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Unknown or Missing V

A Very Veggie Christmas

A View From The Stoop

The Vampire Lovers To The Stars

The Vampire's Assistant

The Vanity Project

The Vast Expanse Diminishing

The Velvet Underground & Nico 45th Anniversary (Remastered)

The Verdi Tenor

The Very Best Of

The Very Best Of Al Jolson

The Very Best Of Country Calendar

The Very Best Of Diana Ross And The Supremes

The Very Best Of Elton John

The Very Best Of Incantation (Import)

The Very Best Of Irish Songs Of Freedom

The Very Best Of Jim Croce

The Very Best Of John Denver

The Very Best Of Sacreaters

The Very Best Of The Four Seasons

The Very Best Of The Pogues

The Very Best Of Vol. 1

The Very Best Of...

The Very Tall Band (Ultra Hd 32-Bit Master)

The Very Thing That You Treasure

The Vibe Continues

The View From Earth Take A Voyage Through The Universe

The Violet Flame (Deluxe 2xcd)

The Virtuoso Scarlatti

The Voice of Jazz

The Voyager


V (Deluxe Explicit)

V By The Vees

V For Vagina By Puscifer

V' Anagnosi Me Ton Manoli Lidaki

V.I.P. Music And Arts Seminar (Any Day) 10/13/98

V.M. Live


V/A-Turn Up The Bass Megamix 1995-Cd

Va 2 L.A.

Vaaranam Aayiram (Tamil Film Soundtrack / Regional Film Songs / Indian Music)


Vacilon (Bachatero) 08/17/01

Vader Litany + 2

Vae Victis


Vagina Diner

Vagon Chicano (Nunca Te Olvidare) 01/22/97

Vagrant Stanzas

Vagrant Stanzas (Deluxe 2-Cd Edition)

Valaida (Hot Snow) 02/16/99

Valdr Galga

Valentin,D./Torres,J.P. (Vol.3/Jazz Latino) 03/11/97

Valentina (Sephardic Jewish Tradition) 07/21/98

Valentina Tereshkova


Valentine (Music From The Motion Picture) 01/30/01

Valentine Killers (Valentine Killers) 05/17/00

Valentines (Best Of)

Valerie & Her Week Of Wonders

Valhalla Rising

Valis (Machover) 07/16/98

Valis Ii (Everything Must Go) 10/09/00

Valis:Destruction Of Sy (Var:Rock) 06/12/01

Valladares (Esto Era Cuba Chaguito)

Vallejo (Into The New) 08/22/00

Vallenacos (Homenaje A Las Fieras De..) 05/10/99

Vallenacos (Homenaje A Mike Laure) 05/03/00

Vallenacos (Homenaje A Rigo Tovar) 05/03/00

Valley Girl (More Music From) 03/28/95

Valley Girl (Music From Sndtrk)

Valley Of Chalco Children's Choir (Mistiza Mass) 07/23/98

Valley Of The Dolls

Valor (Enigma) 05/23/00

Valor Norteno (El Corrido De Los Tigres) 03/01/99

Valor Norteno (El Fugitivo) 03/27/00

Valor Norteno (El Mero Chaka) 03/28/01

Vals De La Mariposa

Valses Del Recuerdo (20 Exitos) 08/17/01

Valses Mexicanos (Mariachimania) 04/18/00

Valses Mexicanos Inmortales (30 Exitos) 01/25/96

Valses Y Musica (Internacional)

Valtari (Lp+mp3)

Valve (A Perfect Day For Stars) 07/04/00

Valve (Valve) 01/19/99

Vamos A Bailar-Otra Vez With Lalo Guerrero

Vamos A Celebrar (Lo Ultimo Para La Fiesta Lati) 12/07/00

Vamos A La Playa


Vampiros Angeles Y Vagabundos



Van Delecki's (Ebum Shoobum Shoobum) 09/14/99

Van Der Graaf Generator (Least We Can Do Is W)

Van Der Graaf Generator (Live-Vital)

Van Der Graaf Generator (Pawn Hearts)

Van Der Graaf Generator (Quiet Zone)

Van Der Graaf Generator (Still Life)

Van Der Graaf Generator (World Record)

Van Dyke Parks ((Cd )Tokyo Rose)

Van Dyke Parks (Clang Of The Yankee Reaper)

Van Dyke Parks (Discover America)

Van Dyke Parks (Jump)

Van Dyke Parks (Song Cycle)

Van Dykes (Tellin' It Like It Is) 07/28/00

Van Halen

Van Halen (1/Best Of) 10/22/96

Van Halen (1984) 09/19/00

Van Halen (3/Van Halen) 03/17/98

Van Halen (5150)

Van Halen (Balance) 01/24/95

Van Halen (Diver Down) 09/19/00

Van Halen (Fair Warning) 09/19/00

Van Halen (For Unlawful Carnal Knowledge)

Van Halen (Ou812)

Van Halen (Tribute/Little Guitars) 09/19/00

Van Halen (Van Halen Ii) 09/19/00

Van Halen (Van Halen) 09/19/00

Van Halen (Van Halen) 09/29/98

Van Halen (Woman And Children First) 09/19/00

Van Halen Fuck Japan Cd

Van Pelt (Sultans Of Sentiment) 04/08/97

Van Ronk,Dave (Folkways Years,1959-1960)

Van Ronk,Dave (Somebody Else,Not Me) 03/23/99

Van The Man

Van Van (3 Decadas De Su Musica) 07/25/00

Van Van (32 Aniversario) 02/19/02

Van Van (Azucar)

Van Van (Que Voy A Hacer Si Tu Te Vas) 09/18/01

Van Veersbilck (Di Santa/Early Minstrel Show) 12/02/98

Van Zandt,Townes (High,Low And In Between)

Van Zandt,Townes (The Late,Great Townes Van Zan) 04/02/98

Van Zant (2/Van Zant) 03/06/01

Vanbrugh Quartet (Contemp.Str.4tets From Irelan) 08/29/00

Vancouver Nights

Vancouver Special

Vandalias (Mach V)

Vandenberg (Best Of)

Vandross,Luther (Never Too Much/Forever,For Always) 10/17/95

Vanessa (Una Nueva Ilusion) 02/29/00

Vangelis (Albedo 0.39) 03/20/97

Vangelis (Antarctica)

Vangelis (Best Of) 03/20/97

Vangelis (Chariots Of Fire Film Sndtrk )

Vangelis (China)

Vangelis (El Greco) 01/19/99

Vangelis (Heaven Hell) 03/20/97

Vangelis (Ignacio)

