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Unknown or Missing U

A Udio Cd

The U.S. Albums

The Ultimate Collection

The Ultimate Collection

The Ultimate Dream Mix

The Ultimate Junior Party Megamix

The Ultimate Motown Christmas Collection

The Ultimate Relaxation Album Iii

The Ultimate Ted Nugent

The Unauthorized Biography Of Reinhold Messner [Cd & Video]

The Unbroken

The Underdog Ep

The Unforgettable

The Unforgettable Fire

The Unforgettables Jagjit & Chitra Singh

The Union

The Universe Tonight

The Unquiet Peace

U 2 Can Yodel

U Ain't Slick

U Brown (Hit Sounds From Channel One) 07/27/99

U Brown (Hiy Sounds From Channel One 1979-80) 05/07/02

U Got It All Wrong

U Got Me Up [Vinyl]

U I Let's Do Balle Balle Cd

U Me Aur Hum Cd

U Name It

U R Man

U Roy (3 Pack)

U Roy (Babylon Kingdom Must Fall) 01/14/97

U Roy (Dread In A Babylon)

U Roy (Josie Wales/Teacher Meets The Student) 05/24/99

U Roy (Music Addict) 11/30/01

U Roy (Natty Rebel-Extra Versions) 04/24/97

U Roy (Original Dj) 09/26/95

U Roy (Rasta Ambassador) 04/24/97

U Roy (Rock With I) 07/01/97

U Roy (Smile A While) 03/04/98

U Roy (The Lost Album)

U Roy (The Lost Album) 12/05/00

U Roy (True Born African) 03/04/98

U Roy (Version Of Wisdom)

U Talk 2 Much 7 Inch (7" Vinyl 45) Uk Epic 1992

U That I Need

U Totem (Strange Attractors) 03/10/98

U Totem (U Totem) 03/10/98

U-God (Golden Arms Redemption) 10/19/99

U-Men (Solid Action) 08/21/01

U-Turn (Film Sndtrk) 09/30/97


U-Ziq (Brace Yourself) 05/01/98

U-Ziq (In Pine Effect) 10/31/95

U-Ziq (Lunatic Harness) 07/29/97

U-Ziq (Royal Astronomy) 07/27/99

U-Ziq (U-Ziq Vs. The Auteurs)

U-Ziq (Urmur Bile Trax) 02/04/97

U.K. Blues

U.M.O. (Unidentified Musical Object) 10/22/96

U.N.L.V. (6th Baronne) 01/07/98

U.N.L.V. (Greatest Hits) 11/25/97

U.N.L.V. (Mac Melph Calio) 01/22/98

U.N.L.V. (Return Of U.N.L.V. Trend Setters) 11/20/01

U.N.L.V. (Straight Out Tha Gutta) 12/08/97

U.N.L.V. (Uptown For Life) 07/03/96

U.N.V. (Something's Goin On)

U.N.V. (Universal Nubian Voices) 06/27/95

U.S. Bombs (Back At The Laundromat) 03/20/01

U.S. Bombs (Garibaldi Guard) 06/07/96

U.S. Bombs (Never Mind The Open Minds...The) 09/29/97

U.S. Bombs (War Birth) 09/23/97

U.S.A.F. Airmen Of Note (Glenn Miller Tradition) 11/18/99

U.S.Bombs (Put Strength In The Final Blow) 07/06/99

U.S.Bombs (The World) 06/15/99

U.T.F.O. (Bag-It-Bone-It) 11/17/98

U.T.F.O. (Skeezer Pleezer) 04/11/01

U.T.G. (Knights Of The Round Table) 02/05/02

U.T.G. (Unda Tha Gun) 06/06/00

U2 (Bono/Interview) 04/24/96

U2 (Boy)

U2 (Joshua Tree)

U2 (October)

U2 (Pickin' On U2) 07/31/01

U2 (Rattle Hum)

U2 (Strung Out/Tribute To) 04/18/00

U2 (Under A Blood Red Sky)

U2 (Unforgettable Fire)

U2 (Unforgettable Fire) 03/28/95

U2 (War)

U2 (Wide Awake In America)

