piano (Collection Bar Reginald N.Y.)

Piano (Film Sndtrk)

Piano (Latino(Jazz))

Piano And Cello Duet

Piano Anthology (From Jelly Roll Morton)

Piano At The Paramount

Piano By Candlelight (4/When I Fall In Love) 02/04/98

Piano By Candlelight (Beautiful Music For Pno.) 09/07/01

Piano By Moonlight (3/Stardust) 02/04/98

Piano By Moonlight (Quiet Nights Of Quiet Stars) 02/04/98

Piano Cafe

Piano Chicago Style

Piano Classics

Piano Collection (1/Various)

Piano Collections Final Fantasy Xiii

Piano Collections Kingdom Hearts

Piano Concert

Piano Concerto

Piano Concerto 1 & 2

Piano Concerto No. 2

Piano Concerto No. 3 Burleske

Piano Concerto No17 & 26

Piano Concertos 1-3

Piano Concertos 3 & 4

Piano Dance

Piano Dreams (Appassionata) 04/22/96

Piano Dreams (Ave Maria) 04/22/96

Piano Dreams (Folk Song) 04/22/96

Piano Dreams (Fur Elise) 04/22/96

Piano Dreams (Invitation To Dance) 04/22/96

Piano Dreams (Love Dream) 04/22/96

Piano Dreams (Melody In F) 04/22/96

Piano Dreams (Rain Drops) 04/22/96

Piano Dreams (Romance) 04/22/96

Piano Dreams (Songs Without Words) 04/22/96

Piano Golden Classic (Suite Espanola)

Piano Grand (A Smithsonian Celebration) 06/27/00

Piano Greats (The Best Of) 09/06/01

Piano In The Background

Piano Man 1928-1955

Piano Masterpieces (Definitive Collection) 11/24/98

Piano Masterpieces (Piano Masterpieces) 09/19/01

Piano Masterpieces (Various) 03/19/97

Piano Moments For Little Bellies

Piano Museum

Piano Music

Piano Music

Piano Music

Piano Music / Preludes / Vingt Regards

Piano Music 2

Piano Music For Children

Piano Night At Tipitina's

Piano Passion

Piano Quintets Opp 5 & 81

Piano Red (Atlanta Bounce)

Piano Sentimental

Piano Sentimental (Mas Exitos De Hoy) 04/06/00

Piano Solo

Piano Solo At Town Hall 1971

Piano Sonatas

Piano Sonatas Op. 106 Hammerklavier & Op. 111

Piano Trio 4 In E Minor Op 90 Dumky

Piano Trios

Piano Trios Nos 1&2

Piano With A View

Piano Works

Piano Works

Piano Works

Piano, Bass, Drums

Pianoforte (1/The Keyboard Masters) 02/24/98

Pianoforte (Vol.2/Keyboard Masters) 01/27/98

Pianos Barrocos (Hollywood Themes)

Pianos Barrocos (Musica Del Mundo)

Pianosaurus (Groovy Neighborhood)

Piazzolla (Allison Brewster Franzetti/The Unkno) 11/23/99

Piazzolla (Orbelian/Moscow Chamber Orchestra) 07/14/99

Picaros Del Norte (Laura) 09/18/01

Pichl (5 Symphonies/Bamert) 06/23/99

Pick Me Up On Your Way Down

Pick Up Your Head

Pickathon Roots Music Festival 2009

Picketts (Euphonium) 09/17/96

Picketts (The Wicked Picketts) 08/15/95

Pickin' Cotten

Pickin' On Widespread Panic (Tribute To) 06/19/01

Pickin' The Blues

Picture Innocence

Picture Perfect


Pictures And Stories

Pictures At An Exhibition

Pictures At An Exhibition

Pictures At An Exhibition A Night On Bald Mountain

Pictures Of Matchstick Men Lp


Piece Of Me




Pieces (I Need 5 Minutes Alone) 02/17/98

Pieces For Harpsichord

Pieces Of A Dream (Joyride) 11/07/00

Pieces Of A Man (Limited Edition 180 Gram Vinyl)

Pied Piper Of Feedback

Piensa En Mi 2001

Pier One Imports Let It Snow

Pierce,Webb (Greatest Hits,Finest Perf)

Pierce/Jonas (Two Steinways On Broadway) 06/26/00

Pierces (Pierces) 10/24/00

Piero (Como Somos) 01/16/02

Pierre Lalonde Ses 20 Plus Grands Succes Compact Disc

Pierrot Premier (Orange Clouds Over Battery Park) 06/25/96

Piesni I Piosenki