Vangelis (L'apocalypse Des Ani)

Vangelis (Mask)

Vangelis (Opera Sauvage)

Vangelis (Reprise 1990-1999) 03/07/00

Vangelis (Soil Festivities)

Vangelis (The Music Of) 10/26/01

Vangelis (Themes)

Vangelis (Vangelis Spiral) 03/20/97



Vanguard Jazz Orchestra (Thad Jones Legacy) 03/01/00

Vanhal (Four Symphonies/Kalb) 01/31/00

Vanhal (Symphonies/Bamert) 03/16/98

Vanilla Fudge (Near The Beginning) 11/17/98

Vanilla Fudge (Psychedelic Sunday(Best Of))

Vanilla Fudge (Renaissance) 11/17/98

Vanilla Fudge (Rock Roll) 11/17/98

Vanilla Fudge (Vanilla Fudge Live)

Vanilla Fudge (Vanilla Fudge)

Vanilla Ice (To The Extreme) 10/21/96

Vanilla Sky (Music From The Motion Picture) 12/11/01

Vanishing Point

Vanity Fare (Sun/Wind Other Things)

Vapors (Vaporized) 04/14/98

Vapourspace (Sonic Residue From Vapourspace) 01/29/02

Vapourspace (Sweep) 11/25/97

Vaqueros De Nuevo Leon (El Naipe Marcado) 05/07/02

Vaqueros De San Luis (16 Exitos De Ayer..) 11/15/99

Vaqueros De Sinaloa (Amor Del Bueno) 06/08/00

Vaqueros De Sinaloa (Con Mas Fuerza) 06/08/00

Vaqueros Del Norte (Mi Ultimo Jaripeo) 05/31/00

Varcels (Hang Loose With The) 08/28/97

Vardi (Un Ballo In Maschera/Abbado) 06/11/98

Varese (Ameriques/Boulez) 08/14/01

Vargas,S./Oro Y Plata/Villa,P. (Grandes Mariach) 02/25/97

Variadito (Sabroson)

Variety Showcase


Varios Artistas (Corridos Y Mas Corridos Con Banda)

Varios Artistas (Cumbias Ligaditas De Siempre)1061

Varios Artistas (Mas Joyitas Cumbiamberas Volumen 7)




Various (Fr Les Classiques De A A Z

Various - Dance Tip 2000 - [2CD]

Various - Heavenly Hardcore - Dino Entertainment - Din Cd35

Various - Roots 'N' Culture - Music Club - MCCD 128

Various - The Awards 1989 - Telstar - TCD 2346

Various Artists - Beneath The Surface Volume 1 - A Bella Union Sampler (Bellacd89)

Various Artists - Between The Sheets - Volume 1

Various Artists - Children's - For The Kids

Various Artists - Country - Country Dance Super Hits

Various Artists - Country - Outlaws Super Hits

Various Artists - Country - Steppin' Country Volume 2

Various Artists - Jazz - Up Records Compilation Vol. 2

Various Artists - Jazz - Up Records Compilation Vol. 3

Various Artists - Pop - Ckoi Le Party 2

Various Artists - Pop - Club Mix U.S.A.

Various Artists - Pop - Domelive2k3

Various Artists - Pop - Le Dome Live

Various Artists - Pop - Le Party

Various Artists - Pop - Live From Club Montreal Dome

Various Artists - Pop - Modern Bride Presents The Wedding Album

Various Artists - The Lost 45s - The 60s

Various Artists Cd Came So Far

Various Artists Cd Uk Telstar 1990

Various Artists Christmas Celebration Audio Cassette Tape

Various Artists Discovery Sampler Country Audio Cd

Various Artists Pure Trance Vol.9

Various Artists Swingin' Sixties Cd

Various Artists: Nothing Left To Lose: A Tribute To Kris Kristofferson

Various Blends (Levitude) 11/16/99

Various Cd European Crimson 2004

Various Cd European Empress 1997

Various Cd European K-Tel 1994

Various Cd Uk Columbia 1998

Various Eden's Watchtower Records Artists: Dead Trees: Music For Christmas

Various-50 Classic Pub Songs

Various-Der volkstAmliche Hit-Mix-Folge 2

Varnado,Allean (My,My,My,God) 12/18/00

Varnaline (Varnaline)

Varner,Tom (Long Night,Big Day) 03/01/00

Varrio Fabulous

Vartina (Vihma) 08/11/98

Varttina (Aitara) 09/26/00

Varttina (Ilmatar) 02/27/01

Varttina (Live In Helsinki) 03/12/02

Varttina (Oi Dai) 09/26/00

Varttina (Seleniko) 06/17/96

Varttina (Seleniko) 10/29/98

Vas (Sunyata) 02/04/98

Vaselines (The Way Of The Vaselines)

Vasen (Gront) 10/26/99

Vasen (Spirit) 05/20/97

Vasen (Vasen Live) 11/13/01

Vasen (Whirled) 09/23/97

Vask (Orchestra Of Flanders) 09/08/97

Vasoline Tuner (Beyond Repair) 05/12/98

Vast (Music For People) 09/12/00

Vast (Visual Audio Sensory Theater) 04/28/98

Vaughan (2/Brass From The Masters/Cutt) 01/11/99

Vaughan Brothers (Family Style)

Vaughan Williams (Sym.2/Hickox) 03/22/01

Vaughan Williams (Sym.No.4/Hickox) 03/25/02

Vaughan,Stevie Ray (Srv (3cd,1 )) 11/21/00

Vaughan-Williams (A Cotswold Romance) 08/11/98

Vaughan-Williams (Fantasia On A Theme By Ta)

Vaughan-Williams (Fantasia On Greensleeves) 08/05/96

Vaughan-Williams (Five Tudor Portraits/Hickox) 01/22/98

Vaughan-Williams (Lark Ascending) 03/17/97

Vaughan-Williams (London Sym./Boult)

Vaughan-Williams (Sea Sym.)