U2 Achtung Baby Cd

U2 Rock's Hottest Ticket Vol. 2

U2 The Ground Beneath Her Feet Promo Cd

U2 The Saints Are Coming Mexican Single Cd

Uakti (I Ching)

Uakti (Mapa)

Uakti (Trilobyte) 04/08/97

Ub40 (2/Labour Of Love)

Ub40 (Baggariddim) 03/11/97

Ub40 (Labour Of Love) 03/11/97

Ub40 (Live)

Ub40 (Present Arms In Dub)

Ub40 (Present Arms)

Ub40 (Promises Lies)

Ub40 (Rat In The Kitchen) 03/11/97

Ub40 (Signing Off)

Ub40 (Ub40) 03/11/97

Ubby Roy (Voy Hacerte Feliz) 12/02/99

Ubud Tiga


Uff (Ya Lo Ves) 08/29/00

Ufo (Best Of Compilation) 10/21/96

Ufo (Covenant (Limited Edition)) 07/25/00

Ufo (Essential U.F.O.) 10/21/96

Ufo (Lights Out) 10/21/96

Ufo (Obsession) 10/21/96

Ufo (Phenomenon) 10/21/96

Ufo (The Future Is Listening) 01/03/02

Ufo (Walk On Water) 03/10/98

Ugk ( Dirty Money) 11/06/01

Ugk (Banned) 02/25/02

Ugk (Dirty Money) 11/13/01

Ugk (Ridin' Dirty) 07/30/96

Ugk (Super Tight)

Ugk (Too Hard To Swallow)

Ugly Modern Aggression

Ugly Mus-Tard

Ugly Radio

Uh Huh

Uh Huh Her

Uh Oh

Uhf Ii

Uilab (Fires) 03/10/98

Uk (Danger Money)

Uk (Night After Night)

Uk (U.K.)

Uk Ep Collection Vol 1 Cd Mini Lp Obi

Uk Ep Collection Vol 2 Cd Mini Lp Obi

Uko (Uko) 05/15/01

Ukrainian Village Music (Historic Recordings 1928-1933) 05/21/97

Ukulele Ike Sings Again

Uld ( Nobody) 11/06/01

Uld (Nobody ) 11/20/01

Ulitmate 80's Remixed

Ullman (Der Kaiser Von Atlantis)

Ultima Carta


Ultimate (Latin Party) 07/06/99

Ultimate (Mexican Party) 08/17/99

Ultimate (Norteno Party) 10/26/99

Ultimate 1980s Ballads [Audio Cd] Various

Ultimate Blues Collection

Ultimate Christmas Collection

Ultimate Classical Box

Ultimate Clifford Brown

Ultimate Collection

Ultimate Collection

Ultimate Collection

Ultimate Collection

Ultimate Collection

Ultimate Collection

Ultimate Collection 14 Hits

Ultimate Dance

Ultimate Dancehall Mix

Ultimate Fakebook (Open Up Say Awesome) 03/26/02

Ultimate Fakebook (This Will Be Laughing Week) 07/25/00

Ultimate Guitar Collection

Ultimate High By Amadeus The Stampede

Ultimate History Of Rock & Roll

Ultimate Late Night Listening Experience

Ultimate Manilow (Eco-Friendly Packaging)

Ultimate Metal 2

Ultimate No 1s

Ultimate Nrg 4

Ultimate Nrg Megamix

Ultimate Opera Collection (Various)