Vaughan-Williams (Sea Symphony/Previn)

Vaughan-Williams (Sym.2)

Vaughan-Williams (Sym.2/Previn)

Vaughan-Williams (Sym.5)

Vaughan-Williams (Sym.5/Previn)

Vaughan-Williams (Sym.6/Davis)

Vaughan-Williams (Tallis Fantasia/Slat)

Vaughan-Williams (Tallis/Oboe Cto./Handley)

Vaughan-Williams (The Pilgrim's Progress/Hickox) 04/09/98

Vaughan-Williams (Weekend)

Vauxhall And I (20th Anniversary Edition Definitive Master)

Vava Voom

Vazquez,A./Munoz,M. (Rancheras Inmortales) 07/23/98

Vdc (The Dancer) 02/07/00

Vee Vee

Vee-Jay:The Very Best Of Jazz (2/Var:Jazz) 01/23/01

Vee-Jay:The Very Best Of Jazz (3/Var:Jazz) 01/23/01

Vee-Jay:The Very Best Of Jazz (4/Var:Jazz) 01/23/01

Vee-Jay:The Very Best Of Jazz (5/Var:Jazz) 01/23/01

Vee-Jay:The Very Best Of Jazz (Var:Jazz) 01/23/01

Vegan Reich (Jihad) 09/14/99

Vegas Throat

Vegetarian Meat (Let's Pet) 04/23/97

Veggie Tales (Silly Songs With Larry) 08/03/01

Veggietales (2/Veggietales (Blister)) 03/09/99

Veggietales (2/Veggietales) 03/09/99

Veggietales (Veggietunes (Blister)) 07/13/98

Veggietales (Veggietunes) 08/25/98

Vehicle Birth (Tragedy) 07/14/98

Vehicle Cd Uk Rough Trade 1990

Veil Of Tears

Veinte Versos (De Amor) 03/23/99

Vejtables (Feel...The Vejtable) 01/23/96

Vela Puerca (De Bichos Y Flores) 04/16/02

Vela,Ruben/De La Rosa,T. (Buenos Amigos) 02/19/98

Velfarre Cyber Trance 05

Velfarre Vol.9 Esta-Disco Latino (Enhanced)

Vell Bakardy (Universal Game) 05/29/01

Velocette (Fourfold Remedy) 05/04/99


Velocity (Impact) 06/12/01

Velocity Girl (Copacetic)

Velocity Girl (Gilded Stars Zealous Hearts) 03/12/96

Velocity Girl (Simpatico) 02/19/96

Velocity Girl (Sorry Again Ep)

Velons (Come And Get These Memories) 11/12/98


Veloz De Sinaloa (El Chingon De Chingones) 05/02/02

Veloz De Sinaloa (Quiero Cantarte A Ti) 05/02/02

Velvet Acid Christ (Calling Ov The Dead) 02/24/98

Velvet Chain (Buffy E.P.) 10/07/99

Velvet Crush (Teenage Symphonies To God)

Velvet Darkness They Fear

Velvet Teen (Out Of The Fierce Parade) 03/26/02

Velvet Underground (2/Live With Lou Reed) 12/04/97

Velvet Underground (Another View)

Velvet Underground (Live Mcmxciii)

Velvet Underground (Live With Lou Reed)

Velvet Underground (Loaded) 02/18/97

Velvet Underground (Vu)

Velvet Underground (White Light/White Heat) 04/13/98

Velvets (Tonight Could Be The Night) 03/16/99

Ven A Mi

Ven A Mi

Ven A Mi

Ven Ven Ven

Venadito De La Sierra (Pedazos De Mi)

Venao (El..) 03/15/00


Venereal Dawn


Vengo A Pedirte

Venice (Born And Raised) 03/25/97

Venice (Spin Art) 08/24/99

Venite Ad Me

Vennus (14 Rancheritas De Exito) 12/08/98

Vennus (15 Exitos)

Vennus (15 Romanticas) 03/25/97

Vennus (2/Hoy Te Quiero Tanto) 05/03/99

Vennus (3/Alma) 07/06/99

Vennus (30 Exitos) 03/30/99

Vennus (4/Vuelve) 03/24/00

Vennus (Antologia) 06/05/97

Vennus (Con Mariachi) 10/28/97

Vennus (El Camino) 12/23/98

Vennus (En Tu Recuerdo) 05/09/00

Vennus (Entre Tu Y Yo)

Vennus (Inolvidable)

Vennus (Muy Romantico)

Vennus (Para Ti)

Vennus (Quiero Saber De Ti) 10/09/01

Vennus (Super 18 Rancheritas)

Vennus (Tiempo Al Tiempo)

Vennus (Un Loco Enamorado) 02/10/98

Vennus (Vol.2/Primera Epoca) 12/18/97

Vennus (Y Si Te Quiero)

Vennus (Yo Comence La Broma) 12/08/98


Venom (Tribute/In The Sign Of The Horns) 10/03/00


Venture (Amazonia's Cry) 06/26/00

Venture (Kilimanjaro) 02/09/00

Ventures (2/In The Vaults) 04/07/99

Ventures (Favorites) 09/06/01

Ventures (Gold) 06/20/00

Ventures (In The Vaults) 11/24/98

Ventures (Play Telstar/In Space) 10/21/96

Ventures (Walk Don't Run) 10/21/96

Ventures (Walk-Don't Run) 07/22/97

Venus In Cancer

Venus In Furs Cd

Venus Vina Musica

Venuti,Joe (Joe In Chicago,1978)

Verano (Verano)

Verano 2005

Verbal Jujitsu

Verdad Desnuda

Verdadero Flow

Verdi ( Hglts Aida/Levine)

Verdi ( Hglts Don Carlo/Levine)

Verdi ( Hglts Luisa Miller/Levin)

Verdi ((Hglts.)Rigoletto/Muti)

Verdi ((Sacd)Requiem/Ormandy) 02/04/00

Verdi (2/Panorama (2cd)) 01/15/02

Verdi (2/Preludes Overtures/Muti) 12/23/96

Verdi (A Masked Ball/Caballe) 07/11/97

Verdi (Aida Hlts/Tebaldi) 08/15/97

Verdi (Aida)

Verdi (Aida) 05/08/01

Verdi (Aida/Domingo)

Verdi (Aida/Leinsdorf) 08/03/00

Verdi (Aida/Pavarotti)

Verdi (Aida/Tebaldi)

Verdi (Aida/Von Karajan) 08/06/99

Verdi (Alzira/Luisi (2cd)) 08/23/01

Verdi (Arias/Hvorosrovsky)

Verdi (Arias/Te Kanawa) 01/02/02

Verdi (Aroldo/Luisi) 11/13/01

Verdi (Arroyo/Levine) 07/15/99

Verdi (Ballet Music)

Verdi (Celebration In English) 05/01/01

Verdi (Choruses/Coro E Orchestra) 07/10/00

Verdi (Complete Preludes/Downes (4cd)) 04/28/00

Verdi (Complete Songs/Scalera) 07/24/98

Verdi (Don Carlo/Carreras)

Verdi (Don Carlo/Haitink) 10/03/97

Verdi (Don Carlos/Domingo)

Verdi (Ernani/Carella (2cd)) 05/07/01

Verdi (Ernani/Corelli (2cd)) 02/27/02

Verdi (Ernani/Mitropoulos (2cd)) 07/06/00

Verdi (Ernani/Parry) 08/16/01

Verdi (Essential Verdi (2cd)) 02/13/01

Verdi (Falstaff/Abbado) 08/14/01

Verdi (Falstaff/Bernstein)

Verdi (Falstaff/Daniel (2cd)) 03/25/02

Verdi (Falstaff/Gardiner) 04/10/01

Verdi (Falstaff/Giulini)

Verdi (Falstaff/Muti)

Verdi (Falstaff/Solti) 09/11/01

Verdi (Force Of Destiny/Gergiev) 03/20/97

Verdi (Forza Del Destino)

Verdi (Freeman/National Opera Orch.) 09/19/01

Verdi (Giorno Di Regno/Norman)

Verdi (Giovanna D'arco)

Verdi (Greatest Hits)

Verdi (Greatest Hits) 02/06/01

Verdi (Greatest Hits/Slovakia Philharmonic) 02/21/97

Verdi (I Due Foscari/Ludwigsburg Festspiele) 09/08/98

Verdi (I Lombardi) 08/15/97

Verdi (Ii Trovatore)

Verdi (Il Travatore)

Verdi (Il Trovatore)

Verdi (Il Trovatore) 05/11/98

Verdi (Il Trovatore/Bjorling/Gui (2cd)) 02/23/01

Verdi (Il Trovatore/Domingo)

Verdi (Il Trovatore/Erede) 05/21/97

Verdi (Il Trovatore/Parry (2cd)) 08/29/00

Verdi (Ill Trovatore/Parutto (2cd)) 07/06/00

Verdi (Jerusalem/Mescheriakova/Osr/Luisi (3cd)) 02/13/01

Verdi (La Forza Del Destino Hlts/Tebaldi) 08/15/97

Verdi (La Traviata Highlights) 05/11/98

Verdi (La Traviata Highlights/Previtali) 08/09/99

Verdi (La Traviata Hlts./Pavarotti)

Verdi (La Traviata Hlts/Tebaldi) 08/15/97

Verdi (La Traviata) 05/08/01

Verdi (La Traviata) 05/11/98

Verdi (La Traviata/Cortruba)

Verdi (La Traviata/Gruberova)

Verdi (La Traviata/Mackerras) 06/23/99

Verdi (La Traviata/Moffo) 08/13/97

Verdi (La Traviata/Santini (2cd)) 01/13/00

Verdi (La Traviata/Sills)

Verdi (La Traviata/Studer/Pavarotti)

Verdi (La Traviata/Sutherla)

Verdi (La Traviata/Te Kanawa/Mehta)

Verdi (Lorengar/Aragali/Maazel)

Verdi (Luisa Miller) 09/05/00

Verdi (Luisa Miller/Millo)

Verdi (Luisa Miller/Pavarotti) 09/11/01

Verdi (Macbeth)

Verdi (Macbeth/Abbado) 12/17/96

Verdi (Masters Vol.10)

Verdi (Messa Da Requiem/Ormandy)

Verdi (Messa Da Requiem/Solti)

Verdi (Music Vased On The Music Of Verdi/Torovs) 03/01/99

Verdi (Nabucco(Hlts)/Domingo)

Verdi (Nabucco/Manuguerra)

Verdi (Nabucco/Sinopoli)

Verdi (Otello/Domingo/Chung)

Verdi (Otello/Elder (2cd)) 09/10/01

Verdi (Otello/Kleiber) 03/25/99

Verdi (Otello/Serafin) 10/14/98

Verdi (Overtures Preludes/Karajan) 08/15/97

Verdi (Overtures)

Verdi (Preludes Overtures/Muti)

Verdi (Quattro Pezzi Sacri/)

Verdi (Requiem Operatic)

Verdi (Requiem)

Verdi (Requiem/Bernstein)

Verdi (Requiem/Caballe)

Verdi (Requiem/Fricsay) 03/12/96

Verdi (Requiem/Gardiner)

Verdi (Requiem/Gergiev (2cd)) 03/20/01

Verdi (Requiem/Karajan) 06/25/96

Verdi (Requiem/Leinsdorf) 08/13/01

Verdi (Requiem/Mehta) 09/05/00

Verdi (Requiem/Pavarotti)

Verdi (Requiem/Reiner)

Verdi (Requiem/Studer)

Verdi (Rigoletto (Highlights)/Sinopoli) 08/23/01

Verdi (Rigoletto Highlights/Sutherland) 07/10/00

Verdi (Rigoletto)

Verdi (Rigoletto) 05/11/98

Verdi (Rigoletto/Domingo)

Verdi (Rigoletto/Elder (2cd)) 12/23/99

Verdi (Rigoletto/Giulini) 05/14/99

Verdi (Rigoletto/Molajoli (2cd)) 06/16/00

Verdi (Rigoletto/Pavarotti)

Verdi (Rigoletto/Pavarotti)

Verdi (Simon Boccanegra/Abbado) 12/12/97

Verdi (Stiffelio/Gardelli) 09/11/01

Verdi (Str.Qrt.)

Verdi (The Best Of/Highlights (2cd)) 07/12/00

Verdi (Travatore/Domingo)

Verdi (Un Ballo In Maschera)

Verdi (Various Opera Hits/Royal Philharmonic) 03/04/99

Verdi (Vela Traviata/Dvorsky) 02/03/00

Verdi (Verdi Without Words)

Verdi (Viva Verdi Compactotheque (2cd)) 10/16/00


Verity Gospel Greats Live (4/Men Of Gospel) 07/11/00

Verity Gospel Greats Live (5/Women Of Gospel) 08/22/00

Verklaerte Nacht


Verlfarre 18

Vermona (Vermona) 03/06/96

Vermont (Calling Albany) 12/18/01

Vermont (Living Together) 12/18/01

Vernanda Lovely Boys (Bo Tata)

Veronica (Rise) 10/23/97

Veronica (Tu Me Conoces) 09/04/01

VerrAckt Nach Liebe


Versatile Life


Verse By Verse


Vershki Da Koreshki (Real Life Of Plants) 09/23/97

Version Originale 1978

Versioni Particolari Ep 2 [Vinyl]


Versus (Secret Swingers) 07/26/96

Versus (Two Cents Plus Tax) 05/05/98

Versus The World

Verve (A Storm In Heaven)

Verve (Verve Ep)