Ultimate Piano Favorites

Ultimate Reggae Album

Ultimate Relaxation

Ultimate Salsa Collection

Ultimate Soul Classics 3cd

Ultimate St. Patrick's Day (Celebration) 02/23/99

Ultimate Tropical (Dance Mix 99) 07/13/99

Ultimately Fine

Ultimatics (The Vicious And The Glamorous) 10/24/00

Ultimo Adios

Ultimo Cuple

Ultra (Big Time) 06/12/01

Ultra Dance '80s

Ultra Freaky Orange

Ultra Kinetic Orchestra

Ultra Living (Transgression) 01/09/01

Ultra Red (La Economia Nueva) 03/19/02

Ultra Twist

Ultra Zip Best-Zippie Anniversary

Ultrabeat Feelin' Fine

Ultrafine (Ultrafine) 11/09/99

Ultramagnetic Mc's (B-Sides Companion) 10/21/97

Ultramagnetic Mc's (The Basement Tapes 1984-19) 12/09/99

Ultramagnetic Mc's (The Four Horsemen) 08/21/01

Ultrasound (Music For The Unborn Child) 04/13/99

Ultraspank (Ultraspank) 03/31/98





Ultravox (The Collection) 10/21/96


Ulysses Gaze

Um Dia

Um Rio

Umbrellas Of Cherbourg (Film Sndtrk) 07/16/96

Umek Hell Yeah


Umo 2

Un Angelo

Un Ballo In Maschera

Un Ballo In Maschera

Un Ballo In Maschera

Un Calcio Ad Un

Un Dia

Un Dia A La Vez

Un Hombre Normal

Un Hombre Solo

Un Junte Para La Historia En Vivo

Un Lugar Santo

Un Monde Parfait

Un Paio D'ali (Cast Sndtrk) 11/17/98

Un Ramo De Rosas

Un Segundo En El Tiempo

Un Si Del Alma

Un Tomb Per La Musica

Un Viaje (Por El Mundo) 10/20/01

Una Historia Mas

Una Luz Desde El Cielo

Una Noche (Bohemia) 07/23/98

Una Noche (De Cabaret) 09/18/01

Una Nueva Propuesta

Una Stagione All'inferno (A Season In Hell)

Una Vez En La Vida

Una Vez Mas

Una Vez Mas


Unband (Retarder) 03/07/00

Unbearable Lightness Of Being (Film Sndtrk)



Unborn Star


Unbroken (Ritual) 04/28/97



Unchained Melody

Uncharted Soup Volume 3

Uncion Tropical Plena Que Se Pega



Uncle Fletcher Living By Numbers Produced By Abercrombie/Roberts

Uncle Kracker ( Double Wide) 06/13/00

Uncle Kracker (Double Wide) 06/13/00

Uncle Luke [Vinyl]

Uncle Tupelo (Anodyne)

Uncle Walt's Band (An American In Texas Revisit) 05/28/99

Uncle Walt's Band (The Girl On The Sunny Shore) 05/28/99

Uncle Wiggly (Farfetchedness) 09/16/99


Uncollected Big Bands (1/Various)

Uncollected Big Bands (2/Various)

Uncollected Big Bands (3/Various)

Uncollected Big Bands (4/Various)

Uncollected Big Bands (5/Various)

Uncommon Thread (American Dreams) 12/17/98

Uncommon Threads

Unconditionally Guaranteed 2000.6


Uncover Me

Uncurbed (Peacelovepunklife... Other Stories) 08/11/98

Uncurbed (Punks On Parole) 01/11/02

Unda Ground Streetz

Unda' Groun' Huzlaz (Ghetto Huzlin) 10/30/01

Undaground Railroad

Undead (A Gothic Masterpiece (3cd)) 09/20/00

Undead (Dawn Of The Undead) 11/17/97


Under A Spanish Moon

Under A Texas Moon

Under A Violet Moon

Under Cold Blue Stars

Under Construction Part Ii

Under Doctors Orders [Vinyl]

Under Fire (Flames) 10/21/96

Under Giant Trees

Under Oath

Under Oath

Under Pressure Seeing Everything

Under The Ancient Penalty

Under The Big Top Vol. 1

Under The Blood Red Lava Lamp

Under The Bodhi Tree

Under The Influence

Under The Influences

Under The Iron Sea

Under The Jolly Roger

Under The Pyramid

Under The Radar Over The Top

Under The Sun

Under The Sun (Under The Sun) 04/11/00

Under The Sun/Under The Moon

Under The Wheel E.P. (Faith & Hope)

Under Western Skies



Undercover (If You Leave Me Now) 03/02/00

Underdog (Domos) 07/24/96



Undergrind (Undergrind) 01/14/97

Underground Album

Underground Fossils

Underground Frontier 3

Underground Hip-Hop Volume 1

Underground Trance

Underneath The Colours

Underneath The Radar

Underneath The Stars

Understanding The Defiant Child

Undertakers (Unearthed) 04/26/96

Undertoad (Undertoad) 01/11/00

Undertones (Undertones)