Verve Pipe (Villains) 03/26/96

Very Best Of

Very Best Of

Very Best Of

Very Best Of

Very Best Of

Very Best Of

Very Best Of

Very Best Of

Very Best Of

Very Best Of

Very Best Of

Very Best Of Air Guitar

Very Best Of American Pie

Very Best Of Artie Shaw

Very Best Of B.W. Stevenson

Very Best Of Beethoven

Very Best Of Blues Brothers Blues Brothers Audio Cd

Very Best Of Broadway

Very Best Of Collected

Very Best Of Crusaders

Very Best Of Degarmo & Key By Degarmo & Key By Degarmo & Key By Degarmo & Key By Degarmo & Key By Degarmo & Key By Degarmo & Key By Degarmo & Key

Very Best Of Ferry Corsten

Very Best Of Freddy King 1

Very Best Of Lobo

Very Best Of Mr Lee

Very Best Of Nana Mouskouri

Very Best of Pure R&B

Very Best Of Randy Travis

Very Best Of Reggae Superstars

Very Best Of Roy Orbison

Very Best Of Viva Las Vegas Vol.2

Very Best Of Welsh Male Choirs

Very Best Of-16 Great Songs

Very Eavy Very Umble

Very Good Eddie (Orig.Brdwy.Cast)

Very Soon & In Pleasant Company

Vesper Zum Fest Christ

Vespertina (Visions Of Vespertina) 10/28/98

Vespri Di San Luca

Vespri Per L'assunzione Della Beata Vergine


Veteran's Day

Vh1 (8 Track Flashback/Classic 70's Soul) 01/13/98

Vh1 (8 Track Flashback/One Hit Wonders) 08/19/97

Vh1 Music First (That's Rock'n'roll) 03/14/00

Vh1 Presents (Best Of Where Are They Now) 09/05/00

Vh1 Storytellers [Cd + Combo]

Vhtf Import 1991 Cd - Billy J. Kramer With The Dakotas - Carnaby - Bad To Me, Know A Secret, Little Children


Via Dalma EdiciAn Internacional

Via Dolorosa (Play Recording)

Via Dolorosa (Play Recording) 04/27/99

Via Gra. Potselui

Via Lactea (A Mi Manera) 02/09/00

Via Paolo Fabbri 43

Via Satellite From Saturn

Via Tania (Dream Of...) 05/14/02

Viaggiatore Sulla Coda Del Tempo* Audiocd

Viaje Al Cosmos Ii Adios Planeta Tierra

Vianca (El Talisman) 05/04/98

Vibe Hits

Vibe Tribe (Cool Shoes) 03/27/96

Vibe-Sounds To Relax & Recharge

Vic Feldman On Vibes

Vice Girls Number 34

Viceroys (@ Studio One)


Vicious Bass (Back To Haunt You)

Vicious Delicious

Vicious Delite (Vicious Delite) 08/01/00

Vicious Lies & Dangerous Rumors [Deluxe Edition]

Vicious Rumors (Sadistic Symphony) 02/13/01

Vicious Vic (Trance Voyages) 10/24/00

Vicky Leandros Collection

Vico Torriani, Kastelruther Spatzen, Zillertaler..

Victimas Del Vaciamiento


Victims Of The Age

Victor (Un Mundo Infantil) 04/16/02

Victor Victor (Pisando Rayas) 12/05/01

Victor Yturbe "El Piruli" 100 Anos De Musica [50 Grandes Exitos]

Victor/Victoria (Orig.Brdwy.Cast) 12/05/95


Victoria (Tenebrae Responsories) 09/09/96

Victoria Moon

Victoria Y Sus Chikos Preparate



Victorian Gentlemens Club

Victorian Hymns





Victory At Mt. Zion


Vida Blue (Vida Blue) 06/25/02

Vida Cain Rots Your Brain

Vida Es Un Carnaval (De Cumbias) 06/12/01

Vidal (Acappela) 04/01/97

Vidal (Ahora Soy De Ti) 08/17/99

Vidal (En Mi Mente) 05/12/98

Vidalias (Melodyland)

Videodrone (Videodrone) 02/23/99


Vie-Jevos (Vie-Jevos) 06/26/97

Vieillir Avec Toi

Vieira (Choral-Fantasy/Farias) 11/10/99

Vieja Guardia (Los Caballotes) 08/10/99

Viejitas (Vol.10/Pero Buenas)

Viejitas (Vol.3/Pero Buenas)

Viejitas (Vol.9/Pero Buenas)

Viejoteca (#1) 03/14/96

Viejoteca (Vol.1/Romantica) 12/30/96

Viejoteca (Vol.2/Romantica) 06/30/97


Vienna (Music Of Vienna/Reiner) 06/20/97

Vienna Art Orchestra (All That Strauss) 05/16/00

Vienna Art Orchestra (Artistry In Rhythm) 03/12/01

Vienna Boheme Quartet (Bravourissimo) 12/23/99

Vienna Boys Choir (Best Of (2cd)) 04/27/99

Vienna Boys Choir London Sym.Orch. (Together)

Vienna Boys' Choir (Angelic Voices) 12/21/98

Vienna Boys' Choir (Ave Maria) 11/24/98

Vienna Boys' Choir (Edelweiss) 11/24/98

Vienna Boys' Choir (Portrait/Var.)

Vienna Choir Boys (500th Anniversary) 12/04/98

Vienna Choir Boys (Amazing Grace) 11/28/00

Vienna Classic Rock Orchestra (Music Of Elton J) 07/21/98

Vienna Classic Rock Orchestra (Music Of The Eag) 07/21/98

Vienna Master Series - Peter I. Tschaikowsky - Symphony No. 5 (Symphonie Nr. 5)

Vienna Master Series - Short Pieces - Great Composers Vol. 1 (Kleine Stucke Grober Meister Vol. 1)

Vienna Master Series - Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart - Piano Concertos No. 9 And 17 (Klavierkonzerte Nr. 9 Und 17)

Vienna Master Series Classic Johann Sebastian Bach Beruhmte Orgelwerke Vol 2

Vienna State Orchestra (Strauss Waltzes)

Viens Danser Le Twist 3-Track Ltd Ed Reissue Card Sleeve 2eme Pochette Cdsingle

Viento Norteno (Lejos De Mi Pueblo) 07/18/00

Vierne (Organ Sym./Murray)

Vietnom (Death Is The Outcome) 03/20/02

Vietnom (Strictly The Real) 08/08/00

Vieux Carr


View From Here


Vignola,Frank (Look Right,Jog Left) 07/12/69


Viimeinen Vitutus

Viki Mosholiou

Vikings (Antologia Musical) 09/28/98

Viljans Oga [Cd Digipack New 2012 Sweden Prog]

Villa-Lobos (Bachianas Brasileiras 2,4,8)

Villa-Lobos (Guitar Meditations/Ogden) 06/23/99

Villa-Lobos (Sym.10/Ben-Dor) 07/31/00

Villa-Lobos (Villa-Lobos Conducts)

Villa-Lobos Giuliani Coste Rodrigo Turina & Koshki

Village Idiom

Village People (Y.M.C.A.)

Village Singers (All Aboard) 03/21/01

Village Singers (There's A Great Day Coming) 06/11/99

Village Stompers (Village Stompers) 05/13/97

Villain (Whut Tha Lick Iz) 06/17/97

Villain In Black


Villalona,Fernando (El Mayimbe,La Leyenda) 03/12/02

Villanueva (Romantic Music From Mexico/De La Fu) 06/21/99

Villian Of The Peace

Vilma Pasion De Cumbias "Vilma (Audio Cd 1998)

Vinagre Y Rosas

Vincent's Ear (Coming Down) 11/21/00

Vindictives (Leave Home) 04/14/98

Vindictives (Party Time For A Holes) 01/26/99

Vindictives (The Many Moods) 08/16/99


Vine (Pieces Of Time) 06/01/99

Vineyard Revival- A Vineyard Reggae Compilation

Vinnie Reilly

Vinson/Brown/Harris (4/Battle Of The Blues) 06/12/97

Vinson/Witherspoon (3/Battle Of The Blues) 06/12/97


Vintage Crime Scat Ep

Vintage Hawaiian Legends 1

Vintage Hawaiian Music (Various)

Vintage Hawaiian Music (Various)

Vintage Hawaiian Treasures (1/Hapa Haole Hawaii) 06/03/99

Vintage Hawaiian Treasures (2/Hula Hawaiian Sty) 06/03/99

Vintage Hawaiian Treasures (4/Mele Hula-Hawaiia) 06/03/99

Vintage Hawaiian Treasures (5/Show Biz Hula Haw) 06/03/99

Vintage Hawaiian Treasures (6/Night Club Hula H) 06/03/99

Vintage Hawaiian Treasures (9/Aloha Hula Hawaii) 06/03/99

Vintage Slide Collections From Seattle 1

Vintage Volts (Early Modulations) 01/10/00

Vinyl (Flea Market) 04/23/02


Viola Concerto No 1


Violence Is The Prince Of This World


Violent Femmes (3)

Violent Femmes (Add It Up (1981-1993))

Violent Femmes (Hallowed Ground) 10/17/00

Violent Femmes (New Times)

Violent Femmes (Violent Femmes) 10/17/00

Violent Femmes (Why Do Birds Sing )

Violent Headache (Bombs Of Crust) 11/17/99

Violent Playgrounds

Violent Silence//Flesh Volcano

Violent Society (From The Vaults) 12/11/98

Violin & Cello Concertos

Violin Concerti Suite 2 In B Minor

Violin Concerto 4 Opus 26

Violin Concertos

Violin Concertos

Violin Sonatas Op. 12

Violines De Pego (Nostalgia De Cuba/20)

Violines De Pego (Serenata Trop./Grand)

Violines De Pego (Valses Latinoamerica)

Violines De Villa Fontana (Recordando El Ayer) 03/02/99

Violinetts (A Change Is Coming My Way) 12/11/98

Violinkonzert (1976)/Cellokonzert 2 (1982) Cd

Violons Du Monde

Vip Mass Choir (Mighty In The Spirit) 10/09/01

Vip Vop


Vipers (Outta The Nest ) 03/28/00

Virgin Bondage 6 Adult Fetish Bondage Video

Virgin Recomments Virgin Megastore Sampler

Virgin Steele (1/The House Of Atreus) 11/16/99


Virginia Traditions (Tidewater Blues) 08/19/97

Virginwool (Open Heart Surgery) 08/08/00

Virgos Merlot (Signs Of A Vacant Soul) 03/02/99

Virtual Brazilia

Virtual Insanity

Virtual Virtue

Virtual World Percussion Ensemble (Dancing Thro) 11/17/98

Virtually Jammin' With The World

Virtue (Get Ready) 05/18/99

Virtue (Greatest Part Of Me) 04/29/97

Virtue (Virtuosity) 09/11/01

Virtues (Guitar In Orbit)

Virtuosi Of The Accordian (Various) 02/14/96



Virtuoso (The Voice Of Reason) 02/26/02

Virtuoso Reality

Virtuoso Trumpet (Panorama (2cd)) 02/27/01

Virtuoso Violin (Panorama (2cd)) 01/23/01


Virus (Singles Collection) 08/27/01




Vision (Starting From Scratch) 03/07/00

Vision (Watching The World Burn) 03/21/00

Vision Earth (W/Gary Thomas/Seven Wishes) 08/20/01

Vision Of Disorder (From Bliss To Devastation) 06/26/01

Vision Of Disorder (Imprint) 07/14/98

Vision Of Disorder (Still) 10/15/96

Vision Of Disorder (Vision Of Disorder) 10/22/96

Vision Revisited

Visionaries (Sophomore Jinx) 01/04/00





Visions & Rhythms 1

Visions of Heaven-Music for Inspiration

Visions Of Spring

Visions Of The Tenth Chamber Part Ii

Visit (Sndtrk) 04/17/01


Visitor [Vinyl]



Vital Organ

Vitamin B (Sladdgo-Was Du Woll ) 05/03/00

Vitamin C (More) 01/30/01

Vitamin C (Vitamin C) 08/31/99

Vitrina esthimaton


Vitriol (I-Vii) 03/06/01

Viva (Espana) 03/31/98

Viva (Honduras) 02/19/02

Viva (Mexico) 08/14/01

Viva (Michoacan) 07/24/01

Viva Arsenio

Viva Brasil

Viva Centro America (4 Super Grupos/18 Super Exitos) 07/30/96

Viva Centroamerica (16 Super Bailables) 01/15/02

Viva Durango 20 Super Exitos Vol. I

Viva el amor [Single-CD]

Viva El Caribe (Celebracion 2000) 04/11/00

Viva El Mariachi (2/Multi Karaoke) 12/05/00

Viva El Mariachi (21 Exitazos)