Undertones (Very Best Of The Undertones)

Underwater Underground

Underworld (Dubnobasswitmyheadman)

Underworld (Pearl's Girl) 01/28/97

Underworld (Second Toughest In The Infants) 03/14/96

Undisputed ( Sndtrk/Cash Money Millionaires)

Undisputed (Sndtrk/Cash Money Millionaires)

Undivided Roots (Undivided Roots) 11/20/97


Une Autre Chambre D'hotel

Une Heure Avec Aimable

Une Vie de hAros

Une Vie Par Jour


Uneasy Listening

Uneasy Listening Vol. 1

Uneek (Just As I Am) 06/25/99

Uneek (Striving) 08/27/96

Unfadable Records Money Makes The World Go Round



Unfinished Business

Unfinished Business





Unforgettable Guitar

Unforgettable Moments

Unforgettable Panpipes

Unforgiving Mistress

Unforseen Shadows

Unfortunate Snort

Ungovernable Force

Unguided Tour

Unhappy Refrain


Unholy Ground

Uni Ii (Si Se Acabo El Amor) 07/05/00


Unicef Children Singing For Children Vol 1. Vesna Moscow Children's Choir


Unicorns Glitter & Heartbreak



Unifics (Sittin' In At The Court Of Love) 06/18/96

Unified Presence


Uninvited Dreams (Ltd. Edition)


Union (Hard Labor) 08/24/99

Union 13 (East Los Presents) 06/24/97

Union 13 (Why Are We Destroying Ourselves ) 10/20/98

Union Maid

Union Of Opposites

Union Underground ( An Education In Rebellion) 07/18/00



Unissued Cafe Bohemia Broadcasts

Unit (The Narcoleptic Symphony) 07/20/99




United Dj's Of America (4/D.Morales/Frankie Knuckles) 08/18/00

United Kingdom

United Look To You

United State

United State Of Atlanta U.S.A.

United States Of America

United States Three (Le Temps Du Tempo) 03/12/97

United States Three (She's The World) 09/10/96

United States Three (Watergate) 10/26/99

United Trance Vol. 02 [Cd, De, Quadrophon 879 383-2]

United We Stand

United/It's Never Been Like That


Unity In Multiplicity

Unity Is Power

Univers Zero (1313) 03/10/98

Univers Zero (Ceux De Duhors) 03/10/98

Univers Zero (Crawling Wind) 09/18/01

Univers Zero (Heatwave) 03/10/98

Univers Zero (Heresie) 03/10/98

Univers Zero (Rhythmix) 05/07/02

Univers Zero (The Hard Quest) 09/23/99

Univers Zero (Uzed) 03/10/98

Universal Love

Universal Masters

Universal Masters Collection

Universal Principals (Inspiration Light) 09/18/01

Universal Screen Protector Sticker 1-Pak

Universal Soldier

Universal You

Universales Del Norte (500 Novillos) 05/03/01




University Northern Iowa (At Dusk) 01/02/01

University Northern Iowa Jazz (Just Us) 11/18/99

University Of Cincinnati (Lady Bird) 11/18/99

University Of Kentucky Jazz (Dialogues) 11/18/99

University Of Kentucky Mega (Stinkin' Up The Pl) 11/18/99

University Of Kentucky Sax (We Don't Need No Rh) 11/17/99

University Of Michigan (Thompson Odes Of Shang) 02/29/00

University Of Michigan Band (Hail Sousa ) 04/29/99

University Of Michigan Band (Stars Stripes Fo) 04/29/99

University Of Michigan Band (Touchdown U.S.A.) 05/28/98

University Of Mississippi Gospel Choir (Send Up) 11/16/99

University Of N.Florida Jazz Ens. (Haven't You Heard Yet ) 10/18/99

University Of North Texas One O'clock Lab Band- Lab '97

University Of North Texas Two O' Clock Lab Ba (The Transparent Two) 12/08/99

University Of Northern Iowa (Leap Of Faith) 10/25/01

University Of S.Florida Jazz Ens. (Suncoast) 01/31/95

University Of Wisconsin (Things To Come) 10/25/01

University Of Wisconsin (Timeless Vision) 11/18/99

University Of Wisconsin-Clair Jazz (Brilliant C) 11/17/99

University Of Wisconsin-Clair Jazz (Harpoon) 11/18/99

University Of Wisconsin-Clair Jazz (Jazz In Cle) 11/18/99

University Of Wisconsin-Claire Jazz (Hoe Down) 11/18/99

Universo Ii (Lo Mejor De..) 10/14/97


Unknown Recordings

Unleaded (No Pressure) 04/07/98

Unleash The Beast

Unleash The Fury

Unleashed In The Hood



Unloco (Healing) 03/20/01

Unloved World (Nemilovany Svet)