Viva El Mariachi (3/Las Pegadoras) 09/11/00

Viva El Mariachi (3/Multi Karaoke) 09/19/01

Viva El Mariachi (30 Exitos) 11/20/01

Viva El Mariachi (Multi Karaoke) 12/05/00

Viva El Mariachi 1

Viva El Mariachi 2

Viva Espana (Panorama (2cd)) 01/23/01

Viva Hate

Viva House (Various Artists) 03/09/99

Viva La (Musica Latina) 12/19/00

Viva La Hell

Viva La Rock

Viva La Salsa

Viva La Vida

Viva La Vida

Viva Las Vegas 12

Viva Maxitone (Taking Up Serpents) 01/15/02

Viva Satellite (Nishma) 02/07/96

Viva Saturn (Brightside) 08/08/95

Viva Saturn (Soundmind)

Viva! Hysteria (2cd/ Deluxe Edition)

Vivaldi ('L'estro Armonico)

Vivaldi (1/Best Of) 03/13/00

Vivaldi (1/Chamber Cantatas/Gini) 02/23/01

Vivaldi (1/Concerti Da Camera/Armonico)

Vivaldi (1/Op.1-6/I Musici) 08/15/97

Vivaldi (12 Cto.Op.8/Ayo)

Vivaldi (2/Classical Masterpieces Of The Millen) 09/13/99

Vivaldi (2/Concerti Da Camera/Armonico)

Vivaldi (2/Favorites/Philharmonia Virtuosi) 10/31/00

Vivaldi (2/Op.7-12/I Musici) 08/15/97

Vivaldi (25 Favorites) 09/06/01

Vivaldi (3/Favorites/Philharmonia Virtuosi) 10/31/00

Vivaldi (4 Seasons)

Vivaldi (4 Seasons/Accardo)

Vivaldi (4 Seasons/Canadian Brass)

Vivaldi (4 Seasons/Galway)

Vivaldi (4 Seasons/Hogwood)

Vivaldi (4 Seasons/Orch.De Fr)

Vivaldi (4 Seasons/Perlm)

Vivaldi (4 Seasons/Pinnock)

Vivaldi (4 Seasons/Shaham)

Vivaldi (4 Seasons/St.Paul Ch)

Vivaldi (4 Seasons/Stern/Perlman)

Vivaldi (4 Seasons/Von Karaja)

Vivaldi (4 Seasons/Zukerman)

Vivaldi (5 Concerti) 08/16/99

Vivaldi (5/Best Of Great Composers) 07/22/97

Vivaldi (6 Concerti/I Cameristi Lombardi) 04/17/01

Vivaldi (6 Ctos. For Diverse Instument) 12/26/97

Vivaldi (7 Concerti For/Pinnock)

Vivaldi (Adagios/Pickett) 05/14/99

Vivaldi (Captain Corelli's Mandolin/Ogden) 10/21/99

Vivaldi (Complete Flute Cto./Gazzelloni) 10/16/96

Vivaldi (Cto."The Cockoo"/Hogwood) 08/07/00

Vivaldi (Cto.For 2 Mandolins/Hogwood) 09/10/97

Vivaldi (Cto.For Winds/Bruggen/Haynes) 05/09/97

Vivaldi (Cto.Grosso In A Minor/Oistrach) 05/12/00

Vivaldi (Cto.Op.12/Hogwood) 09/10/97

Vivaldi (Cto.Sym./Warchal) 09/17/99

Vivaldi (Ctos/Pinnock (5cd)) 10/09/01

Vivaldi (Dbl.Cto.(6)/Marriner)

Vivaldi (Eight Ctos./Pinnock)

Vivaldi (Eleven Cto./Bylsma) 02/28/97

Vivaldi (Flute Cto.1-6/Rampal)

Vivaldi (For Relaxation) 03/06/01

Vivaldi (For Valentines)

Vivaldi (Four Seasons Other Cto./Malgoire) 07/31/97

Vivaldi (Four Seasons)

Vivaldi (Four Seasons)

Vivaldi (Four Seasons)

Vivaldi (Four Seasons)

Vivaldi (Four Seasons) 03/19/97

Vivaldi (Four Seasons) 08/16/99

Vivaldi (Four Seasons/Abbado)

Vivaldi (Four Seasons/Bolton) 06/23/99

Vivaldi (Four Seasons/Il Sospetto/Perlman)

Vivaldi (Four Seasons/Lindert)

Vivaldi (Four Seasons/Liszt Chamber Orch)

Vivaldi (Four Seasons/Ozawa)

Vivaldi (Four Seasons/Philharmonia Virtuosi) 10/31/00

Vivaldi (Four Seasons/Scimone)

Vivaldi (Four Seasons/Sonnenberg)

Vivaldi (Four Seasons/Tafelmusik)

Vivaldi (Giuliani/Haydn/Carulli) 11/05/01

Vivaldi (Gloria In D Major/Pinnock (2cd)) 08/18/00

Vivaldi (Gloria)

Vivaldi (Gloria/Pickett) 04/10/01

Vivaldi (Gloria/Preston) 09/10/97

Vivaldi (Glorias 588 589/Scim)

Vivaldi (Glorias)

Vivaldi (Greatest Hits)

Vivaldi (Greatest Hits)

Vivaldi (Greatest Hits/Musici Di Zagreb) 02/21/97

Vivaldi (Gtr.Cto./Qilliams)

Vivaldi (Gtr.Cto./Romeros)

Vivaldi (Gtr.Cto./Romeros)

Vivaldi (Guitar Ctos.)

Vivaldi (Handel/Four Seasons/Water Music) 11/18/97

Vivaldi (Isaac Stern Gala)

Vivaldi (L'estro Armonico/Hogwood) 06/11/98

Vivaldi (L'estro/Marriner)

Vivaldi (La Cetra/Brown) 05/20/97

Vivaldi (La Stravaganza/Marriner)

Vivaldi (Lute Mandolin Cto./Yepes)

Vivaldi (Mand.Cto./Scimone)

Vivaldi (Masters Of Classic)

Vivaldi (Miraculous Mandolin/Kapp) 10/08/96

Vivaldi (Nisi Dominus/Scholl) 05/12/00

Vivaldi (Ottone In Villa/Hickox) 02/12/98

Vivaldi (Rampal/6 Cto.Op.10)

Vivaldi (Rv.40,43,45-6/Schiff)

Vivaldi (Salve Regina/Lesne) 02/23/01

Vivaldi (Serenata A Tre) 05/08/02

Vivaldi (Sonatas For Pisendel) 05/08/02

Vivaldi (Str. Wind Cto./Marriner)

Vivaldi (Str.Cto./Bylsma)

Vivaldi (The Four Seasons (2cd)) 04/27/99

Vivaldi (The Four Seasons) 05/08/01

Vivaldi (The Four Seasons/Bernstein) 02/26/98

Vivaldi (The Four Seasons/I Musici) 03/20/01

Vivaldi (The Four Seasons/Marriner) 02/03/00

Vivaldi (The Four Seasons/Munchner) 01/05/00

Vivaldi (The Four Seasons/Pno.Cto Il Ritiro) 09/07/01

Vivaldi (The Four Seasons/Royal Philharmonic) 03/04/99

Vivaldi (The Four Seasons/Storm At Sea/Op.8) 04/23/01

Vivaldi (The Four Seasons/Werthen) 10/26/99

Vivaldi (The Great Choral Masterpieces) 05/11/98

Vivaldi (Vio.Cto.(4)/Perlmam)

Vivaldi (Vio.Ctos.)

Vivaldi (Vln Cto/Menuhin) 02/23/01

Vivaldi (Vln.Cto.5-12/Zukerman)

Vivaldi (Wind Cto./Marriner) 08/23/99

Vivaldi Collection Vols. 6 And 7 Anna Maria Violin Concertos

Vivaldi:Four Seasons (Var:Classical) 12/14/01

Vivanativa (Viejo) 10/26/99

Vive La France (Vive La France) 09/16/98

Vive La France (Vol.1)

Vive La France (Vol.2)

Vive Le France


Vives En Mi


Vivian Sisters (Vivian Sisters) 02/09/01

Viviendo Por Vivir

Vivino Brothers (Blues Band) 09/12/00

Vivir Sin Aire

Vixen (Tangerine) 05/19/98

Vnv (Nation) 04/20/99

Vocal Art Masterpieces

Vocal Groups:Coast To Coast (Var:Soul/R B) 09/12/96

Vocal Sampling (Cambio De Tiempo)

Vocal Sampling (Cambio De Tiempo) 03/19/02

Vocal Sampling (De Vacaciones) 07/15/97

Vocal Sampling (Una Forma Mas) 04/25/95

Vocalists Of Jazz & Entertainment

Voce (Music From Women Of The World) 02/02/99

Voces (A Nuestros Padres) 03/17/98

Voces (Y Guitarras) 10/24/95

Voces De Puerto Rico (Boleros)

Voces De Puerto Rico (Lamento Borincano)

Voces De Sula (Folklore Y Musica Hondurena) 06/15/98

Voces Del Rancho (17 Corridones) 12/07/00

Voces Del Siglo Xxi (Canciones De Fe Y Esperanz) 04/18/00

Voces Inmortales (De America) 07/23/98

Voces Inmortales (Del Cine Mexicano) 02/03/98

Voches De Sardinna (Voches De Sardinna (2cd)) 04/06/99


Vogues (Greatest Hits)

Voice From Above ... Omega One

Voice In My Head

Voice In My Head

Voice In My Head

Voice Of A Generation (Obligations To The Odd) 01/23/01

Voice Of Romance

Voice Of The Beehive (Honey Lingers)

Voice Of The Beehive (Let It Bee)

Voice Of Trance (Dream Diver) 03/26/01

Voice Squad (Good People All)

Voice Within

Voice-Finaliste 1



Voices From God

Voices In Rhythm

Voices In The Fog

Voices Of The Blues (Bottleneck Guitar)

Voices Of The Civil Rights (Black American) 01/21/97

Voices Of The Forest (Soundscape Of New Gu)

Voices Of The Shoah (Remembrance Holocaust (4cd) 03/14/00

Voices Of The Spirit

Voices Of Transgression

Voices Of Unity (Come Into This House) 06/25/99

Voices On The Verge (Live In Philadelphia) 10/02/01

Voivod (Best Of) 08/14/96

Voivod (Dimension Hatross) 02/16/99

Voivod (Killing Technology) 11/03/98

Voivod (Kronik) 11/14/00

Voivod (Negatron) 11/14/00

Voivod (Phobos) 11/14/00

Voivod (Rrrooaar) 11/24/98

Vol 2

Vol 2

Vol 2

Vol. 1

Vol. 1

Vol. 1

Vol. 1

Vol. 1

Vol. 1-10 Exitos De Oro

Vol. 1-16 Exitos

Vol. 1-40 Aniversario

Vol. 1-A-Z

Vol. 1-Addictions

Vol. 1-Arbors Piano Series At

Vol. 1-Banda Brava

Vol. 1-Beruhmte Chore

Vol. 1-Best Slow Jams

Vol. 1-Big Things

Vol. 1-Canta Las De Vicente

Vol. 1-Coleccion Diamantes 20 Temas Inolvidables

Vol. 1-Collective Works

Vol. 1-Dedicated To Antonio Carlos Jobim

Vol. 1-Disco Swing Classics

Vol. 1-Easy Listening

Vol. 1-Exercises In Versification

Vol. 1-Female Hits Of The 90's

Vol. 1-From Latin To Jazz Dance

Vol. 1-Galilean Satellites [Vinyl]

Vol. 1-Great Catherdral Organs Of England

Vol. 1-Greatest Hits

Vol. 1-Guitars At An Exhibition

Vol. 1-Hits Of Elvis Presley

Vol. 1-Hot Joints

Vol. 1-It's A Beach Thang

Vol. 1-Lo Mejor

Vol. 1-Mixtape

Vol. 1-Music From Kenya

Vol. 1-Newsongs

Vol. 1-Ragu (Rae & Ghost United)

Vol. 1-Rock & Roll

Vol. 1-Rock Me Daddy

Vol. 1-Romanticos De Cuba

Vol. 1-Sleeping Time

Vol. 1-Songs By Mabel Mercer /

Vol. 1-Symfonier

Vol. 1-This Is Greece

Vol. 1-This Is Italy

Vol. 1-Titus

Vol. 1-Tony the Tyger Presents- Fuzz Flakes & Shak [Vinyl]

Vol. 1-U.S. Past & Present

Vol. 1.1-Music Of Vietnam

Vol. 10-Twilight Zone Radio Dramas

Vol. 11-Time's A-Waistin

Vol. 11-Twilight Zone Radio Dramas

Vol. 11-V.M. Live

Vol. 13-Pop Hits-Multi Karaoke

Vol. 165-Super Eurobeat

Vol. 17-Sunshine Of Your Smile

Vol. 178-Super Eurobeat

Vol. 18-I Hear A Rhapsody

Vol. 2

Vol. 2

Vol. 2-(1936-37)

Vol. 2-15 Exitos Bailables Cum

Vol. 2-1946-49