Unlv Jazz Ensemble (Caliente Muy Caliente) 11/18/99

Unlv Jazz Ensemble (That's A Wrap) 11/18/99

Unmask The Sound

Unmetered Taxi

Unnatural Selection


Unorthodox Jukebox With 5 Bonus Tracks

Unpacking My Library

Unpedicatable 1



Unpractice Makes Perfect


Unreal Tournament 3 Original Game Soundtrack

Unreal World


Unrecoupable One Man Bandit

Unrelated Segments/Tidal Waves (Where You Gonna) 05/27/98


Unreleased Dubs 94-96

Unreleased Edison Laterals I

Unreleased Night Food & Rare.. [12 inch Analog]


Unrest (B.P.M.(1991-1994)) 06/20/95

Unrest (Imperial F.F.R.R.)

Unrest (Isabel (Import)) 04/29/97

Unrest (Kustom Karnal Blaxploitation) 11/02/99

Unrest (Malcolm X Park) 11/02/99


Unsafe At Anyspeed

Unsavoury Products

Unscrubbed:Live From The Laundromat (2/Var:Rock) 09/23/98

Unseen (Anger And The Truth) 07/10/01

Unseen (Lower Class Crucifixtion) 11/03/98

Unseen (So This Is Freedom) 08/24/99

Unsere Grossen Erfolge

Unsinkable Molly Brown (Brdwy Sndtrk)

Unsinkable Molly Brown (Orig.Motion Pic.Sndtrk) 11/21/00


Unstoppable Youth (Eclectic Stimulation) 08/07/01


Unsung (Unsung) 11/18/97

Unsung Heroes

Unsung Zeros (Unsung Zeros) 08/09/00

Untamed Gorillas

Until Dawn

Until Further Notice

Until Then

Until Then I'll Suffer


Untitled 4 Ballads

Untitled Concept(ceacaaaaaaaaa)

Untold Things

Untold Truths


Untouchables (Agent Double-O Soul) 09/12/97

Untouchables (Decade Of Dance-Live)

Untouchables (Film Sndtrk)

Untouchables Collector's Edition (Fall Guy And The Maggie Storm Story)

Untouchables Collector's Edition (Man Killer And City Without A Name)

Untouchables Collector's Edition (Tunnel Of Horrors And Power Play)

Untrue [Vinyl]

Unun (Super Shiny Dreams) 06/16/00

Unusable Signal


Unveiling The Secret 2.0

Unversed In Love

Up 'N Milwaukee

Up (Killer Up)

Up Against It

Up All Night

Up All Night The Mexican Souvenir Edition Cd

Up Close

Up For A Bit

Up For A Bit With The Pastels

Up For Air

Up In Arms (Fight To The Death) 08/08/00

Up In It

Up In The Pocket

Up In Yo Yard

Up Jazz Creek

Up Jumped The Devil

Up On The Ridge

Up On The Sun

Up Slide Down

UP THE DOWNSTAIR(2CD)(reissue)(regular ed.)

Up To Now

Up to the Minute Blues

Up Up & Away

Up&up Nicotine Polacrilex Mint Gum 4mg 220 Pieces

Uper Eurobeat Vol.37 -Extended Version

Uplifting Classics

Upper Crust (Let Them Eat Rock)


Uprhythm Downbeat

Upsetters (Double Seven) 10/09/01

Upsetters (Return Of Django) 10/09/01

Upsetters (Super Ape) 11/21/97

Upsetters (Upsetter A Go Go) 07/23/98

Upsetters (Upsetting The Nation 1969-1970) 10/09/01

Upsettin' Ernesto's

Upside Down/Free Style(Regular)

Upsidedown Cross (Evilution) 02/12/97

Upsidedown Cross (Upsidedown Cross) 04/16/97

Upsilon Acrux (In The Acrux Of The Upsilon King) 05/11/99

Uptown 3000

Uptown Conversation

Uptown Conversation

Uptown Lowdown

Uptown Rebel

Uptown Savages (Rocket Drivin' Daddy) 11/13/01


Uranium 235 (Cultural Minority) 02/22/00

Urban Ambient Trance

Urban Arias

Urban Dance Squad (Artantica) 05/09/00

Urban Dance Squad (Life N Perspectives Of A Ge) 01/05/99

Urban Dance Squad (Mental Floss For The Globe) 01/05/99

Urban Dance Squad (Persona Non Grata) 01/26/99

Urban Dance Squad (Planet Ultra) 01/26/99

Urban Dub (Urban Dub) 01/23/01

Urban Flavour

Urban Knights (2/Urban Knights) 04/08/97

Urban Knights (Urban Knights) 05/23/95

Urban Ren'aissance

Urban Solitude Collector's Item (+ Bonus

Urban Sounds:A Hip-Hop Collection (Var:Hip-Hop) 01/17/02

Urbanites (Pure Pressure) 11/14/00



Uriah Heep ( Re.M 2/The Best Of) 09/25/01

Uriah Heep ( Re.M Abominog) 10/09/01

Uriah Heep ( Re.M Fallen Angel) 10/09/01

Uriah Heep ( Re.M Firefly) 09/25/01

Uriah Heep ( Re.M Innocent Victim) 09/25/01

Uriah Heep ( Re.M Live In Europe 1979 (2cd)) 09/25/01

Uriah Heep ( Re.M Live In Moscow) 10/09/01

Uriah Heep (Best Of) 10/23/01

Uriah Heep (Demons Wizards)

Uriah Heep (High And Mighty) 09/11/01

Uriah Heep (Live)

Uriah Heep (Look At Yourself)

Uriah Heep (Magician's Birthday)

Uriah Heep (Return To Fantasy) 09/11/01

Uriah Heep (Salisbury)

Uriah Heep (The Very Best Of) 05/21/02

Uriah Heep (Uriah Heep)

Uriah Heep (Wonderworld) 09/11/01

Urinetown (Original Cast Recording) 08/07/01


Ursa Major

Ursa Major (Ursa Major) 06/06/00

Ursa Rex

Us3 (Hand On The Torch)

Usa 1989

Usa 87-91

Usa For Mod

Usa-European Connection (Various) 03/09/99

Use Me

Use Your Illusion 1

Use Your Illusion 2

Use Your Illusion I [Vinyl]

Use Your Voice

Used Carlotta (Reckless Wheels) 07/24/00

Used Guitars


Usher (8701) 08/07/01

Utah Saints (Two) 07/31/01

Utah Symphony (World's Greatest Pno.Cto.) 02/21/97

Utah Symphony (World's Greatest Vln.Cto.) 02/21/97

Utfo (Doin' It) 05/11/99

Utfo (Hits) 12/12/96

Utfo (Lethal) 04/13/99

Utfo (Utfo) 04/11/01

Utom:Summoning The Spirit (Var:World Music) 09/23/97

Utopia (Adventures In Utopia)

Utopia (Another Live)

Utopia (Anthology(1974-1985))

Utopia (Deface The Music)

Utopia (Last Recording)

Utopia (Oops Wrong Planet)

Utopia (Ra)

Utopia (Swing To The Right)

Utopia (Todd Rundgren's Utopia)

Uttara-Kuru (East Wind) 08/06/99

Uttara-Kuru (Prayer) 03/17/99

Uvaldo/Cautivos (Estrellas De Guanajuato) 02/22/00

Uwe Macho

Uyghur Musicians From Xin (Music From The Oasis) 11/20/00

Uz Jsme Doma (Fairytales From Needland) 11/05/99

Uz Jsme Doma (Hollywood) 11/05/99

Uz Jsme Dome (Ears) 05/11/00

Uzume Taiko (Chirashi) 06/06/97

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